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I need you to tell me everything you know about Magnus Bane.
Magnus Bane is the High Warlock of Brooklyn.

               no  more  dreams .     ok  but  like  this  for  a  shippy  possible  nsfw  starter ,  but  specify  for  muse ( s )   !


god….. this guy…..
so here’s everything that happened:

i went to see beautiful again today because i just had to see it again (and i cried so hard ???), and during intermission i spur of the moment just decided to message @akbroadway to see if she and @livefrombway wanted to attempt stagedooring again because like why not, its the last night like its worth a shot. so we’re outside (and we met some other girls who were waiting for him as well lol) and we waited for nearly an hour after the show had gotten out. at this point, nobody from the show was coming out the stagedoor and we were getting nervous like ?? did we miss him ?? and then a lady came out and was like “i’m pretty sure everybody left already” so we were all like ??? should we leave then ??? but then FINALLY HE AND LIAM CAME OUT and ben talked to the other girls first while we talked to liam and he remembered me he was like “oh yeah you’re the tea girl!!!” because i gave him a tea from my etsy shop lol and then ben came over and he saw me and was like “!!! you came back!!!” and i was like !!!!!!!!! he remembered me !!! and i showed him the embroidery of his signature that i finished and he was so into it and he hugged me again and then i gave him a tea (because i forgot to on friday lol) and he was like “!!! teas the day that is so cute omg” (bc thats my shop name lol im lame) and then he hugged me AGAIN and then i asked if we could take another picture and he was like “yeah amy!” HE REMEMBERED MY NAME THOUGH OK so yeah my depression is cured thank you bye


one of my lecturers printed us a step-by-step guide to writing an essay for an assignment we had. i decided to type it up and share it with you guys. i think for the most part it is really useful and a super simple way to break down your essay. hope this helps :~)