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Mind doing a Ballora x female nightguard reader?


Here we go!! Ballora x Female! Night guard! Reader

(Y/N) means Your Name


The sounds of metal gnawing on metal, steel rubbing on steel, rang through the room. Darkness embraced a certain night guard, using a phone as a light. The horrible, deafening sound continued for what seemed to be hours or even days. The cold embrace of emptiness surrounded the poor girl, hugging her knees, she tried her best to keep as quiet as possible, hoping that they wouldn’t find her. 

Then, the sound began to fade, and the animatronic finally seemed to leave the room. To be extra sure, the girl waited and counted in her head and stayed silent for 50 seconds, and so far, there was nothing but silence. A wave of relief washed over the girl, sighing and taking in a good deep breath before a familiar voice rang in her head. 

“When your guide comes back online, he is going to tell you that he was unsuccessful, that you must restart the system manually.” The girl jumped back, but listened neither less.

“He will tell you to crawl through Ballora Gallery as fast as you can to reach the Breaker room,”

“If you follow his instructions, you will die.” The emphasized word sent shivers down the girl’s spine. “Ballora will not return to her stage anymore, she will catch you,” The voice continued.

“The power will be restored shortly. When you crawl through Ballora gallery, go slowly, she can not see you and can only listen to your movement.” The voice advised,

“When you hear her music become louder she is growing near, listening for you.” The girl gulped,

“Wait, and be still.” And just as the voice had said earlier, the Handy unit returned online and told the girl to go to the Breaker Room by crawling through Ballora Gallery as fast as she could. (Y/N), the said night guard, mustered up the courage to get up and go through the vent system and into Ballora Gallery. 

Grabbing her phone and turning on the flashlight, (Y/N) stared at the door at the end of the room, seeming to be miles and miles away. She took a deep breath before going on all fours and began to crawl as quietly as she could. 

Calm down (Y/N), you just gotta do what that voice told you and you’ll be fine,” The girl reassured herself in her head, before proceeding to crawl. The girl went slowly, trying to be as light as possible. Then, the sound of a music box playing reached her ears, (Y/N) she froze. The music went on for several seconds, before fading and returning to the silence. (Y/N) shook her head, and continued.

She swore that the door would seem to move away from her every time she took a step forward. She gulped and quickened her pace, only to pause when she heard the same music return to her ears. The sound grew louder, indicating that Ballora was nearing her. She stopped, almost dead in her tracks, and stayed silent. The music then faded to her left, and into silence once more. 

(Y/N) sighed and proceeded once again. She did the same thing when she heard the music, pausing and waiting for the sad melody to pass by and continuing on with her small journey. 

Music nears her, stop, music disappears, continue.

Then, she saw that she was nearing the door, she wanted to run towards the door, but she knew that if she did, she would be dead before she would even know it. She crawled slowly and stopped when she heard the melody return once more, approaching faster this time. Her ears rang as the music grew closer and closer, until it was right beside her. 

(Y/N) knew that she was dangerously close to Ballora, and if she made a move now she would be dead, so she waited, but trembled. She waited for the music to pass by, she lifted her phone slightly and saw Ballora dancing right in front of her, (Y/N)’s eyes widened as she stared at the tall animatronic, and waited for her to pass by. 

But then, she felt a wave of dust began to tickle her nose, and accidentally the girl inhaled it. (Y/N) did her best to try and hold back, but she felt the inside of her nose irritating, burning. 

She sneezed, 

And to her horror, the music stopped just to her right, not moving, not fading, but stopped entirely. 

Oh no,” (Y/N) knew that Ballora heard her, and the fact that Ballora had heard her would mean… 

(Y/N) trembled in fear, her skin crawled in ways she wouldn’t believe it could. She turned her head slightly, she was frozen to the stop. She was too frightened to stand up and run, too scared. But she knew that if she did run, it would’ve made things worse and she wouldn’t dare deal from an animatronic just behind her tail. 

She heard the music growing louder and louder, until it was right beside her ear, Ballora knew where she was now, tears threatened to spill from the frightened girl’s eyes. She knew that she was a dead man - errr woman.

