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Anonymous said: Does Sayuri have her own Cursed Gear? All I’ve seen her use are fuda and that weird paper sword thing.

According to my fanbook, the sword is indeed her cursed gear called Kukuri, the two kanji for the name being Chrysanthemum and the other one for justice/logic/truth. It is a possession type of the Dakini series. “A spell sword. Even though it is low in durability, it can be used any number of times as long as there are spells.” (The kanji used is along the lines of “renewable resource”)

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Hi Flock. Can you explain the difference/significance of walking solo vs. together with your partner or a friend in HW? How does all this play into what happened last night? S knew he posed with this woman and that the photos would be released all over so why the separate entrances and things? What I really don't understand is why isn't he just posting them on his IG or twitter as we've all seen them now and so have others outside the fandom? Thought you might know about inner workings in this.

I’ve always thought that nobody is claiming anyone publicly so they don’t have to backtrack and be thought a liar later on when it turns out certain people are only friends and not a romantic attachment. I said the other day innuendo is powerful in that it creates certainty through perception. He doesn’t have to splash anyone on IG in order to sell a narrative. He doesn’t have to assign a title to anyone. He just has to be photographed with someone and the story writes itself. Remember the model girlfriend who came out later as a friend and not model? People believe what they want and (no offense) but fandoms collectively are easy to lead and manipulate.

I’m John Laurens In The Place To Be - The Hamilton AU Fanfic That Nobody Asked For But You’re All Going To Get Anyway.

Hamilton AU where John’s ghost is Philips guardian.
You’ll probably cry.
I’ll probably cry.
Angsty Fun Times.
(Kind of Hamiltime. Also, I have no clue what they canonly wear during Take A Break, so deal with it.)
Story is based on a post by @chiscribbles4smiles, so give them credit for the idea!!

Alexander sat at his desk, quill spinning loosely between the index finger and thumb of his right hand.
He was writing a letter to Angelica across the sea in London, and since today was his sons birthday, he wanted to get it finished before the day was out.
The door behind him creaked open, and Alex was just about to call out to his wife that he was on his way, when a voice asked. “Daddy?”

Alex spun on his chair and saw his son Philip, standing in the half-open doorway, a piece of paper clutched tightly in his shaking fingers.
“Yes Philip?” Alex asked with a smile. “What is it?”
“It’s my birthday today daddy. I have a song I want to sing for you.”
Philip shuffled further into the candlelight, and Alex smiled.

His sons curly brown hair hung down his back, neatly combed, instead of the usual flyaway tussled mess that adorned the nine year old’s head.
The waistcoat he was wearing was long and dark blue, with tailcoats that ended just behind his knees.
The ruffle at his sons throat was exceedingly prominent, and his shoes were freshly shined.
This was a boy that took great pride in his appearance and his name, and Alex was proud of him for it.

“Is it a song your mother taught you?” Alex asked, watching his son sway nervously on the spot.
“No daddy.”
“Is it one you have wrote yourself?”
“No daddy. One of my friends wrote it for me. But he said it’s a song that is very special to you, so I have to perform it well.”
“Does this friend have a name?”
Philip nodded eagerly. “Mr Laurens daddy. Mr Laurens taught me the song.”
“Mr Laurens?” Asked Alexander, feeling his throat tighten.
He’d been talking about John a lot recently, so the conclusion Alexander reached was that Philip had named an imaginary friend after him.
“Yes daddy. Would you like to hear the song now daddy?”
“Of course my boy.”

Alex lay down the quill on the desk, and knelt on the floor.
Philip lay the paper at his feet, and something caught Alex’s attention.
The handwriting, it wasn’t Philip’s disjointed hand, or Eliza’s smooth and neat penmanship, but it was one he recognised instantly, one that he’d read in many letters.
Handwriting that could only begin to one John Laurens, who’d been dead for a little under 9 years.

