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Boom Boom MV theory

Okay so I get what you’re thinking - Boom Boom is a pretty straight forward MV, so what’s there to theorize about? But actually, I have a lot of questions that I’m going to be answering here. Here are a few of them: 

  • What each member’s involvement is and how they relate to each other
  • Specifically what each point of the plan is
  • Why hip hop team is grinning sadistically while running away from the bombs
  • The meaning behind the random football field and the ship in a bottle

Just for information sake this will be a long post. Don’t say I never warned you.

So I was going to let this music video be, but something kept bugging me. Turn your attention to Exhibit A, the mission statement.

I have a number of issues here. Firstly, why is it bottom to top? Secondly, why is it right out in the open? Thirdly, how are there 17 floors on this tiny two floor ship? And lastly, the one I actually have an answer for, why does “Avoid bombs” come after “Defend the ship”? Defending the ship includes not blowing it up, right? Plus, a statement like that seems like an overarching statement, a purpose, the final thing before the plan is complete so why is it not the last thing on the list? My entire thought to look deeper into the music video came from that one thought alone, so I decided to take it step by step.

In the first scene after the opening sequence, we see them all walking together, arm in arm. This is an establishing shot to set up the next scene, in the elevator. We know that from the establishing shot, they all know each other and are very close. However, in the scene in the elevator, they stand apart and don’t make eye contact. Clearly, they don’t want people to realize they know each other. 

This group is here only to gather information, to see how the place works. We see Wonwoo paying special attention to the elevator, as that’s where he’ll be stationed later.

After this group has finished the initial runthrough, they return back to their headquarters, where they gather around a glass board. Mainly, Seungcheol lays out the plan as the leader, however we also see him converse with DK. A few shots later, we see DK trying to explain something to a group that promptly walks away. DK is the strategist, however people don’t really listen to him, so as the leader Seungcheol helps to explain.

The next relevant scene, we see Woozi go into his room and boot up his computers, starting up the mission. Woozi is the hacker, who controls all the technology. Afterwards, Joshua and Seungkwan help Jun pick out a jacket, and Seungkwan passes Jun an earpiece. This is the only time we see Joshua participate in the mission, so we can assume he’s the master of disguise. Also in this part is Wonwoo, messing with a camera. The assumption is that Wonwoo put the camera up, but instead I think he was diverting the camera to Woozi’s control, as we see a dozen other cameras in the place. Wonwoo is the lookout. Cut to Jun bringing the boxes in. We can assume “Hide the boxes” refers to him, although we aren’t sure what is in the boxes yet. He gets three texts, each reading “Boom boom”. Wonwoo isn’t in the elevator yet, and we can assume he comes after Jun due to “surveillance” coming after “hide the box”.

Next we see Vernon below decks grabbing a coat, which we saw him wearing in the elevator shot. This means it was likely picked out by Joshua before and planted there during their first visit. This is the “Disguise” step, and Vernon is the inside man, who is likely under disguise to infiltrate a high-security area.

So far, it’s pretty straightforward. But here’s where it gets into details.

Next we see Hoshi and The8 go in to infiltrate a hallway with laser sensors. Hoshi starts to climb through the laser sensors, but then The8 sends his drone through. My theory is that this is the high-security area Vernon infiltrated earlier, however it would compromise him to just strut in and strut out again with whatever the goal is, so he needs a hand off. In this case, Hoshi is chosen to retrieve it because of his flexibility. Hoshi is the handoff, and The8 is the bodyguard whose job is “defend the ship” during the time Hoshi has it, and he ends up saving the day with his drone when Hoshi can’t make it through the lasers. We also see Coups ride up on his motorcycle. Coups is the transportation, to retrieve the goal and escape with it.

Next we see Mingyu, Coups and Wonwoo are all together, Mingyu walking down a hallway. At the end of this hallway is the goal that The8 and Hoshi have set at the drop point, and Mingyu’s job as the second handoff is to safely retrieve it and bring it to Coups, who is waiting with the lookout. However, he steps wrongly, and an alarm starts going off. We can tell by the expressions of the others that this is decidedly a bad thing.

The alarm and the trap is there for a reason, to alert of intruders. Now the jig is up, and Dino, the communications, passes along the warning through the radio that they need to get out of there, and the plan is moved up to “Avoid the bombs”. However, the trick here is that for a split second before the bombs go off, we see Woozi hit a key. 

The bombs are Seventeen’s fault. The box that Jun hid contained explosives, which is why his keyword was “boom boom”, and they intended to blow up the ship all along to slow down the bad guys and throw them off their tracks. However, due to Mingyu’s mistake, the plan went wrong. He was not able to retrieve the goal, the bombs go off too early, and Coups drives away empty handed.

Or does it?

Flash back to the beginning, to Jeonghan on a soccer field. He sees the ship in the bottle and picks it up. This is actually the end to the story, and the small ship in the bottle was the goal all along. Jeonghan is the final contact, who is there to retrieve the ship. He was originally on the scouting mission so he could recognize the object, however he expected Coups to deliver it. but if Coups drove away empty handed, who is the hero of the day? 

Thanks to the delay of Hoshi being unable to retrieve the ship without the help of The8′s drone, the two were put incredibly behind schedule and hadn’t made it to the drop point to leave the ship behind before Mingyu’s mistake happened like they were supposed to. Instead, The8 escaped with the ship in arm and made his way to the field to drop it for Jeonghan. Thus completing both “defend the ship” as well as “goal”, which is actually a subtle pun for the final drop off point - a soccer field. 

And Seungkwan? Some suggest Seungkwan dreamt the whole thing, dreaming of the events of the ship in a bottle behind him. However, on closer inspection, the two ships in bottles are actually different, one with folded sails and a very simple structure and the other with grander features as well as unfurled sails, a miniature version of the larger ship.

So what is Seungkwan’s role? Perhaps his role isn’t a role so much as a representation, the representation of Seventeen. Seventeen who have a dream to defend something important to them, even if it isn’t as grandiose as things surrounding them but something they’ve made themselves. And if they work together then even through snags, if each member plays his part (even the ones who are quiet and unexpected), they can succeed. But that’s just my theory! A kpop theory