(Y/N) shut her eyes tight, and waited for whatever was coming to her. She hoped that the pain was swift,

But then, the music stopped altogether, and silence was all that was there. She couldn’t hear anything. The girl lifted her flashlight once more, and opened her eyes and saw the animatronic right beside her. She looked up, and saw the terrifying face of the animatronic facing her. 

“Hello there,” Ballora’s voice rang, an echo accompanying her voice. (Y/N) was beyond shocked. 

Ballora bent down, and the girl could hear the metal creaking as she bent down. 

“You sneezed,” Ballora’s voice echoed, but she heard what she meant to say clearly. (Y/N) blinked, not quite expecting to hear this from a creepy animatronic. 

“Why are you sneaking through my room?” The animatronic questioned the girl. (Y/N) couldn’t say anything, still baffled and scared to see the intimidating animatronic right in front of her. But she knew she had to talk, a feeling boiled in her stomach. 

“I-I…” Was all she could muster, 

“I… N-need to go… To t-the end of this r-room,” (Y/N) stuttered.

“Why is that?” Ballora asked, 

“I… I w-was told to fix s-something,” The girl stuttered once more. 

“What are you to fix?” The animatronic asked once again,

“T-The power…” 

Silence soon followed, only the sounds of metal spinning could be heard, and the slightly quickened breath of the human girl. Although, the girl had to admit, the music was quite sad but soothing nonetheless. Even though in the game the sound sounded quite creepy,

“I like your song…” The girl suddenly said, without thinking. (Y/N) was shocked by her words, she shut her mouth, hoping she didn’t say anything to anger the animatronic. 

“Why, thank you.” Ballora simply said, there was a tune in her voice that made her… Cheery. The girl blinked, sighing in relief to the animatronic’s response.

“So you enjoy these kinds of songs,” Ballora said. 

(Y/N) merely nodded, although she was sure that the animatronic couldn’t see her response because the animatronic’s eyes were closed, seemingly screwed together. 

“I hope I get to sing more melodies with you, you are the only one who enjoys my music,”

Thats it! Well, I’m quite bad at doing stories and stuff so hehehehhe, but I actually like to write stories tho, :3

Hope you like it! 

Last night was like the perfect Friday night. After living it up during the week, I stayed in on Friday, ate a delicious dinner, and after a post-dinner walk, I lit a scented candle, petted my cat, put a yogurt mask on my face, and then spent hours on Tumblr and Reddit while texting my friend. My skin gets horribly, awfully dry in the winter because of swimming + winter air, so before going to bed, I brushed, flossed, and mouthwashed my teeth, and then double-moisturized my whole body with lotion and then a layer of coconut oil.

I climbed into bed at 11:30 at night, knowing that I’d be able to sleep in the next morning, and I just felt so content! The “perfect Friday night” feel. 

I like going out 3-4 times a week because it makes your nights at home feel that much more special. 

Last night I apparently stayed up an hour past my intended sleep time but it’s because I was writing a short story

It’s going to need severe editing but largely because it’s typed so horribly. I was tired and couldn’t type well. Also the title is “will you break me so i can force my will upon the earth.docx” which is a Phelous quote regarding the movie he was reviewing but is also what the story is about

Help? Advice? .. a hug?

