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Hi! I've been vegan for about six years and I work in a grocery store, I was just helping a girl who had only been vegan for a week find some products, but she didn't want anything that said "may contain traces of milk" or anything like that. From what I understand those are just allergen statements because they've been processed in the same facility, so I consider it vegan as long as none of the actual ingredients are animal products. I was just wondering if you had any additional info on this

Hey, yeah you’re right, “may contain” doesn’t mean it isn’t vegan. I’ve written a little about what that label does and doesn’t mean in this post which you may find helpful.

We the FNDM Created Mute-Neo!

Seriously, how many of y'all can agree with me on this one? Is it so hard to believe? Well actually it’s not. For those who don’t agree with me, let me give you a run-down on how Mute-Neo came into existence and is portrayed throughout the FNDM.

Now first thing’s first, this is NOT a rant or hate-post. I LOOOOOVE NEO!!!! She’s my main muse on my blog, see!? *points to blog name and pic-icon*

What this is is an informative post to help those who might feel confused as to why people have this idea that our adorable little badass is a permanently-silent killer. This all started with Neo’s debuted appearance in Vol.2 Ch.4 “Painting the Town” as she is casually shown standing there on the stage, in the background, listening to Roman’s speech to the White Fang. But even in that moment we never had the idea that she could possibly be mute, right? So let’s fast forward just a bit into the episode; Team RWBY just destroyed the mech Roman was in, he’s about to be blasted by Yang when suddenly Neo appears and blocks the shot. She then does her little bow to the girls and escapes with Roman. Zero words spoken.

This is where people were starting to realize, “Hey, that new girl didn’t say anything. What’s up with that?” It really wasn’t until the episode “No Brakes” that we finally get the chance to see Neo in action. Her fighting Yang on that train gave a clear look at how superior Neo is to Yang in a fight. And yet… she STILL doesn’t say a word. This is where the idea of a mute Neo sets in. Why we, the FNDM, perceived through this episode was that clearly Neo could’ve said something during this fight. She didn’t even grunt or make any non-verbal noises in the fight. So of course we ASSUMED Neo was mute because of this. That is, until the true reason was revealed to us by Monty and CRWBY shortly after Vol.2 ended.

The real reason why Neo never said anything in Vol.2 wasn’t because she was mute, it was because she didn’t have a voice actress. Turns out, Monty added Neo to the RWBY cast 10 DAYS before her debuted appearance in the series. I know most of you may think, “well 10 days is plenty of time to voice a character.” Yeah, but not in the middle of post production. Not in the middle of their release of episodes. Neo, in the eyes of CRWBY, was literally a last-minute addition to the series. At the time, no voice actress was hired to voice her so really, what else could RT do?

Now, to those who were able to hear that info about Neo, the thought and idea of a mute Neo kinda strayed away, but did not leave the FNDM. Some of us actually liked the idea of a mute character. We liked the diversity of the many characters already in the series, why not add one more with the disability to speak but be a total badass fighter? So the idea stuck with the FNDM for the majority of the time. New fans that came to the FNDM were introduce to this idea and decided to accept the mute-Neo headcanon and soon many blogs in the FNDM were posing as mute-Neo’s everywhere. lol

Though it wasn’t long before this headcanon was jabbed at by RT yet again, this time with a more dealing blow. At RTX 2015, Gray G. Haddock, lead producer of RWBY, (voice of Roman) made a public announcement that Neo was given a “talented” voice actress to voice the character. I guess you could say that for those who heard this announcement, the headcanon was done and finished. Neo wasn’t going to be mute, it was no longer canon, let’s start building hype to see what she sounds like in Vol.3! Only… wait… she didn’t speak in Vol.3 either… and she even had more screen time… What gives, RT? I mean yeah, Neo made a few hums and gasps, but those aren’t classified as actual words. No voice actress credited in the credits. So… what’s the deal here?

Truth is, nobody knows for sure why they did this. From my own analysis of this I can theorize that the main reason Neo didn’t speak when she could’ve could be due to the fact that her character just doesn’t currently play that big of a role in the story at the moment. Yeah she gets a bit more screen time, but in reality it wasn’t that much. She appeared a couple of quick appearances as a member of Cinder’s team, as a paramedic, and as an Atlesian military officer. It wasn’t until near the end of Vol.3 did Neo get the most screen time with her fight with Ruby. But even then still no word uttered from her lips. Not even when she gets carried off the ship via wind gust.

So… what now? Gray said she had a VA, is she mute or not? Taking from this the FNDM decided to stick with mute yet again. This carried over to the Chibi series where Neo was introduced as an ACTUAL mute character; holding up signs to communicate and clearly not even making any noise whatsoever. This only increased in the FNDM’s belief in a mute-Neo, despite that Chibi-Neo is clearly a parody of this headcanon in itself; as is the rest of the Chibi series since that’s what it’s made to be.

