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so a couple days ago i started rewatching supernatural from the beginning when j2 were babies lol because i got several seasons behind due to work and other stuff. anyway, my coworker called me up while i was watching and right when i answered … shots fired, creature snarls, j2 shouting. all i said was hold on. wendigo. and she just laughed because she knew exactly what i meant. it’s cool to know other fans because all it takes is one word and they just get it.

New Beginnings Part 12

New Beginnings Part 12

Warning: Cussing. Smut.

Chapter 31 Reader’s POV

“It’s snowing?” I said looking out the window. “It can’t be snowing, it’s still summer time.” I took a good look outside and that’s when it hits me. “This isn’t the sanctuary. It’s the cabin that my in laws own. That means…”

“So Negan?” I turned to see Owen soaking in the bathroom.

“Yeah.” I said giving him a small smile. “Are you mad?”

“A course not babe.” Owen said shaking his head as he smile at me. “I told you a long time ago if something ever happens to me, I want you to go on with your life.”

“I know it’s just…” I said letting out a sigh as I look down.

“The whole wives and Lucille thing?” Owen said. I looked up and nodded. “He’ll come around babe, he just needs time, you both do. Once he does, everything will be okay. But know this.” Owen reach over to the table next to the tub and grabbed a bottle of beer. “When it’s your time and we meet once again, we’re getting back together. So Negan is shit out of luck when he comes to the other side.”

I laugh as he just smile at me. He opened the bottle of beer and started drinking it. He waved me over to come and join him. I got undress and got in the tub. I laid up against his chest as he started talking to me about old times. Back when we were teenagers, dreaming of big dreams.

“Doll?” I shook my head, refusing to wake up. “Doll? Dollface come on, wake up.”

“You should go.” Owen said, kissing my cheek.

“I don’t want to.” I said turning my head and looking up at hin.

“It’s okay babe. I’ll be here when you need me again, I’ll always be here when you need me.” Owen said, leaning down and kissing me. “I love you babe.”

“I love you too.“I said giving him a kiss. He felt someone tickling my feet. "Stop it.”

I opened my eyes to see Negan smile at me as he rubbed my foot.

“Fuck, finally got your lazy ass up.” Negan said, winking at me. “Soon as I started talking you fucken knocked out on me doll. Am I that fucken boring?”

“Sorry.” I said, smiling as I lean my head against the tub. “Guess I’m more tired than I thought.”

“It’s okay doll.” Negan said, kissing my foot. “I just love giving you shit.”

“I know you do.” I said closing my eyes again and he tickle my foot once more. “I’m up. I’m up.”

“Fucken better be.” Negan said, chuckling at bit. “Come on, let’s get out of here and fucken dry off.”

Negan stood up and I started to smirk, seeing he did leave his boxers on like he said he would. He unplug the drain plug and grabbed me a towel. He offer me the towel and his hand to help me up as he turn his head away.

“Such a gentleman.” I said, giggling a bit as I stood up and wrapped the towel around me.

“Be grateful doll.” Negan said picking me up and carrying me to our bed. “Cause I don’t do fucken gentleman.”

“I know.” I said kissing his cheek as he sat me down on the bed. “And I am grateful.”

“Good.” Negan said, kissing my cheek. “I’ll give you fucken privacy.”

“Okay.” I said nodding my head.

He grabbed his clothes and went back to the bathroom to get change. I grabbed my clothes and started to get change myself.

Afterwards I went out to his balcony that oversee the whole sanctuary. I let out a sigh as I looked down. It’s been a week since me and Negan kiss, and I couldn’t be happier. But still, something felt off about the whole thing.

Every time we kiss and things got tense, one of us would back off. I don’t know if it was the whole wives, Lucille, or Owen thing, but there was something there. Something that was holding us both back.

I felt like he was hiding something from me, always felt that way since we first met. But it grew more a couple days ago when he came back with tons of supplies and weapons.

He told me they had a run in with another group, they defeated them and took what they had. I felt he was telling the truth but still, I felt there was more to that.

“Enjoying the fucken view doll?” Negan said as he walked up to me and snapping me out of my thoughts.

