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David Tennant on The Last Leg (27 January 2017)

“It’s all gonna be okay. Trust me. I’m the Doctor. But, it’s up to us to make it okay. It’s time to be positively rebellious and rebelliously positive. As long as we stand up for what we believe in, don’t give in to anger or violence, look out for the little guy, keep an eye on the big guys, refuse to keep our mouth shut, and just generally try not to be dicks, every little thing is gonna be alright.”


Being an hero isn’t half as glamorous as they make it sound, really

Episode 8

One more week, and one episode closer to the final. We finally get to see one of the most important episodes: the official competition between Yuuri and Yurio. To add more drama, the episode is set in Russia, home country of both Yurio and Viktor.

So what can we expect from this episode? Lots of drama, probably. 

Let’s watch it!

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There needs to be a warlock who looks completely normal, but as soon as they open their mouth they sound like a creepypasta, like, full on zalgo text. 

There’s a warlock meeting, everyone has their glamours off, there are wings and horns everywhere, and then there’s Dave in a button down and slacks. Totally average face, looks like a completely average human walked in. He doesn’t even use magic or anything. Then when they’re talking about what they want to eat, Dave speaks

There is an eldritch rush of air as he opens his mouth, a hissing like the sound a thousand suns dying, an unholy abomination gasping for air. Hellfire crackles in the back of his throat. 

“̀͞͞I̷ ҉̵̡t̢hi͏n͟͏͜k ͢we̡̛ ̛sh̢͡o͢ư̕l҉̢͜d͡ ̀͠cal̸̛l̶ ̵͢f̡͟͡o̡̡͝r͜͜ ̵t̵͞a̶k͟ę̷͘ò̴u̕t.́͡”

Magnus nods. “That’s five for takeout then. Sorry, Elias, looks like you don’t get to make your famous pasta alfredo.”

  • Bae: come over
  • Me: sorry, I have to go to bed. Lin-Manuel Miranda just posted his goodnight tweet.
  • Bae: But my parent's aren't home
  • Me: I don't think you understand

On the subject of Heiffel.

He cares about everyone, but he’s not exactly head over heels for Hilbert. At least, not anymore. Before the events of Cigarette Candy, he and Hilbert were definitely kindling a closer relationship, what with Eiffel having stayed in his care after drowning in space, and of course talking enough to have Hilbert gleefully make him nicotine candies. Of course, it may have been a way for him to have activated Decima for trials, but something tells me it wasn’t really.

Of course, once Eiffel is better, he goes right back to being buds with Herr Doktor. He and Hilbert are close enough to have little chats about planning on subduing Minkowski so they don’t have to do the talent show, and so on. And while they are fairly close, we can see Eiffel really doesn’t feel much affection towards him. I mean he’s worried when Hilbert’s been taken over by the plant monster, at least somewhat, but he isn’t too attached. They’re friends, up until Hilbert became Killbert. Eiffel was betrayed and confused, but still didn’t want to kill him, even was fairly upbeat when interrogating him. His initiation to learn more about Hilbert’s life seemed like he was trying if a little bit to be friends with Hilbert again. So he loves Hilbert, but platonically….that or he’s awful at romance.

But Hilbert….
It’s outstandingly obvious how much he cares about Eiffel, not just because he’s the carrier of a virus. He’s far more talkative to Eiffel, willing to help him out, chat with him, even ensure he’s healthy. Of course most of the health stuff is to maintain Decima, but still. He treats Eiffel very well for him just being a lab rat. And attached enough that the first person he goes to for help is Eiffel. He could have attempted to disrupt Minkowski and Hera’s argument, and could have probably done it, but he goes to Eiffel.

Another event was when in Extreme Danger Bug, he was fairly through with making sure Eiffel would be OK and would remain calm and ready. Like sometimes people who are fearful and anxious a lot do need that lengthened ‘OK, breath and chill and get ready for this’ session, because it take a little longer to prepare themselves, and while Minkowski wanted them to get on with it, it was probably best Hilbert dragged that on.

And then we get to Birthmas special. Hilbert wouldn’t kill Eiffel. He went against direct orders to keep him alive, which ended up being his downfall. Why would he keep Eiffel alive? He seemed to want to clue him in on everything after the fact as well (may be misinterpretation on my part though) but he really wanted to keep Eiffel around. Not to mention the fact that Minkowski had to threaten to KILL EIFFEL to get Hilbert to talk. His 'No Don’t!’ Sounded a lot less 'experiment’ and more 'please don’t kill my friend!’

Then moving on to Lameo Superhero Origin Story, where Eiffel completely succeeds in getting Hilbert to open up. Hilbert went for it, he trusted Eiffel enough that he could tell him these deep things about his past, stuff that hurt him, stuff that really gave him a good reason to have done the things he had done. 'Cool motive, still murder’ says Eiffel not really. But the fact that he wanted to do things “for your sake” for Eiffel? He’s fallen for the idiot. He really has. There’s no doubt about it.

He really didn’t need Hera’s threats to save Eiffel’ life. Because Eiffel’s the only reason for him to even still be there, to still be alive. Eiffel.

Eiffel who still hasn’t told anyone the secret information he learned about Hilbert, Hilbert who trusts him and wants Eiffel alive and safe.

If that’s not unrequited love on Hilbert’s part, idk what is.


Thorin + being majestic requested by bilbokingoferebor

and of course we musn’t forget Thorin at his most majestic