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Name: Arianne
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Favourite scent: new books
Favourite colour: I don’t have one :)
Favourite animal: dog
Coffee, tea or hot chocolate: hot chocolate
Average sleep hours: 6-9
Cat or dog person: dog
Favourite fictional character: Arianne Martell (from ASOIAF, not just because we have the same name, but because we’re so uncannily similar in many ways that it’s scary)
Number of blankets: 1
Dream trip: Norway
Blog created: June 2016
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dokyungs00  asked:

Jongsoo-nim, i dunno if u realized it or not but actually the date on 2receipt pics on ur post have different dates. The one with list shows 2016/04/11 (월/monday) & the latter with CU on it shows 2016/04/26 (화/tuesday). Does it mean kxk went twice?

OH MY GOD. my sweet naive little munchkin ! 

come here come here, lemme coddle you. /put you in my lap and start combing your hair/ 

now child, i have something to tell you, and it’ll probably surprise you, like REALLY surprise you, but you have to hear the truth

there’s no “kxk went twice” 

there’s no such thing. it’s a myth, made up bullshit-story by some bored people on interwebzzz. 

why am i so sure of that? well in my prev post ive explained why 

im gonna quote my own sentences bc im such a narcissistic little shit 

“the post/pictures suggests that kxk didn’t go to jung sis restaurant around FEBRUARY but at a hotel instead

but look at the motherfucking date on the motherfucking receipt


it was taken 2 fucking days ago on APRIL

the timeline doesn’t match

what are the important parts in those sentences above?

the post/pictures suggests that kxk didn’t go to jung sis restaurant around FEBRUARY but at a hotel instead”

the receipts – BOTH of them – were made in APRIL 

^^^this already debunks OP’s purpose making her/his PANN post, which is;

to make people believe kxk did go to a hotel (to have sex – hence the condom) around FEBRUARY, not the restaurant jung’s sis frequently visit (like Dispatch has stated)

here’s the actual post to see what OP is implying if you dont believe me

i do apologize tho, because i didn’t include the “2016/04/11″ explanation(?) on my prev post…

i mean, i thought it was already obvious? 

like, the month (April) itself already giving out that the rumor is fake – so i didn’t think it’s necessary to explain it further?  

but im gonna explain this shit even moarrr so people wouldn’t misunderstand again in the future


^oh look its also from 2016/04/11 (here’s the link if you think i’m bullshiting you)

So, why OP posted 2 different receipts? 

I actually truly believe OP is not the brightest bulb on the three.

Why do I think like that?

1) This

^this receipt actually means to show us the STORE’s name

while the receipt before means to show us the LIST OF THE ITEMS

but since OP is a prodigy child, OP uses two completely different receipts to show us those things (store’s name + items list)

2) OP folded the receipt suspiciously – OP doesn’t show the total amount of the items “kxk couple” had bought 

(they [kxk couple] didn’t buy anything there btw, in case anybody misunderstand my words again. 

kxk couple never went to the store, why am i sure of this again? the timeline doesn’t match.) 

How much money the buyer had given to the cashier? 

How much money the cashier gave back [as the change]? 

Why OP doesn’t show the sum total?

This suggests OP is hiding something.

OP probably never paid these items 

OP probably works there as cashier, probably typed and printed the un-paid receipt.  

OP is very easy to be tracked – i’ve heard kaifanunion is ready to sue people who post image-ruiner-rumor like this

Just go to the store (OP did post the location of the store), ask who worked there as the cashier on 11 and 26 April

3) And OP forgot about this too

[FANTAKEN] 160412 Suho & Kai @ SM Building

this was 2016/04/12

one day after the items were bought (2016/04/11)

look at the way Jongin stood, he was careful with his leg

do you think he would limply walk to the store and buy some shit like condom the day before?  

jfc man if u still think this condom rumor is legit you’re beyond salvation

Also, this is the pict OP (or perhaps other OP) used in another PANN post that is more popular than the original post

(this is also the picture that’s being discussed in NETIZENBUZZ)

OP didn’t show the date

It means OP has realized his/her mistake (with the date) 

OP chose this strategy instead (posting blurry and cropped picture that doesn’t show the actual date) 