“Always” I said nodding my head. “It’s a nice tonight, even with the storm rolling in.”

“Yeah it looks fucken beautiful. But still think your more fucken beautiful.” Negan said, kissing my cheek and wrapped his arms around me. “Munchkin finally asleep?” Placing his hands on my stomach.

“Yeah finally.” I said, placing my hands on his. Negan kiss my neck, making me let out a small moan and making him chuckle. “Not funny, Negan. You don’t know what its like to be pregnant and…”

“And what doll?” Negan said, kissing my neck again and making me moan. “You’ve been in the fucken mood forever, haven’t you doll?”

“Yes.” I said shaking my head and laughing. ‘Let’s go to bed.’

“O well go to fucken bed, but we ain’t sleeping dollface.” Negan said picking me up and cradling me. “I think it’s time I fucken take care of you.”

“Negan I don’t think we should.” I said shaking my head.

“Don’t fucken worry doll.” Negan said carrying back to the bed. “Just relax and let me do all the fucken work.”

Once we got to the bed, Negan moved around so I was straddling him. Negan took of his shirt and toss it aside. He looked up at touch my face gently as he smile at me.

“You really think we should? I mean, I don’t know if I’m ready to, you know.” I said, looking away.

“Don’t fucken worry doll.” Negan said moving my face back to his. “I don’t fucken need to be inside of you to fucken take care of you.” He moved his hands to my hips and started to rub them. “Any time you need me to fucken stop I will.”

“Okay.” I said nodding my head. He learn my down on him and I could feel how hard he was. “Negan.” I locked eyes with him.

“Ignore everything else doll. No one else fucken matters. It’s just fucken me and you right now, just me and you.” Negan said as he started to kiss me.

He slowing started to move my hips as he moved his. I broke the kiss and started to moan as he kept moving his hips. Negan started to kiss my neck as I place my hands behind his head.

“Negan.” I said, moaning as I moved my hips on my own.

“Fuck doll.” Negan said taking my lips for a moment before he broke the kiss. “You sound fucken beautiful when you moan my fucken name.” He thrust his hips up, making me moan his name louder. “Fuck, real beautiful. Keep moaning for daddy doll.

Moan louder at his words. I never had Owen saying anything like that to me. He always whisper sweet and loving things to me.

Negan, was different. Yes, he whisper sweet things, but he spoke with more seduction. Whispering to moan more louder for him. Whispering all the thing he would do to me.

"That’s it doll. Just fucken imagine me deep inside of you.” Negan said as he started to sit up. “Imagine me fucking that wet gorgeous pussy of yours with my hard cock.”

I moan louder and moved my hips after. Negan started to lower the strip of my dress down, exposing me. He started kissing and sucking the top parts of my breast. His hands traveling all over my body, caressing me.

“Cum for daddy doll. Cum for me.” Negan said, placing his hands on my hips and moving me faster. I felt my body tense as I got closer. “Say my fucken name when you cum doll. Daddy wants to fucken hear it.”

“Negan. Negan. O fuck.” I said, making him chuckle as he grind against me faster. “Negan.”

“That’s right doll, say my fucken name.” Negan said pressing his forehead against mine. “Cum doll, cum.”

“I’m cumming. I’m cumming.” I said throwing my head back and digging my nails into his shoulder. “Fuck. Negan.” I started to release as my body started to tremble. “Fuck. Fuck.”

“Fuck is right doll.” Negan said, chuckling as he buried his face in my chest and groaning. “Fuck.”

I started breathing heavy as I tried to catch my breath. Negan slowing moved his hips, making me ride out my release a bit longer. My body rested against his chest as I finally calm down.

Negan held onto me as rolled us over so I could lay on my back. He kiss me gently as he gently stroke my cheek. After awhile he broke the kiss and looking down at me, smiling.

“I told you I didn’t fucken need to be inside of you to take care of you.” Negan said, smirking as he wink. I smile and did a weak laugh. I started to yawn as my eyes started to get heavy. “Get some fucken rest doll. You both fucken need it.”

