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Dear Blexa,

You wake up every morning to find yourself alone again. When was the last time you had any real sleep? You are tired half of the time. Coffee is no longer a maybe. Hell, even your tears are caffeinated. Darling, I don’t know how you’re able to function… Once upon a time, you said that my heart was too big. So I give and give. I’m starting to notice something. You are just like me. You give until it hurts. You are more trial than error. Why? Because if it works, it works. If it doesn’t? There’s no need to dwell on it. That’s your philosophy. It’s also your personality. You’re the afterglow of the Northern Lights. You’re the parts of a dream that we always remember to jot down. You’re the warm and fuzzy feeling of a blanket once it’s out of the dryer– it always feels brand new. You won’t sleep tonight. You’ll try, but you won’t. You don’t even sleep on your bed anymore– it’s always the couch. Sleep is an act and you can only hope that those five cups of coffee has finally left the stage. Some nights, you sing alone. Some nights you pray, are they ever answered? Most nights… you are alone. Just you. Your busy phone, but it’s never him– and if it is him, it’s not him. You’re awake again. 1AM. 2AM. 3AM. 4AM. Is there a difference at this point? You know… sometimes you fall for people– but occasionally… they fall for you. And even then… you still need your coffee. To keep up with them. To keep up with yourself… you need to be awake. Maybe that’s why you can’t sleep… you’re so happy that they exist… you forget that you do too. Do me a favor. Sleep. Get some rest tonight. Not for me. Not for him. Not because of anything really… you just need to cool off. How can you be there for everyone if you’re only sleeping 2 hours a day?

p.s.– you are important too!!

When I first saw you tonight, I was fine.
No nervousness. No butterflies.
Just happy to see you again. It’s been too long.
But… As the night went on, I felt that pull, that connection.
And just like that, I fell for you again.

I guess my New Years kiss will be going to this darling bottle of whiskey.

[Coming Soon] Solmare Teases New Paid Game

Hello, everyone😄❗ Nice to meet you all. I’m Producer Mariko, the producer of paid series 😘🌸
First thing first, I want to say a huge thank you to you all for playing our games.😭💕
Our paid series that will be released from now on, are widely upgraded to the next generation type 🤗 ✨
More stories and features become available 💓
…Aww, I never imagined such a day would come… I’m so happy to share this with all of you! 😆 😆 😆
More details will be given in the coming posts, so follow me and keep updated 😉💨
Lastly, here is a sneak peek of our upcoming game :)
-S○○○○○u Darling-
What letters are missing❓ Can you guess ❓❓
See you again soon 🎉 🎉 🎉

Im really really really REALLY sorry if this is at all insensitive and I really do worry that it is, but i wanted to say thank you. Seeing those last post brought me to tears and that love that you had for each other shows me that the world isn’t how i feel it is. Anyway I’m sorry again and I hope you like it

bloodandblackrose  asked:

Just got a call from my school saying that it's closed due to snow. Made me think, what would the chocobro's reaction to being snowed-in be? (can be the four of them somewhere, or with S/O, or however you want it. S'long as it's cold as heck) I totally love your writing and spent like 6 days on my laptop reading all the way back to the first post on this blog! I've loved, like, every single thing you've written! <3 <3

I just want to apologize that sometimes I take forever to get to things. Good news is this is still a very relevant issue in a lot of places because things won’t stop cooling down and it’s snowy again! (also thank you, that’s so sweet of you to say omg <3)

  • Snowed in you say? Well that’s actually really good news to our darling prince Noctis. Not because he enjoys the cold, because he really doesn’t, but because this is a chance/excuse to stay inside and not really do anything.
    Noctis just stays in, bundled up heavily under some blankets and takes turns between napping, watching the television, or playing games. It’s like a vacation to the Prince. (Add you in as an s/o and suddenly you get a sleepy Prince whining that he’s bored and tries to get you play games with him. Either that tries to pull you down with him to join him in napping.)

  • Ignis doesn’t mind the winter, even it has a beauty that he can appreciate and it brings a certain calmness with it. But what he does mind is being closed in by the snow. He himself had actually ventured into the Citadel all back when it was just some very slow flurries.Unfortunately those flurries started to come down harder and quicker and before anyone knew it nothing could keep up with the downfall as it became quite literally a blizzard.
    With no way to get back, or at least not safely at any rate. He tries his best to occupy himself. The Citadel does have it’s fair share of books and it’s fair share of history, and he wasn’t the only one caught up in here either so he still had others to talk to. (And if you’re there too then you’ll find him dropping by frequently to talk and make sure you’re warm enough. Once he’s able to, he’s going to treat you to the best cup of hot chocolate you’ll ever taste.)

