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Waking up the Avengers

pairing: avengers x reader

summary: you get to wake up the team in your own way, every morning

(this was a rewrite of an old oneshot, sorry for not including anyone new)

warnings: none

The metallic hallway floor was cold under your feet as you made your way to the shared kitchen of the Avengers, and you silently cursed Tony for not putting in heated floors for the cold New York winters. The sweatshirt you were wearing came down to your hips, just where the thick sweatpants started. Being comfortable was key for your mornings, since you were in charge of waking everyone up and making sure they got ready for the new day at hand. Training sessions never started before 8am, so it gave you time to eat a snack and wake up before going about the routine. There was one time when Thor had just gotten an iPhone and smashed it with Mjolnir the next morning when the buzzer started to go off. Then, the following morning, Natasha threw hers out the window, and on its way out Clint shot it with an arrow. The Avengers were really just a group of people who didn’t know what the hell to do with their phones.

Your first stop on the route was to Steve’s room, he was still not caught up at a decent enough pace to use an iPhone just yet. He lived on the same floor as you though, so he was the breakfast maker for everyone while you were off getting them to wake up. The door always had this creak whenever you opened it, and Steve learned to sleep through it. You walked to the side of the bed he was facing, and after a gentle nudge to his shoulder you whispered, “Hey Cap, good morning.” His eyes always opened slow as he got his bearings, and you took a moment to appreciate his ruffled hair and sleep eyes. Steve’s room was the cleanest out of all the Avengers, it even smelled decent. Steve rolled over on his back, and stretched for a moment before standing and finding a shirt to go into the kitchen with.

Next was Bucky, and you made sure that you took an extra deep breath before stepping into his room. In the past, you’ve walked into a completely nude Bucky who was also spread eagle on the bed. There’s been times where he’s not even in the bed, and he’s with his weapons by the closet. This time however, he was peacefully sleeping and stirred slightly at the sound of your feet padding across the carpet. You made a point to make yourself known as you came in with a little knock on the door. So he happily smiled and greeted you a good morning, in that wonderful husky voice. Bucky’s laugh made you smile as you made your way out of his room and towards the stairwell.

Clint’s room on the floor below was your next stop, and technically speaking it was Natasha’s room as well. They were easily woken up, considering all you had to do was open the door and yell, “Wake up time!” Those two shot up like there was a murderer at their door. A lot of the mornings you had to duck in case Clint was ‘sleep grabbing’ his bow the night before, and sometimes Tasha would sleep with a gun under her pillow after an unsettling mission. They had the blinds drawn in their room so there was no sunlight coming through. So it was difficult to see what you were walking into some times, let alone what time of day it was.

Down the hall from them was Thor’s room, and it was big enough to fit a king. He was also your favorite to wake up, other than Steve. Thor was the happiest to see you in the morning, and in general he was just the happiest one around the tower. Once you opened Thor’s door, you ran and leapt to the King size bed. “Good morning Thor!” You tickled his sides as he started to warm up and adjust to the light streaming in through the large windows.

“Oh lady y/n, you never fail to make me laugh in the morning!” Thor groggily spoke, and his voice was so deep it practically made the walls rumble. His laugh thundered on even as you walked out of his room, and you continued on with the routine.

Tony was next on occasion, but all he really needed was Pepper. However, she was out of town at that particular moment. So you hopped on the elevator, and rode to the top floor. The billionaire was already awake and moving by the time you’d reached his floor, so he took the opportunity to ride with you down to breakfast.

Everyone was sitting around the giant oak table, joking around and laughing about some of the older mission stories. The super soldiers were just now sitting down with everyone, and they still had their “dance around the kitchen” playlist going full blast. People were singing along, and being nice for once while sharing the pancakes that Steve had just made. You took a moment to appreciate the people sitting in front of you, when Thor interrupted your thoughts by putting his left arm over your shoulder, and announced, “We love you the most, lady y/n.”

“I love you guys too.”


