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like taako clearly doesn’t have much self worth, he sees himself as a failed and disgraced celebrity chef, mostly. i think his whole “im taako from tv and im the greatest fucking thing you ever saw” shtick is just a cover up, he admitted that the reason he joined the BoB was because he was afraid no one else would take him. IRT the last post i reblogged and the tags i added, i think taako’s self confidence was probably stronger in his IPRE days when he and lup were holding each other up. in these last two episodes he seems like he genuinely likes being with her and isn’t afraid to express that, as opposed to later in the BoB days when he’d outwardly show annoyance in being around magnus and merle, even if he does honestly love and care about them, he doesn’t show it like he shows affection towards lup

HEYO STAR WARS FAM! it’s me, calling from the other side. Lmao, I am so funny, rip. ANYWAY, there has been a LOT of negativity in the fandom lately and meanwhile, I am more than HAPPY that I do not have any part in it, I do see some of it on my dash. It makes me SAD &&. makes me think about how we used to be ( wow, cheesy ) when I joined, the fandom wasn’t like THIS but well, time never stops ( *fight the urge to athlete student meme this —* ). So, I know, I know - this post won’t change ANYTHING but I just wanted to do something to maybe cheer us all up a little. Negativity should not take over a fandom and should not be the reason people neglect their blogs. Have your Clique, have your faves as long as YOU feel comfortable because THAT is all that matters. And now, something bright &&. nice so yes, under the cut are some Positive Callouts!! happy reading and spread the positive vibes! 

xoxo Antonia

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Alright I didn’t want to say this in my earlier post for privacy reasons but I’ll say it now.

If I take a break from writing, it is not just because of these anons. It is because I want to take time to be with my nan due to her cancer. I don’t know how long she has left. I’m currently spending two and a half days at her house looking after her which means hoisting her into bed (it is not dignified to be hoisted in the air with a nightdress flapping open), having to empty her catheter/urine bag, making sure she’s not in a great deal of pain.

If I take a break from the fandom or writing, it may in part be due to anon hate, yes, but also for my own health in regards to my grandmother.

I hope you understand.

So I can’t be the only one who noticed right? Dan being smol in baking vids 😉

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I feel like a fucking idiot because someone just explained to me that Alex doesn’t shoot himself, Tyler shoots him! That’s why Tyler had a gun and that’s why he takes Alex’s picture down from the series of pictures he had hung up. He’s killing them in order.


recent collection of jimin and his (?) baby ft. jungkook lol (more descriptions in the captions)
i’m still debating where this kid came from (eg. coz of abo, from a mysterious affair, it’s actually baby jm, legit he’s their kid, or born from a peach come down from the heavens IDK YET)

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Jieun’s Personality + theory on her purpose

So there’s a lot of buzz surrounding Jieun, her personality, and her ultimate fate after chapter 18. In terms of her potential death, it’s a huge probability she won’t live, there’s really no reason for her to stay alive much longer. Now what’s always interested me is how much of chapter 15 and 16 were dedicated to her background and even her own thoughts and internal dialogue. I don’t think Jieun will just be another unfortunate victim of Sangwoo.

A good portion of this post is going to be dedicated to taking a better look at Jieun’s personality in relation to Sangwoo, I won’t go into her treatment of Bum because that’s been hashed out tons of times by now. So there’s Sangwoo’s infamous speech about how she’s shallow and only into appearances, and while it was very intense and elaborate, I have plenty of reason to believe that he was wrong and only spoke so much to make a half assed justification for killing her. Let’s look at some parts of his dialogue:

So Sangwoo is the type of person to use any excuse to kill anyone, it doesn’t matter what they do. The first girl he killed because he felt she challenged his ego, Sangwoo said he killed the old man because he stuck his dick in his face, and now Jieun is about to die because he says she doesn’t deserve anyone for cursing people who don’t look good. It doesn’t matter to Sangwoo whether or not he’s wrong but, he’s kind of wrong.

This is our introduction to Jieun, the first impression of her is that she seems to be bored with being told she’s hot, it’s a reasonable assumption that she’s frequently told that she’s beautiful. She’s the kind of person that didn’t put much effort into anything because she’s never had to try. Things are handed to her for being so pretty, and it’s actually gotten old for her at this point

But then here she is, putting effort into her appearance, getting out of her way and actually trying to look good for Sangwoo. He is clearly special to her just by this small action. Although initially she wasn’t interested in him.

