posting an old photo i really like

A Palestinian street in the Old City of Hebron/Al-Khaleel.

Walking through here was surreal, as this once thriving district full of people, noise, and numerous shops of all sorts is now practically a ghost town.

This lower walkway is the Palestinian section, and the top of the picture are the Israeli settlements of Beit Hadassa and Avraham Avinu, illegal under international law.d

Palestinians are only allowed to our small and confined areas, one of them being the street here in this picture, while Israelis have free roam to go wherever they want and are always accompanied by a squad of IDF soldiers.

Israelis regularly taunt and jeer at Palestinians passing by underneath, frequently throwing their garbage and waste down at people just trying to get on with their lives, hence the chain-link fence you see in between the two areas. The sole purpose of this fence is to catch Israeli garbage and waste. As a result, they’ve turned to throwing waste-water, eggs, and alcohol [meant to be a further insult since alcohol is forbidden in Islam] at those who pass by underneath, so some areas are now also covered with a plastic tarp of sorts, that turns the lower walkway into an oven.

Palestinian shopkeepers have been forced to shut down due to increasing impediments to Palestinian movement, harassment by Israelis, and waning tourism due to the increasingly difficult process of entering this area.

As the shops close down, Israelis sweep in and take them over, despite them still belonging to Palestinians.These Israelis receive protection by the Israeli government and IDF, and the process of Israeli settlement expansion and land theft continues, with the Israelis then beginning the process of erasing Palestinians from another district or neighborhood.

This is life under Israeli occupation.

Prompt List!


Post Breakup

  1. “I still love you and I fucking hate myself for it!”
  2. “You have no idea how much I wish I could take it back.”
  3. “If…If I had asked you to stay, would you have done it?”
  4. “It doesn’t make a difference! We’re over!”
  5. “You look happy and it’s killing me.”
  6. “Did you really ever love me?”
  7. “I thought I should give you this back,” *Insert object*
  8. “I should have treated you better…”
  9. “I found this photo of you in an old jacket and it reminds me of what I lost and I came here to find it.”
  10. “I still have like 50% of your shirts here and I really don’t want to give them back. They smell like you and I realized I couldn’t sleep without one. So if you insist on taking them please just leave one.”
  11. “I miss us and there isn’t a snowball’s chance in hell that you’d take me back.”


  1. “I don’t want to say goodbye.” “So don’t.”
  2. “Why haven’t you gone to sleep yet?” “Because come dawn I have to leave and say goodbye.”
  3. “Let’s not say goodbye. Let’s say see you later.” “Let’s see you later.”
  4. “Goodbye.” “If you walk out that door, then you better not come back.” 
  5. “Is this goodbye for now? Or forever?”
  6. “Goodbye.” “Please stay. Please don’t leave me.”
  7. “Don’t say goodbye. It hurts too much.”
  8. “I love you…Goodbye.”
  9. “I hope you understand how much this fucking hurts me to leave you behind.”
  10. “I can’t risk losing you…” “You already did when you said goodbye.”


  1. “It’s cold and you’re warm, so cuddle me now!”
  2. “Don’t ignore me! I want attention!
  3. “I love you to the moon and back.” “I love you to pluto and back.” “Don’t you try outdo me!”
  4. “You realize you don’t need to flirt with me right? We’ve been dating for three years.”
  5. “Who that fuck is this guy!? “My brother….” “Sure! Sure he is!”
  6. “Tell me you love me.” “I just told you I loved you.” “But I want to hear you say it again.”
  7. “You’re an asshole.” “Yes I am, but I’m your asshole.”
  8. “Did you do the dishes?” “I thought you were going to do them!” “Well, you thought fucking wrong.”
  9. “Can I please come back in the bedroom.” “Not until you apologize.” “It’s fucking Mariokart!” “Say you’re sorry!”
  10. “Stop hogging the fucking bed or you’re getting out!”