Ok here it is guys. I’ve been having brain seizures for maybe almost a year now, often at times and sometimes hours long. It usually required a day or more days to recover somewhat. They are caused by extreme sleep deprivation. Basically caused by the horrible aggressive narrow-minded neighbours we had previously who didn’t let me sleep at night (trying to sleep from 10pm to 3am, managing to start falling asleep they yell at our window creepily, basically every time, then no sleep whatsoever any more, and they were far worse than this btw, to the point of assault and calling police on Us, piercing our car tires etc…), but now seizures can’t stop because even without neighbours I STILL have insomnia (which before neighbours I dealt with Barely all my life, and was still to find some help but with much more energy and strength and power than now)… Caused by extreme brain activity? In short. And apparently I’m way smarter than any doctors because once we did manage to call the ambulance but they didn’t drive my wife with me and only interrogated me, and due to the seizure I was lost and didn’t know what I was saying. Apparently I ALWAYS seem so smart and functional, but they failed to talk to my wife and ask HER what’s going on, because they failed to put me on EEG or any physical test, they said I was fine and kicked me out basically… Guys, I’m having physical brain seizures. By now I’m quite educated and understanding but I can only do so little. Even this vast education was acquired in very short times and only because I’m a genius. I’d do far far more if I was even barely okay and I’m not. I need help but I don’t know what to do because I can’t even call an ambulance. They are too stupid to figure out that I am even needing an ambulance when I call. I can’t talk right during seizures and sometimes I can talk like a genius (which I am) but totally fail the subject or say right stuff. I don’t even know what I’m saying. Meanwhile I’m forced to stay awake, often seizuring because of it, and now I can’t even help myself to sleep like before because it’s ton times worse with seizures. I really don’t know what to do any more. We are both too messed up to anything. Obviously she’s getting sleep deprived now too. And my screaming has become too much, and I’m as much of a victim to it happening. I don’t even know if my Rick is managing anything because I can’t even follow what’s going on (she might), I better not think or tire my brain like this.
Anyone has ANY suggestions, any ideas, anything that could help? My brain desperately needs sleep, and I think that’s all it needs to recover and everything. Brain food too would be good, of course.
Sorry if I didn’t manage to make much sense or put this into a proper whole, even if it sounds very smart and well thought through remember that I sound right at all times even when I actually do fail, please try figure out what is going on and what I need because at this moment I’m having a seizure for hours now. Not the drop-on-the-floor-like-Morty-in-the-first-episode seizure, which I have often too, but still a seizure. My brain hurts. (Yes, brain can hurt too, everything you own as your body CAN hurt, in short, and I cant wait to heal so I can write awesome medical and other sorts of lectures. I know so much to share.)
It’s really too much for me, this situation. I’m just begging it stops, for months now, if not from the start. I’ve really had too much. I just wanna heal back and be okay, do the amazing stuff I know I can. I’d rather roleplay than lie back listening to my brain producing screaming. Please help?


turtle is the cutest one, probably.

Swedish saesangs & BTS

Hi everyone, 

I don’t usually do these kind of posts where I speak about how I feel on an issue but I think this just has to be stated over and over. The incident with some Swedish girls stalking BTS for hours, peeking at Namjoon when he was in the changing room (he didn’t fully lock his door accidentally), the girl/s chasing the boys when they asked them kindly to not follow them or take pictures and lastly that horrible video of Jimin having to deal with some girls late at night were all, unfortunately true. No their shirts did not get ripped, Jin was only wearing one of Tae’s DIY shirts. 

These incidents could have been prevented if measures and rules were established before ANY popular artists come to a country. It is terribly sad that real Swedish ARMY had to make an apology video today to apologise on the behalf of some girls who don’t know the common sense of respecting another human being. Majority of these girls did not even know who BTS were but they even dragged more of their friends along to follow the boys just because of what? You guessed it. Because the boys were “famous”.

What’s even more frustrating is that none of these accounts have apologized themselves and made light of the situation. They’re in denial that they could have prevented themselves from overreacting. Some even found it “adorable” that Yoongi told them to not follow them, others building prejudice against Jin for motioning them to keep a distance and stay away from them so they can relax. It wasn’t just BTS on edge because of this but also their staff. Obviously they were filming something (for us) but it got so bad to the point where the boys were too afraid to leave a cafe because there were about 20 girls standing outside. 

Not to mention when Namjoon did approach them hoping they would go away after getting his autograph he was only bombarded with girls who had no respect for personal space whatsoever. One girl had the thought that it was appropriate to take a picture of her touching Namjoon’s hand. If that’s not creepy, I don’t know what is. What’s worse is that she’s not even an ARMY. Girls were just walking around Stockholm hoping to bump into the boys and then when they do, they claim they were just “hanging around ” the area coincidentally. That doesn’t explain why some girls followed them for hours on end until the boys reached their hotel to rest for the night. 

