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The Ipliers during a total blackout
  • Everyone: *basically screaming and complaining*
  • Bim Trimmer: I can't see!
  • The Host: Me neither!
  • Bim: ...
  • The Host: ...
  • Dr. Iplier: I see what you did there
  • Bim: ...
  • The Host: ...
  • Wilford: But how can you see, everything's dark!
  • Dark: *only overhears his name* Are you saying it's my fault?!

There they are!!! I hope we get a new eposide of @markiplier TV!

okay but what if the egos just turned into really shitty versions of themselves.

• wilford turns into a boring and unimpressive reporter who has an even more boring brown mustache. speaking in a monotone voice.

• dark turns into an edgy, angsty teenager. bright red hair, black choker, and constantly blares my chemical romance and panic! at the disco.

• king of the squirrels turns into a dude who collects squirrel items like keychains, books, shirts, and hats. he’ll drone on and on about facts on them.

• ed edgar turns into a hillbilly with a slight beer gut. shouting on and on about his new invention (which is really a cheap way around fixing simple things.)

• silver shepherd turns into a guy who hangs around comic book stores and never lives out of his cosplay. he basically lives as if every day is comicon.

• dr. iplier turns into a doctor who is TERRIFIED of gore and blood. he constantly runs away if he has to treat anything but a common cold

• the host turns into a fanfic writer. writing badly written kinky smut or horrible self inserts. he reads his fics aloud to the others, much to their displeasure.

• bim trimmer turns into a struggling actor. only getting background roles in commercials. he wont stop talking about the time he got a one (1) line in an episode of Glee.

• yandereplier is turns into a weeaboo. he screams about his favorite anime of the week, eats pocky, and calls all his crushes ‘senpai’. he has no real need to wear the school girl uniform, the man graduated high school years ago.

• google is a nokia phone from 2007.

Egoplier Headcanons: Candy

wow my second ever headcanons (for @markiplier‘s egos obviously) yee yee here we go. this is basically just what the egos’ favorite candy would be.

tagging the lovely @markired and @intplier again bc i think they’ll enjoy these (im probs gonna tag you lovelies in like everything i post im so sorry please tell me if im bothering you)

Wilford: He loves literally all types of candy. The only exception is black licorice. According to him, that stuff is worse than eating tar.

Dark: Denies liking any type of candy, but is a hard core chocoholic. Rumor has it that he’s even snuck Kinder Surprise Eggs across the US border just to try the chocolate. He loved it so much that he orders about a hundred every few months and has them illegally shipped across the border. (He gives all the toys to Wilford and Bim, don’t worry).

Doc: He only really likes black licorice, much to Wilford’s dismay. However, they have a system where every time either of them gets massive amounts of candy (Usually just on Halloween. Usually. Wilford can be sporadic sometimes.), Doc gets all the black licorice while Wilford gets the rest. It works out in the end.

The Googles: They don’t eat often, but they all enjoy marshmallows, despite the fact that they’re not technically candy. Sometimes they throw campfire parties (which Wilford is always oddly absent from) just to roast marshmallows. 

The Host: Likes candy corn (a very underrated candy) and sour gummy worms. He says they’re good snacks for when he’s writing.

Bim: He’s absolutely in love with tootsie rolls. One time, Wilford surprised him with a 5 foot long tootsie roll and Bim didn’t stop thanking him for days. 

King: Will only eat Paydays and refuses everything else. He says it’s for his squirrel’s sake, since they won’t go near him if he doesn’t smell like peanuts. Wilford tries to tell him he definitely does not have to worry about not smelling like peanuts, but he still only sticks with Paydays.

In Markiplier T.V. (Updated.)

We see the Ego’s at a conference table. Darkiplier is at one end and Wilford is at the other end. Mark has confirmed that both Dark and Wilford are the heads of the table.


Between them are the other Ego’s,

While these placement may be at random, you can still read into it. Here’s a beak down of how I read it.

First let’s sort the Ego’s into two groups.

Dark, The Host, Goolge, Dr. Iplier.

Wilford, Bim, Silver, Ed.

If we take the groups and apply them to the seating we get this,

(Dr. Ipliers D is white so it can be seen easier)

Dark has two ego’s close to him, Wilford has two ego’s close to him and in the middle two ego’s of the “opposite group” sit facing each other. The seating is split even.

Now let’s talk about the similarities of the Ego’s in their “groups”

Traits of the Host include:

  • An echoing/Out of body voice
  • A manipulative and forceful personality (Threatened Ryan with a baseball bat)
  • He kidnapped Ryan
  • Story themes
  • He was humiliated/mocked
  • Might be a stretch but: The Host replaced the Author

Traits of Google include:

  • “Glitch”/Distortion Themes
  • Mechanical but often shows Anger/Disgust
  • Layered/Messed up voice
  • Intimidating but hasn’t physically hurt anyone, to our knowledge

Traits of Dark:

  • Layered echoing voice
  • Red and Blue “glitch”/Distortion themes
  • Tries to be “suave” but often shows anger
  • Manipulative
  • Threatens you (“I can especially take you to places you don’t want to go”.)
  • He kidnappes you
  • Appears in a “Choose your story” narrative.
  • Was replaced and mocked/humiliated

Traits of Bim

  • Game show host
  • Has killed someone/someone died because of his game show
  • Always in a suit

Traits of The Silver Shepard

  • Has an exaggerated voice
  • While video was about him being upset that his girlfriend was cheating on him (…with himself, but still.)

