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Coffee-Stained Hearts

A/N: the ‘someone just spilled coffee all over me and my computer which had the only copy of my paper due in 15 minutes, and it seems like that someone might be the lead actor in my favourite show’ au that no one asked for

Her last assignment was due in 15 minutes. Lily could practically taste the freedom, could feel the summer months ahead. She sipped her coffee, hovering her mouse over the ‘send’ button. She took a deep breath, about to hit the button, when she heard the high-pitched sound of shoes sliding against the tile floor and all of the sudden her skin was burning - 

“What the hell!” Lily exclaimed, jumping up from her seat in the coffee shop, glaring at the person who had just spilled incredibly hot coffee all over her, her new dress and her computer. She did a double take, because it seemed to be that the asshole who had just ruined her day was the lead actor in her favourite show, The Marauders. But that didn’t matter now. 

“Oh my god, I’m so sorry,” he said, immediately grabbing some napkins from the table and handing them to her. “I’m so so sorry.”

Under any other circumstances, it would be a dream to meet James Potter. Devilishly handsome, a phenomenal actor, relatively famous, and just generally a cute person, he was every girls dream. But not Lily’s, at least not at this moment.

Lily scowled, her eyes burning into him. And if looks could kill, well, let’s just say that there would be a lot of crying teenage girls all over the world.

“Say that to my computer. That was the only copy I had of my final English Lit  paper, that just happens to be due in 15 minutes.”

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All Started With a Song Part 10 // Conor Maynard

Word Count- 2221

Summary- Conor sees your cover and contacts you

A/n- (feel free to change the friends name I was just too lazy to write y/f/n that may times) here it is! this is way longer than i thought it would be and i didn't get to half the stuff i thought i would. so i re-planned everything. there will most likely be 13 parts now! i hope you enjoy. 

p.s. nothing crazy happens, this is mainly a filler chap. sorry if you were expecting drama!


You guys headed to bed rather early that night. With all that happened and your plans for tomorrow, you guys needed the beauty sleep.

At 6 o’clock on Sunday morning, you three left the hotel and started your adventure. Alice had looked up a really nice café for you guys to have breakfast at. She got some pancakes, Olivia got an omelet and you settled for a bagel.

“So where are we headed to first?” you asked before taking a sip of your tea.

“I really really really want to go to the walk of fame.” Olivia pleaded. “Can we please go there?”

“Of course Liv!” you smiled. “We’ll head there right after we’re finished eating.”

She squealed and clapped her hands, causing Alice to snort.

“You are too awake,” she mumbles, taking a forkful of pancake.

“Hey, don’t judge me. I’m just excited,” Olivia frowned.

“Oh, you know I love you,” Alice laid her head on Olivia’s shoulder. You quickly opened the camera app and snapped a pic.

You posted it on your Instagram with that caption:

i have the cutest friends ever… btw expect lots of pic today and tomorrow #sorrynotsorry

“Awwww, Al look at what Y/n posted. She’s so cute!” Olivia gave Alice her phone.

“She’s so sweet, let’s post one of her.”

You laughed, “No, please don’t.”

“Aw c’mon. You’re adorable babe.”

“Fine, but I get to approve the picture and caption,” you emphasized the and.

“Deal! Make a pose!”

You rested your elbows on the table and your chin on your hands, flashing the camera a small smile.

After a few moments of intense typing Alice handed you her phone, “Is that okay?”

Cannot thank @y/i/n enough for this trip. Love you lots babe xx

“You’re so sweet Al,” you handed her phone back to her.

“Alright, here’s the bill. Are you ladies all finished up here?” the waiter asked as he handed you the receipt.

“Yep!” Olivia smiled.

“Do you think I could get a to-go cup for my tea?” you asked.

“Of course,” he turned to walk away when he stopped. “I’m sorry to bother you. But are you guys from the UK?”

You three started laughing, “Yes, we are,” Alice answered.

“Oh my gosh, really? Would you mind if I ask you a few questions?” he instantly took a seat next to you.

“Of course not, whatcha wanna know?” you smiled.

“Is it always rainy?”

This caused you three to erupt in laughter yet again, but stopped when he frowned.

“Oh love, we’re not making fun of you. It’s just cute,” Liv placed a hand on his and smiled.

“But to answer your question, no. Sometimes it’s really nice out. But most of the time yes, it’s rainy.”