So now, let’s analyze everything that I’ve gone over and try to come up with a reasonable solution. Is Neo canonically mute? No. Nothing is really proven to show that she is 100% mute. Gray’s announcement of her VA being a thing kinda proves that. So why Neo no talk for FNDM??? Well, as I said, Gray spoke of Neo’s VA as being “talented”. This could imply that Neo’s VA is a widely known and very famous VA of whom we all could quickly and almost instantly identify if she were to utter even the tiniest of words. And knowing RT, they have the capability of getting many famous celebrities to voice their characters. So why not have one for Neo? But such a talented VA shouldn’t go to waste on a coupled of subtle hums and grunts, right? Well… what if, perhaps, RT is saving this VA’s talent for a special occasion?

What if, the moment Neo finally speaks, it’ll be during a scenario in which it will be a very memorable experience for everyone. Something we will all talk about for a long time. Something that will help us spread the word that “RWBY IS AN AWESOME SHOW!!!” Neo’s character has clearly been made to be a total badass. Short adorable girl who can kick the asses of other badass characters. (FYI Monty even stated Neo could beat Mercury in a 1v1 fight. Miles said Neo is more dangerous without Roman). So perhaps, PER-HAPS Neo is being built up to be used for something incredible in the long run. Vol.4 is only half-way done. We still got a few more episodes. Practically anything can happen.

My guess is that Neo’s voice is being saved for when it counts. For when she’ll actually prove to be important enough to the show to actually hear from her. It’s just not her time to talk yet. That or her character is just naturally silent and doesn’t talk much. Again, who knows. This is just my theory and explanation as why we all think Neo is mute and why I think she really isn’t. Take it as you will however you want. If Gray Haddock says she will talk, she’s gonna talk. We just need to wait and see when, where, and how she does it. Don’t let this post demean your own headcanon for Neo. I know a lot of y'all prefer Neo to be mute, and that’s okay. That’s perfectly fine. You go and do that for as long as you want. And guarantee nobody will judge you for it. ;3


I am opening up commissions!

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  5. I will send you your commission in your email, and I will always ask for your permission before posting it online. However if you would like to be the one to post it, don’t forget to properly credit me!

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New Studyblr! 🌿

Hi guys! :D I’m Jeryl, a new studyblr and new to the community. I’ve been wanting to make my own studyblr but I never did, until I decided to join this community and set up a blog because I was inspired by a bunch of studyblrs like @nehrdist @etudiaire @eintsein and @studypetals. There are lots more of great studyblrs out there and I can’t really list out all studyblrs I love and I adore every single one of them! So I am currently in Year 11, GCSE and I’m studying 9 subjects which are Additional Science- (Physics, Chemistry & Biology), Maths, English Language & Literature, Art, Geography, Spanish and Religious Studies. I’m interested in the medical field and maybe becoming a Doctor in the future. Anyways, I hope I can inspire lots of people in the future and become more and more productive and motivated! Just some general info about myself: • I’m 15 years old (turning 16 this year) • I like Photography and Art • I would like to make friends so I’m open to any interactions :3
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  • Kotaku: You mention that that the game pack will add "new gameplay features" into the mix, but it sounds like most of the additions specified are specific assets/bits of content—outdoor cooking and costumes. Are you adding new activities that Sims can participate in as well?
  • EA: Yes, we have some really great new things for Sims to do. Sims can partake in new group activities like the campfire and horseshoes, try their hand at mastering potions with the new herbalism skill, wander through the wilderness, collect all new plants, insects and use them to create herbal remedies and new cooking recipes.
  • Kotaku: What sort of destination/area is granite falls, exactly? is it a new public lot? will sims be able to set up houses there, or anything like that? can you build buildings there, regardless of what sims (if any) live there, or is it more wilderness focused? will you be able to mess around with any of the geographic features in build mode at all?
  • EA: Granite Falls is a brand new destination in The Sims 4. When you arrive you'll be in a Campground neighborhood where your Sims can set-up camp among the trees or rent a fully furnished cabin. Your Sims will only have what they bring with them – any additional supplies they'll need they'll have to purchase at the Ranger Station – but players may edit the Campground lots through Manage Worlds and build whatever they like on them. The second neighborhood in Granite Falls is Granite Falls National Park, which is a lush forest full of plants, insects, and scenic vistas to discover and explore. There are rumors of a mysterious hermit who lives high up in the mountains, but no one knows quite where…
  • Kotaku: Previously, I tended to think of The Sims as the kind of series that did post-release expansions and stuff like that. What is the difference between a "game pack" and an "expansion," exactly?
  • EA: A Game Pack is an entirely new product line for The Sims franchise. A Game Pack will allow you to add a uniquely themed experience to your game filled with new gameplay possibilities, introducing something new for you to do with your Sims. Play with new objects that offer all-new interactions and a variety of new clothing, hairstyles, furnishings and décor! For players who are familiar with our add-on content from previous iterations of The Sims: think of The Sims 4 Game Packs as a new product line that seats somewhere between Stuff Packs and Expansions.
  • Kotaku: On a related note, will The Sims 4 get expansions as well in the future, or do you see game packs making up most/all of the post-release stuff?
  • EA: We want to provide our players with options and provide as many new gameplay experiences as possible. As The Sims 4 has been created to be a live service, free game updates will continue to release on a timely basis. Additional paid content packs are in pre-production and we'll be sharing those in the future.