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Why is today Shizuo day?

Crap… I answered this few years ago but it’s kind of buried in my tumblr so re-answering. 

April 20 is considered Shizuo day because of the number 420 NOT because it’s weed day.  (Izaya’s number is 138 btw) Using number system to give names for characters and pairing is very popular in Japan (For example, Hitman Reborn uses this extensively. D18 for Dino x Hibari, 1827 for Hibari x Tsuna, 5927 for Gokudera x Tsuna, 8059 for Yamamoto x Gokudera etc)

To better understand the number system please refer to:

4 = Shi
2 = Tsu -> Zu (Japanese pronounce of Two)
0 = O (appearance)

1 = I (appearance)
3 = Za ( 3 = san or ‘sa’ which becomes ‘za’)
8 = Ya (in the old system).

Which is why you see a lot of art that says 420 or 138 or 420/138, 4213 for Shizaya/ShizuIza and 1342 for Izuo/IzaShizu.

On April 20, a lot of shizaya fanarts are posted on April 20, 1:38pm or 1:38 am on the dot for this reason if you check their time stamp. (it’s pretty cute!) 


Since 1/38 or January 38th is impossible, there is no Izaya day. However, there are a lot of Shizaya or Izaya art on January 28th. (Which also is Shizuo’s birthday along with Kamiya Hiroshi (Izaya’s seiyuu)’s birthday) So all around there’s a lot of art on that date. 

There were few art dedicated on 2013/August to make it 138, etc.  Same goes for 2013/April or 2013/April 20th for Izuo art etc. (The pixiv artists are very creative with this number system)

Shizaya day is apparently April 13, or 4/13.

This is also where the name for alternates P420 and V138 comes from. 

Here’s livejournal post on the numbers: 

Hope this helps!

based on this post by @snarkycaptainswan4. and also because they still haven’t had a peaceful ily!!!

Emma sighs as soon as she struts inside, the exhaustion of doing her Saviour and Sheriff duties all day taking a toll on her. She smiles tiredly as she slumps down on the couch beside where Killian is currently reading a book.

Her head falls on his shoulder as her hand grabs his hook, pulling it to her lap as she curls around him.

“Tired, love?”

“Hmm.” Emma shuts her eyes, sighing loudly and burrowing more into his neck. 

“Would you like a hot chocolate?” He asks her, shutting his book and throwing it on the table.

“No.” Emma tightens her hold on him once he starts to move, “Just you.”

“Well, you have me.” He turns, resting his back on the arm of the couch and turning Emma so she’s cradled between his legs, her cheek resting against his chest, as his arms wrap around her shoulders.

“Is Belle okay?” she murmurs.

Killian smiles, shaking his head slightly. Even after spending the entire day running around town trying to find any clues, find Hyde, the Evil Queen – anyone – she’s still worried about Belle. But this is what drew him to her – not just her fierce and badass (as Henry calls it) exterior, but her kindness and unfailing worry about others. Living up to her title quite perfectly.

Emma looks up at him once he doesn’t reply, “Why are you smiling stupidly?”

 “What?” He looks down at her, the smile still etched on his lips. He tends to do that a lot he notices, despite all the upheaval in their lives – he’s never been quite this happy.

 “Why are you smiling stupidly?” She repeats, her hand cupping his cheek, her thumb making small circles.

 He grabs her hand and presses a kiss to her palm, “Nothing, love. I just really love you.” He whispers, offering her a sweet smile as his gaze runs all over her face, still in awe that this absolute perfection of a woman somehow loves him too.

 Emma smiles, biting her lip from not smiling too widely. She knows he loves her more than anything but hearing the words still make her heart flutter and a stupid grin spread across her face.

“I love you too.”

He smiles brightly, the tiny creases beside his eyes deepening as his eyes light up. Emma moves her hand to clutch the collar of his shirt, pulling him to her, their teeth clanking as they can’t help but grin widely from all the happiness and giddiness as their lips move against each other’s lazily.


In the morning when Emma has to leave to meet her dad at Granny’s for a promised father-daughter pancake breakfast, she brushes a kiss at a barely awake Killian’s cheek. “See you soon. Love you.”

 She blushes profusely as she descends the stairs, his hoarse and loud, I love you too Swan. Have a great day! still loud and clear.