“It’s not even always rainy, just really cold.” You added.

“I’ve always wanted to go to London,” he sighed. “Is it worth taking a trip to?”

“I can’t answer that without bias, but I think coming here was definitely worth the trip. If that helps.”

He stood up, “Well my name’s Clayton.” He pulled out a piece of paper and began scribbling. “If you girls need anything, here’s my number. I’m free whenever after noon.”

“Well thank you Clayton. That means a lot,” you smiled.


After that cute little meet up you girls grabbed an Uber and went to the Hollywood Walk of Fame. It was so much fun. You girls had races to see who could find this person first or who could find a ‘James’ or ‘Amy’ first. You may have looked crazy to others but you three knew it was all in good fun.

You were only here once, why wouldn’t you make the most of it?

After the Walk of Fame you three headed to any and every shop that the London didn’t have; which was a lot. You hit lots of clothes shops, make up shops, and so so many candy shops.

You picked up something for Alex and a few gifts for your mom. Alice got something for Brandon, but insisted it was for her friend that ‘you don’t know that well’. And Olivia, of course, got something for Sean.

After what felt like a lifetime you guys finally found an In-N-Out. You all had been craving it ever since Sabrina took you guys to it your first day in LA.

While you three munched on your burgers, you just chatted about anything and everything.

“What time is it?” Alice asked.

“Just past 11,” you clicked your phone shut. “So what’s next?”

“Honestly? I want to go back to the hotel and take a power nap,” Alice sighed, Olivia vigorously shaking her head in agreement.

“Okay, I’m down for a nap. Then the beach?”

They both smiled signally they were okay with that.


“Wake me up at two,” Olivia sighed, falling onto her bed. You laughed and watched as Alice copied her movements.

You walked out to the balcony and sat up against the wall. You were tired, but you didn’t want to sleep. You didn’t want to miss anything LA had to offer.

You knew you shouldn’t have, but you texted Anth. It was a low blow honestly. But you were bored and didn’t have any clue as to what to do. You opened SnapChat and clicked his name.

You sent a simple selfie with a caption:

any fun activates you know of in LA?

You scrolled through Instagram while waiting for a response. You noticed Conor posted a new picture.

You knew it would hurt, but you couldn’t not look.

It was of him sitting of the edge of a bench, it was nighttime. He was facing away from the camera.

He captioned it:

C’mon LA, you have yet to let me down. Please don’t change that.

There were hundreds of comments that ranged from ‘ARMS’ to ‘why are you sad :(’ to ‘i hate when he doesn’t tell us what’s going on’.

You were hesitant, but ended up liking the picture anyways.

SnapChat from anth.melo

He sent a picture of him in front of a mirror of what seemed like a gym. You could see Conor on the side, but it was only an arm. You cringed at the fact that you knew it was Conor simply by an arm.

His snap read:

sorry y/n, kinda busy rn.

You sent another selfie with a frown:

okay, but we NEED to hang out soon. i leave in two days :(

You closed your phone and went back inside. After sliding off your shoes and plugging in your phone, you slid into your shared bed with Alice.

A few minutes of shot eye wouldn’t hurt.


“Y/n!!!!” you heard someone shout.

You shot up from the pillow, “What?!” you shouted back, not having opened your eyes yet.

“Its 4:30!” a voice, you recognized as Alice sighed. “You had one job. One bloody job!”

“Oh, sorry. I fell asleep and forgot to set an alarm.”

“It’s okay, we can still go to the beach!” Olivia piped up from her spot in front of the mirror.

“I guess,” Alice sighed.

“Haven’t you always wanted to see a sunset on the beach?” you asked, getting out of the bed.

“Yeah,” she smiled. “Let me check when sunset is.”

You bent down and grabbed your shoes.

“It’s at 6:04, should we invite anyone?” Alice asked.

“Like who?”

“Clayton!” Olivia jumped up. “Please invite him!”

You smiled, “Okay, I’ll invite him. But i can’t promise anything.”

You sent him a text that read:

Heading down to the beach to watch the sunset. Care to join us?

You sat your phone down and began braiding your hair.

“Did he text back?” Alice asked.

“Check my phone, I’m kind of busy.”

She stood up and walked over to where your phone was sat on the bed.

“What’d he say?”

“Nothing, but Anth texted snapped you.”

“You can open it up if you want,” you said, closing your eyes to focus on the pattern.