  1. “You pay more attention to that dog/cat more than me!”
  2. “I’m going to get my own dog/cat and then you’ll be jealous of how much I love it more than you!”
  3. “Stupid animal.” “I heard you call him/her that!”
  4. “Does it really need to sleep in our bed?” “Do you really need four pillows?”
  5. “I should have left you at the shelter.” “What the fuck!? Don’t talk to him/ her like that!”
  6. “Do you really love that beast?” “Jesus! What is wrong with you! He/she can hear you!” 
  7. “You’re so cute! I love you so much!” “Thanks.” “I’m not talking to you.”


  1. “Did you really think that was going to work?”
  2. “I’m not an idiot, idiot.”
  3. “What are you looking at-Oh. My. God, You like him/her!”
  4. “Pillow fort?” “Pillow fort.”
  5. “I can’t sleep so I came here in hopes that by being here I could. But now you can’t sleep and I feel bad so I’m just going to leave.”
  6. “Why do you keep inching closer to me?” “Cause your warm and this damn movie theater is freezing.”
  7. “Can you please stop!” “…” “Thank you!” “78 bottles of coke on the wall, take one down, pass it around, 77 bottles of coke on the wall!” “Are you fucking serious!?”
  8. “Don’t you fucking give me that look! You are just as big of a part of this as I am!”
  9. “Stop or get out!” “I’m not doing anything!” “You’re breathing loud and it’s annoying me!”
  10. “What’s that?” “My work.” “Yeah, I got that…But like what’s it about?” “Stuff.” “What kinda stuff?” “Just stuff.” “Yeah..but what-” “Would you please STOP!”
  11. “Why are you a jerk?” “I’m not a jerk!”
  12. “You know how they test on animals?” “Uh…Yeah…?” “How come you aren’t in a lab?” “What the fuck is wrong with you?!”


03.18.17 // update

as some of you might have noticed, i haven’t been very diligent with the march study challenge. i’ve been overwhelmed by schoolwork as well as complications in my personal life, and i just haven’t had the time to post very much original content (a lot of it was old photos oops). i’m probably not going to be completing the challenge unfortunately because of the aforementioned reasons. thank you to everyone who has supported me w/my high school acceptance/rejection deal and everyone who participated in my blogrates (it was a lot of fun!!), and just all you lovely people in general :3

on brighter note, i’m currently on a four day weekend (though most of it will be spent at competitions and tournaments) so i have a bit more time to work on my notes. i actually really like how this post turned out; when it was just the two pics on my phone not together, it was pretty boring but they go really well together.

i know i’m kinda far away from 1k right now, but i was just wondering, would you guys be interested in me revealing my face, sort of as a thank you for your support? tell me what you think!!


The more I’m pushed in a position of leadership and I know I have to be the mouthpiece for so many other people who can’t speak for themselves, the more confidence I’m gaining.” And that extends to the way she views her own past and the more she shares her story. She explains: “I can hear myself say, ‘Oh yeah, I took the bus five hours just to get to the theatre, then took it five hours back,’ and I’m listening to that, I’m being an objective observer, and thinking to myself – ‘I did that?’ It’s like looking at an old picture of yourself when you felt like you looked bad, and you go, ‘Wow, I was fabulous!’ That’s how I feel about my life now – that I’m looking back at it, and I’m like, ‘I’m pretty fabulous. I really am. I’m pretty fabulous.’ — VIOLA DAVIS, The Guardian (photos by Billy Kid)

what the fox doesn’t say

James Potter added a life event: 

met the love of my life today 


Remus posted a new status: remember kids its all fun and games for the first two weeks but then you’re behind in everything and that is how you destroy your future and everything you love. 


Sirius: that was super depressing 

Sirius: wait do we have homework?

James: wait i think we might 

Peter posted three photos: this is why we shouldn’t drink with Sirius

1 Angry React, 50 likes 


Sirius: I feel targeted with this status 

Remus: why are you hanging from a chandelier

Sirius: i was channeling my inner sia  

Remus: makes sense 

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What the Phantom thieves profile pics would be.

Because as previously stated in a post I can’t find, clear, sensible portraits of themselves is just unrealistic. 

Akira: Either a pretty basic selfie or a cute group shot. 