The group was formed on July 27th 2012. This was posted on August 8th 2012. The only way the girls could possibly progress within the ‘groups’ category of the competition, was if they signed a contractual obligation. It’s obvious from day one Simon Cowell had every intention of signing the girls as a 5 piece to his record label because each girl showed potential from day one. And 5 girls with potential in one group equals 5x the money right? So, not only does this correlate to the controlling narrative management have over the girls from 2012 to now, it also coincides with C and L. Replying to fans personally on their own social media accounts became physically prohibited when in the group. All but their Tumblr accounts. Now from what we know, only Lauren and Camila (possibly Dinah) openly used Tumblr. Both girls have said before Tumblr is a form of “escapism” and a safe space for anyone regardless of who they are. Generally the girls posts remained out of the mainstream social media, their reblogs/likes were drastically lower on here than on their Twitter/Instagram accounts.  Posts only became apparent when shared onto other social media platforms or else they would have remained fairly unnoticed amongst the fandom.

I couldn’t possibly begin to create a post on every single indirect/correlation between Camila and Lauren on Tumblr because theres simply too many. There’s one post that confirms everything we ever need to know, planet green eyes:

For me, this can never be denied and the only place we will ever find/get this is on Tumblr. Over the past few years, the girls have indirectly let us in on the secrecy and intimacy between the two, making their ‘relationship’ visible however remaining untold. The very second you click onto Camila’s blog, we are first let into the “secret”

The sun and moon. “Our little secret”. Camila’s icon with her hand covering her mouth, as though she is being silenced.

There was a period when the girls indirects completely halted on all social media, including Tumblr. For around a year, anything in relation to the other was removed and any previous leading posts from early X- Factor days, were deleted and untraceable. Did it become apparent to management that the girls were communicating though hidden social media and restricted communication? Was it only then their PR teams chose to look into why the rumours of a romantic involvement between the two never subsided and were always there? Was it then they found the romantic minefield between the that two that exists on Tumblr?

We’ve been so blinded by the covering and retracing of anything and everything related to ‘camren’ when all we’ve ever needed to know was right here all along.

Early On: Complete Story

Last year at around this time, the 23rd anniversary of the premiere of The X-Files inspired me to write a multi-chapter Season One AU, and at some point, I realized that I’ve never gathered all of the chapters into one easy-to-navigate post, the way I usually do once I’ve finished the story. So here, for your reading ease and enjoyment, are all ten chapters, plus the full story on AO3. Happy birthday to my favorite show!

1. Evidence Against
2. Ask Again Later
3. Fear of Flying
4. Rumor Has It
5. From What I’ve Tasted of Desire
6. My Lover Stands on Golden Sand
7. Personal Physician
8. Remotely Plausible
9. Out of the Darkness
10. Early On

Full series on AO3

Thanks, Cas

Pairing: Sam x reader

Warnings: swearing, smut, the usual

Requested: yeperoni, on wattpad

Word Count: 2325

Tags: @winter-in-wakanda

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“You ready?” Sam asks, knocking on the bathroom door where you’ve locked yourself away. It’s your birthday, and Sam is taking you out to a fancy dinner for a night of pretending to be normal people who don’t hunt monsters for a living. You went to a good bit of trouble to get dolled up; hair done, heels on. Taking a deep breath and smoothing out your tight black dress, you smile at yourself in the mirror.

“I am. But are you ready to see me?” You tease Sam, and he chuckles.

“Yes, I think I-” Sam’s words cut out as soon as you open the door. His eyes rake up and down, from your heels to your curls and back again.

“Told you to get ready,” you smile, and Sam licks his lips, running his hands over his suit jacket. He clears his throat, finally making eye contact.

“This is going to be fun,” he says mischievously, and you shoot him a questioning look. He quickly shakes it off, clearing his throat again.

“Shall we go?”


“Shoot, that soup looks good too. Sam, what are you ordering? Can we split… hey, are you listening?” You wave a hand in front of your boyfriend’s face from across the table, and you can see his concentration melt away as he stops staring at your water glass and returns to reality. You give him a confused smile, unable to figure out what’s been making him act weird all night.

“Of course I’m listening. I- wait, what was the question?” he asks, and you laugh, shaking your head. Sometimes you think you’re dating the smartest man alive while simultaneously dating the dumbest dork alive.

“Sam, are you sure you’re you alright?” You inquire, setting down your menu and leaning forward on your elbows. He nods quickly, licking his lips and diving into his menu.