After a few seconds you heard a gasp, “What’s wrong?”

“Look! “Alice shoved your phone into your face. On the screen was a selfie of him and Conor and it read:

Okay, we’re free tomorrow

He was smiling and Conor was sporting his signature ‘kissy face/pout face’ look.

You stared until it disappeared, then you let out a sigh.

“What’d he mean by that?”

“I asked him if he wanted to hang out,” you said, sticking out your tongue as Alice snapped a picture.

“Oh, well.” She smiled, helping you up. “Looks like we got plans for tomorrow!”

You three changed into your swimsuits and packed a bag. You were going to go to the beach no matter what, Clayton being there was just a plus.

Your phone dinged and the girls sat, eyes wide; waiting for a response.

Of course! Meet me here in 10 minutes.

The link sent you to your Map app. There was a blue line from the hotel to a beach about 5 minutes away. Due to it being so close, you three decided to walk. As you left the hotel you sent him a quick text back.

see ya soon xx


As usual Anth and Conor stayed up late doing whatever they do. Most of it was just joking around. But part of it, a very small part, was very deep.

“Mate, I gotta ask,” Anth sighed.

“I can’t answer it. I know what you’re going to ask. And I honestly don’t know. I was jealous and upset. I just-” he sighed, looking at Anth. “I messed up.”

“Well do you like her?” Anth asked hesitantly.

“Of course I do! I liked her before I met her. But I overthought everything. I assumed she didn’t like me, so I wanted to make her feel how I felt.”

“Do you want to be with her?” Anth questioned again.

“That’s the thing. Like, I don’t know her. But I want to. And I want to see what it could become, but I don’t want to give us a chance and it be awful and I have to break her heart again.”

Anth remained silent as Conor poured his feelings.

“I’m just so angry. At myself. But also her. And I know I have no right to be mad at her. But she’s just so perfect. And I want to hate her and just forget about her. But I can’t, because whenever I see a girl, I notice that she isn’t Y/n. But I don’t know if she’ll ever forgive me. And I just want to punch myself, every time I remember what I did.”

Conor knew there was more to how he felt, he just wasn’t ready to admit it.

Anth stood up and put his hand on Conors shoulder, “Well, how about you sleep on it. And tomorrow we go to the gym; work out all the anger. Then afterwards, you can talk to Y/n.”


Conor and Anth didn’t make it to the gym until a little before noon. Conor woke up to Jack spamming him. Jack lost the keys to his apartment so he begged Conor to tell him where his extra set was.

Conor really didn’t want Jack to be at his flat alone. Who knew what the kid would get up to? But after a few minutes of Jack begging (and almost crying, almost. it doesn’t count if the tear didn’t fall) Conor told him to message Alex.

After that, they were about to leave but then Anth realized he forgot that he planned to Skype his grandparents. Knowing he couldn’t let his friend not call them, Conor sat in the guest room while Anth chatted with his grandma and grandpa about various things.

After Anth’s grandma finally said goodbye, they headed to the gym. On their way they stopped to get juices.

“Mate, the Strawberry Mango is way better than the Green Machine,” Conor dragged on as he walked aside Anth.

“Stop playing dude, the Green Machine is the best!”

“You’re mad, y’know that right?”

“Nah man, you’re just stubborn.”

When they arrived at the gym, they both popped in their headphones and got to work on their preferred workout equipment.

Within the first thirty minutes, Anth could tell Conor was more upset than last night. He was lifting way more than his body could handle, but every time Anth would bring it up Conor would brush him off.

“Mate, your calves don’t need that much weight,” Anth chuckled, pulling out a headphone.

“Why come to the gym if you’re not going to push yourself?” Conor asked, standing up.

“If you say so,” Anth said, grabbing his phone to change the song. He scrolled through his notifications. He went to close it, but then he noticed your name. Why were you snapping him?

He walked over to Conor, opening the snap.

“Hey, look at this.”

Conor looked at the screen then turned around.

“So do you want to?” Anth followed him

“Not really,” he muttered.

“Okay,” was all Anth said. He sent a picture of him in front of the mirror.

A few seconds later Conor said, “I don’t know what to say yet. But tell her we’re free tomorrow.”

Anth just smiled. Conor was head over heels for you and him trying to hide it was so cute.

The Reynolds Pamphlet

Hahaha, I’m trash, sorry, it’s not either one of the options I asked about. It’s a Reynolds Pamphlet modern AU, one that will also be written in parts. I’m so sorry for what I’m about to do.

