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Cole on set:
  • Director: Okay Cole, let's do this scene again.
  • KJ: Cole just ran out.
  • *Cole comes back breathing heavily*
  • Cole: Sorry Guys, but I had to be the first to like Lili's post so she won't forget how much I support/love her.
Dear friends...

It’s been a while since I made my tumblr account and I met a lot of wonderful people here, I want to thank each one of you for being my friend, so I decided to make a post about all of you ( I hope I don’t forget anyone ^^’ )

@babypeachtaozii You are my first tumblr friend and I am soo thankful that you messaged me that day!!! I love how my url made you message me xDDD I love you soo much!!! I will always treasure you!!! I know you’re very busy and we can’t chat often, but if you ever need me, I’ll always be there for you!!!

@bobs-flowers Omg I am soo happy we met!!! You’re such a wonderful friend!!! You’re super hardworking!!! I love you soo much!!! You faced a lot of problems and I tried to help you, sorry if I wasn’t that helpful ^^’ I know you have a lot of work to do but please, always remember to rest!!!

@sosuke-of-secondearth You’re honestly soo cute!!! Thank you for being my friend and always helping when I am sad or anxious!!! I really appreciate that you message me even when you have to go to work!!! You’re really precious and lovable!!! I hope you’ll always be happy, cause you deserve it!!!

@saranghaeyeols We met on Christmas day and you’re honestly the best Christmas gift I ever got!!! I love you and your cats!!! You’re also gorgeous, stop saying you’re not, okay? I will fight you if you say that you’re not beautiful. Thank you for messaging me!!! Good luck on your exams!!! Don’t overwork!!!

@winteryethereal We met few days ago, but you’re honestly soo talented!!! And I love chatting with you!!! I hope more people will notice your talent ;) Good luck!!!

@charliefazbear We didn’t talk a lot, sorry for not messaging you >///< I really liked chatting with you and I am really thankful that I got to meet you ;) I hope we will chat again!!!

@taos-left-eyelid My lovely child!!! I am sorry for not joining the group chat!!! I love you, I really do!!! Don’t forget that!!! Also, you’re gorgeous ok? Absolutely perfect!!! I will fight whoever attacks you!!! Also, you’re really talented OMG!!! I love the stuff you write ;* I will always be there for you ^^

@sakura-gucci-panda My fellow scorpio friend!!! I love how you trust me enough to share your feelings!!! I am always here to listen!!! We are quite alike 😏😏😏 I love the lockscreens/wallpapers you make, omg, like, you’re so talented? Thank you for being you!!!

@kais-daddy Omg when I first saw you I thought you were a model, why you’re so gorgeous??? Also, I really like your personality omg!!! You’re also have an amazing sense of humor!!! We didn’t chat a lot, but I hope we will!!! Ohhh!!! And take care of yourself, I don’t want you to get ill agan >///<

@kai-aaah You’re soo cute AJSHCVFJKFBD I love chatting with you!!! Though we didn’t chat a lot…. >///< But omg you’re like an angel!!! Let’s chat more often!!! ( If you want to of course!!! )

@jungkookies-babygirl I hope you’re happy, cause you deserve happiness and love!!! You’re a wonderful person and it breaks my heart to see you sad… If you’ll ever need someone to talk to, I will always listen!!! Thank you for being such a wonderful person!!!

@kurosentoki I see you being sad quite often and I hate myself for not being able to help you… I know, we didn’t chat a lot, but I still really want to make you at least a little happier!!! You’re amazing!!! I love you!!!

@milktaost I remember when I used to send you random anon messages and how cute your answers were!!! Thank you for answering them!!! Sorry for not messaging you often ^^’ I really don’t want to be annoying >///< Ahh I hope you’re happy and healthy!!! Love you lots!!!

@paulienm You’re very cute and I love your blog!!! Thank you for randomly messaging me!!! I love you even though we didn’t talk a lot!!!

@trashbxsh Thank you for liking my reblogs!!! I really appreciate this!!! I hope we will become friends :3 Love you!!!

