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//2017.07.05// 9/100 days of productivity

Woke up today with the feeling that I was behind on life and that my life is a mess because many of my legal documents are a mess. There are things I want to do but because I don’t take the initiative to ask for help sometimes, I don’t have the opportunity to do it and it ends up being too late. I really wanted to stay in bed and sulk but managed to motivate myself to work on biology and do a lot of research on viruses. 

But life has no blueprint. There is no right or wrong way to live and everyone moves at their own path, carving it out as they go along. Although it’s hard to believe, you’re doing everything just fine (says me lol). Just try your best and strive to get better at what you like to do because what’s life without a little hard work? right?

all the wording got messed up cause tumblr didn’t post it the first time and I had to write everything all over again and now it sounds bad

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Hi... i have literally NO IDEA what goes on in Tumblr social circles, so i have a question: who is riptidescap and what did they do?? (I'm really sorry if this is insensitive or something, I just don't know who to ask...) (please don't feel obligated to answer if it makes you uncomfortable or anything tho!!)

Thanks for asking so nicely <3

I’m answering this one anon as a proxy for the dozen or so I’ve received asking what’s going on; I really would prefer not to talk about the details of it after this, if possible. (Under a read more because it got long.)

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Dear Hate Anons

Sooooo….I legit wan to now know something about your collective, bizarre psyche….Cause I freely admit to enjoying snarking on things, as well as debunking….but I don’t directly send anon hate, because that’s wrong. Nor do I feel anyone, unless, like CrabiVermin, they freely promised to do something and then reneged, needs to do anything to please me on their tumbrl….and if I go to tumblrs I disagree with, it’s for snarking material (that they made me aware of by tag invading to begin with), or because they’re talking about me, when all I’ve done is posted on my blog (so again, they started it) not to upset myself….soooooo:

  • Why do you go on a blog, knowing it will piss you off?
  • If you are pissed off, why do you waste your time sending hate and coming back to be more pissed off?
  • If you can’t find anything that truly pisses you off, why do you twist things?
  • Why do you bother to send anon hate, when you know I will eviscerate and clown you?
  • To say nothing of, why do you render yourself the lowest life form imaginable, by sending anon hate?
  • And thus giving me all the power, while also knowing it will never remotely affect what I continue to think or post?
  • Why do you even care what I think or post?
  • Why do you care that a blog exists with an opinion that differs from yours about a celebrity couple/goofy TeeVee shows?
  • Why do you fail to see that anon hate is bullying?
  • Why do you fail to see that ageism is elitist, hate speech and bigotry?
  • Why do you even care about anyone’s age, anyway?
  • Why do you feel such a compulsion to control/try to control others?
  • Why do you feel such entitlement and hypocrisy in general?
  • Why do you not understand free speech/”my blog”?
  • Why do you think everything should revolve around pleasing you/what you want?
  • Why do you feel one set of rules apply to you, yet an entirely different one apply to others?
  • Why do you, daily, ask the exact same questions, ignore the search function and then get pissed off when I refuse to do your bidding?

And honestly, I’m not being sarcastic, here, I legit wonder about the mindset, because it would never occur to me to do any of this/be this entitled and egotistical… legit, explain it.

If you are wondering if I posted to the wrong blog again, you would be wrong! Mainly cause I left this blog for being the one to contact me for the @hetaliabigbang event. I ended up volunteering to pick up another fic and got to do one of the other fics I picked!

Well worth it, I ended up drawing for “Jan and His Flower Shop Never Fail to Cheer Me Up” by @mthemage. It’s a lovely story that I hope you guys will enjoy too!

NedDen isn’t something I have even drawn before (I think this may be the first time I’ve seriously draw male Ned seriously). I like the pairing though so much. I had way too much fun with textures and adding some little things in the “frame.” 

Title: Value & Desire
Pairing: Suga x Reader
Genre: slight sexual content
Extra: Mafia!AU
Writer: Bunni
Word Count: 1515
Plot Summary: It seems as though you have caught the eye of a well known and powerful mafia leader.

