posting car selfies at 2 am

anonymous asked:

Okay I'm confused. What is all this drama about Dan going to the Bahamas?

Uuhhh a couple of days ago Dan tweeted a shady cryptic tweet about being in the Bahamas but it was such a weird tweet that no one actually knew if he was in the Bahamas. So everyone was panicking, but a fun kind of panic, trying to figure out if he was in the Bahamas, if Phil was with him, why he was in the Bahamas and why Dan would post such a weird tweet. Then it came out there was a room in the playlist live hotel called Bahamas, then apparently the annual playlist live party was Bahamas themed, then Phil was spotted alone at playlist, then they were both spotted on a balcony somewhere, then they were both at universal studios. Dan tweeted a picture of a plane ticket to the Bahamas which seems to check out (the airline is real, the airline had a flight from Orlando to the Bahamas that night, and one back a (it’s a two hour flight)) but was four hours after he disappeared and watched us burn. Then the day after he said he was only there for 2 hours which would give him time to be back for universal studios and stuff. The tweets and pictures are on his twitter just scroll down a bit. Anyway yeah that’s when the entire phandom collectively unstanned Dan until he posted a selfie. 10/10 would still meet in tescos car park at 2 am for a fight with all the stress he’s caused.