  • A little bit of snow is okay by Gladio’s book, it helps toughen him up. Hell he’ll even camp in it! But… this is too much. He had so much he was wanting to go out and do and now he’s found himself closed in. It’s not too bad though, he’s stuck in the house with his family. So even though he’s cooped up he won’t feel like he’s losing his mind entirely.
    He spends most of his time around his family; Playing board games to pass the time, or switching on a console to play something co-op with Iris, talking about random happenings or quietly reading his book when i near proximity to them. He helps around the house with chores. And when all that fails to entertain him then he goes back to exercising. (And if you managed to get stuck too then I guess that is a whole lot of quality time with his family too. But it also means times where you can snuggle and and read a book with him, he’ll always wait for you to be done with the page before he flips, and also you spotting him when he works out/him spotting you. imagine doing situps and him smooching you when you get to the top )
  • For someone who’s not too big of a fan of the cold, Prompto sure does seem to make the most out of it (So he both loves and hates the news). There’s just a certain chilling kind of beauty that comes with snowy times, and the fact that the cold and clear off the streets and make things seem like a empty towns makes for even more hauntingly pretty scenes and he gladly takes advantage of that by snapping a few quick shots. Which is perfect, while blocked in by the snow he can easily just hover by or lean out of the window with his camera.
    Likely he gets stuck at home or in someone else’s place. At his own house he’ll keep himself occupied; he’s got some other hobbies that he wanted to get back into (like painting) and if he gets too bored then he’ll try to call someone up. But with someone else then he’ll kind of go a tad bit on the clingy side and wants to always be doing something. Being blocked in is making him stir crazy and looking outside is making him lonely feeling. (And his as his partner, you’d have to constantly keep reminding him to bundle up. He gets cold easily and he doesn’t dress warmly inside of the house much, so be prepared to constantly be wrapping a blanket around his shoulders. Which the snowing settles down, he’ll try to bring you outside with him just to start a snowball fight)

Guess what? I just hit 3,000 followers! 

Thank you so much, you guys! This blog is my darling, but it truly wouldn’t be the same without all of you here. The Outlander fandom isn’t the biggest one out there, but I really enjoy being a part of it. 

I once asked you where you all were from, but that was a long time ago, so now I’m asking you again. Where do all you lovelies come from? ❤️️


Hey, everyone!!! Can you tell I’m excited?!?!?!

(Also unprepared and having weird fairytale dreams and probably annoying the crap out of people, BUT THAT’S ANOTHER STORY.)

Anyways, only ONE MORE DAY until we celebrate the kick-off of #HannibalEverAfter 2017! Just as a reminder, here is the prompt calendar for this February of fairytales (now updated, thanks to my darling @apoptoses):

Again, so much thanks to everyone who contributed ideas and to everyone who’s reblogged and liked and spread the word, you’re all amazing!

Reminder: The AO3 Collection is HERE and you can start posting tomorrow! (So if you wanna get a head start and post as 12:01 AM Feb 1, I won’t protest. Mostly because I’ll be fast asleep, but also because I can’t wait to wake up to your creations).

And because someone (rightly) pointed out that not everyone will know of the various fairytales I plucked out, today we get to start a new section called: Tomorrow Is What?

Tomorrow Is What?

Answer: Tomorrow is February 1st, and I chose “Little Red Riding Hood”. It’s not a standard “happily ever after” like most of the others, but I felt it was exceedingly fitting for Hannibal and Will.

The general idea is that a little girl is asked to bring some goods - breads and other foods - in a basket to her ill grandmother, who lives in the woods. She wears a bright red hood (hence the name) and is told firmly not to stray from the path, lest she be eaten by the wolves of the forest. So of course, what does Little Red Riding Hood do?

So - Is Hannibal the wolf and Will the clueless skipping boy in red? Is Mischa bringing goods to her sick brother Hannibal when Will pops up to defend her against the big bad wolf Mason? Or is Jack really drunk and seeing things as he watches Hannibal and Will circle one another? Tomorrow, you decide

Have fun, and don’t forget to use the tag #HannibalEverAfter and share your glorious creations!

OC one word meme

I was tagged again for the one-word OC meme by @princessdejamars. Thank you, darling! The rules: Pick any or all characters in your current story/generation and use one word to describe them. Words cannot be repeated!

The next few chapters of my story are going to be centred on Isla Paradiso post-Surf Competition, so I thought it might be opportune to do the meme for a few of the characters who are going to be featuring in that particular arc:

Mia: Indiscriminate

Jackie: Tolerant

Milo: Phlegmatic

Coby (above): Virile (Coby is of course @caterpillarsims‘ OC, She’s just very generously allowed me to borrow him!) 

David: (above) Careless

Bridget (above): Meddling

Natalie (above) : Scorned

Tagging anyone who feels so inclined!