“Want to split some soup?” He asks innocently, and you smile broadly. He may be a dork, but boy do you love Sam. You two have the same thoughts at separate times.

“Sam, I tried to ask you that exact question about sixty seconds ago,” you tell him, laughing lightly as a blush creeps up on his cheeks.

“Not how this was supposed to go, Cas,” you hear Sam mutter under his breath, clearly frustrated, and you feel more confused than ever. What the hell?

“Okay, look, I know something is- oh-h, ah, S-Sam,” you suddenly stutter. Your accusation was interrupted by an absolutely bizarre feeling between your legs. You clamp a hand over your mouth, because although it’s not a particularly strong feeling, you can’t imagine what the source is, which freaks you out.

You look up at him, panicked, and feel your heart rate pick up at his expression. He’s smirking triumphantly. Your brows furrow, and you pull away your hand, opening your mouth to ask him what the hell is happening. Instead of words, all that escapes is a shaky sigh of pleasure as the feeling gets stronger. Fucking hell, it’s like Sam’s touching you.

“Enjoying yourself, baby?” He taunts, and with that, you know that somehow, he is touching you. Just.. without actually touching you. You glare, mouth sealed shut as you push your thighs together just as tight.

“I wanted to give you something special for your birthday, baby,” Sam says, and you grip onto the tablecloth desperately as the feeling takes over your clit.

“And so Cas lent me some of his grace. Turns out, he knows some fun angel secrets. Pretty powerful, isn’t it? Feeling me touch you with my mind?” he explains, outwardly loving this. You, however, feel like everyone’s staring at you try not to get any wetter than you already are. No way you’re coming in the middle of a fancy restaurant.

“Sam, stop,” you say through gritted teeth, looking around warily. Surprisingly, he does as you say, the sensation disappearing. You feel a little cold and left out in the wake of it, but try not to show your disappointment. This is what you wanted, right?

“Sure thing, baby. So, soup?” He asks cheerily, taking a sip of his water. You want to pull your hair out, but go along with it. Maybe it’s best to just pretend nothing ever happened.



“And can I get you two any desserts?” the perky waiter asks, and you smile at Sam, hoping he’ll let you get some obnoxiously chocolatey dessert. He nods slightly, and you brighten up.

“Yes, we’ll ha-aa- oh, uh,” you’re taken aback by the sudden pleasure between your legs. This time, Sam is going all out, and you swear you can feel his fingers pumping inside you even though you’re staring at them resting on the table in front of you.

“Are you alright?” the waiter questions, looking lost. You glare at Sam, mentally begging him to either let up or cover for you.

“Oh, she’s fine. We’ll have the chocolate mousse, please,” Sam brushes you off, and although the waiter still looks wary, he writes down your order and hurries away nonetheless. Meanwhile, the tension in you is building as Sam changes his speed constantly, switching from faster than you thought possible to tortuously slow.

“Are you alright?” Sam feigns concern, and you swear if you weren’t so desperate to kiss him, you’d murder him. You’re about to verbalize that when, of course, Sam puts pressure on your clit, sticking with the faster pace.

“Ah, fuck, oh, fuck you, Sam,” you whisper, clenching your hands into fists. You want nothing more than to throw your head back and enjoy the feeling, but the chatter all around you reminds you that you’re entirely in the open.

“Fuck me? Well, actually, I was kind of hoping you would do just that,” Sam teases, lowering his voice so no one overhears. You want to scream his name; he’s going so fast and so hard on you that you can barely breathe.

“S-Sam,” you whimper again, looking at him with pleading eyes. You aren’t sure what you’re begging for - an end to the torture or an orgasm - but at this point, you aren’t sure it matters.

“Are you close, baby? Are you about to cum in front of all these rich, elegant people? Are you going to cream in your panties and fancy black dress? Hm?” Sam leans forward, and hearing him whispering dirty words makes you feel even hotter, if that’s possible.

“Sam, oh god yes,” you try to stay quiet, but simply can’t. You lean forward, one forearm resting on the table, head hanging low. Sam is actually going to make you cum in a crowded restaurant.

“One chocolate mousse- uh, hey, are you sure you’re okay?” The waiter approaches, and you snap your head up as Sam once again takes away your pleasure in an instant. Your pussy aches in complaint, but you force a smile as the chocolate mousse is placed in front of you.