And the majority of people believe in OP’s post bc they are not that bright – just like OP, but if we compare OP and those people, OP is tad bit smarter.

again, im gonna quote myself 

“also, usually managers are the one who buy this kinda shit for idols

bc like hell idols would buy shit such as condom with their own hands – there’s this thing called “public image” that needs to be maintained

do you really think jongin would walk to the store and buy shit like that by himself?

as if people wouldn’t be able to recognize him, the A-list idol who is world-widely known”

So, what’s the moral of this post, child?

don’t believe in suspicious bullshit that defies logic / common sense

and that condom rumor is hella fake (like i’ve stated before on my post)

P.S: please, don’t make me repeat the same shit over and over again. 

read my post properly next time, please 

my previous post was made to DEBUNK the PANN post’s purposes– 

–which are;

1) the PANN post wants to make ppl believe kai went to the store to buy condom in FEBRUARY

2) the PANN post wants people to believe that kxk DIDN’T go to restaurant during that time but to a hotel instead – hence the condom

go chek the pann post if u dont believe me

hence thats why i emphasis the APRIL”  word on my prev post

because i wanted to debunk that motherfucking post that suggests kxk bought the condom/went to hotel in FEBRUARY 

the exact date doesn’t matter in the pann rumor, the MONTH is 

it seems some people are confused about this… the original PANN rumor is different with the one NB posted.

in another PANN rumor NB posted; 

they’re only discussing about the receipt, 

NOT the “kxk went to a hotel in feb unlike what DP has stated and here’s the condom list as proof” rumor

NB only posted the receipt + the hotel image

the original PANN post posted the whole shit; kxk couple, the basement, the map of the hotel/minimarket, 2 receipts 

they’re 2 different rumors that are made from the same thing;

fake condom receipt

my prev post is meant to debunk the ORIGINAL pann post

not the NB one

this one is meant to debunk both (ORIGINAL and LATER rumor)

tbh… i dont understand WHY there are still people who ask the legitimacy of this motherfucking rumor? 

i thought we’re over this shit already?

why are you guys still believing in it? 

like wtf man? i dont fucking understand. 

where’s the fucking common sense?  

im sorry if i sound rude (i’ve always been since – im an asshole i realize that) but i’m actually tired repeating the same shit over and over again


1st theory:

Lauren and Lucy have been visiting each other as best friends since last year till this year (eg. Normani and Choie) But ever since Lauren won AfterEllen’s Top 100 Hottest Women, management had decided that she should come out as Bisexual (without realizing she actually is) because did you notice how so many female celebrities in the past decade have come out as Bi to market to & gain support of the growing LGBT community? (Remember when Bella Thorne came out as bisexual and was supposedly dating her bestfriend? Whatever happened to that? It was like 2 weeks and suddenly we saw her with Tyler Posey. It’s either her and her bestfriend were PR just so she could “come out” or they were really together and Bella had not much of a say because of contract and plus she has a new TV show called Famous In Love, and now they’re doing this breaking up and rekindling romance- once was a rumor then after that they really broke up, I don’t know if it’s real or PR but it gets people talking and that is usually how managers find ways to keep their clients ‘relevant’ in the Entertainment Industry. I hate how these female celebs that supposedly identify as bisexual somehow end up with or are seen more with men, it makes you question whether they were really Bi or were they supposed to ‘come out’ as Bi and show interest to relate and market to the LGBT community by having these short flings with other women or their bestfriends. Here’s a really good article I found that mentioned Lauren: Lauren saw that as an opportunity to come out, but she needed Camren shippers off her back because she was not ready to come out with Camila (considering the fact that the music industry with likely take advantage of their relationship and exploit it as they’re still young establishing Female artists) because they still have many things to figure out about their relationship, and also being in a relationship in the Entertainment industry. Lucy at that time was also thinking about releasing her own music like her best friend. She’s artistic and very passionate.