Love Isn’t A Malfunction

Pairing:  Vision x Reader

Warnings:  None

Key:  As always, (Y/N) is your name.

Requested by:  omgfangirl14love -  Can you do a vision imagine where he lays eyes on the reader and he doesn’t know what love feels like so he thinks something is wrong with him?

Author’s Note:  So I believe other people have done the whole ‘love virus’ thing so I tried to take a different approach.  Sorry again for the late post!  Thanks for requesting darling, enjoy!!

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Love Isn’t A Malfunction

You walked in the main living room with a cup of coffee in hand.  After the battle with Ultron, a lot had changed in a short amount of time.  JARVIS, one of your favorite things in the world (although really you considered him a person) was gone and apparently programmed into some other being -or something along those lines-, you had gained two more teammates, the Maximoff twins, and Tony and Steve weren’t quite getting along.  You wanted to meet all the new recruits, since during the battle of Ultron you were undercover in some HYDRA base.  You walked in to see a young woman with long brown hair, a young man with light blonde hair, and a man -or some robot thing- covered in red with a green suit and yellow cape.  

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❄️ Seasons greetings darlings! ❄️

We’re back again with bingo. The theme has changed slightly to give everyone more time to complete it. So this bingo card is good til the end of February! 

Here’s how it works:

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❄️ How we’ll find your winter fic to share: 

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Happy writing! 

~ @lunaseemoony

A Little Test.....

Another fun day in the fandom! After some fun times with the CC noms , PCA’S, Sam’s IG posts (with Cait yet AGAIN!), and Cait’s “darling” tweet…..who shows up to join the fun…the IW himself! And all hell broke loose because Cait liked a tweet, which I really believe was by accident. Don’t you find the timing intetesting….think about it.

The Bafta’s were a bust, yet the old windbag is tweeting up a storm about how Sam is not dating Cait, he has a gf, AND, finally gets a shot of discrediting the one person who has not engaged, followed, nor given him the time of day since Sam hitched up to him. ( sorry Sam, but true). And Cait is now in the s-storm. I personally do not think that Cait liked that tweet on purpose, and she deleted it. She is usually a straight shooter, and if she agreed with it, she would not have deleted it.

Quite frankly, I would like to see someone send Shitner a picture of Sam and “the date” from the Bafta’s and ask him to confirm if this is the gf he is referring to. If yes, then we will hit paydirt since he may not know what an epic fail that was, and we will know what a set up this really is. And, I am sure Sam will love to see his buddy waxing poetic about his personal life.

In the meantime, let’s breathe, and take a cold, hard look at why the rains came again today. The wanker forgot the pull-ups and is pissing again, and this time he is pissing on Cait and her fans, and we know why.

Time to call it a night! 😴☔🌧

High school fucking sucks
But darling
It is not the end of the world.
It is only the beginning.

There will be days
When you feel like everything is out to get you.
Maybe that’s true.
But you are stronger than hurricanes
And if you count to ten
Again and again
Every bad day will come to an end.

Not everybody you love
Will love you back.
That’s okay.
It’s never your fault.
Don’t ever think bad about yourself because someone else may does.
You are perfect every way you are and there are always people who know that.

Your mental illness does not
Make you weak.
Depression isn’t something you need to feel guilty for.
Don’t be embarrassed when your hands shake and you can’t breathe.
Asking for help
Doesn’t make you a burden.
People are so glad
When they can help.

You don’t need to have your life figured out at 18.
Or 20.
Or 25.
Something good will always come your way,
And if it’s not right
Start new.
Starting the life you want doesn’t have an expiry date.

Your best friend is so important.
All your friends are so important.
They will support you at 5pm and at 3am and every time of the day.
Remember that when you are angry.
Don’t let them go because of mistakes you both did.

It is not cool
To be a mess.
But it’s okay.
Everybody is.

Even though you feel like you need to stay awake till 5am to overthink everything
What you really need is 8 hours of sleep and giving your overworked mind a break.

Always carry a bottle of water with you.

Don’t give up.
You came so close
So many times.
But there’s a reason
You didn’t swallow the pills
Or slit your wrists
Or jumped off the ledge.
When you close your eyes
Try not to think
And only breathe.

You just survived
Another second.
You can do one more.

There is always someone who cares.
(I know that I do.)
And if you feel like there isn’t
Then you are wrong.
Maybe you haven’t met that someone yet,
But wouldn’t it be a tragedy
To go now
If everything could change tomorrow?

This world may be a sinking ship
But you are so full of greatness
And potential
That you’ll just float among the waves,
Till they wash you ashore.
If you close your eyes
You can already feel the sand on your skin.

—  10 things I remembered before I went to sleep