“Oh, I’m just fine. Could we get the check now, please?” You say, giving Sam a pointed look. He’s got a mischievous glint in his eye as he pretends to be confused.

“Don’t you want to eat our mousse, baby?” Sam raises his eyebrows, knowing full well you’re throbbing for him.

“We’ll eat it as the check comes,” you promise, and the waiter gives you both another weird look as he turns to get the check as you asked. Once his back is turned, you drop the smile and glare at Sam.

“There’s something fucking wrong with you,” you hiss through gritted teeth, but Sam just grins, picking up his spoon and digging into the dessert.

“Want more, is that it?” Sam taunts around a mouthful of chocolate, and your grip on your spoon tightens so much you feel you might bend the metal.

“I swear to god, if you use that mojo on me one more time while we’re sitting here, you will never again get to have sex with me,” you threaten, dead serious. Sam drains of a little color, nodding in defeat as he eats some more. You sigh, exasperated.

When the waiter finally arrives with your check, you’re more than a little relieved that Sam isn’t messing with you as you talk. You hastily pay, and don’t hesitate a second to get up and start walking out. You weave past other diners and feel as if they all know how on edge you are. Sam follows behind you, trotting along and outwardly showing his rejection. You aren’t sure why exactly he’s being so mopey and dramatic, but you don’t have time to care. You need him alone, now.

The minute you’re in the parking lot, you just about fall to your knees. Sam has started up again, and your knees are going weak, making you wobbly on your heels. Sam strolls up behind you, letting you lean on him for support as you hold in moans. He’s going slow again, nice and easy.

“Sam, oh, fuck, oh, I’m going to kill you, I swear. I said… fuck… no more,” you say, blissed out with your eyes closed and head leaning back. You can feel his breath tickle your neck as he laughs.

“Oh yes, you sound very scary. But your rules were not while we were sitting there. I’m entirely in bounds,” he teases as he nudges you forward. With his help, you stumble your way to the impala, ankles twisting in your heels every other step as Sam keeps the hits coming. He opens the door to the backseat and helps you lie down in it. You grab his jacket lapels in your fists and pull him down on top of you. It’s a bit ridiculous with his height, but that’s not your concern right now.

Still gripping his jacket, you pull Sam’s mouth to yours, kissing him passionately. He laughs a little at first, but melts into it with you, one hand cupping the side of your face as his hair tickles your cheek. Your tongue slides over his, and you’re moaning freely into his mouth as he keeps slowly building up speed.

“I want to really feel you inside me, Sam, no more teasing,” you whisper, and Sam groans. He nods, sitting up and closing the car door behind him. The sensations are subsiding, but you don’t mind, knowing you’re about to get the real thing. Sam reaches into his pocket and pulls out a condom, and you laugh a little.

“You came prepared, didn’t you?” you joke, and Sam laughs with you. Not wasting any time, you undo his pants eagerly. You let him put the condom on as you hike up your dress and shimmy out of your soaked panties. Sam realizes what you’re doing only when you’re nearly done, and pouts.

“Hey, I wanted to do that,” he whines, having finished putting the condom on his hard length. You try not to get distracted by it and roll your eyes at Sam.

“You’ve had more than your fair share of fun with teasing me, Sam. I’m ready,” you tell him, and he smiles, leaning down to kiss you again. He lines up with your entrance, then pauses, looking down.

“Holy shit,” he murmurs upon seeing how wet you are. He got you so close to coming that your arousal is literally dripping, and Sam licks his lips at the sight. You sigh impatiently, not wanting to wait a second longer. So you grab his lower back and push him into you without hesitation. It’s a little sloppy and it startles Sam, but the sweet relief is enough to make you moan nonetheless.

“Woah, eager, are we?” Sam says as he starts to thrust in and out against your slick walls. You hum in pleasure, gripping him tighter and pulling him closer. The fact that you’re both still nearly fully clothed doesn’t phase either of you, hands still roaming.

“Shut up and fuck me,” you instruct, and Sam kisses your ear, making you smile.

“I think we can manage that,” he replies, picking up momentum. Soon enough, he’s slamming into you hard enough to rock the car and you’re both moaning and sweating like crazy. His hair is swinging in your face, and your nails claw at his back through his jacket and shirt.

