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I don’t usually make posts like this, however I know that a lot of you can be struggling with changes being made. Support one another. LGBTQ 🏳️‍🌈 rights matter! If u need to just let out some feelings, feel free to message me. I will listen. Stay strong guys… there are people that support and care for you. ❤️
Side note, and message to Pup: My friend has shown me so much love, and I love him for that. Sometimes you just need someone to talk to, and he is always there for me.

Weekly Tog/Acotar Fandom Podcasts

Hey everyone! So after the accent challenge that @ilikebigbooks-and-icannotlie started, and then the second one that @azrielsiphons began, I have been thinking about audioposts a lot. I absolutely love all the fangirling and stuff that happens in these accent challenges and I am desperate for more of it so here is my idea:

Once a week (I’m thinking Saturdays) the fandom chooses a topic, whether that be a character, ship, book, scene, etc. and whoever wants to can record a podcast of sorts explaining and ranting and squealing about said topic. 

I think this would be a fun way to share opinions and headcanons and become closer as a fandom in general. Because, in my experience, regular text posts don’t always get the right inflection or excitement across and I think this would work better. 

What do you guys think? 

If this gets a positive reaction, I will post my first podcast on Saturday. I haven’t decided what the topic will be so maybe put suggestions in the comments? Thank you!

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look I respect all ships but all i am saying is that yoon///min had a pillow wall between them when shared bed while jikook didn't mind sticking to eachother (i'm talking about the picutre jimin posted of himself on the bed and you could see jungkook right beside him) 😏😏😏

First Yoonmin sharing a room got me screaming, BUT Jikook too? Nononononono NO. They better shoot me that sleepy Jimin and Jungkook in the morning next to one another. CAMERA GUY YOU HAVE ONE JOB don’t make me disappointed. Shoot me something like THIS: 

Originally posted by jikookized

I am not saying I want that camera footage but I need that camera footage of that night (no dirty thoughts guys, I just want to make sure they weren’t attacked by grizzlies or wrestling or something) … don’t judge me, I suffer from the side effects of Kookmin sharing a bed.

I will be back to normal by tmrw morning … maybe

I’m getting too many posts on my dashboard these days about how “Sora is the perfect angel, he never does anything wrong.!” “Terra is such a screw-up, wasn’t it obvious he was being manipulated…” 

You want a chart? I’ll make a chart. I’ll fucking do it. EVERY SINGLE CHARACTER HAS AN UPSIDE AND A DOWNSIDE. No one is inherently perfect, no one is a total fuck-up. Everyone did something WRONG, everyone did something RIGHT.




  • Very devoted to helping others
  • Fun-loving attitude, the “upbeat” guy
  • Adventurous and out-going


  • Super-trusting of most things he hears (can often lead to being tricked)
  • Arrogant towards those he dislikes or disagrees with
  • Oblivious and doesn’t often connect the dots
  • VERY reckless

“Whoa, whoa, Storm, you can’t just bash Sora like-” OH YES I CAN, THIS CHILD HAS FUCKED UP QUITE A LOT. Even if it’s not on the same scale as others, Sora has made a number of mistakes that people tend to ignore because they wanna see their precious sunshine boy for the perfection that he isn’t. 

Examples? GLADLY! How ‘bout the time Sora just TRUSTED Hades when he handed him the pass to enter the Games? (KH1)

Not convincing enough? Okay, what about when he was going to just jump into the Portal of Darkness, after seeing Saix, despite possible repercussions? (KH2)

STILL? He hardly bothered to listen to the Organization members (Xigbar, for instance, or Demyx) when they talked to him, just telling them to quit rambling or cut the act of having a heart. If he had LISTENED, he might’ve learned about Roxas or the previous Keyblade wielders SOONER! (KH2)

DON’T EVEN MAKE ME DIP INTO WHAT THEY DID IN DREAM DROP DISTANCE, that child lost ALL sense of self-preservation in that game and seriously couldn’t figure out he was being manipulated.

“Okay then… What about Terra?”

Terra. Did not. Fuck up. That badly. Everyone says Terra is a screw up and he did everything wrong. He didn’t realize he was being manipulated and he’s stupid for that.