Lauren thought about this and decided how she could help her out. Lauren needed CS to stop attracting too much attention outside the fanbase from people not that close to her asking about their relationship (I think y’all basically “out” their relationship when you trend the very obvious attraction pics/gifs/vids when they ain’t ready to come out) and Lucy needed help building a fanbase. With her father, she is known as Carlos’ daughter, the girl who studies in Loyola and is doing part-time photoshoots. Her father is not enough to promote her because the question is: Why should you focus on her. Now you have a reason to- That Lesbian kiss. And of course she had to come out again properly this time (IG post on AMAs night), because the last time not many people were aware, some didn’t even care, she didn’t have her own fanbase and Lauren can help her establish one through liking and promoting the stuff she does. We suddenly also saw a spike in support for Lucy’s stuff (like her writing and expressing views) by her parents knowing she has gained attention and can show some of the other stuff she’s been working on. Lucy spoke in Spanish a lot in the beginning didn’t she? That was to gain her Latin American fanbase after her interviews in where she talked about working on an album, and then she showed how diverse she is when Lauren shared that story she wrote which expressed her talent and passion and bilinguality. Her parents also suddenly started showing support to Lauren as well, (why didn’t they do that before tho knowing well that their daughter is friends with Lauren as she became famous in Fifth Harmony? It’s not like people would think that they were ‘dating’ right? So that’s why this happened right after the kiss pic so people would think they’re in a relationship and both sides will benefit from the agreement) as a way of saying thanks. And y'all know that Lauren did gain from all this, and now she can openly do future LGBT projects I really hope to see.

I especially find it amusing how Lauren’s parents are giving support to Lauren’s coming out letter and anything to do with her or which benefits her, but if it’s to do with helping Lucy do you notice how they pay no mind unlike Lucy’s parents now? Oh, and let us not forget that Clara is still liking Lauren pics from Camren IG accounts. And Lauren just keeps making these accidents as well (Let’s not forget the IG like for the Sun and Moon pic recently just before Halloween I think? Oh, remember last year when Camila wore her Sun & Moon shirt in an interview when the girls were in Spain? Lauren wore a Yin & Yang ring as well. And we know it carries the same meaning. Oh remember early this year when Camila changed her twitter header to the Sun and Moon? Lauren had changed her header to the crescent moon shortly after. This is for those who believe Laucy were ‘dating’ since last year, oh and we’ve had plenty more indirects like these since then and until now) It looks like at the moment Lauren and Lucy are relying on social media for this Laucy build-up after that kiss by deciding to promote Lucy’s work and showing support for one another. Another Laucy kiss might come sooner if the fandom goes out of hand again. (Tone it down, guys. I love seeing your trends because it just gives me so much feels but if that means a Laucy interaction might happen after that to cause drama I would die, unless it’s Camren ‘interaction’ like being positioned to sit next to each other or wearing almost matching clothes was planned like at the AMAs and Jingle Ball now and it is followed by a Laucy interaction after. So, actually even if you tone it down on the trending, there are still stuff already being planned for Camila’s and Lauren’s PR to happen later. honestly I don’t know what we should do about this situation) Camila obviously doesn’t like this Laucy PR thing.

First of all, she doesn’t mind CS trending things because she knows she can always counter it by posting ‘straight’ related things and passing as being ‘straight’ come on guys she has The Look. The look more marketable to men. (We have a male-oriented entertainment industry, sadly) She has very soft feminine features and is not intimidating. The perfect girl next door. That stereotype assumption of girls who look like her are straight. It is much harder for Lauren to pass and she realizes that’s because of the way she looks and how she presents herself (personality) so she decided to try a different approach from camila. They both don’t hate CS but when they start to trend things, lauren just worries. Notice how every Camren moment just before or after will be countered with either a straight or Laucy interaction? And now that they have a fucking PR team, these PR will likely go on until the group separates. Soon, you’ll be seeing PRs for the other girls as well that would “help” them promote their own solo ventures and also pave the way for their solo careers. I’m not sure when Lucy’s album will come out since she’s also studying and doing photoshoots and other stuff but I think this Laucy PR thing could go on until 5H breaks up? By that time will she graduate and her album be ready? So we’ll see.