After a full night of teasing, you reach the edge of your orgasm quicker than ever. You try to tell Sam you’re close, but all that comes out is more moans. He seems to get the idea anyways, reaching a hand down to rub circles on your clit.

“Oh, hell yes,” Sam mutters as you reach your high. Your walls clench around him, your back arches into his chest, and you curl your toes in pleasure. You can hardly breathe, and feel Sam fill up the condom as you come down. He keeps thrusting through both of your orgasms erratically, losing control of his rhythm as he comes.

When you’re both done, both panting heavily, Sam collapses on top of you. You let out an ‘oof’ along with strangled laughter, and Sam giggles. Picking himself up again, he smiles down at you.

“Sorry, baby,” he whispers, leaning in to kiss you. You hold his jaw as you return the sweet kiss, reveling in the afterglow.

“You know that you’re going to pay for what you did tonight, right?” you say between kisses, pulling back and making him pause. Sam closes his eyes, sighs, and nods.

“I know.”

“Don’t look so sad. You’ll love my punishment,” you whisper the last part against his ear, and Sam gets that devilish smirk back on his face. He leans in to kiss you some more, but you stop him again. Hand on his chest, you look up to the sky - well, the car’s ceiling. He follows your gaze, and you smile widely.

“Dear Cas, please accept my many, many, many thanks. Amen.”


DEFAWDay 3 (March 6) - Favorite scene

#she doesn’t care #she doesn’t care what human elena would do #it doesn’t matter if human elena loved stefan #once and for all she wants to damon to fully believe in them #that she isn’t going anywhere #that she always ends up with him #in every ending it will always be the two of them #no sire bond or destiny or any other force can stand in their way #she’s begging him to let go of the past and his fears and just believe in their love #it’s so beautiful


The Hound brought him outside the King’s chambers and Jon walked in. He smiled seeing Ghost walking to him. Jon bend and scratched the direwolf’s head. He couldn’t leave his direwolf up in in Winterfell again and the weather down South was cold enough for Ghost and his thick white coat. Daenerys was sitting by the fireplace, her belly more pronounced now that she was in her fifth month with their second child.

Jon walked behind her and kissed the top of her head. Daenerys turned to look at him and smiled. She looked so beautiful and Jon couldn’t help himself that he kissed her invitingly plush, pink lips. Groaning softly as he pulled his lips away. He’d kiss her forever if he could.

“Is our son asleep?” Jon asked her and his wife nodded.

He walked to the wooden crib by the bed where his chubby ten month old son was lying down, sleeping peacefully. It always calmed Jon, seeing his son sleeping in peace. Whatever burdens he had just seemed to fade away as he looked at Daeron. Jon took his gloves off and touched Daeron’s cherubic face gently. He then sat on the chair just across his wife. Daenerys smiled and touched her round tummy.

“How was your meeting with Qyburn?” She asked him.

“Too many procedures just to put a crown on my head…” He said. Jon sighed and looked at his wife, he reached out his hand to clasped hers. He wondered if it was the right thing to do.

“Are you sure about this Dany?” He asked her. “The Iron Throne is yours. It is what you’ve always wanted.”

“It is not,” Daenerys said with a smile. “I already have what I’ve always wanted.”

“And what is that?” Jon asked, dark eyes looking at his wife tenderly

“A home Jon. Family, children…a husband who loves me just as much as I love him.”

He smiled when he heard that and got out from the chair. Jon knelt before his wife and kissed her round belly where his child lied inside.

“You will always be my Queen, you know that. There is no one else I would bend the knee to.” Jon said as he took both her hands and clasped it tight. “And I love you very much Daenerys Stormborn.”

“I love you too Jon…” Daenerys said softly to him. She sighed and bend to kiss the top of his head gently.

Jon just knelt there for a while, resting his tired head on his wife’s lap while Daenerys ran her fingers gently through his hair, soothing his scalp. It was comforting to him and soon he closed his eyes thinking that he could just fall asleep if he wanted to.