No, it’s okay. I’ll give benefit of a doubt. Let’s just…



  • Thoughtful to his friends and those he cares for
  • Loyal to his duties as a Keyblade wielder
  • Takes most things said to heart


  • Takes most things said to heart (he believes people’s first words too easily, even blatant lies)
  • Easily manipulated via threats towards those he cares about 
  • Insecure about his strength and abilities, another source of manipulation
  • VERY gullible (we all know that) but not to an extent that he didn’t care for his own well-being or others

“Storm, you make a compelling argument but Terra still was-” Look, Terra definitely screwed up, but people are blaming TERRA for what happened more than Xehanort’s manipulative ways. 

Xehanort danced around Eraqus, was setting up Ventus to be a pawn, ready to kill Aqua if she got in the way. Terra was just another piece of this big plan. Yet he’s assigned quite a lot of the blame. 

This all is setting up to draw PARALLELS between Terra and Sora. The two were easily manipulated, often could be reckless, but in the end, just aimed to help the people they cared for. 

Sora is often put out to be this huge savior of all people while Terra is drawn to be the unwilling cause of most situations. But how can they be so different when their upsides and downsides are so identical?

I.E., Terra didn’t screw up as badly as you think. He was actually doing really well. And Sora isn’t the perfect person. He’s messed up as much as anybody.

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Headcanon: Magnus takes care of Fisher and Babe after the Hunger situation is resolved and Steven becomes best friends with his new fish siblings (and of course Magnus also has like eight dogs but he is still devoted to his fish children and takes them places)

This is so sweet! Lil voidfish and Steven sharing an aquarium with a tiny carved duck. The little guy hasn’t been able to teach Steven to sing yet, but he can bubble in time, so he’s hopeful. You gotta start somewhere, right?

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I've missed your writing and you as well! Glad to have you back, I hope you get the chance to expand on that sorry you just posted :)

Aww thanks anon :)
You got it fam! Part two of soulmate branding au
credit again to @lariren-shadow for the Force bond involvement idea!

At first, for a little while, she can trick him out of his orders. Their Force bond isn’t the strongest, but she is a master manipulator. She has mentally talked him out of his next sentence without him realizing. He is none the wiser, falling back into the last conversation, the last action. It lasts about a week before he catches on, when she attempts to persuade him to let her go, and she is grilled over a fearsome fire.

“Do you understand what kind of danger you’d be in if I let you waltz out?” he hisses. 

His quarters are dimmed into a fabricated night, soft lights twinkling like stars on the cabin’s ceiling. He stands before her with a dressing gown thrown haphazardly on his broad shoulders, the tie at the waist holding on for dear life. She shrinks in the face of his anger.


“I could have done it,” she mutters with her head turned away.

“You were already a target for being a Force user, now you’re doubly so for being my soulmate—”

She lets out a strangled, gargled growl.

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[!] introducing our newest admin!

Helloooooooo!! I hope you guys are doing well, whether you’re suffering in the 90+ degree fahrenheit weather like I am or chilled to the bones! As you may have noticed, the blog right now is quite… dead. Everyone has been busy in their own ways, and of course we never want the blog to get in the way of our admins’ personal life. 

And as if the heavens have heard us (#blessed), our old main admin Emma (hotshotsungwoon) has offered to come back and save us!! We’re so thankful to have some more help. Unfortunately we still can’t promise that we’ll be consistent in providing posts every day and every hour, but I really think having a third main admin will tremendously help! Please give her a warm welcome ^^

Thank you guys for your patience and support!! Much much love!!

Love, main admin paperjewels

idk what it is about me right now but i’m feeling So Soft so i wanted to take a moment to thank my mutuals for following me and being my friend n stuff and thanks to all my followers for dealing with my bullshit everyday .. like .. sometimes i wonder why you guys stick around so .. thanks for not unfollowing me <3 also thanks for liking and rbing my content because without u guys i would be sad that no one likes anything and when u guys do that im like .. wow people like this so i’m gonna keep doing it!! also thanks for putting stuff in my inbox like ‘ily!’ and 'i liked ____’ its really nice to get feedback on stuff i make and it’s nice to know that you guys like talking to me and participating in like my ask games n stuff and you are all just so lovely :( sorry for clogging ur dash i’m just really Soft right now

Three years, seven months

A/N: Anon… your scenario/reactions became a long ass fics… I hope you don’t mind too much? You can’t blame me, though! It’s such a nice prompt?? Sorry for any grammar mistakes and so and, of course, because is long as fuck. 

I’m posting Ace’s right now, the others are on the way, hopefully a little shorter, i don’t know how you guys feel about this?? Let me know, please. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this~

Words: 1958 (under the cut!!!)