You sat in shock, staring at the paper you’d printed. Part of you felt confused, like there was no way this was written by Alex, your Alex. There had to have been a mistake. But the other part of you, the majority of you, knew there was no mistake. He’d done what he said. 

I’m so sorry, the message had read, but I think you need to read this. 

The link below that message made your heart race. You knew that website, it was Alexander’s blog. You stared at the phone, knowing Alex would be home at any moment. You considered asking him, but before you could weigh your options entirely, you found yourself clicking the link. What you read there made your stomach drop.

“I made a terrible mistake.” It started. “One I will never forgive myself for.” You closed the message, afraid to read any further. After taking a moment to collect yourself, you turned on your laptop, opening to Alexander’s latest blog post. You allowed yourself five seconds of panic and fear before you continued reading. “A few days ago, I was approached by a woman who I will not name for privacy purposes. She told me she needed help, that she had run out on her abusive boyfriend and had no where to go. She told me she reads this blog, and didn’t know if I could help, but she wanted to take a chance that I would. I believed her, and offered to take her somewhere she would be safe. I didn’t know it was a plot to extort me and my following, and for that, I am sorry. After taking her to a motel and paying for a few nights there, I tried to leave. I don’t want to make excuses and pretend like I was some victim, because what happened next was no one’s fault by my own, and I take full responsibility. Because the truth is, I slept with her.  She was weak, and she needed someone, and I was tempted. And in my own moment of weakness, I broke.” 

You slammed your laptop lid shut, tears streaming silently down your face. Your phone rang, a picture of Alex sleeping on your chest flashing as he called you. You sent it straight to voicemail, throwing your phone across the room. You grabbed your laptop, reopening the webpage and printing a copy of the post. That’s where you sat now, tears splattering onto the still warm paper.

You weren’t sure how long you sat there, but eventually you heard the front door open. You didn’t move from your seat at the window. Eventually, much to your dismay, there was a soft knock at the door. “(Y/N),” Alexander called, voice full of distress. “Please, please let me explain. Please open the door.” You made no move to open it, you didn’t respond. You sat there in silence, staring at the paper and reading those words- in my own moment of weakness, I broke. “I made a mistake, I am so sorry. Please, just talk to me.” He pleaded and you arose, walking forward. You froze, hand on the doorknob. What would you say to him? How would you react when you came face to face with the man who built you up and tore you apart within twenty four hours? You opened the door. “(Y/N),” Alex’s voice broke, and you let out a broken sob. “I never meant for anyone to get hurt, I never meant for you to get hurt-” You turned away from him, walking to your closet. You grabbed the suitcase from the corner and opened it on your bed you shared wordlessly. “What are you doing?” You grabbed an arm full of clothing, placing it in the suitcase. “No, no, no, please, please don’t go, I’m-” You opened your beside table drawer, emptying the contents into the luggage. Alex rushed towards you, trying to stop you. You continued your silence, moving between the closet and the drawers, trying to fit as much as you could in the suitcase and just get out, because you could feel the tension rising in your chest, you felt your breathing get more shallow as the next onslaught on tears began, you felt it all and it hurt. Everything he had done to you hurt. “I need you to forgive me, I can’t live without you.” He grabbed your wrist in an attempt to stop you and you felt all the anger that had been rising just blow the hurt and fear and the heartbreak. You felt the anger snap as you raised your hand and struck it across his face as hard as you could. You watched as his head snapped to the side and shock crossed his face. 

“I will never forgive you for this.” You zipped the suitcase and brushed past him, slamming the door behind you. You didn’t know where you were going, you didn’t care. You just had to go.

I’m so sorry for this, I am so sorry, I really truly am, but no I’m not because I’ve been trying to get this idea out of my head all day but I couldn’t. Tell me what you think is gonna happen in part two, because haaaaaa this shit show is NOT over. 

Going Up

A/N: This is the last part to this fic. Hope you’ve enjoyed!

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Part Four

Part Five

“Well that escalated quickly…” Owen joked as they attempted to dress and clean up with the small amount of light Amelia’s phone provided.

“Yeah, sorry about that,” Amelia apologised. “In my defence, you can’t just talk about the amazing sex we used to have, admit you have an erection, you still have feelings for me and expect me to do nothing about it.”