What will I do without you my Love? I hope I’ll never find out…

uncommon alliances: part zero

summary: a prequel to “uncommon alliances”. a look into the relationships between the younger twin weasleys, harry and ginny, hermione and ron, and the trio of pureblood slytherin girls that take a chance on a gryffindor.

word count: ~5800

a/n: okay i told everyone i would post this so here it is. the prequel, nearly 6000 words worth of… is this a character study? relationship study? idk man i just had fun writing this. keep in mind most of this was written before the actual “uncommon alliances”. it’s pretty much just snapshots of scenes between the reader and her old and new friends alike, as well as a teeny bit of foreshadowing to her relationship with draco. (if ppl want, i’ll probably write more weasley!reader x draco) it’s okay if you don’t read it (it’s so dreadfully long), i pretty much just posted it for myself because it made me happy to write. thanks for reading and supporting!

part one

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Newt: Tina, want to see something fun?

Tina: sure, I guess.

Newt: *does lame behind coin behind the ear magic trick*

Tina: Newt, you know we can do real-

Newt: wait, I’m not finish. *makes coin disappear and points to her locket* open it.

Tina: *finds a ring inside*

Newt: You came into my life in a way that made no sense, but you showed me real magic in a form of love, and I hope *takes ring and gets on one knee* you can stay in my life forever, as my wife.


It was the Hound’s voice she heard, a cold rasp, metal on stone.

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Delena Forever Ours // July 13 : Five Kisses (3/5)

#a kiss of happiness #a promise of forever #their smiles and laughter as the rain falls around them #just two people promising to be together forever #promising this moment will live on forever #that they will stay this happy for the rest of their lives #with the rain the stars and the moon as the only witnesses 

atc74  asked:

56: I'm late please and thank you

“I’m late.”

“Shit, shit, shit, shit!” You whispered, jumping up out of bed and tugging on your jeans.

A groan came from behind you as you finger-combed your hair.

“What are you doing?” Dean rubbed his eyes and ran a hand through his tousled hair.

“I gotta go, Dean. I’m sorry. I - I’ll be back tonight.” You reached down picking up one shoe and falling onto your hands and knees as you searched for the other.

Dean’s laughter came from above you. Looking up over your shoulder, you saw his head poked over the edge of the bed. 

What are you doing?” He smirked at you, all messy hair and tight jeans, one of his shirts half off in your haste.

“I’m late!” You screeched, throwing your hands into the air.

“It’s Sunday.” He held up your phone, showing you the date. 

“Damn it!” 

Dean’s laughter echoed throughout your room.

“Get back in bed, sweetheart. Let me peel those jeans back off and toss ‘em onto the floor.” Dean’s wink had you falling back into his arms within seconds.

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In Case You Didn’t Know


Pairing: Elijah x Reader

Summary: Could you do an imagine for Elijah Mikaelson based on the song In Case You Didn’t Know by Brett Young

Side Note: The lyrics to the song are in bold

Dearest Y/N,

I’ve lived on this earth for 1,000 years. I’ve seen and with much shame did some unspeakable things, all in the name of family - always and forever. But in all my years being what I am, never did I foresee that I’d meet someone like you.

Knowing what I am is something I hope one day you can come to terms with, however I’ll understand if my secret is too much and you decide to walk the other way, for all I desire is for you to be safe. But before you choose which path you want to take, I would like to share another secret with you. One that I’ve spent countless of hours, even endless sleepless nights thinking about. 

Over the course of my existence I’ve fallen in love only a few times. And upon my arrival in New Orleans I fell in love with you. Being who I am comes with a lot of burdens, struggles and danger. That is why I became distant over these coming weeks, and for that I’d like to formally apologize. I see what a mistake that was. Because no matter how hard I try, I can’t unlove you. So I write to you this letter to share one last secret with you. Y/N, in case you didn’t know, baby, I’m crazy bout you. And I would be lying if I said that I could live this life without you.

You make me want to fight to be a better man. If there is any chance that you see any sort of future for us, I’ll be waiting at the compound. And I sincerely hope that you’ll walk through the doors.

You’ve got all of me, I belong to you.

With love, Elijah Mikaelson

Folding the letter in half, you sat unmoved on the dinning room chair completely overcome with a wave of mixed emotions. The apartment was dimming as the sun slowly disappeared behind a grey cloud. Anyone at this point would have gotten up and turned on a light, even a lamp. But you didn’t trust your legs to stand, much less move several steps towards the light switch.