“You were so stupid!”, Ace yells, his factions taken by anger. His cheeks, forehead and neck bright red as he keeps screaming at you. In front of everyone. In front of Shirohige. You feel your own cheeks burning bright red due to the embarrasment and even a little anger aswell.

“Stop calling me that, Ace!”, you try to sound less erritated, letting out a soft sigh befor speaking up again. “It was an accident! I didn’t mean to-”

“You could’ve die! Are you out of your mind?”, he screams, arms flailing around. “You could’ve kill us!”, you’ve never seen him so angry before and you feel your stomach twisting in a very uncomfortable way, and that makes you worry.

Ace has been yelling at you for half an hour now, and some part, deep inside you, knew he has the right to be acting like this. The events from earlier really did mean something for all the crew.

You accidentally almost got killed by an enemy when you tried to protect the ship. You were a bit stupid, to be truth, jumping out to fight even thought you were already severely injured. Everyone was sick worried about you, and your mistake caused a little bit of more troubles than solutions, but when they saw you were alright everything was back to place and there was laughter and soft pats on your back, calling you a suicidal but with gentle eyes and smiles. Even Shirohige forgave you, saying that you were a the bravest daughter and even patting you in the head.

However, when everyone was starting to celebrate yet another victory, Ace came and started to yell at you, grabbing you by the shoulders and shaking you just enough little too hard. 

“I can’t protect you every time you’re in trouble!”, he says. “We can’t protect you!”

“I can protect myself!”, that definitely got into your ego. “I appreciate that everyone worries about me, but I can protect m-”

“No! No you can’t! You’re not strong enough! You shouldn’t be in this ship. I-”

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Do some of you have this concept that YOU. DON’T. NEED. TO. COMMENT. ON. EVERY. FUCKING THING? Like, I get that your moms told you that you are the center of the universe, but they also should have taught you of this other concept named autocensorship, which is filtering between every single stupid thing that crosses your mind and what comes out of your mouth ( or, in this case,what you write). This is not directed at people who actually have problems with auto censorship, but at people who have the capacity to use it, but don’t, because they believe every single opinion they hold is pure gold. But autocensorship is good, guys. Thinking before speaking is good. Thinking “does the stranger who made a post about the character I dislike really need my comment that I don’t like the character, even though the post was obviously not directed at me” before commenting is good. Yes, you have a right to your opinion, but nobody fucking cares that you don’t like a ship when you say that on an edit made for that ship, by people who ship it, for people who ship it. People go into the notes and tags because we want to see the positive reactions to our work, not because we want to see Karen#100 say “I hate that bitch,” ok, Karen? “ I hate that bitch” isn’t constructive criticism, isn’t even criticism, it’s a comment no one needed. Complain and vague blog on separate posts, like the rest of us, stop ruining other people’s posts. Stop ruining people’s edits, that they actually worked on, while you burped an ignorant comment.

Kylo: what do i do grandfather?

Anakin Force Ghost: **sigh** what is it now?

Kylo: i really like a girl

Anakin FG: ah yes, i see, so… i guess u *could* impress her with ur skills

Kylo: i guess i have some skills…..

Anakin FG: yeah, u have all kinds of skills i’m sure…

Kylo: you know, i guess ur right! i have mind-reading skills, mechanical skills, saber dueling skills… i should TEACH her my skills. girls like guys who teach them great skills

Anakin FG: lol ok sure, but where’d u get that scar? was it from ur “mad skills” or did she beat u like a little bitch?

Kylo: ………………………girls like guys with *great scars*………………

Anakin FG: …..u really are my grandson aren’t u? fucking hell u cocky bastard

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You should draw them having a wedding where one of them has to wear a dress and gets embarrassed about it! (You're choice)

oKAY BUT THIS IS ACTUALLY A HEADCANON I HAVE FOR RICHJAKE AND IDK IF I’LL EVER DRAW OR WRITE IT BUT THINK ABOUT IF WHen rich finally comes out as bi for the first time right and he asks jake to a dance but is like “oh if you dont wanna go with me that’s fine bc i understand it’s weird going with a guy and people are gonna stare at us” and jake’s like “wtf no i wanna go with you i’ll meet you there!!” and so on the day of the dance rich is waiting but jake’s not there so he’s thinking “of course he didn’t wanna show up im such an idiot” and he’s so embarrassed that he almost leaves but jake shows up in a d r e s s and is like “there now if people stare at us, it’ll be at me!! plus, i knew you weren’t sure about coming here with a guy, so i thought i’d dress a bit more feminine and i gotta say, im really diggin’ it!” and rich wants to cRY HE LOVES HIS BOYFRIEND SO MUCH GIVE ME FEMININE JAKE

Coming Soon

Hey, guys! So I’ve closed requests so I can go ahead and get through my monster of an inbox. If you’ve sent in a request, just know that I will get to it! It’s just slow goings for right now.