“Hey hey hey,” he silenced her and held his hands up in surrender. “I am not complaining. Do you know the amount of times I’ve wanted to do that over the past few months? Last week in Meredith’s room… the voicemail, your eyes with the tears, your little smile, and your dimples… I was so close to kissing you but… didn’t.” His voice became wistful and quiet.

“I was going to come down to your trailer that night…” She admitted, putting her phone away again.

“You were?”

“My feet just… didn’t,” she said, copying him. “I know I’ve seen you at work and you’ve been there for me but… I’ve missed you. I really do want this to work.”

She wasn’t sure whether it was post-sex hormones swimming around her body that were making her open up so vulnerably, or the location of the dark inescapable box they were standing in, but she was glad she was finally letting her guard down.

“I want this so much Amelia,” Owen replied, pacing up and down in a small line. “But we both just push each other away. We have to stop it. We have to allow ourselves to enjoy each other, have fun like we used to. When did it all have to get so serious?”

His voice became light-hearted at the end and he found her body to bring into a hug. She was so short compared to him, he ended up wrapping his strong arms gently around her neck. He could feel her arms snaking their way around his waist, linking at the back.

“Can I tell you something?” Her voice was small as she muttered into his chest and he could hear nothing but fear.

“Of course,” he chuckled, kissing the top of her head.

“When you went to war, I found it really hard to understand why you left…” she let her voice fade away and kept still, expecting an answer to her admission. He paused in thought, wondering how to tell her everything his mind had been going through.

“Amelia, I am so sorry.”

“You don’t need to apologise.”

“I do. I left. It’s how I dealt with Derek. It’s how I deal with everything. I told you that night on the porch- I run from any pain. Everytime I saw your face, I just wanted to wrap you up and keep you safe but you wouldn’t let me. You seemed like you weren’t willing to accept my help to be honest.”

She pulled away from the hug and sat down on the floor, crossing her legs. He also sat, unaware that they were facing each other in exactly the same pose due to the dark.

“I can see that,” she whispered, her voice sorrowful.

“And the more I wanted to help, the more you pulled away. The more you pulled away, the harder it got to see you. The amount of grief I was in over Derek was not even a smidgen of what you must have been going through… and you just wouldn’t let me in. So I left.”

Silence fell and after a minute or two, Owen heard a sniff.

“Amelia, please don’t cry,” he said. “Ever since I’ve been back, ever since the night on the bed, ever since the night on the porch… ever since… ever since you told me you were a risk… you’re a risk I want to take Amelia, but I haven’t had the courage to.”

He heard a smaller sniff and another patch of silence before he continued.

“I’ve been paddling around the shallow end and I need to dive in the deep end. With you. I want you. That will not change, you have to know that. But for now, I want to forget the pain, forget the trauma, and enjoy life together. I want to have sex in broken down elevators,” he heard her quietly giggle. “I want to take you out on a date, have stupid conversations about pointless things as we eat breakfast in the morning.”

“Owen,” she said, and he could hear the smile on her face as she said it. “You can stop now. I get the picture.”

“You do?”

“Yes. For a teenager who didn’t get a kiss until 19, you have a lot of game Major Hunt,” she teased.

He laughed at her reference and felt her hands on his knees, crawling their way up his arms and to his cheeks. She placed a gentle kiss on his lips and he could feel her wet cheeks from where her tears had fallen. It was quick and loving and made him smile, immediately missing her as she pulled away.

“I’ve always liked risks,” she said.

“Why doesn’t that surprise me?”

For another three hours, the couple sat and talked about everything- their feelings, silly stories, secrets they never thought they’d share with anyone, gossip. Eventually the elevator started to move upwards and the two jumped up from their seated position on the floor.

“Why is it still dark?” Amelia asked.

“I have no idea…”

The doors opened, flooding light into the small box and causing Owen and Amelia to wince in the adjustment. Their pupils focused on their surroundings and standing in front of them was Richard Webber.

“Well well well… Welcome to floor 4” he announced, holding his arms out. “You’re free.”

“What’s happened?” Owen rushed to ask. “Where is everyone?”

“Nothing happened. Everything is fine. Everyone is working. This elevator just got caught,” Richard told them, perfectly calm.

“We’ve been in there for hours! How did nobody notice?” Amelia demanded.

“Calm down,” Richard casually said. “We had to wait for the electricians to come in and they just struggled to get it moving.”

