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For @loonydoc13! Inspired by a post from @riahchan that make me laugh about the old “huddled for warmth” trick. Here’s my spin on it. Typed on my phone, please forgive typos!

Jon squinted at the hotel clerk’s name tag. Podrick Payne. At least he knew the name of the young man who was making his night so difficult.

“I’m sorry sir.” Podrick glanced at the computer console. “There’s only one room left.”

Sansa wasn’t buying it. “You’ve got to have another room available.”

Podrick looked sheepish. “I apologize ma’am. We’ve got a big wedding in tonight.”

Jon glared at Podrick from behind a stack of suitcases. “We know. We’re here for one. The Tyrell/Martell wedding.” He was ready to be done with this hotel lobby and its paisley carpet. More importantly, he was eager to get to his own room. He was acutely aware of Sansa at his side.

Sansa picked up his cue. “Yes, there should be a block of rooms reserved. Surely, you’ve set aside those rooms?” She gave Podrick her sweetest smile. Jon almost pitied him.

Podrick ducked his head. “Yes, absolutely, there’s a block of 20 rooms reserved for that event.” Great, Jon thought, now we’re getting somewhere. Sansa looked guilty, rather than triumphant. “Oh no. I forgot. I gave you guys the wrong number. It’s my fault, Jon. I was supposed to handle the hotel reservations and I told them to set aside 20 rooms, not  21.”

Jon couldn’t stand seeing Sansa upset. He knew how important this wedding was to her. “It’s fine, Sansa. We’ll be fine.” Of course. Sharing space with his best friend’s little sister, who he’d had a crush on for 3 years. Fine. No problem. 

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Dating Garth would involve:

  • Lazy Sunday mornings consisting of orange juice and reading the comics in the newspaper
  • Hunting together and being a great team
  • Garth is always protective of you, but most of the time, it’s you who saves his ass from getting killed
  • Celebrating post-hunt drinks in the safety of a hotel room because Garth is such a lightweight
  • Cheek kisses and nonchalant hand-holding
  • “What d’we got, babe?”
  • He always manages to make you smile and laugh because he’s so damn positive all the time
  • Garth compliments you a lot
  • “Is that a new shirt?” “No, Garth; it’s your shirt.” “Well, it looks way better on you.”

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mom: don’t tell anyone about this
me: hey it’s me, arc @flamingarcanine posting this from a hotel room on a school day because we have to temporarily move due to a bedbug infestation, and im gonna vape in the house when we get back. that’s right, b-e-d-b-u-g problems and those fucks gave me the succ and it still burns. i hope 1000 people see this bug drama shit here

We would walk miles from our hotel; you do in Paris. We’d go to a place near the Avenue des Anglais and we’d sit in the bars, looking good. I still have some classic photos from there. Linda loves one where I am sitting in a gendarme’s mac as a cape and John has got his glasses on askew and his trousers down revealing a bit of Y-front. The photographs are so beautiful, we’re really hamming it up. We’re looking at the camera like, ‘Hey, we are artsy guys, in a café: this is us in Paris,’ and we felt like that.
—  Paul McCartney - Anthology.

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When you reposted that swanky azz hotel room I thought you posted it from your original Tumblr and I was like oh I never knew you deactivated, then I click on it and realized it was your boy friends 😂 I got a good laugh at myself, I also apologize I am very tired hahaha

Ohhhhhhhhhhh I see what you’re saying! 😂 My old URL was semi-sweet-transvestite, not a gross Beatles reference.
Erich Bergen on Instagram: “#ThrowbackThursday - rehearsal in our hotel room before performing at the White House for the President. #jerseyboys #jerseyboysmovie”
“#ThrowbackThursday - rehearsal in our hotel room before performing at the White House for the President. #jerseyboys #jerseyboysmovie”

WATCH: Posted from Erich Bergen’s instagram. Rehearsal in our hotel room before performing at the White House for the President.


(150222) Han Geng Instagram Update
Rough Translation:

I just want a quiet vacation to rest, please allow me some peace!

Source: realhangeng

Note: We know that this is an exciting time for us as fans, but please, everyone, let’s try to give him some privacy while he’s on vacation. Please delete any posts/tweets with information about the location of his hotel or his personal schedule and please refrain from posting/spreading such information in the future. Thanks!


OMG this is so exciting. The info from today’s panel is just amazing and I’m pretty excited for this season.

Sarah Paulson’s character is named Hypodermic Sally and she is a villian

Matt Bomer’s character is named Donovan and he will have a love triangle with Finn Wittrock’s character and Lady Gaga’s character

Evan Peters character is named Mr. March and he is a villian

Angela, Evan and Sarah’s characters are the villains of this season

Characters from past SEASONS (YES AS IN MORE THAN 1 SEASON AND MORE THAN ONE PERSON) will be coming to the Hotel. But will they check out?

Check into American Horror Story: Hotel in October