Here is more insight into Jieun’s mind and how she used to perceive Sangwoo, she wasn’t interested in his appearance, but they began to hang out more and she was swept away by the persona he created. When they were singing their duet, there was a montage of moments between them that she was reflecting on. It’s very clear she’s developed feelings for him, not based solely off of his looks, but because of how he treated her as well. Jieun gets flustered when Sangwoo says she’s pretty, not because of the compliment of being told she’s pretty, but because it’s coming from him. 

Now given that Jieun has had a decent amount of time dedicated to her personality, thoughts, and even some development, what does this mean for her purpose in the story? She’s been given more attention than Sangwoo’s other murder victims, it would be a waste if she was just killed and never heard from again. 

My personal belief is that Jieun will become a martyr of sorts, she has the ability to be the catalyst for Sangwoo being caught. Jieun is within his social circle, and Sangwoo was the last person she was in contact with. It wouldn’t take too much work to connect the two together (maybe her going missing would even bring back Seungbae into the plot). And if she did become the key to Sangwoo’s downfall, then that would almost be as satisfying as when she punched Sangwoo in the eye.

When Bucky comes home, the apartment is empty, which, admittedly, isn’t exactly what he had been expecting.

For as long as Bucky’s known him, Steve has never once failed to greet him when he’d get home on his birthday. Not back in Brooklyn, and certainly not since Bucky came back to live with the guy here in the Twentieth century.

Steve takes birthdays very seriously. Even when he shouldn’t – something Bucky has experienced first hand, more than once. Like that time Steve had insisted on baking him a birthday cake, despite the fact that Steve’s the kind of guy who can’t even boil water successfully. The mere memory makes Bucky’s throat constrict, and he quickly pushes the thought away before it can grow all too vivid.

He sets his bag down by the door and toes off his shoes. It’s a weird rule, but he knows that Steve will throw a minor fit if Bucky walks in with his boots on – especially seeing as it has been pouring rain all day long.

Bucky’s jacket is still dripping a little as he hangs it up. He pulls his metal fingers through his hair, knowing that it’s wet, even though the sensation registered by his nerve endings doesn’t translate exactly the same way as it would have with his other hand. It’s still an odd feeling. Tony’s been working hard on this new sensory module for his arm, and so far, Bucky is now able to actually feel a whole range of different things compared to what he had been before. Heat, cold, and pressure had always been there, but the little things… Those are what throw him off, still.

Like being able to feel the rain, for example. Which had been the reason why he’d decided to walk home in the first place, rather than take a cab – with the left sleeve of his jacket pulled up all the way to the elbow, just because he could.

The rain is his favorite sensation so far, and he’s already relishing in the thought of the similar, falling water in the shower he’s going to take in a matter of minutes, when he spots the Post-It note that’s been stuck to the center of the hallway mirror.

It’s in Steve’s handwriting – soft and curvy – and Bucky tugs it from the mirror with a curious frown. The note says a single word.


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Although the title says speeches, you can really use these tips for writing and presenting any sort of oral presentation. Hope they help :))


  1. Research the topic: Duh. This is really basic but very important. If at all possible, try to have a deeper understanding of the topic than needed, you don’t want to be caught out by a difficult question.
  2. Have an introduction: Include your name, the topic you’ll be discussing and why you chose it. Even if you were given the topic, try and say what you found interesting about it (make it seem like it’s not just for a good grade). Personally, I wouldn’t outline any key points in your talk here, you don’t want people to zone out due to an information overload.
  3. The main body of your talk: Try and link the points together with phrases such as: to reinforce the previous idea, similarly, to clarify, in contrast to that, conversely etc. Just try to make it sound cohesive and not like you’re saying whatever pops into your head. I’d say to include a minimum of 3 points, but that can vary depending on what’s required.
  4. Devices: List things as triads (in 3s), this gives a nice rhythm and flow. Use rhetorical questions(!)- this is especially important in speeches and persuasuve writing. You want your audience to really think and examine the information you have given them, not just half-listen to whatever you’re on about.
  5. A brief conclusion: Summary of main points, pretty standard stuff. But you should thank the audience for their time, it just leaves a really good impression and clearly says you’ve finished speaking.