“What about you?” I said curling up to my pillow. “Who’s going to take care of you?”

“That’s why I fucken hands for doll.” Negan said, making us both laugh. “Good night doll.”

Goodnight.” I said as he lean down and kiss me. “See you in your morning.”

“Always.” Negan said kissing me again before heading off into the bathroom. “You fucken own me.” We both laugh as he close the door.

New Beginnings Part 13 coming soon

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deamus growing stronger after the war

For @hpshipweeks

  • After the Battle of Hogwarts, Seamus and Dean refuse to let each other out of their sight. 
  • Both of them are utterly exhausted after the battle but unlike some of the others, they can’t bear the thought of sleeping there so they floo to Dean’s house instead. 
  • Seamus awkwardly stands by the fireplace as Dean’s mum, step-father and step sisters all hug their estranged loved one and cry their eyes out. 
  • “How could you not tell us you were leaving? You should have told us! You should have told us Dean! And you fought and everything oh son.” 
  • Seamus smiles sadly as he watches them. He’s so glad that Dean is back with his family but his heart is pining for his own parents. Likely they haven’t heard about the battle yet, he makes a mental note to himself to owl them and let them know what has happened, that he’s safe and that he’ll explain more when he’s had a decent night’s rest. 
  • Dean’s mother catches sight of Seamus and in the blink of an eye he is being pulled into the family hug too and she is stroking his back and whispering how she’s going to fix him up good as new and how proud of them she is. 
  • An hour later Dean and Seamus fall into a blissful slumber in each other’s arms, in Dean’s childhood bed.  That night they are too tired to cry or talk so instead they just hold each other and have the first comfortable sleep that either of them has had in a while.
  • They spend the next few days at the Thomas’s before flooing to Ireland to spend a week with Seamus’s family. 
  • Seamus’s mother is so thrilled to see her son in one piece that she doesn’t even comment on why her son holds Dean’s hand the entire time.  
  • She does insist that they go to a hospital though to get fixed up for their injuries from the battle and from Seamus’s year with the Carrows
  • Shortly after that the nightmares begin to start. 
  • Seamus got them more often than Dean. He would wake up screaming from a nightmare of the cruciatus curse being repeatedly used on him. Other nights Dean would wake up to Seamus’s murmurs of refusal to torture innocent first years and it could take up to half an hour for Dean to be able to shake Seamus out of his night terror. 
  • Dean had more control over his but he got them too. He was more likely to wake up in a pool of sweat after a dream of him continuously trying to outrun snatchers. But some nights he woke up already in the midst of a panic attack because he dreamt he was back in the Malfoy’s basement with the walls closing in on him again. 
  • Most nights the other would wake up and would stroke their hair and whisper soothing words of reassurance until they fell asleep. 
  • Other nights both of them were too terrified to fall back asleep so they would stay up. They would face each other in the bed, fingers intertwined as they recounted happy stories of their year apart. 
  • Dean would tell tales of Shell Cottage, of the drawings he drew of Hogwarts, of his friends and mostly of Seamus that he was forced to burn the moment he finished them for fear of them being found by death eaters and he also told Seamus all about the grumpy goblin Griphook. 
  • “You would have hated him Shay” Dean would say in the dim moonlight, his head on the pillow as he looked into Seamus’s tired but happy eyes, “He looked down on wizards and was just plain rude a lot of the time.” Dean smiles sadly, “He liked my drawings though. He said even though I was a wizard, I sure had a talent. He even let me draw him a few times.” 
  • “No way” Seamus said in amused astonishment. 