2nd theory A:

EL (Exposinglaucy) is right in saying that the Laucy PR strategy had started since June 2015, because we recently got one piece of info from “Z” in Sam’s blog (this “girl” who says they’re not part of management/PR team but a close friend is it? I can’t remember. She said Laucy isn’t PR and all the girls are happy for both of them etc) This is the same person who said that “N” will be Camila’s PR relationship sometime in Dec and then, we suddenly had Nathan proclaiming his crush on our pink princess last month, I believe that this “Z” person(s) is actually from Mgmt/PR team who is watching us and using damage control. “She” recently appeared again when we were all confused about the Camren ‘coincidences’ we saw from the Bad Things music video. “She” had revealed in one of Sam’s asks saying that management, Lauren’s family and friends knew about Lauren’s bisexuality since May/June 2015. Could management then have asked Lauren to arrange all meet-ups between Laucy? After all, management has been trying to kill Camren every November right? Austin, Brad, Shawn, and now MGK and Lucy, (notice how it only seems to surround these two, well because the biggest fanbase that’s still holding OT5 together are mostly Camren shippers regardless whos your fav. We are fucking dedicated to OT5) We now have fans shipping MGK with Camila, I’m crying. That means a lot of PRs like this are gonna happen for Camz. Management know when and how to use Camren for promo and ratings and they also know when and how to break us.

2nd theory B:

It’s also a possibility that from last year till Nov before the AfterEllen win, Lauren was using Lucy (remember her IG post with Lucy on National GF’s day? Was that also part of the PR or was it to annoy Camila?) and Camz was using Shawn or some ‘boy’ (recently it kinda looks like she is using MGK on social media or is that part of pr to promote Bad things further? Hm. And when we watched their interviews together we notice that it’s a different story from when they are performing as well.) to annoy Lauren as part of their indirects whenever they have an argument. They’ve had indirects since 2013 right? I saw Gio’s anon theory posts date back to the indirects since then, plus Lauren and Camila have reblogged each other a few times within these years, which shows they actually see what the other one reblogs and this indicates that they do likely communicate through reblogs when things are difficult to express to each other. Based on all the indirects from all their social medias we’ve seen so far, it looks like they’ve been in an On & off relationship even until now, so the theory of them using other people to make each other jealous to see if the other would come back and work things out is possible. I think that’s all I have to say based on my observation until I can think of more real possibilities. I might be adding more to this list. So, this is currently subject to change.


Ill read it in a few

i wonder how pb is gonna react to having basically magic powers now? she’s always been so against calling stuff ‘magic’ because it’s an irresponsible attitude to have, you should recognise it as science and quantify it and understand it cause otherwise you’re being reckless. a lot of pb’s arc is motivated by understanding and controlling and labeling something as ‘magic’ means relinquishing your control.

now serious scientist pb can shoot candy out of her hand while making fart noises. i’d say she’s going to be tinkering and analysing and experimenting until she has the whole thing figured out and can not only control it but also explain it. she won’t rest with the explanation that ‘there have just always been elementals, this is just A Thing to accept’. and honestly i dunno what she’s gonna find, if there IS a root cause for elementals or what. and if she goes tinkering too much she might lose the power or break it in some way, which could upset whatever balance we currently have. it’s exciting!!

by the end of wizards only fools, pb is genuinely amazed by the cold spell and it looks like she doesn’t know how to explain it with science. the show itself seems to take the angle that sometimes there ARE just fantastic magical things you can’t explain away with science. if the show is taking that stance and pb is gonna go experimenting with the elemental powers trying to understand it (since there’s no way she’d let something this powerful and important and unknowable INSIDE HERSELF go unexamined), i think she’ll end up messing with forces she shouldn’t and it’ll end badly. IT’S EXCITING this is all exciting i luv it

anonymous asked:

But why do people call Briana desperate and pathetic and not Louis for doing the same aka calling paps to his vacations and pretty much everywhere

i’m sorry i didn’t realize briana had also signed an oppressive contract with simon cowell at the age of 18 after coming off the x-factor having no idea how many of her rights she was about to give away. i also didn’t realize she’d been forcibly closeted for 6 years and that every single aspect of her image and her ‘public’ life was being micro managed by simon cowell (the same man who, by your logic, has also been actively sabotaging her and trying to make it as difficult as possible for her and her partner to come out of the closet unscathed).

oh wait.

if you seriously can’t understand the difference in the two situations then i can’t help you. louis is trying to make the best of a bad situation and get out from this without his reputation being utterly destroyed. or did you sleep through the sun’s smear campaign against one direction and louis tomlinson specifically?

briana signed up for this because she is a fame thirsty cretin who is desperate for attention.