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YOO Merry Christmas @irishgirl982! I was your secret santa for the @mlsecretsanta​ exchange! :D You requested anything from the lovesquare so here’s some fluffy Adrinette! Hope you enjoy it! C:

  • Hunk, frosting Keith's birthday cake: Hey Lance, how do you spell Keith's name again? I always get the 'i' and 'e' mixed up
  • Lance: I’ll have you know that I got second place in a spelling bee once so you can trust me when I say that it's spelled q-u-i-c-h-e
  • Keith, from across the castle: THAT'S NOT HOW YOU SPELL MY NAME AND YOU KNOW IT LANCE

Chanyeol’s Birthday Countdown: The ABCs of Chanyeol
➥ Day 24 - A for Actor

  • Lies
  • B Dots
  • Covers

So I saw @thatsthat24 latest video and fell in love with the song from it. So I asked if I could record it, and here we are!

My anthem for the new year :D


Arthur came back to life without any warning or whatsoever. He just one day popped up behind Merlin and took him by surprise, aka the merthur au no one needed


palmetto state foxes →  the upperclassmen

Happy ‘If-Then-Else’ Anniversary

On January 6, 2015 the iconic POI episode ‘If-Then-Else’ aired on CBS, elevating this show to a whole new level. It was the episode that got me to go back and watch the show in its entirety, and is the one I anxiously wait for all of my friends to reach. It was so brilliantly written and executed that it’s no surprise that it’s one of the most talked about episodes of this show. I just want to pay a little tribute to it, so all day I’ll be posting stills from what I consider one of my favorite episodes of television ever. 

this last fanfic reading touched my biggest weakness

katie in skirts/dresses