 "Sir, we have found where she is.“ A gruff voice broke through the silence. Cold eyes opened and soft breath shallowed out as the figure stayed still in the revolving chair. "And that would be where?” The strict voice demanded before the eyes diverted to look at the muscular goon standing beside him. “Around the mall area.” The simple answer seemed to agitate the sitting figure as a small scowl appeared on the handsome, young face. “Around? Do you not know how to give specifics?” He sniped and his full attention turned towards his man with an icy glare. The buff man let out a soft cough to try and release the tension before strictly straightening his posture. “No sir, but we can spread the perimeter.” “No. That will only make an obvious scene and I’ve already got enough on my plate to deal with.” Yoongi interrupted.

  “What will you have us do then?” Honestly, could these men not do anything right? For members of a specialized group, they could have the emptiest heads. “You find her, of course. You are trained for every thing I could possibly order and all I am asking is for you to go about this silently. Do I need to repeat myself?” Yoongi said harshly and his eyes hardened in annoyance. The man quickly gave a bow of his head denying such a thing. “Of course not, sir.” The answer was more of a grumble, but it would slide this time. Yoongi had more important things to worry about on his agenda, and he wasn’t going to let an ignorant member stand in his way. “Then go.” Yoongi said firmly and revolved the chair back around to face the window.

  The henchman grumbled and gave a stiff bow before retreating back out the door. Yoongi sighed and rubbed the bridge of his nose before leaning his head back against the cushioned chair. He sat in his office in silence, trying to get all of these jumbled thoughts into one.
Time seemed to pass by slowly as he waited for your arrival. Yoongi had begun to think that maybe, but not impossibly, that his henchman had lost direction. It was plausible. The man only had so much in that head of his. How could he though? The estate Yoongi resided was literally a mansion too big for its own good. There is no way the man missed it. Second by second, Yoongi felt himself grow annoyed. Could no one do anything right? The fleeting seconds were precious time he could have been spending with you. The only thing keeping him sane was the sound of his fingertips tapping the oak desk and the thought of your beautiful face on his mind.

  Around dark, the sound of a car pulling into the driveway alarmed him. Yoongi briskly left the chair he had been in for hours it seemed and looked out the large glass window. The immense iron gates had closed and the car’s headlights reflected onto the stone steps. It felt like forever as he waited for two forms to exit the car, and his heart thumped rapidly. To his desire, the sleek door opened and a tall figure assisting a much more petite one emerged. The petite figure, you, seemed to be anxious. Your eyes darted around trying to make sense of it all as your arm was harshly tugged forward in attempt to stir you to the steps.
“What am I doing here?” You asked in a soft tone, but the calloused man only ignored you. You pursed your lips and decided to not press any further with questions. For someone who was just taken, you didn’t feel as scared as you thought you were supposed to. You looked around the large foyer as you entered the double doors. Your shoeless feet touching the cool tiled floor that was so clean it bounced a mirror reflection of everything in the room. You were told to stand and wait, so you did.

  “Ah you made it safely.” A deep voice resonated the room. You turned your attention towards the grand staircase in the center of the foyer. Yoongi gave you a small smile as his fingertips grazed the rail before making his way over to you. His confident stride was easily noticed and after studying his face, you understood who he was. It wasn’t hard to know he was one of the most powerful and feared men around the area. If you didn’t know who Min Yoongi was then you soon would find out. Why you were here was something that needed to be answered. “You must be hungry, yes?” Yoongi questioned and stood in front of you. You shifted your gaze up to him and his eyes bore into yours. They weren’t as cold as you expected them to be after all the things said about the young man. “Not terribly.” You said softly.

  “Follow me then.” Yoongi instructed and held out his hands towards you. You hesitated before slowly slipping your petite hand into his awaiting one. His palm was warm and his fingers immediately intertwined yours with his. You felt warmth rise to the surface of your cheeks, but you followed him anyway. You allowed him to guide your body through a corridor and to a door further down. “What is this?” Yoongi chuckled at your innocent question and his arm smoothly transitioned to wrap around your waist. “This is your bedroom, darling. You will stay here.” He whispered and his nose nuzzling the top of your head. Your heart stopped and you begin to question if you heard him right. “I am?” You said breathlessly and Yoongi only nodded. “Well I have taken a liking to you, kitten.” He started and these nicknames he gave you made your stomach flutter. How can this man have such an easy effect on you?
“Oh..” That was all you could muster; all your brain could comprehend. You were still somewhat in shock as you tried to grasp onto the idea. “I wanted to have you before someone else would take you. We just can’t have that.” Yoongi murmured and his index finger sliding under your chin before his thumb grasped it. He lightly tilted your face and everything in that moment seemed to slowly go forward. His lips lightly brushed against yours, as if he was testing. A small smirk featured its way on his face as his thumb lightly brushed across your bottom lip. “They feel as soft as I thought.” He hummed before capturing them quickly with his own lips before you could retort.