  • “Yeah I know; he seemed to like them too. I think Fleur kept a few…I’ll show them to you one day.” 
  • Seamus told Dean of all the adventures at Hogwarts that he had missed out on. He revealed the whole truth about the time Ginny, Neville and Luna tried to steal the sword of Gryffindor. He recounted all the new names and faces of the D.A., pointedly forgetting to add the ones that had been lost in the battle. 
  • “Did I tell you about the graffiti?” Seamus asked, his eyes widening in excitement, “It was my idea! Neville, Ginny and I used to go around spraying the walls of the castle. Writing stuff like ‘the D.A. is recruiting!’, ‘Long live Harry Potter!’, ‘Dumbledore’s death will not be in vain’.” Seamus smirked “As well as the occasional bad thing about death eaters and poor old you kno- Voldemort.” 
  • Dean laughed, “Sounds like I’m not the only artist in this relationship?” 
  • Seamus raised an eyebrow, “Relationship huh?” 
  • Dean dropped his smile and his heart stopped, “Well…well I…if you want.” 
  • Seamus snuggled closer in the bed and kissed him on the lips gently, 
  • “I want.” 
  • It still wasn’t easy but somehow as the weeks passed it got easier to cope with. 
  • They mutually decided not to return to Hogwarts.
  • Seamus had been there for most of his seventh year and it was tainted by horrid memories so he couldn’t handle repeating it. Dean couldn’t stomach the thought of returning to the place where so many of their friends had lost their lives so that was that.
  • Instead they got their own flat in muggle London and decorating that had certainly been a fun adventure. 
  • “Dean why do we need to put up a poster of some muggle football team?” 
  • “Because you put up a poster of the Irish Quiddich team.” 
  • “Yeah because they won the world cup! I mean I know I’m not an expert on football but as far as I can tell not winning any matches this season was pretty bad for them?” 
  • Dean shut him up by throwing a pillow at him from the couch. The pillow in question had been a gift from Hermione. Their friends were shocked but thrilled about their new relationship and how quickly they moved in together. 
  • At Christmas they met up with some of said friends from Hogwarts and halfway through the evening, the conversation topic was brought back to Dean and Seamus and how they were getting along. 
  • “Are either of you working?” Ron asks, receiving an elbow from Hermione to which he hisses at her, “What? I was only asking!” 
  • Dean sniggers, “I give art classes to a few muggle kids in the building actually. They’re really sweet. But I’m thinking about studying art, just sketching and as such. I might apply for muggle art college next year.” 
  • “Wow, that’s amazing Dean.” Harry smiles genuinely, his arm slung around an equally grinning Ginny and Dean’s pleased to know that he feels nothing but happiness for the both of them.
  • “What about you Seamus? You got anything at the moment?” 
  • Seamus sighs, “I’m working in a muggle pub at the moment. It’s alright but it’s in a rough enough area so I don’t know how much longer I’ll stay there.” 
  • The others knew exactly what he meant; he had seen enough violence to last a lifetime. He didn’t need to be surrounded by it every day. None of them did.
  • “Well if you’re interested I think I could hook you up with a job.” Hannah says to Seamus’s surprise, “My uncle Tom said he’s struggling to hold down the fort at the Leaky. I worked there all summer and he’s still not used to me being gone. He could use an extra pair of hands so I can put in a good word for you if you want?” 
  • Seamus nods enthusiastically, “What? Yeah! Yeah that would be brilliant! Thanks Hannah.” 
  • They end the evening smiling and laughing. Dean and Seamus go back to their own apartment and the others go back home.
  • All of them are still carrying burdens; all of them have nightmares and PTSD that won’t go away overnight. But thankfully they are beginning to see a light at the end of the tunnel. 
  • And the only thing Dean and Seamus want is to walk into the light with the other by their side. 