Ryuji: Something really dumb and memey. Think something like John Cena or an old rage comic. 

Ann: A really good close up pic from one of her shoots, or a selfie with Shiho.

Yusuke: Not particularly tech savvy, so he’d be the equivalent of a facebook blue dude or a twitter egg. If he did have a photo it would either be himself stood in front of one of his paintings at a show, or a landscape. 

Makoto: An old photo of her and Sae in front an old historic building from a trip they went on two years ago 

Futaba: A robot from a shounen anime, but edited with a silly face. 

Haru: An over-saturated macro of a flower. 

Akechi: His own dumb logo. (the one from his briefcase) Because you don’t design yourself a damn logo without using it everywhere. 

xenotekk  asked:

Hey Wil. I see you've been posting some lovely pinups lately with Mosh and Dita. Any others you like? And are you mainly old school pinup or fetish too, like Starfucked or Dani Divine? Thanks :)

I have loved old school pinup since I first saw a photo of Bettie Page when I was in high school. I really love modern old school pinup, as you can see from the pictures I reblog. Some fetish is really beautiful, but some of it goes to a place that isn’t my jam. I do love the aesthetic of latex in modern pinup, where they intersect. 

In addition to Dita and Miss Mosh, I’ve long admired Masuimi Max, Dani Divine, and a ton of Suicide Girls.


                                                                PLEASE READ THIS

Okay, are you ready to scream? ‘Cause I’m literally in shock with this information. It killed me AND NOW I SHOULD SHARE THIS WITH YOU.

This guy posted photo with Tarjei and I was like ugh okay simple photo of friends. BUT AFTER THIS THOUGHT I SAW HIS LOGIN … EVEN 100 PROSENT, REALLY? I decided to look at his photo. AND OH MY GOD HE LOOKS LIKE HENRIK. WHAT THE FUCK?  INTERESTING THAT ISAK’S ACCOUNT FOLLOW HIM IN INSTAGRAM. HOW?


- It’s known information that screenwriters of Skam talked with the Norwegian teenagers. And based on their words create stories of Skam’s characters.

- This guy is 19 years old. If you don’t remember Even is 19 :’)

- He posted this selfie in March 2015. THE SAME STYLE AND CLOTHES. 


- He sings and plays in a band. And we can see some guitars in Evan’s room in episode 2.


-  Let’s talk about his flat. He has yellow curtains.


- And we have a curious fact. NRK in one of the interviews wrote: We don’t want to give information about why Henrik was chosen for the role of Even.


I decided to find out the prototype of Isak. I’M NOT REALLY SURE BUT LOOK AT HIM!


oh, sorry for my terrible english AND FOR THIS SHIT! i’m done.

So just like I said I now post my Binge Box! I put in there:
-Green tea, peppermint tea and some fruity teas
-sugar free Pepsi (I wanted coke zero, but Pepsi costs less lol)
-some vitamin extract to put in water
-sweet gum
-spicy gum
-salt sticks to snack on if I really need to
-some body lotion which triggers me (idk why but the scent is just triggering)
-perfume with a strong smell (coconut:))
-face masks, so I can’t eat while doing something good for my skin
-some old photos of me, some photos of me at my lowest weight
-some thinspo
-a measuring tape
-and some lists of what I want to put next in my box (a lot of lists and sweetspo and goals and so on and so on) and a list with safe foods to snack on if I really need to eat something


Photos from yesterday, following a river. I found a beautiful glade area covered in forget-me-not flowers and ferns. Here in northern Maine ostrich ferns are really common, along rivers they’ll often blanket the forest floor. Some get as tall as me (5′1″) and I have to wade through them like a jungle. Near a field I found some old car parts and really old horse/cow bones all covered in moss. I think they’re beautiful like that. The leg bones were huge and I only took one along with a vertebrae. 

Would anyone be interested if I made a photography blog? I often wander through the woods and there’s a lot of wildlife here. Not long ago I saw a bear and two cubs while biking, though I didn’t follow them to take a photo ;). I take a lot of photos and I don’t want to post them all here because it’ll drown out my art haha.