  Everything happened so fast after that. Your lips had molded further as the kiss deepened, and Yoongi easily had you like putty in his hands. His tongue swiped across your lip before passing through the small part you provided for him. He slowly ran his tongue along the roof of your mouth before dipping it down to fondle with your own, and by this point you already felt breathless. You were already craving more, so much more. The thought drifting across your mind were ones you couldn’t even fully express. A faint moan left your throat, but that was enough for his ears to pick up on. Yoongi delved further into the passionate lip lock before parting to give you the air you desperately needed. “You look so cute like this, kitten.” He cooed as he took in your flustered appearance. Yoongi traced his lips to your jawline before lightly nipping at the soft flesh. You winced and your hands on his chest, gripping at the soft fabric of his shirt.

  Yoongi moved his lips to the skin at the junction of your neck. You felt yourself tense up as a small jolt was sent down your spine. You let out a small mewl when his fingertips dug lightly into your hips and his butterfly kisses turning into those that leave bruises. Your knees felt weak and a hand lowered to your thigh before leaving it there. Yoongi grunted and kissed over the freshly made spot on your neck before his free hand ran over your covered chest. Your breath hitches and you weakly grabbed his wrist. “Wait..” You shivered and Yoongi looked at you concerned. “Did I do something wrong?” “N-no..I just don’t feel ready.” You whispered and felt like a little kid. You felt stupid for rejecting such a handsome man, not to mention one that wanted you. Yoongi cracked a smile and pressed his lips to your forehead, surprising you. “There is nothing wrong with that.” He whispered and kissed your nose. “No pressure.” You smiled at his endearing comments before hugging his neck. “Besides,” Yoongi said smoothly as he hugged your waist closer and his face nuzzling into the crook of your neck. “I can wait.” He smirked, causing your cheeks to burn all over again.


Hey, lovelies! I think it is time for an overdue scenario on this blog :) I hope you enjoy it and I hope I haven’t gotten too rusty :P -Admin Bunni

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Ok I'm sorry but are you gonna actually have some more content cause that's what I followed for. Don't get me wrong I'm glad you and yara are doing well and youre super cute but idk. I'm in enough pain in my own ldr lmao. Again, just asking, and you guys are great and I hope it goes well for you <3

dude, just scroll down like, two posts. there’s your content. i post content all the time but this is my blog and i’ll use it however i want to, and talk about what i want to. i also love answering asks, so that’s gonna be a majority of my feed. if you don’t like it, unfollow


Okay I’m telling this like the 4th time, so please read this and help me understand. +this is for all of you

Can someone tell me how the fuck can someone make a blog and gain followers for FUCKING STEALING SOMEONE’S ELSE WORK? There is a girl, who made TVD blog and she already has more than 50k followers (LIKE WTF PEOPLE DON’T YOU FUCKING SEE, THEY’RE NOT HER GIFS!!!!!)

She is stealing everybody’s gifs all the fucking time, and doesn’t reblog any other posts AT ALL, she’s just reposting our hard work and she doesn’t care about anything.

I saw once that she reposted my gif of Stefan, now listen. My post gain like 900 notes and her, THE SAME GIF almost 5k notes, ugh. I asked her then why the fuck is she doing this and I wrote a post on my blog that she is the fucking liar and you shouldn’t follow her or reblog “her” posts. She texted me “why did you post this post about my blog, what the hell blablabla”, I answered her that she shouldn’t steal someone’s work, if she likes some post, she should just reblog it. She told me that from now she’s gonna make her own gifs and post just them. Okay, I thought, no problem. BUT… she didn’t delete any of stolen gif from her blog, and then she posted one, ONE GIF that her friend made for her (she told me that), and now she’s doing this again. what the fuck

please visit her blog and if you follow her, unfollow, and leave her a message that what she’s doing is wrong, please, cause i don’t know what else i can do