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Ok, folk, sorry the queue is dead. I literally cannot keep up with how fast things are exploding in the zoo world right now, much less try to write about / post about all of the implications. I’m going to put up a masterpost of all the currently important stuff tomorrow with links and some context so people are at least aware, because just … holy shit, guys. AZA’s choice to publicly let the CEO of HSUS speak at their 2017 conference turned the entire industry on its ear. I don’t even have cogent ways to explain the degree to which things are getting messy. 

Remember when TRR was first announced? And everybody (including me frssdz) was hating on it and calling it cliché (well it is) even though it wasn’t released yet? And now when I check the playchoices tag, 15% of the posts are about es, 5% are about #LH, and 80% are about TRR? And now almost the entire fandom can’t stop talking about Maxwell? And now like 95% of #ChoicesCreates is about it? And now it’s the second most popular book? Right after the freshman? What a wild ride guys

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From the Dining Table - Part two

I was really surprised by how heavily this was requested. but I appreciate all the love you guys gave part one! so, here’s part two :) and this picks up right where part one left off.

also, how about this for a coincidence, not too long after I posted part one my ex contacted me??? sadly he wasn’t finn

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Finn Balor x OC

Gotta get better, and maybe we’ll work it out 

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Transcript from the February 20, 1978 interview with Norman Chapman, Steve Bodiford and Don Patchen. Ted had a deal he wanted to propose to the detectives.

At 12:30, Ted was read his Miranda rights.

Patchen : We’ll let you go ahead and take it from there, like we did last night. How about it?

Bundy : One of the reasons I asked to speak to Norm, since I heard you guys from Tallahassee are going to make it your case soon, was that he would be able to respond to anything I wanted. I wanted to make some phone calls because I felt it would be able to shake me loose on a lot of questions I feel inside.

Chapman : Do you still feel like you have a desire to do something you’ve never done before as far as getting things straight?

Bundy : Yeah, I’m in a different place than I’ve ever been before. I knew that talking to my attorneys tonight was going to change things. I sat down and said some things that I’ve never said to an attorney before. Not that they know anything in particular, but I mean I made some pretty strong statements (he stopped for a second and uttered a quick, astonished laugh.) I’ve never done that before with an attorney. It’s always been straight down the road. I’ve laid around today when I had the chance to develop some way that I could do this easily. Ah, well, not easily — there’s no way to do this easily. But in a way that would be more satisfactory. And I came up with something I thought was very comfortable. Laying in bed, I said to myself, ‘Shoot, it’s going to be easier than the dickens and it would all come out.’ Again, I know what you want, but I’m interested in the whole thing, in everything. It’s the whole ball of wax, and it’s got to be dealt with.

Chapman : In other words, you’re interested in everything from Seattle all the way down to Florida.

Bundy : Well, I’m interested in clearing up everything and in giving answers to questions that would be helpful.

Chapman : You have admitted to yourself, Ted, that this is a different situation than has ever happened before. You relate to us three. If you give us this statement to everything you’ve done, anywhere you’re going to stand trial, we’re going to be there.

Bundy : Well, it requires starting with somebody in Seattle to make some inquiries. I want them to know that I might be in a position to answer questions.

Chapman : You know the pressure was on us last night. Now, there’s no pressure at all. If there’s any way we can comply with you, we’ll do it, within reason. You told us last night, for example, that ‘I’ve never told this to anyone before.’ So, we’re starting off eight hours ahead of where we did last night.

Patchen : So where do you want to go from here? Do you want to start talking about this stuff and go through it? Or do you want to contact them first? Tell us what you want to do.

Bundy : Well, let’s see. What it is I wanted to do? It’s not as clear to me now as it was before.

Patchen : Did we confuse you?