Preview of upcoming cc (Layered Shirts & High Waist Jeans)!
I used new photoshop coloring here because I lost my old one [lol].

I fell in love with this top made by @by2ol. I really wanted to convert it to sims 2 but on the way I’ve got so many problems so I gave up and started doing my own top inspired by it. I hope you will like it!

It will be my last post (for a while) because I have some problems with my laptop and I’m not sure how long this take to repair it or when I will be able to come back.
See ya!

anonymous asked:

i'm very sorry to hear about your flop child :( but i liked reading your facts about her and im glad you seem to have a good outlook about it, that's really difficult but its so important to remember the happy things and focus on the positive!

I got literally dozens and dozens of messages about Emilia this week and I’m going to just use this one (the first one I received) as a kind of springboard to reply to them all, if that’s OK?

Losing a pet is really, really hard. I think it’s easy to forget just how difficult it is until it happens to you. Emilia was the first pet I’ve lost as an adult (except for a hamster, which isn’t quite the same thing purely in terms of the time you have with them) and it was absolutely devastating. It’s getting easier by the day, but I still miss my perfect floppy baby. I keep reading old posts and looking at old photos and it reminds me of how much I loved her, and how important she was to me over the past 6 years, and it really sucks.

Gus is doing better as of yesterday - up until yesterday afternoon she was very depressed, but she’s starting to go outside and explore and sniff and nibble carrot again now. I even read some of your messages to her, but I’m not going to pretend that she understood them. She didn’t. She’s a goddamn rabbit. Still, if she could understand them, she’d probably say something like ‘thank you for your concern, now give me hay,’ because, as previously mentioned, she is a rabbit.

Thank you everyone for your support, genuinely. I hope that everyone else who is going through or has gone through the same thing is doing OK, and that everyone goes and hugs their pets right now if they can. Go on. Do it. They’ll thank you, probably. Either that or they’ll hate it. I know Clod would.


Duran Duran, 1988/1989 (featured in INROCK magazine) 

(Photo credits: Denis O’Regan/Idols, Mel West)

(Cover photo credits: Guido Harari, Mark Weiss/MWA)


There have been so mant scandals relating to so many groups I know and love. Yet all of them have to do with their past. Recently, I’ve seen rumours flying around about Sungho from BOYS24.

First off, let me point out the website you’re reading that article from. KOREABOO is such a shit website for Kpop, we all know this.

Second, if you even read the damn article, you would know that whatever title you read may OR MAY NOT be true. The anonymous sender only SAID that Sungho did those things, however they did NOT have full evidence. They only showed his old school photo.

Third, idols are people too. BOYS24 company has sent out an announcement saying that rumours circling BOYS24 really puts them AND their FAMILIES in emotional distress. I see you all posting a photo of the thumbnail for the article and saying so much shit about him and BOYS24.

We get it, a past member said something shitty. Well, he’s gone now. It seems like all of you are just targeting BOYS24 after that one past member’s incident.

Let me just say this again: IDOLS ARE PEOPLE TOO.

Imagine that you’re at school and/or work, minding your own business. When all of a sudden, someone starts spouting shit at you. You don’t know why, and later you find out that someone else spread something that was not true. You’d want to clear it up and maybe have some apologies, right? In this case, SUNGHO CAN’T SAY ANYTHING AND ALL OF YOU ARE TALKING SHIT.


Besides, if he really did that stuff. Forgive him for it. I know a lot of other fans hate when people say “Oh, it was in his past. I’ll let it go.” but honestly, it’s true. Your past shapes you to what you are today, and we don’t see him doing stuff like that now. If he did, he wouldn’t even be an idol.

Now, repeat after me: IDOLS ARE PEOPLE TOO.


Some baby pictures and family photos, since I never really post them on here.

First picture is my mom and my older sister circa 1988-89. My mom is still just as beautiful and my sister was a tiny bean omg wook at dat face. 😢😍

Second is my mom, and me looking very alarmed and probably pooping myself circa 1993-94.

Third is my sister and I circa 1996-97 in a dress and hat combo that I HATED because what 3 year old likes burgundy?