  1. Have confidence: If you don’t think you’re worth listening to, no one else will either! You know this topic like the back of your hand, you’ll do great.
  2. Speak clearly: Kinda to do with confidence. Nice and loud so you can be heard, enunciate (but don’t be too overdramatic lmao-people can go a bit crazy with this one).
  3. Know your notes: Not necessarily off by heart (sometimes I think this just gives you more problems bc if you blank, you’re screwed), but don’t stare at them the whole time. Look down every know and then but don’t have your nose glued to the page!
  4. Practice: Similar to knowing your notes, I wouldn’t recommend learn it off by heart. If something throws you and you lose your train of thought, you’re screwed. Most importantly, you need to practice out loud, and in front of a mirror- if you have one. Again, you’re building confidence and creating a routine so it’s not as daunting when you do the real thing.
  5. Visual aids: Use colours, graphs, images or whatever else to get your point across. Power points are great, but even just a poster works. I put this one last because it’s not necessary but if it’s possible, 100% you should do it because: 
    1. Takes the focus off you (great if you’re self-conscious/worried about going up in front of a group to present- this is the main reason I use visuals)
    2. A reminder in case you blank
    3. Stops you rambling/getting distracted and going off topic
    4. Grabs the audience’s attention (why do you think studyblrs often use cute images at the top of posts?- it draws people in!)

Well, I hope that helps out and that you have a few new tricks up your sleeve! Good luck with your presentations/speeches and feel free to message me if there are any bits of this post that don’t make sense or if you have any thoughts/ideas :)))

cvvtx  asked:

Hi! This is really random but I bumped into one of your posts and I've ALWAYS been interested in witchcraft since I was really young. Recently I keep thinking about it and stuff but idk where to begin. I was wondering if you could tell me?:)

Sure, I’ll try my best! I do have a beginner tag where you can find this original post, but I’m going to copy and paste the majority of it for the purpose of this ask.

“I’m going to start off with three things you should consider before deciding to be a witch. These are not necessary, but are suggestions.

One - What is your primary goal or what you want to achieve from becoming a witch? If you are just interested in it for the aesthetic, or because you think it will make you look cool, I would reconsider the reason behind your interest. This isn’t to say that people haven’t come to witchcraft this way and have been successful, but it may take you longer to grow into. Something else to consider is that having this identity can be dangerous depending on your location and situation. Those that dress as witches for the aesthetic are probably not trying to be harmful, but can sometimes cause a false sense of belonging to those that are practicing witches. (I asked a girl once if she was a witch because she wore a pentacle and I was looking for a local friend and she laughed at me.) Being a witch is often lonely and kept as a personal identification.

Two - Witchcraft can be happy and sunshine and rainbows, but at it’s base it is not something to laugh about. Witchcraft is about using the world around you and bending it to your will. That is a huge responsibility to have on your shoulders, as what you do can often affect others around you, whether you mean it or not. You have to be able to accept that witchcraft means work, responsibility and dedication. It is not a toy.

Three - Not everything you see is up for grabs when it comes to magical practices. There is (yes, there is) such a thing as Cultural Appropriation and it is a harmful thing to spread and practice. I’ll leave you more information on this later, but the point is that not all practices and paths are open for you to explore. You need to be able to look at everything objectively and do research and ask questions. Where does this practice come from? Who started it? What culture is it from? More often than not, when you engage in these types of practices, you are not even getting the original information. Why would you want to so something that is just a half-assed version? It’s disrespectful and harmful to the actual, living people of color (POC) that still practice the original forms of magic or ideology that so easily gets passed off as “ancient and mystical” when it is really just a white-washed version.

Some other tidbits to keep in mind.

Magic is not black and/or white. It is a neutral force that you bend to your intentions. Calling “good” magic white, and “bad” magic black only propagates racial inequality and the subliminal message that POC are evil.