Bundy : No. It’s just bringing it out and speaking it in so many words, as opposed to laying back and thinking about it. I’ll give you some background and let’s see if this makes sense. My attorney’s position is that all the state and you all want to do, besides solving these cases, is to execute me. And that would be the logical result of anything you were attempting to get from me, if indeed that what you wanted. There’s no doubt in their minds, given the laws of the state of Florida, that’s what would happen if they guilty party were captured. They advocate a different point of view:  going right down the line and eventually securing my freedom. I like these kinds of situations because it allows me to take — well, it doesn’t allow me really anything. Now if I had my choice — and I don’t necessarily — but if I sit back and think about how I would like the things to resolve itself, everybody satisfied by getting all the answers to all the questions they want to ask, then after that was all over, I would like to be back in Washington State, because that’s where my mother is, that’s where my family is, and that’s where I’m from.

Chapman : In other words, you don’t mind answering questions about anything you’ve done as long as the end result is you’re back in Washington State so that you’ll be in an institution close enough where your mother can visit you.

Bundy : That’s what I’m saying. It’s just being home, back where I was raised, being close to my family. Let’s turn off the tape.

Chapman : If I had the authority right this minute to say, Ted, you give us a recorded, detailed statement of everything you’ve ever been involved in, and in return we will assure you that what incarceration takes place will take place in Washington State, I’d do it. Could you then bring yourself to give us information that we need, could you at that point sit down and say, ‘Yes, I agree to those terms,’ and sit down and tell us?

Bundy : Yes.

Chapman : Ted, let me tell you right now. You’re asking for the world and you know it.

Bundy : I’m asking for a complex situation…

Chapman : Is there any other way that it can be worked out? Because I can tell you the truth — what little bit I know about laws, and we’re dealing with God knows how many states — the chances are it ain’t ever going to happen.

Bundy : There may be, but I haven’t thought of it yet.

Chapman : Washington was the first place you started. Is this correct? These are people who ultimately want you back the most in your mind, and this is where you want to go back?

Bundy : Well, Washington has a lot of questions to ask me.

Chapman : Right.

Bundy : And I’ve got a lot of answers, too.

Chapman : Ok. If we could work something out where we would extradite you back to Washington and have you stand trial for those charges and then come from there back to here…

Bundy : I’m not talking about trials. What I’m talking about there would be no need for trials.

Chapman : In other words, you would plead solo contenders to these charges?

Bundy : It would be very satisfying to all parties concerned. I know it sounds rather complex but it just seems to work for me now. OK, Ted Bundy wants something out of this and maybe that’s not right and maybe he doesn’t deserve it — and in a way that’s true. But still I’ve got to take care of my own survival. Ted Bundy wants to survive, too. I have many responsibilities, as I’ve told you before, to my parents — and that’s part of it. The second part is getting out of the limelight as quickly as possible without all these horrendous trials.

Chapman : Right.

Bundy : And getting close, back close to my parents, and giving the knowledge and peace of mind that can be returned to people who don’t know what happened.

Chapman : To their loved one…?

Bundy : Who don’t know happened.

Chapman : You know you’re asking for more than we can give. There’s a lot of people who are heartbroken because of missing people they don’t know what happened to. You could ease a lot of people’s minds. They’re going to be heartbroken anyway, but at least their minds would get eased. They’ll be able to make decent burials and so forth, and set things right.

Bundy : Yeah but I want to be in a position to make contributions beyond that. And this requires being in Washington.

Chapman : There are lives that are gone and lives that are destroyed that could be refilled, and Ted Bundy is the only person in this world that can begin the reconstruction of the lives — those mothers, fathers, sisters, and brothers.

Bundy : It’s up to me to release the information I have and I want to do that in a way that’s satisfactory to me. I’m not asking to be back on the streets, but I don’t have a death wish either.

Chapman : Ted, how many people have been executed in the United States in the last ten years?

Bundy : Gary Gilmore.

Chapman : The only reason he got it was because he begged for it. A guy from Leon County had his death warrant signed, hell, a year ago, and he’s still sitting down in Raiford. Are you familiar with Florida’s mentally disordered sex offenders statute, whereby people who commit sexual-type crimes are treated in a special light? They’re prosecuted with the intention in mind to rehabilitate, if possible. And if not, to confine them in mental institutions where they can live and exist and won’t hurt others or themselves.

Bundy : It’s not the same as last night, Norm. I’m not emotional the way I was last night. Obviously, I’m coming at you differently tonight.