Philip took a deep breath, and when he began to sing, it wasn’t the jarring and fast rap that Alex had assumed it would be, instead, it seemed almost like a lullaby, particularly when Philip was swaying to a melody it seemed only he could hear.
“I may not live to see our glory, but I will gladly join this fight. And when young Philip tells you my story, he’s telling the story of that night.Raise a glass to freedom, which they couldn’t take away, even though they tried. Raise a quill to the four of us, now there’s no more of us, I’m telling the story of that night.”
Suddenly the tempo changed as Philip grew more confident, and he began to rap aggressively fast for a child so young.
“ I am John Laurens, and this is the place to be. I have two pints of Sam Adams, but I’m working on three. Those redcoats didn’t want to fight me. Because I pop chik-a pop’d those cops til I was free. But we’ll still aren’t truly free, those in bondage are refused the same rights as you and me. You and I, I did and died, I sallied in on my stallion with the first black battalion. I didn’t throw away my shot. I agree with you Alex, my pants were hot.”
At this Philip laughed nervously, and looked up. “He told me to laugh when I said that. You’ve got to pretend its Mr Laurens singing the song. Not me.”
Alexander nodded to show his understanding, and Philip continued, but the melody had changed again, sounding more like a drinking song.
“Our world turned upside down Alexander. You turned it upside down. The world turned upside down Alexander. You turned my life around, round, round.”
Then back to a rap.
“I’ve never been good with words, Alex that’s your thing. But holy damn can your little kid sing. He’s honest and he’s kind and he’s sweet and he’s proud. He’ll be the kid that protects your legacy in front of a crowd. Take good care of him Alex, he’s the closest friend I’ve got. Don’t let another boy you love throw away their shot. He looks kinda like me, I know you see it too. Just know that no-ones ever gonna love ya like me and Little Pip do!”

Philip bowed, his hair flying at he did so.
As he straightened up he smiled.
“Did you like it daddy? Mr Laurens wrote the whole thing and I picked the melody and learnt it all. Isn’t it good daddy?”
Then he stopped. “Why are you crying daddy? Don’t you like Mr Laurens’s song?”
Alex looked up, and smiled at his son. “I loved it Philip. It was beautiful. Will you tell Mr Laurens that?”
“Tell him yourself daddy. He’s right here.” Philip gestured to his shoulder, and turned his head to look at somebody standing above him, smiling.
Somebody that Alexander could not see.
“Thank you John.” Alex said quietly, wiping at his eyes with the cuff of his sleeve.
As Philip left the room, Alex turned back to his desk and sighed.
He had a letter to write.


“Laurens is it true?” Asked Philip desperately, as he raced down the corridor to his bedroom. 
He pulled open the door and sat down on the foot of his bed, looking up at John with wild eyes.
Laurens nodded once, and found he couldn’t quite meet the 15 year old’s eyes.
“So Mr Burr was right.” Philip said quietly. “Father really did have an affair while we were upstate.”
Laurens nodded again.
“What do I do now?” Philip asked quietly, his brown eyes filling with tears.
“You let him know you’re on his side. You stand up for him and you show him that you love him no matter what because he’s your father and you’re his son. You make him proud Little Pip. You make him proud.”


“I didn’t mean by challenging George Eacker to a duel!” Laurens cried, turning to face away from Philip. “What the hell were you thinking?!”
“You told me to defend my father! To stand up for him! I did exactly as you said!” Philip yelled back, raking a hand through his hair. “You don’t think I’m scared too?!”
“We have to tell your father.” Laurens interjected, then Philip’s words sank in.
Laurens turned around to face him. “Philip?”
It was the first time Laurens had ever called the child by his real name, instead of Little Pip.

The boy was looking at the ground, eyes welling up with brackish tears.
“Philip, what’s wrong?”
Laurens crossed the room, and lifted Philip’s head up gently.
“Does…” Philip opened his mouth, closed it, swallowed heavily, then opened it again. “Does it hurt?…You know…”
“Dying?” Laurens asked, and felt this pang of sympathy towards the child.
“No.. No it’s not really as bad as everyone says it is. But you’re not going to die, so you don’t need to worry.”
He looped his arm gently over Philip’s shoulder, and held him close.
“Now….Let’s go tell your father.”