You don’t have to be Wiccan to be a witch. Wicca is a religion/cult/practice where members worship the god and goddess, revere nature and often use magic in order to supplement worship. They follow The Rede and the Three-Fold Law. Most of what you will see on Tumblr is actually Neo-Wicca, which does not require a practitioner to be initiated into a group by way of a Priestess or otherwise. Wicca is an initiatory cult. Neo-Wicca is based off of Wiccan teachings, and often allows the practitioner to be solitary.

You can follow a religion (any) or you can not follow a religion. Witchcraft can be viewed as a religion on its own, but generally speaking it is a practice that can be blended with religion or not.

Witchcraft does not equal Satanism - as Satanism has many forms and ideologies it branches to as well, some not even involving magic.

You don’t have to be pagan or worship any deities to be a witch.

You don’t need to be white to be a witch. (I’ve been asked this!!!)

You don’t need to be straight to be a witch.

You don’t need to be able-bodied to be a witch.

You don’t need crystals.

You don’t need fancy tools.

You don’t need to read Tarot.

You don’t need an Ouija board.

You don’t need to communicate with spirits.

You don’t need a familiar.

You don’t have a spirit animal unless you are Native American and studying in a tribe. (Please read this post)

Smudging is also NA, see above. Please refer to it as smoke cleansing.

You can curse.

You can choose not to curse.

You don’t have to practice every day.

You can take extended breaks.

You don’t even have to call yourself a witch! Witch is a gender neutral term, but some feel uncomfortable using it because of its feminine history. You could use Wix, sorcerer(ess), magician, practitioner, cunning man/woman, etc. You don’t even need a title at all.

You don’t need a magical name unless you want one.

I’m sure I’m forgetting something along the way, but the bottom line is that whatever you choose to do, you are valid. All you need is yourself and the drive to learn and practice, whatever that may mean to you. There is no right or wrong way to be a witch, unless you are doing something that is harmful to oppressed cultures and people.”

Reading Material

Mostly, I’ll be using my tags for this, so that you can peruse as you wish!

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Cultural Appropriation in Witchcraft - can get a bit heated, so take that into consideration.

Deities - offerings and masterposts of pantheons

Witch Tips - beginner friendly tips

Spoonie Witchcraft - beginner friendly and good for low energy work

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Coffee - also a witchy essential

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Crystals - lots of pictures, some informational posts and precautions.

Curses - if you dare

Kitchen Witchcraft

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Tarot Tips - side blog

Other Divination

Anything else you are welcome to search on my blog by typing in word here) or you can visit my FAQ for more information.

Blog Recommendations

























































Some of these blogs do overlap with witchcraft and divination, but these are people I follow and respect. If you have any questions please feel free to send me and ask or message me! That goes for anyone :)

Reasons why I love every SVT member

I have laughed AN D CRIED a lot because of this fine group. I’m sure many others can relate to that.
I would like to take some time to appreciate and note the members individually because they all deserve the world, thanks.
(Prepare yourselves, I wrote lots???? Like…. lots.


Some might say that Seungcheol isn’t fit to be in charge of the group. Well let me tell ya baby boyz why he most certainly is. S. Coups naturally has that fatherly type of image. Like “dad of the year” award type of fatherly. There is something about him that influences others to feel protected. He genuinely cares for all of the members and keeps everyone’s emotions in line. It takes a special kind of person to do that. One incident that spoke volumes to me was how he handled “Seventeen Project.” He knew when things were starting to take a negative turn and he wasn’t afraid to voice his opinions. (In a calm and rational way). BOI I CRIED. Despite the put-together (and sometimes tough) image he projects, he’s a rather sensitive person. The reason why he’s so supportive is because he longs for support himself. I think being in Seventeen has made him feel a sense of belonging. The mans has done a wonderful job and he deserves respect. I don’t think there is anyone else meant to be leader.  

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I feel like this needs to be said, because some people just aren’t getting it. Feel free to take this image and post it else where if you like - I’m giving everyone full permission to! 

The information above is just things I could think of off the top of my head. The list of things they’ve done for their fans, and for the people around them, goes on forever. I can’t even make a list of reasons why I am grateful for these two, the list would be way to long. 

But the shit really needs to stop … It really does. You may see it as “Just jokes” as stated above but it’s really not … It’s cyber bullying. 