Traits of Wilford

  • Exaggerated voice
  • Game Show Host and Reporter
  • Had an affair
  • Has killed people on his shows
  • Has began to wear suits

Now this may have been by pure accident, that it lines up this way, one wrench is that Dr. Iplier and Ed are where they are and I could go in and try to find in depth links but I think they were where they were because of 4 reasons.

They didn’t make the table to group link to obvious. They fit into their groups but not as well as the others. The table has empty seats that needed to be filled. They are older Ego’s so it makes sense to bring them back over newer ones, they do have proper skits and not one off before/after a game blips.

Then again, the table could have been split length wise with the two groups on opposite sides, they could have been crisscrossed, they could have been seated in a number of ways and the core of my theory isn’t really where they are  it’s more of who is there.

(Also, for anyone wondering how King of the Squirrels fits in, I believe he has no real deeper meaning other than a sudden comedic appearance as a call back. (I say that now and watch him become the rising hero with this nutty army to save Mark and the day, but I feel like we’ll get a more satisfying ending than that.) )

  • Dark: how do I get Mark's audience to like me?
  • Bim: Just be yourself!
  • Dark: Be myself? What kind of garbage advice is that!?
Amy and the Egos

Amy’s favorite of Mark’s “egos” would probably be the Host. Now, she doesn’t have anything against any of the others(except for maybe Dark, but he can still be sweet), they’re all extraordinarily kind to her and all seem to share the same love for her that Mark has. Some of them can just be a bit… crazy at some points.

She used to love hanging around Google the most because of his quiet yet thoughtful atmosphere. They’d be silent, reading a story or two side by side on the couch. They did this until… the other three showed up.

Like she pointed out before, she has nothing against any of Mark’s egos. And she especially isn’t against Google’s clones or… copies or whatever they are. But, well, there’s just too many of them.

Oliver is a real sweetheart(and the only one with an actual name) who suggests to her new games or apps since he is the embodiment of the App Store. He has also brings her sunflowers or any other kind of yellow flowers and they always smell so nice.

The red one, or, Plus, as he calls himself, is a bit more boisterous and opinionated. Because he is Google Plus, he has many opinion’s from all kinds of people(even though no one actually uses Google Plus, really) around the world in his head that he always seems to have to share with everyone. Including Amy. Especially Amy.

And then the green one(who calls himself “Maps”. Amy feels kind of bad for him) loves to give her random information on the most random of locations. She’ll be walking through the halls of Mark’s home and suddenly there’s Maps, off on a stream of information.

Put them all together… Amy can’t stand them altogether at once. She loves them but together it’s just a mess of incoherent rambling.

Another persona she loved to be with was Wilford Warfstache. They would dance with one another, eat candy or just run around like idiots. They did this until… well, until Amy discovered he’s a serial killer. And when she confronted him about this he merely flung his hands about drawling out in the accented voice she found so endearing: “It was all an accident, I swear!”

Least to say, she tries to avoid him a little bit more. Though she will still dance with him sometimes.

Dark can be kind and courteous and mannerly and seems to care for her but, Amy can never really tell. Sometimes he can be too kind, too outgoing with his love. These facts added with the warnings Mark has given her about the demon she’s decided to keep herself a bit far from Dark.

That doesn’t mean she can’t go on a calming walk with him every now and then, however.

Whenever she gets hurt she always visits Dr. Iplier no matter how questionable his medical knowledge may be. She trusts him and he seems to love her for this fact. Though, if she gets even slightly burnt the doctor is all over her, concerned for her wellbeing after being scratched by Marzipan.

Bim Trimmer is a real funny cookie to be with. He’s loud and and excitable just like Wilford but he doesn’t have the murder list unlike the bubblegum bitch(don’t ask about the nickname). Well, he doesn’t as far as she knows, anyway. He always feeds her burgers whenever they’re together. Nothing else. Strange, but she doesn’t ask. She quite likes his burgers.

And now we come back to the topic of the Host. Her favorite persona to be with. He’s quiet, calm and soft spoken. He knows any and all good books and knows Amy’s preferred kind and can easily point out a good book in her taste. Not only that, but he himself is an author and can recite stories he’d written before he went blind. Whenever he wants to move around, Amy helps him. He can kind of see, but sometimes still needs a guiding hand when in new locations. She finds him utterly adorable, in all honesty.

She loves all of Mark’s personas in different ways. And she knows they do in return. Well, all except for Dark… she can never tell…

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