19 year old Philip pulled away from John hold. “Lauren’s get off!” He hissed, trying to get out of the dead mans grip.

“Remember what your father said?” Asked John, voice tense.
Philip nodded. “Look him in the eye, aim no higher, summon all the courage you require, then slowly and clearly aim your gun towards the sky. Fire at ten. Not a second sooner, not a second later.”
Laurens nodded. “Good boy. Now, I can’t stop you from duelling, but it’s my job to look after you. I can’t bear to see another Hamilton throw away his shot.”
Philip nodded. “I wont Mr Laurens. But if anything does happen?”
John looked up, and Philip smiled. “Tell Pa I love him.”
John nodded. “Course. Now go out there and make me and your pops proud. Keep your head high Little Pip. Keep your head high and just aim for the sky.”

Laurens stood, leaning against the tree, looking out across the river. He had no desire to watch the battle unfold. Part of him wished he’d died here in Weehawken, instead of down in South Carolina. At least Weehawken was pretty, at least he could see New York City from here.
“Seven!” The group behind him chorused, and a gun went off.
He relaxed instantly.
The duel was over.
Sure, Philip had fired early, but he’d been aiming at the sky, so no real damage had been done.

“Go and send for his father! Across the river! Go find Alexander Hamilton! Hurry!”
Laurens frowned slightly at that, but thought nothing of it and pushed himself off the tree and walked over, ready to give Philip a hug.
Instead, he stopped in his tracks, eyes welling up with tears.
“Little Pip.” He whimpered, and fell to his knees alongside the boys frame, threading his fingers through the boys.
“Keep your head high Little Pip. Keep looking for the sky. Hold on Little Pip. Your fathers coming. Keep your head high Little Pip. Keep breathing. I’ve got ya…. I’ve got ya.”


Laurens stood by Philip’s head, running his fingers through the 19 year old’s hair to calm him. “Your father’s coming Little Pip. He’s on his way.”
Right on cue, Hamilton burst in through the doorway, almost falling over himself, and stopped. “Philip…”
Philip smiled wearily. “Pa..” He whispered, which was the first thing John had heard him say since before the duel.
“I did exactly as you said Pa, I held my head up high.”

Laurens gave Philips hand a squeeze and backed away, not wanting to intrude on the moment with his father.
Eliza came in, horrified and crying, and it was then Laurens realised nobody had told her about the duel.
He felt sick, something he didn’t know could happen to a ghost.

“You changed the melody every time.”
“I would always change the line.”
Laurens flinched, that had been his idea, to change the song. 
It’d taken weeks to convince Philip to do it, and then the boy had loved his melody more than the original.
“I would always change the line.” Philip’s voice cracked, he sounded so longing, and John could hear the terror in the way he spoke, the desperation.
He covered his ears and stood over in the corner, trying to block out the sounds of singing.
What he couldn’t block out however, was Eliza’s piercing scream, that ran through his whole body, and if he hadn’t already been dead, he was certain his heart would have skipped a beat.

Eliza left the room first, crying and sobbing, and Laurens watched Angelica embrace her in a hug and lead her away.
Alex stayed by his sons side, still clutching at the boys hand as though that could bring him back from the dead.

Lauren’s felt empty, guilty even, as Alexander buried his face in his sons chest, sobbing his name over and over again, in disbelief, in denial, in fear.
It had been his job to protect Philip, to watch over the boy as he made his way through life. John had failed, and now his best friends son was dead by his own hand.

Eventually, Alex tore himself away from Philip’s corpse, and left the room, most likely to attempt to comfort the younger children, or beg for forgiveness from Eliza.

