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au where ravens trapped foxes with their ridiculous v formation all the same exept they also started stomping and clapping in unison with


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y'know, I don't think zevran ever told dorian what alcohol he reminds him of...

Dorian: So? 

Zevran: So what?

Dorian: Oh don’t play coy with me. You said there was no wine that I reminded you of, so what do I remind you of?

Zevran: Oh right! I had almost forgotten.

Dorian: Forgotten me? Well that is not what a man likes to hear, Zevran. 

Zevran: You are rather dramatic, my friend. But if I may answer your question with a question? Have you ever heard of Aqua Magus?

Dorian: Right, because I’m a mage? I feel as if you’ve given Aveline’s wine description much more thought than my drink. How very disappointing.  

Zevran: Of course not, my over-dramatic friend. While Aqua Magus is infused with refined lyrium, that is not why it made me think of you.

Dorian: No?

Zevran. It’s because it’s bright, but sneaks up on you if you’re not paying attention, and makes your head spin. 

Zevran: …And because it is potentially fatal if ingested in quantity.

Dorian: I’d be offended if that were not true.


Da Vinci’s Demons

Lorenzo: So what does the other side of the world look like?
Leonardo: Different.
Lorenzo: You ever consider staying? Leaving all this behind?
Leonardo: And miss all the fun?

sooooo i hit 500 followers last night !!!!! TYSM I LOVE ALL OF U !!!!! i haven’t rly ever done a gift thingy before so what would u guys like 2 see? i was thinking a base sim dump, putting up the tray files for some characters in my legacy, some sort of collab thingy somehow, or doing a giveaway?? suggestions/opinions?


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Isabela: Teamwork is overrated. Sharing is a bunch of bull, too. And helping others. And what’s all this crap I’ve been hearing about tolerance?
Hawke: Hmm. Your ideas are intriguing to me and I wish to subscribe to your newsletter.

why fenris won't attack dorian on sight

the biggest reason? he doesn’t even attack danarius on sight. when you finally confront him in act 3, fenris doesn’t attack until danarius initiates the battle. hell, if hawke decides to give fenris to danarius, he won’t even fight back. so saying that fenris will automatically attack dorian - someone he doesn’t even know - just because he’s a mage from tevinter (albeit a tevinter mage with bad views on elven slavery but that’s a discussion for another day) is honestly…ridiculous? im not saying that fenris wont be uncomfortable around dorian, but he certainly wouldnt attack the man.

also if you look at the other instances where fenris straight up kills someone outside of battle (the magistrate’s son and danzig the slaver), he always asks hawke for permission first. the rest of the time (hadriana or any slavers who target him in general - basically people he has EVERY RIGHT to attack on sight but still waits) it’s because /they/ attacked him first. there’s no moment in dragon age 2 where fenris spontaneously attacks someone. i mean, he can attack you when you bring him into the fade during feynriel’s quest but that was because a demon was being an asshole. my point still stands.

what im saying is, please stop furthering the idea that fenris is unreasonable and hateful. i get that you’re joking and that many of you are even big fans of his character, but quite frankly, it’s frustrating to see how many people exaggerate some aspects of his personality–to the point where ive had someone tell me that they were afraid to even have fenris in their party because of all the crap they’ve seen.


Hi my name is Rem and I regret drawing a comic bc I only started it like three days ago bUT HERE I AM AND I FINISHED IT ON TIME!!!! minus shading bc heck shading

I’m super proud of this! I always love trying to one-up myself for previous Easters be it with a silly idea or in just this case- a 10 panel comic! 8D
Whip is always fun to draw in his bunny best, and it was fun to make Flick suffer a little for once 

In the past we’ve always been tying up Whip or making him suffer, but this year it was Flick’s turn- though it didn’t come on purpose, rather was just a dumb mistake on her part! 8D;;

This is like.. a seven year running tradition, and it started when we were kids and somehow it’s still going to this day and it’s literally so dumb but I love it so much cx

Happy Easter, Everyone!!


knight-commander puppy eyes

(sort of a companion piece to this)