The pony and horse details are an example of how the whole cast and crew and the director really elevate the material,“ he says. "It was just supposed to be that Dean sees the thing, tears it off, and throws it in the back seat, and then Sam calms him down by turning on the radio. Instead, there’s a moment at the beginning of the scene where Dean can’t quite tear it off, then he pulls out a knife and cuts it off. I remember watching that in the dailies and I started laughing because I thought it was a great choice; it was so funny. He’s already annoyed, but he can’t have the carthartic moment of tearing it off. In post, they added this squeaky chew-toy noise when he grabs it, which makes the moment even funnier. Then, later on, when they’re taking the box with the head out of the trunk, the pony thing is in the trunk. The level of detail we get from the crew to pay off a moment is just amazing.
—  Robbie Thompson
Knight, Nicholas. Supernatural: The Official Companion Season 7.
Titan Books, 2012: 43.

Castiel hears Dean storm into their shared apartment ten minutes past midnight. He’s in his room, half-asleep, but that peaceful mantra is instantly ruined by the sound of slamming cupboards in the kitchen. At first, Cas is annoyed and has half the mind to stomp out of his room and yell at him for making so much noise. But once all of the sleep is finally blinked out of his eyes he remembers that Dean had a date tonight and there’s no way it went anywhere near okay if he’s being this overly loud and dramatic about it.

So at 12:15, Cas stumbles blindly out of his room and down the hallway to the kitchen in the front of the apartment. Dean is sitting on a counter top, grumbling to himself as he angrily munches on some of the cookies Cas had bought yesterday. Dean hardly looks up as Cas comes in–he just mutters,

“There’s no beer.”

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Imagine: Dean X Reader

Originally posted by justthesexiestmen

Summary: You have known the Winchester’s for a few years now, through Sheriff Mills, and are staying in their bunker for the night. Sam goes out to get a lore book leaving you with Dean and booze.

Characters: You and Dean

Pairing: You x Dean

Warnings: Profanity, small smut (Oral), small sex scene, Alcohol

Words to know: Orbs=Eyes,

A/N: This is my first imagine so please bare with me. In my free time I create small stories so my writing may appear different than others. I use lots of detail in my work. Opinions, suggestions, and if you think my work is decent, one-shots are also welcomed!

@itsaboutjensen well, I decided to take a leap and just post it. Opinions are always welcomed!


You yawned softly as you entered the kitchen with lazy feet, causing scuff noises to drown out the silence that lingered in the air around you. Proceeding towards the fridge, you opened it to only be greeted with the sight of beer– so the night begins. Whisking one away to only shut the refrigerator door and turn on your heels, you gasped and held a hand to your chest to see Dean looking down at you with a raised brow and small, satisfied smirk.

“Scare easily?” He laughed before he nodded towards the beer, “Nice choice, for light-weights.” You narrowed your orbs and look around him while biting back your snarky remark.

“Where is Sam?” You asked a bit groggily as you walked around him to sit at the table. Leaning back in the chair, you twisted the bottle cap off of your drink to only flick it at Dean making him roll his eyes. Taking a gulp, you watched him grab his hard liquor and a short glass from the cupboards then walk your way to join you.

“He went to check out a lore book on werewolves. Since there is a cure for blood sucking douches, maybe there is a cure for flea infested mutts” he poured himself his drink before looking towards you and taking a sip. Nodding, you outlined the label on the bottle with your thumb as your orbs swept across Dean beneath the dim-lighting. 

Ever since you ran into the boys on a nearby vampire job, you have grown a bit of a liking towards Dean and it irritates the hell out of you because you know he doesn’t look at you the same way. Licking your lips slowly, you finally realized you have been staring to long causing you to snap your gaze elsewhere; Dean blinked before grinning all smug like.

“Take a photo, it lasts longer” He teased. Snorting, you took a big gulp of your beer before setting it back down and wiping your mouth with the back of your hand.

“Pretty sure your ugliness would break my camera.”

Giving a short, sarcastic smile in retaliation, you got up to steal his bottle of liquor and step towards the hallways to your room to leave a shouting Dean behind you. As you got to your room, you have already taken a few gulps of the throat-burning liquid, causing you to feel a bit tipsy.

“And that is mine…” Dean came up behind you, brushing his hand against your bare shoulder, as you only wore a tank-top and shorts, to grab his liquor back making you pout. “Your name isn’t written on it, Dean… So it is technically anybody’s.” You pointed out with a confident nod.

He laughed, “But I am the one who buys it. So, technically I own it.”

You groaned, leaning against the wall and looking towards him. “You know, you are a big pain in my ass…” you mumbled, your vision a bit out of focus from the alcohol attacking your bloodstream and empty stomach. He moved closer to you, wonder in those delicious, green eyes that was shadowed by long lashes, “Elaborate how I am a pain in your ass, (Y/N). I can actually make your ass hurt if allowed.” His pupils dilating at his words causing your heart to thump against your rib-cage in a quick rhythm. 