Laurens moved back over to Philip, and picked up the boys hand, placing it softly in his own.
Laurens pulled himself onto the table next to Philip’s head, and smoothed down the boys hair with a shaking hand, his tears dribbling onto the 19 year’s old face.
He sat there, almost as though shielding the boy from any more harm, humming the simple melody he’d wrote down 10 years ago, one that they’d sung together many times since that first day.
However, now there was only one voice, instead of two.
And to anybody else that would have been standing in the room, there were no voices at all.

Laurens pressed a soft kiss to Philip’s forehead, smiled softly, whispered the final line. “Just know that no-ones ever gonna love ya like me and Little Pip do”, then closed his eyes and melted away into the shadows, his job - to guide Philip through his life -  complete, though much sooner than he’d been expecting.

“Sleep tight Little Pip. I’ll see ya on the other side…”

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I stg some people who follow this blog are as bad as customers! Stop blowing up at the mods over every little thing, stop being impatient about "why hasn't my story been posted yet," just chill out.

It’s kind of understandable at the moment that the question about our queue is being asked. It’s pretty busy. I’d rather have those over the “YOU CAN’T SAY THAT” crap any day. I just hope I’m not being annoying posting a ton to keep up with the inbox. We have 143 asks/submissions waiting. I post one and we get three more. D: It is looking like closing everything for a few days is a huge possibility merely because tumblr has limits on numbers for queues and inbox. -Abby

Hello friends I just woke up from a nap and I got a lot of asks and I’m actually almost done compiling all of them into one post!

Also I might be gone for a couple of days because it’s my birthday tomorrow woopwoop! But also because my wrist is aching :( I got so many asks for Joonie and yoongs though and I’m super excited to draw for them! I got a looot of fun ideas out of it. Thank you!! That’s it for announcements!

Ayt from here on out it’s just rambling about the last few comics I’ve done pls skip I just literally wanna spout nonsense about it dont judge me this is my release ok LOL

OK for my last comic I got a lot of ppl telling me which route they’d go down on which was super fun to read so I too thought about it LOL. Frick though if all that happened to me in one day I’d die. Rip Tae. Anyway, personally, I would go down hobis route first cause I’m a ho for Hobi and it’s like one of those ‘we get closer through working together on something we’re both passionate about and having unfiltered fun typa thing’ and who’s not a sucker for those. And can u just imagine watching Hobi be in his element dancing around lookin all cool then suddenly bursts his sunshine smile and give u a bear hug as the scene cuts. Like?¿?¿?

Frick tho I’d love to do jungkooks route as well cause he’s the sweetest?????? Like he can be a lil shit and a bit selfish but he’ll take care of u with 156.8% extra effort and determination™. ALSO who wouldn’t go down Jiminnies?????? The domesticity? The fluff??? THE CUTE DOMESTIC FLUFF??? What do I say more cmon.

But yeah that’s just me so basically I would not be able to choose just like Tae HahaAgsjaja;;;; but anyway! Tae’s storyline in the comic is actually super organic right now because it’s funner for me to not have everything in stone as I like figuring things out along the way~ the main story line is definitely concrete though! So dunDUNDUN

I also wanted to talk about the memory lane comic! I really liked doing that one because I got to flash back cute things of vmon and I just rly love writing for their sibling dynamic :’) I also got to flash back to some painful things which is !!!! The continuation to that is definitely going to be covered but a lot of things have to happen in between first! A lot more sugamon things are going to happen and once jin is officially introduced to the squad everything’s going to be hoooooo boy. Just super exciting stuff! I know I’m actually not saying anything in substance I’m just literally freaking out by myself LOL I did want to thank you guys though for following the storyline!