The video in which Jimin clearly says no in Korean several times to a girl pushing her phone in his face. That girl now claims the video is “fake”. The girl randomly left a message saying ARMYs were bitter and it was fake because it was just a dance friend of hers pretending to be Jimin. I, choose not to believe this because she suspiciously deleted her twitter right after to avoid repercussions and that voice in the video sounded almost identical to Jimin’s. But it doesn’t matter if it’s fake or not, we all need to make sure to tell others those actions are not okay. Even to that girl who claimed she zoomed in on the girls and Jimin and said she wasn’t standing close is also at fault. Those bystanders who did not stop the girl running after the members but instead took photos are, also at fault. 

I don’t want to sit here and lecture people on how to be a decent fan because I choose to believe real fans all know this and those who don’t clearly need to grow up or just leave the fandom because we don’t need that negativity and stupidity. It’s as simple as how would you treat someone else you’ve just met. 

You do not:

1. Stalk them. 

2. Scream in their faces or at them. 

3. Take photos and videos without permission. 

4. Chase them. 

5. Stand extremely close to them. 

6. Touch them or hold their hands unless they let you. 

7. Follow them around. 

8. Laugh at or mock their English. 

9. Post locations or spread location of where they are online. 

 10. Post any video or photos of them online if they are obviously on a private trip. 


To real ARMYs, 

Do not feel discouraged or criticise your own fandom because it is only a small amount of people. If you add negativity on top of negativity because you think it makes you seem superior when you belittle or make fun of the fake fans, it will only add to the pile of burning trash. Others fandoms will only be able to see the burning pile of trash, not the people behind it. Therefore our reputation will only worsen. 

Be careful of fake posts or tweets because many people only post things for attention so do not be gullible and fall for it. Only trust big fan accounts and fan sites which have had experienced or have admins that live in that area themselves. For future problems and issues, please keep it within the fandom and do not spread it around the entire kpop fandom as it will only cause unnecessary controversy about small issues which occur in every fandom. ARMYs have always been a family full of love and devotion to our beloved boys, and if you consider yourself a real fan you would acknowledge that not every fandom is perfect and that within time these toxic people will not associate themselves with us anymore and would have moved on to a different group. 

STAY STRONG AND MAKE SURE YOUR VOICE IS HEARD. Don’t be afraid to correct others (in a reasonable tone) and defend the goodness of this fandom. If you want change, this is the only way. 

Thank you for reading this super long post. I hope it has clarified a lot of important points for you. Here is some jikook and dorky bangtan for you ♡

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Farmers Market Aesthetic

This one shot was inspired by this post talking about men who are Farmer’s Market Hot. So of course this came from that. This is for typhoidmeri, horrible enabler that she is. 


There are booths everywhere. Most of them had been set up the night before and are covered in a thin sheen of dew that sparkles in the just now rising sun.

One of them is bound to have coffee.

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I am honestly enraged with my community. I live about 15 minutes from where Leelah Alcorn lived. I didn’t even know any of this had happened until I got on tumblr and see my dashboard filled with posts about her. People from California to Maine to Texas are posting about her, yet not a single thing from any of the 500 people from the Cincinnati area that I follow on social media. We all live where she lived, her parents are the kind of people that reside all over this city yet nobody gives a shit. I had to find out from someone who lives 30 hours away that this horrible tragedy happened 15 minutes from where I sleep every night. I’m disgusted with my community. There’s no awareness. No positivity but also no negativity. Its like no one cares. And that absolutely breaks my heart. Of anyone, my community should be fighting for Leelah, yet nobody gives a shit. I’m ashamed.

my saturday night was full of photoshop practise. the picture is so horribly overedited, because i tried to teach myself a handful of ‘new things’ and so i managed to actually get my sim on a background i found online plus a shadow (you don’t see anymore xD) and so on and so forth. it was heaps of fun and i spent hours, so i should at least post it right?
i’ll post more of this sim soon…