“Well thank God we didn’t have a patient in there with us.” Owen sighed in relief of being free of both the elevator and the guilt.

“Can I suggest you two take the rest of the day off?” Webber offered as he walked away. “Oh, and Hunt, your scrub bottoms are inside out, in case you didn’t know.”

Owen looked down to see his scrub bottoms were indeed inside out and that Amelia had managed to put her top on backwards. They both burst out laughing, Amelia grabbing his hand and dragging him to the nearest store closet to change.


“Did you ever hear about the time this elevator broke down in that storm?”

“No, what happened?”

“Apparently, two surgeons got stuck on here for like… 5 hours. Rumour has it, they had sex and everything.”

“Sex in an elevator? Ugh, how cliche!”

“Excuse me, would you mind keeping the talk about sex to a minimum?” Owen said from the back of the elevator, having overheard the gossip between the two interns.

“Daddy, what’s sex?” A little girl with dimples and auburn hair looked up to her father with her mother’s eyes asking about the foreign word.

“Errrr…” Owen stuttered. He’d been hoping that she hadn’t picked up on the word but no such luck ever came his way when it came to his daughter.

“It’s a thing that grown-ups do,” one of the interns told the little girl. “Sorry Dr. Hunt, I didn’t realise there were kids about.”

Owen rolled his eyes and kept quiet. The elevator came to a stop at floor 5 and Owen silently moved to the front of the elevator to wait with his daughter. The thick seperation to the outside world slid back to reveal his wife.

“Hey!” He exclaimed in surprised.

“Hey yourself,” she replied, smiling and stepping back to let them off. He pecked her on the cheek out of habit and she ran her hand through her daughter’s hair as he did so. "Hey little chick pea!”

“Mummy, I’m not a chick pea! I’m a little girl!”

“Oh, in that case, hey little girl,” she teased, kissing her head this time.

“I’m just dropping her off at daycare. You about today or working?” he asked as she hurriedly stepped onto the elevator so as not to miss it.

“Finish a surgery at 1. Meet you back here for a little lunch?” she asked as the doors began to close. He nodded and watched her beautiful face crack into a smile before disappearing behind the door.

It had become their thing. If they were both in the hospital, they would meet on their elevator, retreat to the back corner, hold hands, chat about their day for however long they had, and occasionally sneak in a kiss or two, depending on how busy the elevator was. On very rare occasions, if they were alone and one was feeling particularly risky, the red button would be pulled. It didn’t matter if they were arguing, or if they were busy, or if they had somewhere else to be, it was their thing and it grounded them back to their foundations. Pretty ironic for an elevator, huh?

alcurarlucia-deactivated2014060  asked:

Hello! I was just wondering what tool you use to actually do your writing... I had been using something called 'Scrivener' until very recently. It's not opening up on my laptop anymore... and it was really nice! You could write scenes and lump them in a folder for a chapter... and it's just hard to go back to using like, Microsoft Word. Any suggestions?

Hello there!

I haven’t gotten this question in ages, so much that I can’t find the last time I answered it :0 (so, here you go!)

Also (for those of you who asked me in the past), yes I know of Scrivener! It’s a pretty cool program~ I have a couple issues with it, but they are mostly advanced/publishing stuffs. I actually used Scrivener until my PC died, and it was actually that same event that triggered a change in the way I wrote.

You see, I don’t use Word, or Open Office, or Libre Office.

I use Evernote.

[[So, this reply is rather long, thus I will toss the rest of it under the Read More. Again, sorry mobile peeps]]

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Preference #132: Your relationship is a secret but one of the boys finds out through the phone

Requested (by a very sweet girl): Could you do a preference where they’re dating but he doesn’t tell the other boys but they maybe look through his texts or overhear a cute phone call with (y/n) and they find out about their relationship.