In other news, I am having a bit of a hard time organizing this blog. I don’t know how to make this easier for new readers :’( cause the more I draw the more out of context everything is going to be for new readers. As of rn, everything holds up to its own comic so I’m ok so far. But yeahhhh thinking long term stuff feel like it’s gna be confusing. Should I just link all the comics of the main storyline???? Would that be enough? But at the same time a lot of people’s asks are imperative clues to the storyline so I’m afahsdssssg. It’ll be easy to follow this blog actually if they do start from the v beginning. But tumblrs stupid and idk how to show pages from oldest to newest without doing a huge amount of work. Should I upload the comics Ive done chronologically in a comic format on another blog as supplemental content???? IDK MAN but I’ll figure it out as the time comes

As for now ty my friends If you’ve read this far u a tru homie


I’m posting this because I’m pretty damn proud of how far I’ve come in the last couple months. The top left is as close to a before picture as I could find. The picture with the M249 is about a month in, and the bottom is the most recent picture. I started out weighing 145, I’m now almost 170. I go to the gym 5 days a week, and started eating cleaner(no soda, no fast food, no crap food), I’ve been going now for 2 months.

Opportunities | Jughead x Riverdale

Request: Hello, I was wondering if you could do a jughead imagine for me. Where the reader has just given up on herself, but Jug picks her back up. Thank you

A/n: I’m really nervous about posting this. I haven’t written outside of school in a while, meaning for fun and just writing stories. I apologize for my rusty writing, but I still do hope you like it. 

P.s: If you don’t understand it I’m sorry, I started writing at 11 o'clock at night and ended at midnight. This is also my first imagine I ever wrote, EVER.

Originally posted by mieczyslwstilinski

Home wasn’t so big anymore. Ever since you were little you looked at the town like it was made out of magic. You still believe do to this very day, but you soon grew tired. Seeing the same faces, shops, lights, everything.

You still love the town of Riverdale, but you knew it too well. It was home, it was comfort, you were growing tired of that. Of course, you could never grow tired of your friends and family, but it was tiring.

You’ve always felt trap in thw small town, but there was a glimmer of hope. You were a photographer, an artist, you had talent. This summer you left your boyfriend and friends to shake this town while doing a photography class in New York.

They liked you so much, they gave you an application to sign up for the school. One problem, you have to send them photos. How is that a problem, you may ask. Maybe because you took all the best pictures with you to New York and this town had nothing interesting to photograph.

Their is Jason’s death, but you found that disrespectful and you were friends with Cheryl. Now you were sat with your friends at Pop’s looking through your camera roll. “Y/n what’s wrong? Archie just took your milkshake and you didn’t even notice.”

“I need to get out of this town, and I need to get out fast.” You looked at your friends, noticing the expression on their faces. “I didn’t mean it like that, I love you guys, but this is a once in a lifetime opportunity.”

“And it’s already slipping away.” Of course, their was a dead line, that was just your luck. You had till Monday which is two days away to send your application or you were stuck.

“Just breath, everything will be okay at the end. You have talent y/n, maybe you won’t get this opportunity, but with a talent like yours there is always another chance.” You looked at Archie like her was crazy, poking the side of his face making sure it was actually him.

“Who are you? And what did you do with Archie?” The group laughed, while you snap a picture. Archie was right, maybe you won’t get this one, but this isn’t the only opportunity out there.

Your boyfriend, sitting across from you has stayed quiet. Typing away on his computer, as always. He had so much passion just writing his novel, you just had to take a picture. 

“You didn’t,” he stopped typing when he heard the snap of the camera. You could tell he was trying to be mad, but who could be mad at you. “You mad JJ,” reaching out for his beanie.

he just laughed it off and continued writing. Not yet looking at the picture you have taken, you pick uo the camera and appreciate you boyfriend’s features. 

The night has come to an end and the gang has decided to walk you home. You were a little bit behind everyone else, taking pictures of everything and anything. Just because this town was small, does not mean it was beautiful.

You looked up at your four friends and snapped a picture. They were joking around, not caring for the world. You remembered those days, where you thought the small town of Riverdale was huge.

You never wanted to leave the town, but that soon came to an end. You were probably took the best pictures in this town. You started taking pictures since you were three or four.

The first picture you ever took was a picture of your parents, you stole your mom’s phone and snapped a picture. The two were laughing, it had alot of meaning to you. 

“Y/n/n catch up, we don’t have all night” Veronica yelled. You jogged up to them and locked hands with Jug. Walking home with your friends, not taking pictures, just enjoying the moment.