You thought Elijah was a savvy guy in a nice, expensive suit. But first impressions were often wrong and underneath his suits lay a mountain of secrets. Running your right middle finger along the words etched on the paper, like you were waiting for more secrets to be revealed.

Finding an unknown source of strengthen, you stood up letting each foot guide the other towards the bedroom, just like a baby would taking it’s first steps. Changing into an outfit more suitable for the New Orleans evening weather, you travelled down the jam packed streets until coming to a halt in front of a large gate.

Leaving Elijah hanging was a thought that crossed your mind once or twice on the walk over, however standing just meters away you knew that wasn’t the sort of person you were. There was only one solution, one outcome that hadn’t changed since reading the letter. And you needed Elijah’s help in order to make it all happen.

The compound was empty from what you could see. You had stepped foot in the Mikaelson estate once before. Elijah had called apologizing that he’d gotten caught up in a family matter and therefore was going to be even more late than he’d like. So, thinking it would be a nice gesture you brought dinner to him. Expect his surprise expression wasn’t one of gratitude it was one of sheer shock, Elijah thanked you while ushering you out of the compound, thus begun the feeling he was keeping something from you.

“You came”. Spinning around, Elijah stood at the base of the stairs. Hope resonating in his brown eyes. 

Pressing your lips together, “I didn’t think it would be fair to leave you hanging”.

“Can I get you a drink?. I know where Klaus keeps the good wine, we can grab a glass and talk”. Elijah started to ascend up the stairs, until he heard. “I’m not planning to stay long, I read the letter but it doesn’t change anything”.

Coming back down to solid ground, now hope of reconciliation had vanished. “I-I see”.

“I want to feel differently, I really do. And I want to be able to look at you and not envision a-”.

He sadly sighed, “A monster”.

“A vampire”, you added, not sure if they meant the same thing. “But even looking at you now is harder than I imagined, and I don’t know if that’ll change in a month or a year. All I know is I can’t live a normal life knowing your secret, Elijah”. Fighting the desire to rush out the door, you instead walked forward to him. “So I want you to do that mind compulsion thing that I read about, you can do that, can’t you?”.

Taken back by your request, Elijah steadied his balance reaching out for the railing. “You want me to erase every memory, every moment, every kiss?”. Shaking his head vigorously, “I won’t do that”.

“This isn’t your choice!. How do you expect me to walk around New Orleans, to see you on the street and be okay with it all?”. Tears stinging your eyes, “I can’t do it. I’m not strong enough”.

His thumb brushed away the tear. “You’re stronger than you know, Y/N. It is I who wasn’t strong enough to be honest with you, so here I am paying the price for the decisions I made, here I am losing the most extraordinary women I’ve meet”. Kissing you one, finale time his eyes bore into yours. “When you walk out of the door, you’ll no longer feel the burden of carrying my secret. All you’ll remember from this night is you took a nice, long walk around the French Quarter, had a lovely meal and then went back home to get some rest. Y/N, you are now free of any ties that bind you to me or my family”.

One Month Later

Rousseau’s was bustling with tourists and residents alike. You were celebrating with a bunch of girlfriends a success presentation that led to a promotion, another step up the corporate ladder.

Heading to the bar you called for another round of drinks, the bartender nodded happily.

Turning around a little too fast, you ran straight into someone’s chest. “Oh, I’m so sorry”. Glazing up, a gorgeous man stood before you. The first thing you noticed was how well dressed he was. If you were to guess his suit must of cost a fortune, but you expected nothing less for a man of his status. “I’m such a klutz at times, here let me buy you another drink?”.

He stared at you, intensely.

“Have we meet before, you look awfully familiar?”. Curiously asking.

“I don’t believe so, forgive me but I must get going”. Leaving some money on the bar, you noticed it was more than enough to cover his drink and the second round of drinks you ordered.

“Wait! I didn’t get your name. Mine’s Y/N”. Extending your hand out towards him.

There was hesitation on his part, but eventually he shook your hand telling you his name was Elijah. “Itt’s very nice to meet you, Elijah. I hope this won’t be the last time we see one another”. Giving a warm smile his way, you returned to your table with a major sense of deja vu.