@braziebear We probably chatted only once but omg was that fun!!! I hope we will chat more in the future :3 ( If you want to ^^ )

@exocausetearsandsmiles You’re hilarious omg I love your blog!!! You’re also soo open minded!!! Thank you for randomly messaging me ( I am literally to shy to message you cause I think that I am way to lame )

@kimnamwho We also probably chatted only once but I really liked it!!! Let’s chat again!!! ( if you want to ^^ )

@blackberryconnossieur I loved chating with you!!! You’re honestly amazing I really love you!!! :3

@xiulayallday You’re adorable! We didn’t chat, but I love your blog ^^ Thanks for being a mutual ^^

@chogiwapark Ahhhh Tesa!!!! Thank you for sticking with my lame self!!! I honestly don’t understand why are you still not bored to chat with me, like??? I love you, you’re soo amazing!!! I know you’re busy, so thank you for finding time to answer my messages!!! You also can message me sometimes, ok? ;* Love you!!!

@7deer-ofthe-dawn7 Ahh I really like the fanfic you wrote!!! We didn’t chat a lot and that’s probably because I am too anxious to message you ( You’re honestly soo cool omg ) but I still love you LOL ( please don’t judge me, I really do love all of the people I know on tumblr >///< )

@hoe4baek Ahh… We didn’t chat often, but maybe we could chat more in the future? If you want to? You’re very cute!!! I love you!!!

@swaggyt-a-o emmm…. Yeah, we also didn’t chat often but YOU’RE ADORABLE ASHCGSDHJKVS!!!! I was soo shocked when you followed my blog omg >///< Thank you for being a mutual ^^

@blancnabi Thanks for tagging me in stuff!!! I love your blog!!! You’re adorable!!! Let’s become friends!!! :3

@eau-de-low-budget You’re an amazing artist!!! I love your art!!! You’re honestly super talented, I am not lying!!! You’re a wonderful person!!! ^^

@stopjunmyeon Ahhh I am soo honored you follow me >///< You’re absolutely gorgeous and I love your personality!!! You’re amazing!!! I wish there was more people like you!!!

@1oveyoon We haven’t chatted in a while >///< I love you soo much!!! You’re gorgeous omg >///< I am happy I met you!!! Let’s talk more in future ( if you want to!!! )

I am really thankful that all of you are my friends ( well at least I hope you are ^^ I love all of you ) I am sorry if I don’t message you, I am really shy >///< All of you are soo cool and amazing, literal angels so I get really anxious to message you!!! >///< I tagged people randomly, I love all of you the same!!! Once again, Thanks for being my friends or simply mutuals!!! I cherish each one of you!!!

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I just wanted to say thank you for what you do :) Your gifs are really appreciated. There is so much negativity towards the show and actors and now many are boycotting them, so I hope you won't join and keep gifting us with your talent. Thank you :)

Hey Anon! YOU ARE WELCOME! Thank ye kindly and I’m so verra glad you enjoy <3 I’m sticking around and posting what I can and I still love the show. I can separate the actors from the characters. I can still watch a scene and forget about the bullshit on Social Media.

Now, I ken you didna ask for this, but here I go… *bats down the hatches*

I fully admit to being negative about the show. I’ve had friends stop talking to me, probably partly because of that. It’s sad but I am who I am.  I won’t rehash what’s happened this past week. I’m sure everyone knows what’s been going on. But I will say this—I won’t stop ranting about the following on Twitter:

  • how it’s bullshit that their September premiere will, on a number of occasions, force me to choose between Outlander and getting day drunk and cheering for my Minnesota Vikings
  • how terrible Starz is at promoting the show
  • how ridiculous it is that they—the cast, the crew, the producers—can’t even show the minimum amount of unforced enthusiasm for their upcoming season
  • how I think if Cait has the time to post a pic of her costar’s girlfriend, she damn well has the time to post a pic from set
  • how I’m so sick and tired of reading about someone who IS NOT A CAST MEMBER
  • how I don’t need to see another damn picture of ships, because I watch Black Sails and I’ve seen plenty, and that’s also not what Season 3 is about (and I hope to God they know what it *is* about)
  • how it’s ridiculous that Poldark will have aired TWO seasons before Outlander even airs ONE
  • how, while I don’t think any of the cast owes me anything, I do think they all need to stop fucking with their fans and show more appreciation
  • how I will not stand for any complaining from ANY member of production when they’re basically on a vacation with some night shoots and filming thrown in there
  • how it’s ill-advised to spurn a portion of your fanbase, but, hey, it’s their ratings funeral
  • how I give zero fucks about what kind of moon appears in South Africa and/or the weather they’re experiencing
  • how I think they’re all such amateurs and don’t have a clue how fandoms work and how to harness that passion toward something positive
  • how it’s ridiculous they have a gag order on sharing BTS pics
  • how I think everyone involved in that production needs to take a fucking Social Media course

But on my blog (with the exception of this post), I’m going to continue posting gifs/videos. It’s a reminder of why I love this show, why I even bother. Why I’ve invested time and money into things that allow me to create what I share. But those investments were my choice and I’ll own them. I once told someone that I’m a creative person and this is my creative outlet.

If there are lapses in posts, it’s not because I’ve given up. It’s because it’s getting nicer out, which means this Minnesota Bear has begun to emerge from her winter hibernation. I kick and scream and threaten to not watch the show, but I know I’ll be there. Hopefully with some retained enthusiasm. I’ve weathered many shitstorms in this fandom, so why not this one? Over time, I’ve developed a healthy detachment. I’m like Claire, I’m not the woman I once was. With each one I’ve taken a step back, reassessed, returned with a different/new perspective.

BUT I’m still here for this, first and foremost:

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Hi! ^-^ A question has been bothering me lately and I would love to see your opinion regarding it. In chapter 488, how did Gajeel manage to imagine exactly the way his and Levy's children would look like? Does this mean that the Trouble Twins will remain only as his imagination and won't be canon eventually?? :( How did he know that they will have twins and that they will look exactly like that? This is making me nervous, since I love their twins so much and I really want to see them in canon.:(

DUUUUUDE I AM SO GLAD YOU ASKED THAT!! No like really I had a post sitting in my drafts for a while about this.exact.thing but have been hesitating to post it (for some reason i dont remember) 

ok so in the novel the twins went to the guild and Levy was there and I forget who else was there (irrelevant either way) and she wanted to help the twins look for their parents but she was going to go on a mission with Gajeel and she was waiting around for him and then he showed up at the entrance and he called out to her basically saying that they had to leave already.

Gajeel saw them. 

Gajeel saw little Shutora and Yajeh and by whatever fucking reason, be it their scent or their plain-as-fuck appearance, he knew they were his. We do not know what his reaction was in regards to them and vice versa of the kiddies but he must have known they were his and Levy’s children. Because really, Gajeel’s imagination was way too vivid and accurate to be just simple imagination and wishful thinking. If he did not know they were his, then Mashima could’ve just made the image of a family in a generic picture of him or Levy holding a swaddled baby with no features showing, but Mashima to include them in his imagination so alike in features, verifying whose twins they were and most likely verifying the fact that Gajeel knew he was going to be a daddy to little blue haired twins some time in the future. 

So don’t worry noni I am so sure that we are going to see them in canon we just got to be patient

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I drew this a week ago and got too nervous. And now I’m angry cause I forgot about it. So damnit I’m posting it before I forget agaiN!

There’s more of this coming, as soon as I draw, cause there’s a lot of these guys.

Art @siren-virus

Please do not use without permission.


Took about 50 minutes, not too proud of it but I really should post something

I tried to keep this as simple as possible and used the same reference so you can see the difference with each style !