Hey! Do you like sprites? Do you like sprite EDITS? Who are we kidding, of course you do!

Hi, I’m Kantankerous from Kantankerous’s Emporium of Quality Act Omega Sprite Shit. Tired of your current sprites? Just feeling they’re not up to snuff with the hippest cool kid memes? Well then boy howdy do we have good news for you! 

We got sprites!

Tons of sprites! 


We got so many sprites, some  we didn’t even use in Resume! We got so many sprites that even I haven’t sorted through them all!

Did we mention they’re free?


Indeed, our catalog has the finest collection of free, quality sprites this side of Calcutta! Won’t take my word for it? Here are some testimonials!

“What the fuck is this even supposed to be? Why are you even writing this out, was it really necessary?”

“Sprites? Did you just say… Sprites? 

Yes sir. With or without nuts?


See what I mean? So come on down to Kantankerous’s Emporium of Quality Act Omega Sprite Shit and find out for yourself just how much you’d love a sprite of your own!

Listen there isn’t a single reason you can pull out of your ass to justify Blizzard not putting a reference to Emily in the game.

“But Russia?”

Well either Blizzard takes it like an uh…ethical company? or they gal pal it for Russia. There is no reason why the other versions shouldn’t have an Emily reference in the game just because Russia is homophobic.

Ideas for the Russian Gal palling?

A spray with Emily and Lena similar to the Torbjörn and Brigtte one’s where Lena gives Emily bunny ears

A letter to Winston signed by Lena and Emily

A voice line on King’s Row for Tracer ‘I could visit Emily afterwards’ or ‘Hey Winston! Em’s discovered this nice new restaurant. Wanna go there afterwards?’

for the other versions, they can make it gayer of course.

Assumption: Akaashi is annoyed by Bokuto whereas Kuroo can handle Bokuto better

my claim: Akaashi and Kuroo act similarly (almost the same way) towards Bokuto but people tend to interpret Akaashi as more “cold” towards Bokuto because he’s a more stoic character.

Spoilers for: the manga (owls vs cats), the short comic (”super forgetful”)

Evidence underneath the cut:

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(Now, I was originally planning on posting this on my personal blog, but seeing as this blog gets more notes on my posts and is more Undertale oriented, I’ll be posting it here.)

Now, I’ve seen a lot of ship hate going around. Of course, there’s always going to be Frans and Fontcest haters, but I’ve recently seen a lot of hate on more popular ships like Soriel. I haven’t seen any posts bringing this topic up, so I decided to post it myself.

I’m not here to be a mascot for Soriel, Undyrus, and other ships, but I’m here to bring up the topic of ship hate. I don’t care what someone ships. You should never, NEVER hate on them for it. I don’t care if it’s Frans, Soriel, Fontcest, Sanscest, Papycest, it’s unacceptable.

What IS acceptable, however, is kindly asking someone to not hate on your ship. However, please do not SHOVE your ship into someone else’s face because it’s ‘The Right Ship’. There’s no such thing as a right ship. Everyone is entitled to their own, personal opinions.

Now, a while ago Undertale Amino had placed a ship ban because of people hating of ships. Some of the ships included in the ship ban were Charisk, Chasriel, and Friskriel because it was considered at ‘Incest’. Heck, someone even said that Charisk is technically SELFCEST! Now, they weren’t entirely specific on this topic. There are AUs where Frisk and Chara aren’t siblings, same with Chara and Asriel and Frisk and Asriel. When it comes to Chara, Frisk, and Asriel, you have to be specific on limitations because of the amount of AUs where they aren’t siblings.

Scooting back closer to the topic of ship hate, I don’t care what the ship is. The only reason to 'hate’ on someone is if they are being rude to you. Not your ship, but you as a human being. There have been people going as far to say that ships like Soriel and Undyrus are 'Crack Ships’. In my eyes, nothing is a crack ship. But then again, that’s my opinion that a lot of people won’t agree with.