“I miss you too sweetie” Harry told you through the phone. You couldn’t help but laugh. “What?” He wondered. “It just that we just saw each other two days ago and we already miss each other.” you explained. “Oh” Harry laughed.  "We must be in that clingy stage" you giggled. “Maybe, but I kind of love it” he admitted. It had been six months since your neighbor Niall had introduced you to his band mate Harry. As you two got to know each other a bit better, you started to fall for each other rather quickly. It wasn’t until one day when the three of you were having a movie night that Niall had left the room, when Harry asked if he could kiss you, and you of course, though flustered, said yes. The kiss was all the confirmation you needed; and from that day on, you and Harry decided it’d be best kept a secret from Niall. That way he’d never feel like a third wheel or as if he was in the middle. “(Y/N)?” Harry started. “Hmm?” “I think I love you” you heard Harry admit. “Harry I love you t-” you were interrupted by a joy-filled Niall, walking in through your unlocked apartment door, as he did almost everyday. It was normal for Niall just to walk in, you were close friends who acted more as room mates rather than neighbors, but in this instance you’d wished he’d knocked. He looked as if he was going to say something but stopped himself as he must have overheard your words.“Um… Harry I need to call you back, Niall just walked in but…um about what you said… I feel the same way.” You say, hoping Niall wouldn’t put all the pieces together. “Wait wait wait Harry! Like my Harry? Harry Styles?!” he exclaimed. “Oh god. You sighed. ”(Y/N) give me the phone!!“ He almost screamed. Luckily for him, Harry hadn’t hung up yet. "HARRY! ARE YOU AND (Y/N) IN LOVE?” he wondered excitedly. “No Harry, I’m not giving her back the phone. Answer my question?!” Eventually Harry must have finally cracked because Niall got the brightest smile on his face. “I’m so happy for you!!! I hoped this would happen!!” he cheered, causing you to blush. “Alright Niall, calm down, weirdo” you laughed. “Harry come over right now! We have to celebrate!” Niall told him. You couldn’t help at your friend, but honestly, you loved knowing how supportive he was.


When Niall said he wanted to keep the relationship a secret, you thought he meant from the press and the fans, not from everyone; including Liam, Louis, and Harry. Considering that his three bandmates were practically with him twenty four-seven, it was pretty hard to keep quiet. You were pretty sure Niall had your number saved in his phone under the name “Jim” or something silly like that so that no one would be alarmed when seeing Niall get a text from you. Though this plan seemed like a good plan at first, it ultimately led to the outing of your relationship…

It was an average day, Niall had been at the studio for five hours, which felt like 30. You quickly sent him a harmless text ‘Come home soon, and bring dinner if you can babe’ it read. You weren’t expecting him to call you ten minutes later. “Hello?” you answered. “It is a girl!” you heard a voice say, it was familiar, but it maintained an English accent rather than the sweet Irish one you’d grown used to. “Um, yes. May I ask who this is?” you questioned. “Hang Up– D-on’t - Don’t Talk to him!” You heard Niall say, he sounded as if he was struggling to even speak. “Oh my God what’s going on, Niall are you okay babe?” you asked, more concerned than ever. It was a harmless question in your eyes, but to Louis, it was just the confirmation that he needed; that this “Jim” Niall was always talking too was not an old friend of his, but a girl, and not just any girl, his “babe.” Let’s just say this was a big deal for Louis. It all made sense to you now. Louis must have seen the text on Niall’s phone and gotten suspicious of why “Jim” would be telling Niall to bring home dinner. That must have been why he called, Niall then noticing this, tried his best to grab the phone back from Louis, but he wasn’t fast enough to catch up to Louis, which explained why he sounded as if he was struggling. Once you finally understood what happened, the guilt was quick to set in. You should have just done exactly what Niall had told you do, but now Louis knew, and you were sure Harry and Liam would soon find out as well. “So what’s your real name ‘Jim’?” Louis wanted to know. “Can I please just talk to Niall, I don’t wanna say anything else, I’ve screwed up enough” you sighed. It was almost as if you could hear Louis frown through the phone. “It’s okay sweetheart, you didn’t screw anything up, he had to find out sometime” you heard Niall say. He sounded closer to the phone now, Louis must had stopped running from him. You breathed out a huge sigh of relief. “My name is (Y/N)” you said, a tiny bit of caution still in your voice. “Well, I’m Louis. This will be one hell of a first meeting story huh, (Y/N)?” Louis laughed. “Yeah no kidding.” you teased.