I am willing to colour sketches so you do not need to purchase lineart for it to be coloured. “Full Colour” is not an upgrade to “Flat Colour” so if eg. you want a waist-length sketch with full colour it’s not $5 +$5 +$10 it would just be $5 +$10 = $15
If you choose to purchase a coloured sketch, the lines will look more like this. There is a chance your lines will look like this regardless of whether you purchased colour or not, what brush I use depends on my mood so if you have a preference please make sure to let me know before I get started

I will be sending a lot of wips to make sure it’s exactly how you pictured it and am willing to make as many edits as necessary while still in the sketching stage. (this applies to lineart and colour, if you ordered a sketch i will send you a rough stick figure to work out the correct pose)

Things I will not draw:

  • mecha/armor
  • furry
  • animals in general
  • nsfw
  • oc’s without visual reference (oc’s with visual reference are ok)

Everything else is ok !

You can message me here via my inbox or with an instant message or my twitter
I accept full payment upfront via paypal (paypal only) which i will send to you after we’ve agreed on your commission

I reserve the right to deny any commissions for whatever reason

NOTE: all sketches will be delivered with black ink unless requested otherwise, the only reason the example is purple is because my sai crashed before i could save it and i was lucky enough to have taken a screenshot but editing it to black afterwards looked Bad

It’s that time of year again! I made a very similar post near the end of last year in which I tagged all the blogs I really enjoy on this site. Before I begin, however, I want to credit and thank Robyn for making this beautiful edit of Maya Fey which is being used for my featured image for this year’s follow forever! Please check out her blog too, her edits are amazing (plus she’ll be featured in this anyway!) <3 

2016 was not a great year for me, though I’m most likely not the only one feeling this. A lot of bad things have happened to me and I’ve been hurt in multiple ways and have also hurt others. There are so many things I regret and things I wish went in different ways, but I can’t change what’s in the past now. However, there were still some really great memories I’ve had this year and none of it would have been possible without my friends and the amazing people I’ve met in 2016, including the ones who make my dashboard a happier place for me. 

Now enough with the rambling, let’s get to the actual follow forever! I’ll be going alphabetically and mutuals will be bolded. Blogs I am not mutuals with, but still recommend following regardless, will be left tagged and no alterations will be made further. 


@a-spook-ael3, @actualbird, @ai-wa, @annathetrickster, @assylveon, @ataleofhope, @azumane-asagohan, @bakaqbe, @balloonhands, @bewbin@bko, @blackgermanbunny, @blackstarshooter1, @bloompalace, @browniebrittle, @buffdaddyphoenix, @butchlinkle, @chan-delure, @colornin, @communismcrab, @cymothoid, @cynicalghostie


@darkgreyclouds, @deans–girl, @dork-kawa, @dreamteden, @dunsparcee, @egberts, @eruptionshot, @feapersonals, @flyinglotads, @frauleinjustice, @gallade-x-treme, @gomenosigh


@hal-cyonn, @helenaravenclaw, @heyitspj, @himble, @homurughh, @hungry–vampire, @incorrectfeaquotes, @injesusname-ramen, @jota-ro 


@katribou, @kayichijou, @kazoo-goddess, @kingcheddarxvii, @kinkshamer2k16, @knightingaleforce, @ladytiki, @lavapocalypse, @lucinasparallelfalchion, @lunahorizon, @lusciousnoodle, @maxwellpuckett, @megaene, @micronerd01, @midoriyah-my-boy, @mimiblargh@mimimizuh, @monarchofmadnezzzzzz, @mori-oreo, @musicinanime


@nayt0reprince, @nharmonya, @nikkib145, @noradubs, @notwesanderson, @nyaife, @oakydokey, @officialbusinessmom, @officialperidork, @omucat, @ooddles, @pennytherobot, @pinkydragon, @poisonjabs, @pokemasterwiththeshikonjewelss, @potatofuzz, @prettychillatthedisco, @prozd, @puketriton, @puppetking, @pyoneko


@quichibe, @quinxys, @radicalseabies, @redpaladinkeiths, @rydell, @sahdmadhi, @samzillah, @savvynana, @sayaberry, @serenes-forest, @shinyabsols, @shinyv, @shocktheproblematique, @shslmusical, @skellydun, @soranker, @spaceyam, @starsch, @stubbornpotato, @synnefo-nefeli