Chapman : Right.

Bundy : I wanted to get it all off my chest last night, and out of the way. I wasn’t getting down to specifics or details. But decisions were made, and I recognize my responsibilities.

Patchen : You perceive the goal, and you just have to pick the route to get to that goal.

Bundy : Exactly. Now I’m trying to avoid infuriating you, believe me. I don’t mean to be saying this is the way it’s going to be, because I can’t do that. There’s one thing I know for sure : that I’ve got the answers here and they’re mine and they’re for me to give. I want to get to the point where it would be the best all around, not excluding me. I still place a value on myself.

Patchen : Let me ask you this, if you can answer, of course. Can you answer how many states we’re going to be concerned with, so we know how wide a range we are looking at?

Bundy : Well, I think you’d be talking about investigations in six states. I’m not sure about that, all right? I’m going to have somebody check it.

Patchen : Whew! Six.

Bundy : Some of them don’t even know they’re involved, so I suppose they would be left out initially.

Chapman : If a person was to estimate….

Bundy : Let’s not get into that part right now.

(Chapman showed the book of Florida statutes and pointed out the section he wanted Ted to read. There was a pause while Ted scanned the page. Ted then said he needed the case law in order to interpret the statute.)

Chapman : Which section it is that you feel doesn’t apply to you?

Bundy : You will get the answers to your questions when I’m satisfied. I’m not going to say what the answers will be.

Chapman : Tell us where the little girl is. At least the parents have the satisfaction of burying their daughter and going on with their lives. Tell us, Ted!

Bundy : But I’m the most cold-hearted son of a bitch you’ll ever meet.

Chapman : Ted, if you will tell me where the body is, I will go get it and let the parents know that the child is dead.

Bundy : I can’t do that to you, because the sight is too horrible to look at.

Chapman : Is the little girl dead?

Bundy : Well, you gentlemen knew that you were getting involved with a pretty strange creature. And you have known it for days. You people are just anxious for a confession.

Chapman : Don’t, don’t do that. You’re covering now. I’m still of the opinion you have made a start.

Bundy : This story is one that I have always intended to give to you, and a psychologist or psychiatrist. I’m a psychologist and it really gives me insight.

Chapman : You have made a start, Ted. Why wait? This is the first chapter, so don’t stop now. The book’s on the mount, so go ahead. You apparently have come to the point now where you can at least talk about the first chapter, and that’s a great stride forward.

Bundy : I do think it would be an important thing to have it for psychologists, psychiatrists, but I don’t see the pertinence right now. The understanding that you may achieve through this knowledge of my behavior is not directly related to criminal behavior. In the future you may read it in a book.

Chapman : Ted, I don’t want to read it out of a book. Don’t shut us out now.

Bundy : I’m not shutting you out. I’m quite prepared to talk to investigators. I’m in the same place I was yesterday.

(Interview break. Ted place a call to Elizabeth Kloepfer.)

Chapman : Ted, you talked to Elizabeth. Apparently, she is in agreement that you should go ahead and clear the air of some of these things. So why don’t you go ahead and do it and quit stalling? What you’re asking for can’t be done.

Bundy : Well, that’s why I want to talk to my friends, and find out who’s investigating these cases.

Chapman : Last night I really felt it, but tonight you haven’t been as open with with us as you were last night.

Bundy : I know.

Chapman : It scares the living shit out of me, to be quite honest with you.

Bundy : You heard the conversation I just had with Liz?

Chapman : Yeah, but I didn’t hear what she said. She could have told you to lead those guys on as long as you can and then escape the first chance you get.

Bundy : I told you straight.

Bodiford : All right. The goddamn politicians ain’t gonna deal. You were a politician of sorts — you understand politics — and when it comes right down to a politician getting a vote, he’s gonna get the vote. And that’s one of the problems I’m having right now. The sheriff is on my captain’s ass, and my captain is beginning to put pressure on me to put pressure on you. I’ve been telling him that that’s not the way to talk to you and I’m not going to do it. But you’re asking for a deal that can’t be made.

Bundy : Well, why won’t it work? It won’t work in Florida — is that what you’re telling me?

