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I have no idea what this flower ball thing is that's going on and I'm only seeing what's coming through you but it looks like friendly, wholesome content and it's 100% brightening my day as an onlooker. Reuniclus, your dress looks fab you look great in pink boo <3

Reuniclus seems happy to hear that! She has a flower for you as well! 

The Flora Ball was basically organized to let daily blogs interact, especially since there are so many now, but we’re always stuck in our own little worlds! You can look through the tag floraball2017 to see other contributions to the event and here was the original post with all of the information!

The ball ends on the 24th, but Reuniclus was slow to join when it started on the 18th, so I’ll probably be posting through the weekend… 


Give yourself to the Dark Side. It is the only way you can save your friends. Yes; your thoughts betray you. Your feelings for them are strong. Especially for your… sister. So, you have a twin sister. Your feelings have now betrayed her too. Obi-Wan was wise to hide her from me. Now, his failure is complete. If you will not turn to the Dark Side… then perhaps she will…  (Insp)


B.A.P’s ROSE comeback is coming up soon and, as usual, I’ll post streaming + voting information, so that we’re prepared ahead of time. Please stay tuned for that. What you can do right now is follow RiceJuseyo on Twitter, download all of the necessary apps and extensions needed to start voting when it’s time.

Read everything you need to know about YT streaming.

Let’s make this comeback another success for our boys, BABYz. Fighting.



Lins notebooks look like mine lmaoooo
Maybe it’s a songwriter thing ???

every time we (disabled and/or mentally ill people) say that we don’t think recovery should be the end-all or singular or most heavily focused goal for the psychiatric system we literally always get some anti-sj person going “haha typical tumblr speshul snowflakes just dont wanna stop being different lol!!!” or “of COURSE they dont want to recover haha then they wouldn’t be *~unique~* anymore!!! XD”

and it’s like.. the most blatant attempt at completely missing the point in order to silence us that I have ever seen…

How simple do we have to make it for you before y’all get it like????

  • Not every disorder or disability or mental illness can be recovered from. period. if the only goal is recovery, that itself automatically completely makes the psychiatric system and mental health care inaccessible to many mentally ill folk
  • Recovery is great, but there needs to be more help for and room for those who are not capable of recovering immediately or are recovering at a slow pace. There needs to be an emphasis on living with your disorder/disability/illness/etc
  • Not every disabled or mentally ill person wants to recover or feels a need to. For many, our disorders are part of who we are, and recovery isn’t a concern to us. Learning to cope, learning to accept that part of yourself, learning to grow with your illness rather than fight against it, can be just as beneficial as recovering for many people. Mentally ill and disabled people should be allowed to choose whether or not and how quickly they recover.
  • When an emphasis is 100% on recovery, it puts pressure on us. It inevitably invokes a belief that if you aren’t actively spending all of your time recovering and doing so at a quick rate, you’re either a lost cause, lazy, not trying hard enough, or a bad person. Mentally ill and disabled people should not have to spend all of their time worrying about the speed at which they recover.

Many of us do want to recover. Many of us do want to get over our illnesses or disabilities or disorders. But just like every other person on the planet everyone is different, and when we say “recovery shouldn’t be the end-all goal for the psychiatric system” we’re not fucking saying “recovery is bad and I don’t want to get better” we’re saying let us be seen as more than something that needs to instantly be cured.


“okay, make all your little jokes. but i know who was right on my ass all the way to the car.”
                               “i had no choice. you were my ride home.”



so many inconsistencies in this chapter rip i have to edit some pages

anyway im going to be busy this week so i figured id post these ahead of time ish (i usually aim for the weekends or slightly earlier) i am V TIRED already just thinking about it

i have a bunch of asks in the inbox ive been meaning to answer too so hopefully ill get around to it tomorrow afternoon? who knows. 

temporary hiatus

I will be absent from tumblr from March 1st to April 13th because I am taking a break from Tumblr + other social media for Lent.

I may or may not have some posts queued? but for the most part I’ll be on 100% radio silence. So naturally, if I get a message/ask during that time, I won’t answer it until I get back. :P 

also once my hiatus is over i’m going to have a colin farrell filmography marathon and y'all are invited (details to follow…much later) 

LOOK AT WHAT MY AMAZING SISTER MADE ME!! Guys, I am going to be posting these a lot. All individually, at the very least at some point, although I will try not to post them all at once to pace myself, but gosh I love these so much I’m definitely going to keep posting them a lot, so sorry ahead of time, (but also not that sorry because I love these and my sister is the best.)

You will never meet the right one when you’re too busy chasing after the wrong person.

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Rules: Shuffle your music and write down the first 10 songs. No skipping ! Tag 10 people.

1. photograph ~ ed sheeran

2. behind these hazel eyes ~ kelly clarkson

3. all about us ~ he is we & owl city

4. between the lines ~ sara bareilles

5. nothing left to say / rocks ~ imagine dragons (does this count as two songs or not lol)

6. ad from spotify travelin’ soldier ~ dixie chicks (theyr my guilty pleasure n i blame my mom)

7. im not the only one ~ sam smith

8. month of sundays ~ passenger & brian campeau & elana stone

9. until i die ~ brandi carlile

10. satisfaction ~ john legend (god i have so many of his songs also blame my mom)

i’ll tag @pendulum-summon@thegaychaos, @shiroukun, @funkyfreshfrisbeefan, @theory-of-a-transman, @yugiohlesbian, @creator-chaos, @eternalsailordianamon, @edgeyweebprosecutor, @official-gates-of-hell

Infected!AU muse

InI had some muse for the Infected!AU (click HERE if you wanna see more about it) so I decided to go ahead and post them. No drawings this time though, sorry guys! D:

-Rainbow Dash and Scootaloo have a tiny tortoise as a pet: Tank! Scootaloo sometimes takes him out of his cage to carry him around on her head, much to the little critter’s delight.

-In this AU, Rarity’s parents are both deceased and they died after the Outbreak started. Rarity’s mother ended up getting very ill with a sickness that needed to be treated with medicine that was very hard to find, harder than usual (since medicine in general is either hard to find on a scavenge and expensive to trade/buy from a merchant): Rarity eventually does find the medicine while she was out scavenging with the designated group from the settlement they lived in, but she found it far too late. Her father, the poor fella, couldn’t bear the loss of his beloved wife, but he tried to stay strong for his daughters. In the end he didn’t make it; he died a few months later, when he was bitten from an infected and had to be put out of his misery before turning. It was Rarity that pulled the trigger. And she blames their deaths on herself to this day.

-There are several rumors floating around about the whereabouts of the Princess Sisters, but the most popular is that they are both dead and have succumbed to the Infection. Twilight doesn’t believe that, but she also isn’t actively searching for either of them. Partly because she’s a bit bitter that they’re gone while the world has gone to shit, and they’ve done nothing to stop it. She knows there wasn’t much they could have done to stop it from happening (it happened so abruptly no one really know how to combat it), but they’re still gone probably somewhere safe, while the world continues to rot.

-Rarity, given her witnessing her father being bitten and her having to put him out of his misery, might react to finding out about Twi’s bite… badly. I’m imagining a pretty interesting scenario that’d prompt Twi to tell her about it, but it might get lengthy so I won’t say here. If you’re interested though just let me know. :3

-In this AU Sweetie Belle is eventually shot in the shoulder a little after the group reaches Shining’s settlement. She lives, of course, but it gives her nightmares and makes her very hesitant to use a gun (at that point she had begun to learn how to handle one). It prompts her to begin learning how to wield a bow and arrow.

Aaaand I think that’s all I got for right now! C: