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Shiro Expressions 1/?? (There are captions. I have a sailor’s mouth. I should give that back to them someday. Also I’m not funny. You’ve been warned.)

Some of these I’ve seen other people post before, but some I just haven’t seen enough love for. Pondering doing sets for the other characters, too; there are some great expressions in this show!

I’m still in shock that 100 people actually follow me?? Like guys, I don’t even think that many people like me irl lol okay so thank you to each and every one of my followers I love you all sm and cannot express how much y’all mean to me! So the best I can do for you all are some headcanons (lol does anyone still remember that I’m partially a writing blog too??), blog compliments, and name aesthetics

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a-la-orilla-del-rio  asked:

4D Saitama? :D

@a-la-orilla-del-rio Thank you so so much for requesting me something from this post  and I am so sorry I took so long to do it! I added Genos too cause I am and will forever be saigenos trash but I hope you don’t mind it!!! (if you want me to do it again without Genos, just tell me!)


swaggardenergentlemen  asked:

Can you recommend some philkas fanfics for me. I'm a little picky with fanfics. I'm okay with smut but like not to deep into it?? And nothing to long cause I get bored easily. So maybe like one shots. I'm really bad at finding fics that match my "taste" and I wanted some help.

yeah definitely!!! im pretty weird about fics too. i have some in my fic rec tag which is here. and this is a post made by someone else with some awesome fics in it!! the authors in my fic rec tag all write awesome fic!

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Let me just take a moment – once again – to appreciate Rap Monster’s growth as an artist in this industry.

Some of ya’ll probably haven’t seen that interview seen in this footage yet. I’m not too keen on showing you guys cause it made me so furious for days after watching it.  Seeing it again made all that anger creep back in too. But for retrospecting, if you want to, go ahead and watch that interview here. (Fair warning to those who haven’t seen it… it will make you grit your teeth)

As I’ve probably mentioned in one out of my countless posts about RM, this is something I greatly admire of him. He now has grown out of “I hate being idol”, “Don’t judge me, there’s more to it than what you think” mindset, to “I love what I do, who I am, regardless of labels and how people see me as… I’m gonna keep doing what I do.”

Having seen that maturity in him made me feel so proud. And this segment just proves who are the ones still caught up or not over this ridiculous what-should-be “hiphop” and what-should-be-not. Namjoon probably gave the wisest answer to this long controversial topic against him and other idol rappers. None of this matters to him anymore, as long as he’s doing what he loves to do. And that makes him a much bigger person than he was way back then.

I’m just really happy to witness this change of mindset in him. Sure, he isn’t perfect. He’s made a lot of mistakes and blunders in the past, and I’m sure he’s still gonna make a lot of mistakes that’s likely to be problematic however, you can’t deny how he grew and matured a lot ever since, and I’m proud to see it all. 

I’ve been diagnosed with light zinc poisoning today. It’s nothing too serious, but it causes me some bloody fatigue and nausea. But I’ve got responsibilities, so this shall not affect the blog. I just want to apologise for not posting more than one reaction a day…

hey, I have some time on my hands and I’d like to spend it doing something fun so if you want me to draw out your url like/reblog this post then shoot me an ask saying, “Oi oi!” Following me isn’t necessary but it would be nice. For the record, I may take my time with some of these and do them in however order I want because some ideas come quicker than others! Also if your url is too long I might not be able to do it I apologize, however I can write your name for you instead. Those of you who have already gotten one from me before can ask for a second one.

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