Bodiford : How is the state attorney in Salt Lake City going to justify never prosecuting Ted Bundy and allowing him to be incarcerated in another state?

Bundy : ‘Cause he gets a lot of answers.

Bodiford : He gets a lot of answers, but those answers are just going to make the problem worse. It would be political suicide for a district attorney or prosecuting attorney or state attorney to even consider dealing with Ted Bundy.

Bundy : I’ve got the answers, and the answers are mine to give. That’s a hard-ass position, I know, but I just want to save the horse. If it doesn’t work, Steve, it doesn’t work.

Chapman : Ted, I think you have talked to Elizabeth the way you’re talking to us now, and I think Elizabeth and you have agreed that you need to get it all cleared up.

Bundy : That’s correct.

Chapman : She realizes the magnitude of what we’re talking about, maybe not all of it, but she realizes that you’re involved in it.

Bundy : And she knows no details.

Chapman : There’s no more you can do for her.

Bundy : I have other friends. I’ve got a plan.

Chapman : Ted, I ain’t trying to antagonize you, or make you mad, but where along the line do you figure you have deserved a break? Or have earned one? There’s a supply of a lot of people in this world that you could give a break to.

Bundy : I know where you’re coming from. And I knew that taking the position of mine would arouse a response. I told you that I’m not asking to be cut loose.

Chapman : You have been around long enough to know that no matter what you do, whether you tell us or not, Ted Bundy is gonna look bad.

Bundy : Well, I know there are no guarantees, but they think I don’t care. I want to guarantee myself the chance to talk with psychologists.

Chapman : You ain’t gonna have to worry about that. Every doctor in this country would give his left nut to talk to you.

Patchen : Are you personally going to tell us about your things?

Chapman : Slowly and truthfully.

Patchen : True, person to person.

Bundy : On tape? I haven’t confessed and I’m not going to. And I’m not going to answer any questions about your situation in Tallahassee.

Patchen : Sooner or later, you’re gonna be charged and put back in jail. And then you’re gonna revert and say to hell with y’all, and everybody loses that way.

Bundy : Yep.

Chapman : Tallahassee’s case hasn’t even got started. All we’re doing is just talking. I don’t know what they’ve done. Ok, this is hypothetical. If you go back to Utah, they can put you back in a cell, and you sit there, and nobody’s ever gonna know what you know because you’re already hurting. Nobody’ll ever know the peculiarities or the particulars about your type of personality so that we can stop this again. No, not from you, but say another individual comes up out of the billions of people here on this earth. Out of the 200 millions people here in the United States, we will never be able to spot them. Your purpose in life is to go back to Washington, have these psychologists pick you apart and be able to take a profile of you. But if you go back to Utah, they’re not gonna do this. You said before that they know you from day one, but they don’t really because you were psychoanalyzing them as they were psychoanalyzing you. You let them know exactly what you wanted them to know, and they said you were normal. But they don’t know what you’ve done. Nobody knows but you. And they’re gonna stick you in a cell, and your purpose in life will be defeated. There are people that would crawl on their hands and knees to get a crack at you. I think that’s the reason you don’t want to go back to Utah, because you know Utah is gonna get you before you can give yourself a chance.

Bundy: I’m not afraid to die.

Chapman : But we’re not talking about you being afraid to die. You’re afraid you’re gonna go before your story gets told.

Bundy : Sure.

Chapman : That’s right. And Ted Bundy will have lived for nothing. See, the only out you have right now, Ted, the only out you have as far as believing in a supreme being or anything like that is to tell your story so that nobody else will get in the same situation you’re in.

Bundy : I want to give my deal a try.

Patchen : It ain’t gonna work, Ted. They ain’t gonna meet those deals. Our case in Tallahassee is just beginning. We may develop a case and then we ain’t gonna turn you loose. But if we don’t, then Utah will, or Colorado. We don’t have time to fuck around and try to make deals that we know from the beginning we can’t make.

Bundy : I don’t believe it is so impossible.

Chapman : It would be the greatest loss we have ever had if you don’t come up with this information so these people can talk to you. As far as criminal psychology is concerned, you are the man. You know that? You have known it for how long? How long have you known that, Ted?