“You frustrate me.. Ever since I got here.. you just irk the living hell out of me, Winchester…” You breathed, your gaze never leaving his as he stepped close enough to smell the whiskey on his breath and feel the heat of his body nip at your visible skin.

“Let me help you release that frustration…” His tone lowering into this dangerous, predatory sound that made you shiver and release a soft gasp. Inches away from your lips, Dean bent down to set the bottle on the floor before rising again, his nose grazing your chin before his lips took over yours. Immediately, your arms snaked around his neck, fingers slipping into his hair to keep his head in place so you could drink in his lips. He tasted like whiskey; his tongue was invited into your mouth with a warm welcome by your tongue as they danced. His calloused hands slipped down your sides, to your ass to pick you up making your legs clasp around his hips. When your core hit his waist, you grinded against him making him growl against your which made you tingle down in the nether regions; he led you both to your bed to only lay you down on your back, gently.

He pulled away, letting his lips travel down your chin, to the base of your neck where the hollow point laid and let his tongue swipe against your skin. You let out a heavy breath through your nostrils as your skin felt like it was being set on fire; wherever he kissed, the nerves beneath your skin would ignite like a fire-cracker. He moved to the crook of your neck to suck, bite, nibble, and mark your flesh. His hands traveled below your tank-top, fingers grasping the hem of it to slip it upwards making you lean up so he could take it off. He stared down at you, hungrily; his head dipped down to your exposed breasts, kissing around the nipple before taking it within his warm mouth and sucking on it to only mirror with the other. Your back would arch, hands grasping the sheets while toes curled in response to his teasing actions.

“Dean…” you murmured, too focused on his wondrous mouth to speak about his clothing. He looked up to you, a victorious grin on his features. “Right, Right”  he laughed and slipped off the black crew-neck he wore before his fingers looped behind your shorts and panties to drag them down your legs. You peered down at him, your lip between your teeth as you watched in curiosity and awe. The way his muscles twitched and flexed beneath his skin turned you on; the way the anti-possession tattoo laid on his tan skin made you want to outline it with the tip of your tongue. He pursed his lips, eyes skimming your naked form before he shook his head.

“I’ll help you release that frustration in whatever way..” You heard him whisper beneath his breath as he took off his jeans to leave him in his briefs before climbing between your legs with his hands rested on your thighs. Leaning forward, his lips were inches above your stomach, making you squirm beneath his hot breath as he went lower and lower. As he traveled lower, his hand dipped behind your thighs to raise your legs and place them over his shoulders, making you prepare yourself for whatever happens next. His scruff hit your inner thighs while his nose traveled against your pelvis before you felt his lips on your clit.  Your hips automatically bucked, a mewl spewing from your lips as your neck stretched back to dig your head into the bed. You felt him smile as his tongue worked you; he ran it over your clit before sucking it into his mouth while he slipped a finger in you to stretch you. His mouth was the first to fuck you before anything else of his did, and it felt like heaven.

The Curse of "Old Donkey Teeth" - DrSilverfish Reviews SPN 9x16 Blade Runners (spoilers)

In the opening preamble we re-meet the Winchesters’ grandfather (on their father’s side) in flash-back; Henry Winchester, Man of Letters. He tells us that “Albertus Magnus” was the name used by the MoL when they wanted to go undercover.

Albertus Magnus was a medieval philosopher, also rumoured to be an alchemist and a magician, said to have discovered the “philosopher’s stone”, the “Magnum Opus” (the great work). The philosopher’s stone was supposedly able to turn base metal into gold, but was actually an allegory for the transmutation of the soul. This is important, in an episode where Crowley’s soul (apparently) shifts human-side and Dean’s soul, by way of contrast, appears to be shifting supernatural-side, thanks to the Mark of Cain.

For the mirroring parallels between Dean and Crowley which this episodes title, “Blade Runners”, sets up via the references to its namesake Ridley Scott film “Blade Runner” (1982) see this earlier post 

As the episode begins…

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