@takehaya-susanoo, @teamjnprr, @the-insufferable, @thebionis, @thebootydiaries, @ticcytx, @tokocoo@treatyofversigh, @trippingonair, @ultimate-kyouko-kirigiri, @ultimate-leo-booty, @vampirewilliambeckett


@washingtub, @weiweipon, @wellthatsnotgood, @wonderfulworldofmoi, @wonderfulworldofme, @wonderlilane, @y4ma, @yailias, @youusoro, @youwatanabe, @zauxie, @zillabean

And that’s that! Here’s hoping 2017 treats us much better than 2016 did. You all deserve to be happy and have great things happen to you ☆

If anyone wants to know what ADHD is like
  • It's feeling yourself talking too much or too loud and not being able to stop.
  • It's having a super short temper and trying to figure out ways to hold it in.
  • It's not being able to focus when someone talks to you for more than 60 seconds.
  • It's constantly being scared of going to work because when if you can't focus on a customer? What if you can't focus on your bosses instructions?
  • It's having to constantly remind yourself that numbers matter and the future is real so you don't spend all of your money in one day.
  • It’s constantly playing “what’s least dirty” because you ran out of clothes last month and you keep forgetting to wash them.
  • It’s actually remembering to wash your clothes for once, but letting them mildew in the washer for a week because you forgot to move them.
  • It’s forgetting to brush your teeth or put on deodorant for days.
  • It’s not being able to clean anything because your mind can’t decide what to do first.
  • It’s then spending two hours going through a single stack of papers on your desk.
  • It’s being late to work every day for a month because you literally can’t remember where you put your car keys or wallet.
  • It’s constantly putting off a something simple because the steps involved seem overwhelming or time consuming.
  • It’s realizing that you had meant to follow up on something a day later, and two weeks have passed.
  • It’s not being able to have a simple conversation with someone when the tv is on.
  • It's getting so obsessed with something it's all you can talk about for months.
  • It's not being able to eat certain food because of the texture and going weeks only eating one kind of food.
  • It's not being able to borrow school supplies when you forgot a pen because you know the way you fidgit in class will break it.
  • It's years of your life that just don't exsist in your memory.
  • It's having to be really insistent on getting plans from people so you can make notes and reminders so you won't forget.
  • It's the fact that just to type this I had to pause my music and turn off my noise machine so I could try to focus on the words.
  • So people who say ADHD isn't real can go to hell. You have no idea.
  • (Similar to ticklemetuesdays post but I added some things I feel)

10 Things you should know about her…

1. She is 100% valid. In any and all of her feelings. Regardless of if you understand these feelings, they are real. Make sure she knows that.

2. She may seem outgoing and down for anything. And she is. But sometimes when she looks at you, her eyes are screaming to be alone. Away from it all. Help be her escape. Don’t get angry at her for wanting to leave.

3. Some days, she won’t be able to look at herself. She will feel so disgusted, seeing her own reflection will be unbearable. Remind her she is beautiful. But understand some days she just won’t feel that way. That’s okay. Be there to support her anyway.

4. Sometimes the sadness is just too much. Sometimes she has to find a way to feel. Do not condemn her for this. Do not point it out. Do not become disappointed. Be gentle. Rinse away the crimson stains on her arms. Kiss her forehead and say, “we will try again tomorrow.”

5. Always encourage her to write. She is so passionate about it. And she’s so talented. The world deserves to read her words. Support her in this endeavor, no matter what.

6. Don’t ever make the mistake of thinking she needs you. She doesn’t. She is strong. And she is capable of taking care of herself. You’re not a missing piece. You are a supporter. That is all. But open her door as often as she will let you.

7. Some days you won’t hear from her at all. Her heart is probably heavy. She is probably longing to feel something again or nothing at all. Don’t ask her if she’s mad at you because she’s probably numb. Text her and let her know you’re there if she needs a set of ears, a shoulder, a hand, or a spine if she feels like she can’t quite stand that day.