To give you guys a taste of what’s to come, here are the 5 things I’ll be posting next as far as imagines go:

1. A threesome between the reader, Obi-Wan Kenobi, and Qui-Gon Jinn

2. A Poe imagine where he’s dating Rey in college until he and the reader realize they’re in love

3. A Darth Valor soulmate au where you see in black and white until touching your true love

4. Part 3 of Like Fire, my Darth Maul imagine

5. Part 2 of Stay For Dinner, a Thrawn imagine - this part will feature smut

Thank you guys for your patience! I hope you enjoy what I have in store for you lovely people!

You know what? I’m going to do a thing. A thing where every day for a year (???) I post a selfie/photo of one thing I like about my style.

I’m not going to set rules or guidelines. I reserve the right to post a photo of the same thing a dozen times if I want to. I reserve the right to be incoherent or irregular. Sometimes I’ll write comments and sometimes I won’t. I reserve the right to say “I’m not feeling any part of my look/body/anything today, here’s a picture of food or a paper I wrote or something random from my life.” I’m going to strive for real and realistic optimism, not false positivity for positivity’s sake.

Starting right now, with the glasses I got earlier this summer and my coconut piled hair wrapped up in a minions t-shirt I own for some reason. The tag is going to be #celebration selfie of anyone feels the need to blacklist (no judgment). I also refused to be judged for that tag because I RESERVE THE RIGHT TO BE CHEESY AF.

Oh my gosh you guys I cannot express how frustrated I am right now. 

Yesterday, I posted probably the cutest Naegiri I’ve ever drawn. I put in comments about how much I like the end result, and mentioned my redbubble because I’m really trying to work hard to earn a new laptop.

Today, someone reblogged the drawing and removed all my comments. My redbubble link is gone, and so are my comments about how much I adore the drawing.

Guys, that hurts a lot. It removes any love that an artist has for their work. 

Let’s also say that this person is a popular blogger, hypothetically. More people start reblogging the drawing without the comments. That’s more people looking at the work and not realizing the attachment the OP, me, has. Then also my redbubble link is gone, so that removes potential sales for me. 


Haisute Fall 2018

Hi guys! 

I just want to share how happy I am right now! My friend and I won 2 tickets for Haisute during the first lottery~ Got the tickets today and found out that we’ll be in the 5th row in the arena (so close!!!), and 5th row in the 1st balcony!!! I’m shaking in excitement, I can’t wait for October!

I haven’t booked my flight yet, though haha (or fixed my visa since it’s still 3 months from now…), but once I arrange all those and I can confirm that I’ll be able to go, would you like me to arrange a group gift for Shouri? So all of you who are interested can send in letters or art pieces, I’ll carefully pack them and make sure it reaches him!

Just tell me if anyone of you is interested, and I’ll open one! (๑╹ω╹๑ )

Hey guys, I don’t post a lot of personal stuff on here if I can help it, but this week I have been taking my cat to the vet and there’s a good chance that he might have kidney lymphoma. We don’t know 100% if he does or not yet, he still needs to go in for more testing, but needless to say, my heart just hasn’t been in it this week. 

I know updates have been sporadic and sparse compared to previous years, but there’s been a lot going on right now, and in addition to this recent development, there’s going to be a lot of changes happening on our lives, but I’m trying my best to keep at the comic work as best as I can~ 

I am still overwhelmed with the support we’ve received both online, and at conventions, and I will not be giving up on this project after pouring so much time and effort into it. You guys have been so incredibly patient, and I appreciate that so much. <3

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Can i just say...OMG I LOVE THE MAGICIANS! I know nobody whos into the show but me and they film all over where i live (in Vancouver) and omggg i met a guy who acts on the set n he said the new season has more Eliottttt more epic king shit and some beautiful locations! Im so excited!!! Love ur blog!

right?! great show and season 3 is expected to be amazing! definitely lots of excitement in the fandom. and thanks ^_^