Like I mentioned earlier, there is no such thing as a 'Right’ ship. None of it is wrong, none of it is right. When you ship something, you’re usually taking two or more fictional characters and liking the idea of them being romantically together. There’s nothing wrong with this. I don’t care if it’s 'Disgusting’, because all you have to do is unfollow the blog if you dislike the ship instead of telling them how to run their blog and what to ship. Let me put it in an example. Let’s say that it’s Election Day, and you’re planning to vote for Donald Trump. However, someone says that you can’t vote for Donald Trump because they don’t like Donald Trump, and that you have to vote for Hillary Clinton because that’s who they’re going to vote for.

Converting the example to our little shipping talk, you’re basically telling someone they can’t ship something, because you ship something else, and you don’t like their ship, therefore they have to ship what you ship.

Now going to the topic of Frans hate. I don’t ship Frans, but I respect that other people do. Just like everyone should respect that other people ship other things. I’ve seen a lot of blogs receive hate for shipping Frans because it’s pedophilia. However, there are AUs where Frisk is 'old enough’ to date Sans. Yet the blogs with those very AUs still get hate for shipping Frans. Evidence for Frans being 'Pedophilia’ is a line that MK says in the game, which is something along the lines of “Yo, you wear a stripped shirt too? Well then, you must be a kid just like me!”. But honestly, ANYONE can wear stripes. Just because other kids in the game such as Chara and Asriel wear stripes doesn’t mean that wearing stripes automatically makes you a kid in the game. Even if you are a kid in the game, there are AU’S where Frisk is an adult and dating Sans, therefore there’s no room for the argument of Pedophilia is Frisk is an adult in an alternate universe.

Therefore, there’s absolutely NO REASON for hating on a ship just because it’s 'wrong’, because it isn’t. There’s no such thing as a wrong ship. Telling someone that they should ship something else because their ship is 'wrong’ is taking away their freedom of speech. Everyone is allowed to ship whatever they want, whether it be 'wrong’ or 'Right’.

I’m going to be tagging as many fandoms as possible in this post, because even though it’s mostly Undertale related, it’s an important lesson for everyone who is in a fandom and actively ships something.

I’m tagging some people that I hope will reblog and spread the word, if you are tagged, please reblog. If you don’t, I completely understand.


Thanks for reading.

Libra Drags 🔪

It needs to happen. Anyone feel free to add or join in. (I’m a double libra with libra dominance so I like to think this comes from a truthful place. I work on fixing this stuff everyday)

-sucks at taking advice. Will agree with the advice giver, think about it, and then continue with their destructive ways because it’s what they are more familiar and comfortable with
-desperately needs people to like them and think of them as kind, thoughtful, intelligent. If Libras sense someone dislikes them, it can become an obsession to change their minds
-speaking of obsessions, often will fixate on celebrities, idols, movies/music/books to escape from reality
-special snowflake syndrome, needs to feel superior (but will act inferior around others to gain their trust/sympathy)
-is quite smart but does not put it to good use. has really dumb oblivious moments.
-unhealthy detaches themselves from their emotions because they are too overwhelming to properly deal with
-either too goofy or too serious
-actual diet of an amusement park raccoon. incredibly unhealthy food habits. counts sitting up in bed as exercise. denies how they actually look.
-mostly aware of their faults but will continue to project onto others anyways
-many acquaintances, few friends, doesn’t 100% trust anyone
-angsty af
-puts effort into the wrong people, wrong outlets, wrong everything
-mood fluctuates like crazy
-sleep affects mood. Bad sleep = cranky af. Good dreams = blissful angel
- says “chill” but has never once been chill in their lives
-escapism through imagination
-pessimistic and idealistic at the same time and it’s confusing
-knows how to act mature, chooses to be immature
-snaps easily and takes it out on the wrong people
-angry. rage rage rage rage. hides it poorly
-is mean to the ones they care actually care about
-possessive of friends and their stuff
-incredibly perverse and dark thoughts.
-knows they are an asshole, continues to act like an asshole
-ego is either nonexistent or the size of 100 elephants stacked on top of each other
-can actually be hollow
-sad af and feels they have no reason or right to be, waters-down emotions
-purposely picks fights just so they have something to complain about
-would willing cut off a limb for you but secretly hold it against you forever and hate you for it
-thinks they are entitled to success and people’s affections
-scared of actually doing something to improve themselves because it would mean they’d have to change

any of you feel these? let me know 😄🔥🔥

if you do, take this as a sign to work on fixing your problems. This post is mostly for fun but astrology is meant to help us understand ourselves. If you know you need to work on things, do it. Words are nothing. Action is everything. Start now. Be the best version of yourself everyday ✨

Hi guys! So someone recently told me my art is on Instagram! Which is weird! Because I definitely don’t remember putting it up there or being asked if it was ok to put up. So I just wanted to be clear: please don’t repost my art without permission. Don’t give other people permission to repost it. 