8. She will change the world one day. With her smile. Her writing. Her thoughts. And her passion. Theses are unparalleled by any other. Do not try and stifle her light to make room for your own. Encourage her radiance. Encourage her growth. She doesn’t need you to hold her hand as she rules this world, she only needs you behind her, ready for when days get rough.

9. There will be days she can’t sit still any longer. She will have to get away. Leave town. Go anywhere other than where she is in that moment. Let her. Go with her if she wants. Nourish her desire to travel. Experience it with her any chance you get. Do not, anchor her to one place. Her firefly heart will never be happy locked in a glass jar.

10. She just wants to be loved. Unconditionally. With no expectations for anything in return. She wants to feel as if she is full of light. Even on her darkest days, she wants to know that you still feel her warmth. Love her. While you have the chance. Love her completely…because you are the lucky one who can. So many want to, but she wants YOU to. So do it. You are lucky. Do not forget that.

—  A girl who won’t always be around.
Green is the colour of ambition
Of the never satisfied earth
Silver is the colour of loyalty
Of the growing earth rising
Green is the colour of self-preservation
Of the ever moving sea
Silver is the colour of cunning
Of the raging sea seemingly settling
—  Slytherin traits (e.r.) - for ibuzoo, happy birthday!
bts as tumblr text posts pt. 2
  • yoongi: *has never been in a fight in my life* listen. i will beat ur ass.
  • namjoon: *walks past a bird and it doesn't fly away* I'm one with the nature.
  • seokjin: [some nerd] leave it alone! that spider's harmless, it won't do anything! [me] *steps on it* it sure the fuck won't!
  • taehyung: *is an art person who sucks at art*
  • jungkook: *forgets i'm wearing eyeliner* *rubs eyelid* who the hell is bucky
  • jimin: ‘be my friend’ i whisper as i continue to reblog yet another post from you.
  • hoseok: we’re watching big hero 6 in my class and we were at that part where hiro and baymax were in the portal and everyone is so quiet except for my teacher [hoseok] who mumbles “if that fuckin robot dies i’m burning this movie”.

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I saw a post the other day that said people seem to forget this: and then quoted "Zayn": "There’s no secret relationships going on with any of the band members" and I was thinking: People really seem to forget (or didn't really ever recognize) the ‘I won't mind’ lyrics. I know it's kind of an old topic but I think about this song so much! It's so beautiful and so telling and so obvious! But so many people don't see it. And I don't know it just baffles me so much... (1)

I mean he says he loves this person (“Don’t look around cause love is blind, and darling right now I can’t see you”) and that they are committed to each other (“we found the one thing we said we could never ever live without“) but it’s something hidden/secret (“we are who we are when no one’s watching“) and he’s “not allowed to talk about it”!!!… What or who else could this be about!? (2)

And the song had to be “leaked” with the words “Let the music do the talking” so Zayn definitely wanted to get the message out there… I think songs/lyrics are more truthful than interviews… and I think Zayns lyrics tell so much! I really really liked your analysis of the Mind of Mine lyrics! But I couldn’t find anything about I won’t mind… And I want to know what you think about that song and the lyrics? Or If you have made any posts about it could you please link me? Thank you:)) (3)

Hello!  The funny thing is that when I was done listening to Mind of Mine, my first thought was, “My favorite of Zayn’s solo music is still I Won’t Mind”.  The remix that Eminik made is really good, so I listen to that a lot on my mp3.

I’m not sure that it was leaked by Zayn exactly.  I think the Twitter fight between Naughty Boy and Louis was set up in order to draw attention to the drop and since that fed into the Zayn vs OT4 narrative and eventually the Zayn vs Naughty Boy fight, it was part of the official narrative.  

It was an official release framed as a leak.  They needed something to legitimize Zayn as a solo artist and put distance between him and One Direction in the public eye since his actual music wouldn’t be released for almost a year.

There are many ways for songs to be interpreted, but some are more direct and detailed than others.  The more details a song has, the harder it is to make multiple interpretations fit it.  I think “I Won’t Mind” is probably somewhere in the middle range.

I did a full interpretation below the cut XD

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