Bundy : Known what?

Chapman : We sat over here the other day and you started telling me about how easy it was to escape from places. You told me you’d be out of here in no time at all. And it has bothered me for two days. Why would a man who is facing what you’re facing want to tell a police officer that he can get out of this place in no time at all?

Bundy : I sat alone in that examination room without handcuffs on.

Chapman : I’ve got two of the prettiest little blond headed daughters that you’ll ever see. And they’re gonna grow up, and I don’t want nothing to happen to them. ‘Cause I couldn’t live with it. And now I’m in a position to say Ted could do something that that would help me and my daughters. The chances are slim, but the chances are there. I don’t want to see my daughters hurt. ‘Cause they mean more to me than my life. I’d gladly give mine in exchange for theirs. I can relate to how some of these parents feel, ‘cause it’s a really special feeling between a father and a little girl. So, I want to help all the little girls in the world. I want you to tell me right now. I want you to start with Chi Omega. Tell me how it felt when you walked in there. When you knew you were going to kill. Come on, Ted, open up! Talk! You talked to us before. Tell me what it was that caused you to go in there?

Bundy : I can’t talk about it. I’d be a fool.

Chapman : You’d be a fool, yeah, you’d be a fool.

Bundy : I can’t talk about it.

Chapman : You’d be a fool that was helping more people than he could ever imagine. So tell me about it.

Bundy : I can’t talk about this situation.

Chapman: Yes, you can, Ted! I believe you can. I believe at this point you have made up your mind that you are going to, and I believe you can. So go ahead, Ted. Tell us why, tell us what urged you to want to go into the Chi Omega house.

Bundy : I tried to help you understand me. I tried to help you understand me a little bit more.

Chapman : We can understand your position. You don’t have to explain. Everybody can understand Ted Bundy — a man who does things he regrets, but can’t stop himself. Start with the Chi O house. Don’t stop when you’re so close. Tell me which door you went in. Start some place, Ted!

Bundy : I don’t know anything about the Chi Omega house. I don’t know anything about your investigation in Tallahassee. I want you to understand me, but that’s not going to happen right now. I have resigned myself to answer questions when the time is right, but I haven’t allowed myself to choke. I want to survive, and it’s still very strong, and it’s normal.

Chapman : Ted, if you didn’t want to tell us your story, you wouldn’t even be fucking with us.

Bundy : I know it, goddamnit.

(Interview break. Ted was allowed another phone call but Jack Poitinger who was listening in the other room stopped him and told Chapman to take him back to his cell.)

« Norman, I realize I will never function in society again. I don’t want to escape, but if I get the chance, I will. I want you to be professional enough to see that I never get the chance. »

So guys...

Today I went to Half Price Books and was looking for a copy of TFIOS (because, even though I’ve already read it, I somehow misplaced my original copy and needed another) when I heard someone in the next isle over mention S. J. Maas.

Now, in case you haven’t seen any of my previous posts, memes, or reblogs, I’m gonna let you know right now that S. J. is my actual savior. For real. The woman is a gift from God.

So anyhow, I decided that if the person in the isle next to me liked S. J, we could talk about her books or the crap ending to EoS or something.

As I rounded the corner, I saw that the people in the isle over were a grandmother and her grandson, and before her on the floor, the grandmother had placed down none other than the wonderful, breathtaking, awe-inspiring series of TMI.

Now, I’m not usually one to intrude, but I simply had to know what this woman wanted with a legendary series such as TMI. So, the first thing I ask her is: “Have you read this series before?” 

I didn’t really expect her to answer, or, for that matter, take interest in a relatively young, hopeless booknerd such as myself, but she turned right on around and replied, that, yes she had read the series before.

Turns out, this grandmother was collecting the new edition of the TMI series and had not only read TMI, but TDA and TID as well.

I mentioned to her how much I loved TID, and that I thought it was underrated and needed more recognition. The very first thing this lady says in reply is, “Will Herondale.”

Naturally, I was surprised, but after a swift recovery, I responded with: “GURL, don’t even get me started.”

