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Fairy Tale Meme:

8 Heroes - [Urashima Taro]

“Have you ever seen Rin Gin, the Palace of the Dragon King of the Sea, Urashima?”

The fisherman shook his head and replied; “No; year after year the sea has been my home, but though I have often heard of the Dragon King’s realm under the sea I have never yet set eyes on that wonderful place. It must be very far away, if it exists at all!”

“Is that really so? You have never seen the Sea King’s Palace? Then you have missed seeing one of the most wonderful sights in the whole universe. It is far away at the bottom of the sea, but if I take you there we shall soon reach the place. If you would like to see the Sea King’s land I will be your guide.”


Wysteria Squad / Stein Squad (click images for higher res and captions)

Drew the whole group for this blog’s one year anniversary (07.16.15)! All of you make my otome gaming experience so much better, thank you! :D

White hot scars mar her hands and wrists from the poorly handled lightning bolts of her youth. They spread up her arms in twisted spider webs to remind her that she is stronger than she was. The sun has kissed her face a thousand times and left a mark with each one; another reminder – that it is not just in wind and storm that her power lies.

Around her neck is a dragon’s tooth, carefully carved with the crest of the family she left, by the man who left her. Beneath it is the emblem of a God who told her her destiny (a cruel one, to be mocked and mocked again in the silence between breaths) and sent her on her way to face it.

She is thunder and rain, wind and sun. She is tired, and beneath it all, she is terrified.

My girl, I promise you. These storms are only trying to wash you clean.

Ijahna Oalli of Clan Sere’in

[7.12-13.16 (I’m posting this at midnight because I lowkey don’t know how to queue… It’s fine guys)]
Look what has arrived! My copy of Animal Farm got here late Monday evening, and I had a fairly slow day today so I managed to do an initial read through. Next step is to annotate for the themes so I can get to work on my summer project!

i feel like i should make this post. because its midnight and who is even on?

anyways. i believe it was i who started the ‘who gets to name ships’ discourse. because the words being tossed around sound exactly like stuff i said before this blew out of proportion, and i still stand by it. or maybe so many of us thought literally the exact same thing. who knows.

content creators for ships and people who are actively fans of it should be the people who have a say in the name. don’t worry, i’ll explain before you start going ‘BUT BUT’

i wont reblog the post, because it means nothing. my words will have just as little impact overall on people’s behavior (and i blocked the blog long ago). but i will make it here. yes, as a poor, disabled fan who struggles to make content, i will tell you about the ‘olden days’ of the ygo fandom, before ‘ship blogs’ started voting on names. 

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ist back to school season, i already got the most part of my school supplies, i going to post about that tomorrow, because is already midnight xDD…
And probably tomorrow im geting my hair done, i don´t know if is going to be gray or pink, or blue…

Alright so today is July 7th meaning I have 27 days until my friends and I leave for Edmonton to attend this year’s Animethon.

Because I am what the cool kids call a “huge dumb dumb”, I’ve (foolishly) decided to add a 3rd cosplay for this year: Amber the fall maiden from RWBY.

Usually I just post pictures of the finished product (and post them at like midnight-2am because that’s who I am as a person) but this time around I’m going to be documenting my progress (and set backs and stupid mistakes)

If, for whatever reason you don’t want to see any off this, I’ll be putting it under the tag “fall maiden wip”

Wish me luck!