It was now Monday and you have given up on that opportunity. Remembering what Archie said, “there is always another chance.” You haven’t told your parents though, you had no pictures.

Throughout the weekend you only took pictures of your friends, nothing exciting about that. A sudden burst came through your door, “we’re so excited for you y/n, we know this though, so we are letting you stay home and work on your application.” 

“Uh, thanks mom. I appreciate it,” your mom gave you a sweet smile before leaving the room. You wanted to make your parents proud and mostly get out of this town, but you had no pictures.

You decided to give up on the opportunity when you were at Pop’s - you heard a knock from your window disturbing you from your thoughts. You looked to see Jughead waiting for it to be opened. So that’s what you did.

“I wanna help you with your application,” he said hopping in. That’s when it hit you the hardest. There are many opportunities, but you didn’t even bother to try. You given up on the idea hoping there would be more opportunities, but could you really wait that long?

Wait that long to escape this town, look at it from a three year olds eyes and it’s huge. Grow up, explore and you will notice there is a deadend. You looked at Jughead, a loook that can only say disappointment.

He knew straight away, he’s known you for too long not to know. “I’m a writer, I always have my laptop around to type my thoughts out. To check what I’m doing, but with you I don’t need to check and edit what I’m going to say.”

He sat you down and held your hand “you are the most talented person I know, if you didn’t do this, you could still have opportunities waiting for you. But this school would be missing out on the most talented person I know, and that says alot cause have you looked at my writing.”

You laughed at your boyfriend’s ego, “point is, you have talent opportunities will be handed to you. No question, but how long are you willing to wait.” It sounded more like a statement then a question.

He knew the only way to make you happy was getting out of this town, “I wanna say a little more, but you know I can’t lie to you.” Looking into your boyfriend’s eyes, “show me your pictures.”

So that’s what you did all day, look throught your pictures, yet you found nothing. “Don’t lose hope, we will find something,” you looked throught your pictures again, but nothing has popped out to you. 

“Do you have anything else?” 

“I have some from this weekend, but they aren’t the best.”

You showed through the pictures from your camera, mostly of your friends. Most of them either deep in thought or laughing. It was not your best, it was a little blurry and it just didn’t look pleasing.

You admired the picture though, the faces your friends made, not knowing you were taking their pictures…

THATS IT! Their are other opportunities, but you started taking pictures for a reason. You loved that the smallest things ment something, so big and real. That’s why you started photography, not to get out of this town or make others proud. 

Right away, you pushed Jug away from your laptop and started the application. You insert the pictures, you just needed to do the description of the pictures. “Do you need help?” 

“Usually I would say yes, because of your writing skills, but I gotta give them something real.”


Note: Here is a teeny tiny mini-fic* to celebrate Catfish’s Lorne Falls set being on Live at the Wireless again. Also, I’ve had a good day so I’m posting three times. Is that alright? 

*Seriously. It’s very short. Shorter than Larry.

Larry met you out on the street and you followed him up to the studio where the guys were mid-interview. You quietly entered the room, and Van’s eyes landed on you straight away. His face lit up in a wide grin. The guy interviewing them noticed, mostly because of Van’s lack of reply to a question.

“Sorry, mate,” Van apologised. “My girlfriend just got here. Haven’t seen her in two months.”

“Did you want to go say hi?” the interviewer asked. Van looked at you and you shook your head. You’re working, you thought to him. He smiled.

“Nah. If I hug her now, mate, I ain’t lettin’ go for another two months.”

When the interview was over they stood and all shook hands formally. Van was bouncing on the spot making small talk when the guy said he should just go to you. Van rushed over and bundled you up into his arms. You were lifted off the ground and you wrapped your legs around his hips. You hated being away from him, but the intensity of the reunions made it worth it. He kissed you hard and you forgot that you were in a room of other people. 