So anyhow, that’s the story of how I fangirled about Will Herondale, Blackstairs, and The Mortal Instruments with somebody else’s grandmother at my local Half Price Books for the good part of an hour.

Hey everyone, Lance’s birthday is right around the corner. And I just wanted to say this really quickly because it’s been bugging me for awhile. I have a really bad feeling something bad is gonna go down on his birthday in this fandom. Now you don’t have to believe me, but I would appreciate it if you took caution, rechecked your blacklists, make sure everything you need blocked is blocked, be suspicious of new blogs especially if they are empty or have only “liked” posts, and most importantly just have a great day and make some really awesome Lance content. 

Remember, there are a vast majority of people who hate Lance for various reasons and probably won’t hesitate to sabotage his birthday for people who are excited about it. So whatever happens, if it happens, let’s try not to dwell on it. making posts about it, getting caught up in the drama, that’s exactly what they want you to do. Let’s try to drown out the bad with the good.

Again, I’m not saying anything is GOING to happen but I certainly wouldn’t be surprised if something DID. So be careful everyone and have a great day.

It’s totally understandable.

Dysphoria manifests in different ways for everyone. I recognise that this content may trigger some individuals’ dysphoria, and I am wholeheartedly sorry that my art had made you feel that way, it was not drawn with malicious intentions.

Like I said, being trans, everyone have different ways of coming to terms with their own body. Drawing transition pictures is my way of assuring myself, and men like me, that regardless of how whether I’m pre-, mid- or post-transition, I am a man and nothing can jeopardise my identity as a man. That’s just my way of coming to terms with it, as a trans guy who has been out for years and never had access to any hormone treatment. I hope you understand where I am coming from.

Regardless, I do appreciate that you respect my right to cope with my own dysphoria in this way. However, this is my blog and I am afraid I cannot police my content to make everyone happy, I have my freedom of expression.

Therefore, to avoid such things from affecting you in the future, I’d advise you to look into a blacklisting tool for tumblr. I try my best to tag all possible triggers, for example - this was tagged with #transition. I’ll try my best to tag any and other triggers too. I advice you to speak to the blog you follow responsible for putting this content on your dash, and ask if it was possible for them to tag such posts in the future. I also strongly suggest my followers to tag these posts accordingly.

Hope this clears things up. @cherry-jacks

I was tagged by the wonderful, @emilyymichelle, to post a selfie and list things I like about myself. This is what I got…

 1) I like my hair…. when it cooperates. 

2) I like my eyes. I’m the only one in my family with green eyes.

3) I like my sense of humor, whatever it is.

4) I like my imagination, if only it would team up with my motivation.

That’s all I can think of right now. XD 

I’m going to tag anyone who would like to do this. Post a selfie or don’t, but positivity is amazing and I would love to hear what you like about yourself! 

The only scene from 3x01 in the reel

As you remember a few days ago I posted this photo from BTS

Many claimed it was not from S3. I’m sorry guys but I was right. You see it is from S3 and it’s from the first episode of the season. If you remember there was a shoot: 

So now look at these gifs from the reel trailer:

That guy taking notes? Well he appears later on…

When Lucifer is smashing the suspect on the interrogation’s room double glass. 

But he doesn’t know there is someone there until it‘s too late… Way too late…

Thanks @mischief-with-sandra

general hux fangirl making a smexy kylux video from the ~1 minute of shared screentime between hux and kylo ren in tfa: Oh my god this is so smxy. this is SO fucking smemexye. oh FUCK

i ?

what ius going on.

i think? ĄĄĄĄĄĄĄĄĄĄĄįįįįįįįįįįįį?

i’m turning…………latviąąaaaąaąaąąąąaan?

Or is it….


  • [next day she’s writing a tumblr post]

watch out guys stanning kylux turns you into a lithuanian please watch out and be safe i am crying as im typing thi right now i cant talk to anyone becxUSE all i say is “I WANT MILK” in lithuanian oh my god please help me oh my god please ,l…


[she was shot by a lithuanian sniper and died]

lithuanian sniper: ….. dėl jūsų, broliai

You guys, you aren’t even remotely prepared for this lol I’m dying. The talk about the Hikka podcast made me go read the story again to see how many people I would need and stuff…and I got to the end and was like HUH?!