Stumbling upon your work on another person’s account is a terrible feeling. 

I’m glad my art makes you happy but that’s not a reason to screenshot it and post it on your own account. Not cool. 

I made an instagram account and asked a few of them to take my stuff down but there is a lot of art on here and here that I know hasn’t been run by the original artists.  

“But i’m giving the artist credit! That makes it ok!’

No.  If the artist hasn’t given you consent to post their work, it’s not ok.

why you don’t run ana/mercy in competitive

don’t take me as the authority on the matter or whatever, this post is just advice. i know the majority of my active ow following consists of healer mains so if you play comp this might helpful. i’ve played in everywhere from upper gold to mid diamond.

ok so. ana and mercy are both tank healers for obvious reasons: they have the highest healrates out of the four healers. ana’s biobomb and m1 shots (if she can land them) give her a very high healrate, same with mercy’s beam.

on a 2-2-2 comp, you probably want at least one tank healer. zen/luci can still be good but you get less healing. they’d be a little better for a team with a hog (he has self-heal) and/or winston/ (they have mobility - can get to health packs more easily, aren’t as confined to one spot), and of course, zen’s orbs work pretty well for sticking on the flankers and pharah. w/ 3tank, you really need a tank healer, but preferably ana unless the mercy is VERY good.

the problem with having both ana and mercy is that with them, you don’t have a defensive ult. if your mercy’s down, ana’s ult can be ok as a defence on the one boosted teammate, but the rest of your team is easily fucked over. a boost won’t help much in a grav, either. mercy CAN rez after the teamfight, but she has to stay alive and be kept alive. running mercy is ALWAYS high risk, medium-to-high reward. i don’t consider her rez a defensive ult (it’s more support utility, like symm’s ults) because it doesn’t soak up damage.

if you have both ana and mercy on attack, it’s less of a shot in the foot because you’re less likely to need a defensive ult. but lucio’s sound barrier and zen’s trans are very useful for cushioning the damage your team would otherwise be taking in a teamfight. you definitely want at least one of them on defence because again, if your mercy dies or doesn’t have rez, you’re fucked in a teamfight, particularly a teamfight where ults are being used, unless your team can get kills. but this still does apply to attack, as losing a teamfight can mean the enemy team just gets to push forward to mop you up.

  • ana/zen: good for dpsing
  • ana/luci: has lucio’s speed/aura to complement ana’s high healrate
  • mercy/zen: good for a spread out team
  • mercy/luci: is good for diving

and each supp has their own perks

  • ana: high healrate, entire kit is solid - her biobomb and dart are fantastic, offensive ult w/ nanoboost (can be used defensively)
  • zen: can heal teammates off doing their own thing, has discord orb to be a nightmare to enemy tanks and pharahs, can output high dps, defensive ult w/ trans
  • lucio: heal aura helps against enemy chip dmg, speedboost which imo is underutilized, defensive ult w/ soundbarrier (can be used offensively, very good for pushing)
  • mercy: high healrate, dmg boost and of course the infamous and infinitely aggravating rez

and heroes whom they work well with

  • zen: tracer, genji, winston, pharah (flankers and pharah tend to be off a little bit, so he can easily heal them at a distance without needing to take sight off the fray like ana would)
  • ana: tanks, obviously
  • mercy: pharah, obviously. teams w/ vertical mobility heroes (genji, pharah, sombra i guess, hanzo, widow,, winston, lucio) can be good to help her get around and onto high ground.
  • lucio: everyone really, but his speedboost can be very good with dpses especially with stuff like genji’s ult or a nanoboosted teammate

tl;dr: ana/mercy have high healrate but no defensive ult which can fuck you over in a teamfight especially if mercy dies. this is why it’s good to have a luci/zen.


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