“Yeah I know, and then she-” the story you were telling Liam was cut off by a loud knock at the door. You hurried to open the door. “Oh hey Harry!” you said with a smile; Harry, however didn’t look so happy. “How could you two lie to me! You told me you were not dating! I overheard Liam talking to you yesterday!” Harry went on dramatically. “Okay well technically we didn’t lie… the whole time.” you said. “Yeah! We didn’t really lie, we just didn’t tell you” Liam added. Harry rolled his eyes at you, “Just to let you know, neither of you are succeeding in trying to save your asses right now.” “Harry you’re overreacting!” You claimed. “No (Y/N) I don’t think I am, I asked you guys so many times if you guys were dating and you guys always said ‘no,’ ‘no of course not Harry,’ ‘no we’re just friends’ blah blah blah and now I find out that you are dating!? You better explain.” Harry said, crossing his arms and tapping his foot on the hardwood of Liam’s living room. “Well that was true at one point! We have been really good friends for over three years and one day about two months ago, I don’t know…something just changed and soon enough everything fell into place…” Liam explained, smiling at you. “Fine but were you ever going to tell me? I had to find out by overhearing your phone conversation yesterday!” he argued. “Of course we were gonna tell you we just hadn’t worked out how, or when… and it’s not my fault you were eavesdropping Mister!” You countered. “hmph” Harry huffed, rolling his eyes again. “Oh come on Haz, we’re sorry! You know you love us!!” you said as you and Liam jumped to engulf him in a huge bear hug. “Yeah yeah yeah I guess, but I better be making the first toast at the wedding” he pouted. “Of course, Harry” you laughed.


Neither you or Louis were a big fan of secrets. So you weren’t too thrilled when management recommended a secret relationship. Though you understood it was for your own safety, it seemed unnecessary to keep it from everyone, including the rest of the boys whom you’d met multiple times before. Very reluctantly, the two of you agreed to keep it a secret, under one condition; once the secret’s out, it’s out. There would be no lying or denial of the relationship, simply because it was unnecessary. This being said, you and Louis didn’t try very hard to keep it a secret. You had even created a plan that made it seem as if the boys somehow found out on their own. “Okay they’ll be over in about ten minutes, when I text you, that’s your cue to send the text we planned okay?” he said. “Okay, got it” you confirmed before the hanging up the phone and waiting for your cue. You couldn’t wait to get this over with and be done with all the secrets and sneaking around. In almost exactly ten minutes Louis sends you the text you’d been waiting for “now.” You were quick to copy and paste the text that you already had typed out. “How much longer do we have to keep our relationship a secret? I hate that management made even suggested us to do this. It’s not fair to anyone :(“ you sent quickly. It didn’t take long for you to get a call. “Hello?” you answered. “You and Louis are together?!” Liam said, a gentle happiness in his tone. “We are! and um how did you find out? Did he tell you?” you asked, faking curiosity. No, he was showing me this video on his phone when the text notification popped up and I saw it.” he admitted. “Oh oopsie! Oh well, we’ve been dying to tell you guys anyway.” you explained. “Yeah, Louis was just explaining that. It’s really sweet, I’m really happy for you two…we all are! you’ll be good for each other” he said. “Aw, Liamm! That’s so sweet, thank you” you said, a bright smile on your face. You couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief, knowing that you and Louis were finally free.

A/N: Happy New Year!! Haven’t posted a pref in ages! I really missed writing for you dolls! xo Hope you enjoyed, more on the way!!

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It’s Only A Beginning (2/?) Louis/Nick

HA REMEMBER THIS GEM FROM YESTERDAY? HERE, HAVE SOME MORE. I am supposed to be making a courgette and mint salad to take to work tomorrow but I wrote more of this instead. 

Louis/Nick, Tumblr/high school AU. Continued from here.

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turtletotem  asked:

Ooh, you're taking prompts! How about the perfect-girlfriend thing I just reblogged? Sorry, wish i could link. It's tagged "but also", that might be the quickest way to find it.

Okay, a thing based on this post. 

When Charles logged into tumblr, he did not expect to see a viral post about him to be the first thing on his dash. It was the last thing he’d expected. It was so unexpected that he’d never even given thought to the possibility it would actually exist. 

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Hamlet and the Pirates (13/?)

Summary: In a miraculous feat of Murphy’s Law, Emma ends up paired with Killian Jones for an English project - one of the few people at her school that she really, genuinely Does Not Like. It doesn’t help that Neal’s back in town.

High School AU, slow-build CaptainSwan

Part 1  Part 12  AO3  FFN

 Emma spent the rest of Saturday night kicking herself.

Why had she left so awkwardly? And God, he probably thought she was completely insensitive now. He’d shared his tragic life story with her and all she had done was say she was sorry and squeeze his arm! She should at least have, she didn’t know, patted him on the back or something. Maybe gone for a hug.

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