You guys never had the last line. When I copied it from my file to post I must not have picked up the last line!!!!!!!!!!

The last paragraph, with the FINAL line is under the cut (cause spoilers if you haven’t read it)…I have updated the fic on both sites to be right!

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I’m having one of those days. 

Where I want to erase my existence from this website.

I’m going to *try* and delete most of my personal posts or ones that have photos. Not that I’ll have huge success because a lot of them have been reblogged. But hey, a girl can try, right?

Sorry if that’s weird for you guys. I’m not disappearing, just taking a step back to reevaluate how I want to appear on this little old website.

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opera-ghost  asked:

I can't really express how much I appreciate your presence in the phandom (or whatever we're calling it these days). You're always so kind and sweet and your posts always cheer me up. It's dissapointing to see all this discourse because my experience in the phandom has been nothing but warm, kind, and accepting. I wish this could be true for everyone, because the people I've met and interacted with are some of the best people I've known. Thank you for posting all that you do and being so nice 💕

You’re so right, it is disappointing to see so much discourse. I’m so sorry all you guys are having to see it too, I know it can be so draining when all you want to do is come on here and have a good time but tumble bumble dot com wants you to write a 17 page essay with 12 AP cited sources on why you’re problematic

¯\_(ツ)_/¯ like ain’t nobody got time for that.

Also you’re so nice like oh my gosh. I know I say this a lot but I really don’t think very highly of myself at all so when you guys tell me things like you enjoy my presence I’m genuinely shocked. It’s such an uplifting thing to hear!!

Thank you~

joseph christainsen deserved better and i swear to god i might fucking burst into tears the more i think about this cult ending bullshit because i related to joseph so much and i TRUSTED THE DEV TEAM OF DREAM DADDY SO MUCH and they pull /that stuff/ on us and its like……

are you sure this MLM dating sim is something you made to support us, and are you sure that whoever came up with and/or okay’d that ending was even thinking about the repercussions and problems and stuff that ending implies about the LGBT community

edit: ALRIGHTY IVE SLEPT OFF A LOT OF ANGER and stayed up until 4 am, so i get that right now its less about the implications of the lgbt community, etc, and more about Christianity – and like I Get That. bc im a Catholic dude. ive gone thru a lot of posts and its like?????? yall made an lgbt religious guy like……..a cult leader?? seriously. also now that we know it isnt canon, thats GOOD. anyways

monetarymollusk replied to your post “Were you aware of the Cult thing or does the hate for the pink man…”

the cult thing was an old scrapped ending that was essentially a hatoful boyfriend parody that never got finished, presumably because the creators realized how distasteful it was. the guy who found the datamines didn’t even play the whole game and the thousands of people who HAVE played the game in its entirety haven’t found a hint of the cult ending so far

i knew that i hate joseph cause he’s a manpulative prick that doesnt treat his wife or kids right

Finished the meme. Im really too lazy to color and line it right now honestly. I’ll post it on Youtube as a WIP for now. Hope you guys like it. It was fun. Also thank god Dad didnt see the other one and hopefully not this one


guys, if you’re going to take or use something from my page to post in groups on facebook or to make images of, please at least give the source. I REALLY WORK HARD FINDING MY STUFF AND EDITING THEM AND EVERYTHING. i am so disappointed i just want to delete some of my stuff so people can just stop taking them. i added them here to make it as a good reference for artists. and when i see it somewhere without anyone saying where they got it, i feel really bad like my effort and time was wasted. guys i’m a med student and i study all the time and i barely have enough time to sleep but i also spend time on my content here so it means a lot to me. so pleaseeeeee stop taking things and posting them elsewhere. i have a right because i made the post and i made the effort so at least cite the source. don’t just save images and post them elsewhere without saying anything. it’s like you took all my time and effort away by doing that.

who else has those transparency sprites? the ost images i can still let go off but sighhh. i’m really sad and disappointed. i suddenly don’t feel like sharing things here anymore.