I know people complain about serial likers

AKA people who like every single one of your posts in one big chunk

But I like to think of it this way:

There are fans out there who like my posts so much that they go through every day and like every. Single. Post. They go on my blog and think of me as something to escape to, somewhere where all of the content is good content, and if that annoys you, we are two different breeds my friend, because that makes me feel like a rockstar.

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in your tags from the rikyako q&a post, you said smth abt her being okay for the kimikoko solo. what happened with that before?

Anchan and Rikyako were seriously out of breath for their duet in Kimi no Kokoro wa Kagayaiteru kai? in all of their previous performances (January Event, Numazu Live, Christmas Mini-Live).

Yesterday they finally performed Kimikoko again and…

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wip submission deadline has passed

big thank you to everyone who turned your wips in on time or communicated with me abt an extension! you guys are rock stars!

if you have been granted an extension, they will be due by 23:59cst on the day on which we agreed, so make sure you email those to by your due date!

heres the wip submission post which tells you how to do that.

there were also a rather large number of no-shows. if youre one of them, pls expect a message from me via your preferred contact method. all i want to know is if youre still participating or not! just keep in mind even if you drop out you can still participate as a pinch-hitter ;)

important note on whats next:

on february 27 (monday) the claims page will go live following an announcement post with the link. this will give artists time to check over their submission and ensure everythings correct, and it will give writers some time to peruse their options and get an idea of who theyre interested in.

on march 1 (wednesday) writer sign-ups and claims will begin following an announcement post with the link to the sign-up form and the claiming form. writers should sign up first and then claim (top three choices in order of preference). this is a first-come, first-served process so the earlier you sign-up and claim the more likely it is to get the artist you want to work with. the process will be explained in full in the post, but you can check out the faq page and faq tag as well in the meantime.

Can’t Stop (Eunwoo Oneshot)

Title: Can’t Stop

Characters: Eunwoo/Dongmin, You (Reader, Y/N)

A/N: *important* I originally received a request by anon, “When you lean in to kiss and both of you start laughing/can’t stop laughing”. There was no member specification for a prompt so I’ve included into a scenario I was going to post earlier :) Hope this is okay. thank you for reading♥

- min

“Dongmin!” You called out, smiling brightly as you recognized his familiar figure coming out from the door.

He broke out into an equally bright smile as he spotted you, waving as he approached. “I can’t believe you actually came! Didn’t you have work today?”

You shook your head and looked down shyly, “I called and took a day off. I couldn’t miss your concert, especially since I got a VIP pass backstage.”

“Hey, it pays off when your best friend is Cha Eunwoo right?” Dongmin teased. “You, by the way, look beautiful tonight.”

“Me?” You replied in shock, surprised by the sudden compliment. “Thanks, I kinda just threw the outfit together since I was running a little late.. You look good today too, by the way.”

“Thanks, I made sure to look extra nice tonight just in case you showed up.” He said jokingly.

It was silent for a moment before he spoke again. “Hey, come with me for a second? I.. I have something to give you.”

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Show Me a Hero - 1/3

Summary: Mon-El’s past finally catches up to him, prompting him to make a decision that will change his future forever.

A/N: The biggest issue I have with Mon-El’s character is him being robbed of all his actual powers. This story will fix that. It will also delve into how I imagine what could happen with Mon-El’s arc to becoming a superhero. He will also get his suit in this story! The boy needs one badly, let’s be honest. I have most of this already written out and was planning on posting it as a one-shot until it went way over the 10k mark. So multichapter it is.


“Show me a hero and I’ll write you a tragedy.” - F. Scott Fitzgerald

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So apparently it’s a LazyTown fandom selfie day (?¿) and these have been sitting in my drafts for weeks so I’ll be brave and post them now. This outfit happened after I rewatched Glanni Glæpur í Latabæ a few nights in a row and then had a mighty need to leave the house in something Glanni/Rikki-esque.

The cardigan I found at an op-shop and I very nearly squealed out loud because it’s got a glossy black faux-fur trim around the neck which screams to me Glanni, but then it’s combined with the comforting hue of my favourite man noodle.💜