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We’ve been listed under New & Noteworthy iTunes TV & Film podcasts! We’ve also cracked the top 100 TV & Film podcasts on iTunes.

There’s no question this is thanks to the amazingly supportive Jaime x Brienne fandom–your subscriptions, ratings, and reviews have somehow made a niche podcast that should only appeal to like 12 people become something at least….20 people are listening to? Teehee!

You guys are all awesome, we love you all! Thanks for the notes of encouragement and for so willingly participating!

And special thanks to the regular crew who’ve made this all possible: yellowdelaney, eviltorgover, and eonbluenegative.

And of course our awesome guest stars: guileandsubterfuge, sandwichesyumyum, 1000naturalshocks, grammarsaveslives, and brienneoftarth

And last, but not least, a thousand thanks to our over-worked, under-praised moderator ladyoftarth-posts, whose hard work behind the scenes has made the podcast possible and whose on-air presence makes the whole thing gel. (Shoutout to Mr. LoT too–if you like our intro, it’s because he’s so awesome!)

Edit: Hello!! chickren your name should be in this list of ‘regular crew’! Thank the gods for your brains and book knowledge.  - LoT