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so many people keep commenting on my Yoonbum arts saying they think it’s Levi D: so here’s an actual realistic interpretation of Levi. See, very different. Nobody breaks Levi’s legs, he breaks theirs (ง'̀-‘́)ง …… (k well except that one time…) 

This nearly killed me btw. like the abs alone took years off my life.


based on this post … because I thoroughly enjoy @badhpideas

I need to stop drawing and coloring while I’m super sleepy. Everything is funnier in that state ahahhaha.

Why is Pidge upset? Lance tried to squish one of the alien furballs to see if they squeaked. Pidge not amused. Guess which one Lance tried to squish.

The little aliens that Pidge encounters are so cute, I wonder if one is going to tag along with Pidge for fun. The way I drew them makes it seem someone stuck them in a washer and put too much fabric softener (and some look paranoid too lmao).

Please don’t edit or repost. :D

recently wanted to try my hand at drawing a bit more realistically, so naturally i had to practice on this beautiful man 🙏 ohm face reveal confirmed u guys

I’m still not over Rogue One giving us the line There is more than one prison. I think you carry yours wherever you go about my new fave, while also showing my old fave as literally trapped in a body jar. 

Hello guys! I’ve been wanting to do a Selfie Party of sorts on this blog for a while now, so while I’m getting some homework done I figured I’d start it! This is my own selfie (totally outdated) as a starter so going forward, if you’d like, just submit a selfie to my blog and I’ll post and comment on it! It’s all friendly, so participate if you’d like to! I’ll let everyone know when I have to stop taking submissions ( ・∇・)


I was tagged by the beautiful @choeu-q !!!! <333 (ur so pretty i’m cry)

I look so tired lololll soz! I’m going to tag my beautiful mutuals: @1dean, @joohyuuk, @bobagorl, @oilmoisturizer, @halo-halhoe, @universejpeg, @1sadpeach, @spinalcord, @dewyjimin, @haesun, @1jinyoung 🌹💫 (I have way more peeps I wanna tag, I luv all of u !! 💕)