Isa gulped as she saw Cristiano entering the pitch with the Portugal national team for a game against Serbia. She watched him staring at the crowd, hoping that he would meet her gaze. They haven’t seen each other after an argument they had a week ago. Cristiano accused her of cheating and kicked her out of his house without letting her explain. She loves Cristiano a lot and there’s no way that she could have cheated on him with another men. She was just helping a friend of them to propose to her girlfriend. Yet the girlfriend went to Cristiano and told him that she was on him. Now, a week later, she took the first plane to Portugal to watch him play and then explain to him what really had happened. She just hoped that he would listen to her.

“Is this seat taken?” She looked up to meet an old friend of her and Cristiano, Thiago. She smiled. “No it isn’t” She moved her purse. “You can sit here if you want…” He sits and kissed her cheek. "Great to see you again Isa…Você està tão bonita” She smiled sadly as she remembers how Cristiano used to call her like that.


 Thiago looked at her. “What’s wrong?” She shooks her head. He grabbed her hands and kisses them. “You can tell me anyting, yeah? Did something happen with…?” Her eyes filled with tears as she could feel a lump forming in her throat. “W-We had a little argument…O-One of his girl friend told him that I was cheating on him with her boyfriend. B-But it was a lie! Yes we were spending a lot of time together but I was just helping him planning his proposal to her” She breaks into tears.

“And the worst thing of all is that he won’t believe in me. He didn’t want to see me anymore so he kicked me out of his house.  H-He even called me a slut!I-I want him back so I came today to see if he forgives me..! Thiago hugged her tightly. "Shh calma…There’s nothing to you to forgive. It wasn’t your fault. You’re his girlfriend he should’ve trust you and not some girl. After the game I’m going with you to get him, OK? Don’t worry. Everything will be fine.”


Cristiano clapped as the UEFA anthem finished. He patted each of the Serbians player’s back and shooked the referee’s hand. When he positioned himself to take the picture with the Serbian captain and the referees, his eyes widened as he saw familiar brown locks.

“Isa…” he thought.

His mouth hung open as he saw his Isa sitting there in the stands with their friend Thiago.  He looked down embarrassed. After yelling mean things at her, she’s here…watching him play. He looked up and forced a smile to the camera. He will show Isa that he’s truly sorry. 


“Here Isa” Thiago gave her the coke.

“Thank you Thiago…”  She took a sip as he sat down.

“You’re feeling better?”

She nodded.

 They were half way through the game and the score was still 0-0. Cristiano wasn’t having the perfect night. Everytime that he had the ball, a defender would quickly kicked it away. He was getting pissed. He even received a yellow card for complaining to the referee for not calling the foul on Postiga. Isa bit her lip. “C’mon Cris…” she whispered. Thiago looked at her and smiled. He grabbed her hand. “Don’t worry…he’s surely going to score and dedicate the goal to you” Isa rolled her eyes and looked back at the pitch; watching Cristiano dribbling with the ball. “Yeah sure..Like that is going to happen..He hate my guts, remember?” Her voice trembled.

He squeezed her hands. “He doesn’t hate you Isa..”  They were interrupted by the referee’s whistle.  Isa gasped as she saw Cristiano grabbing his left ankle on the ground.
A Serbian defender gave him a hard tackle. Nani and Quaresma helped him to stand up. A free kick was given and he was going to take it.

His eyes were fixed to the ball. He took five steps backwards and stretched his legs. He takes a deep breath and runs to the ball. Isa holds her breath and prayed for the ball to get in.  His left foot impacts with the ball and it went straight to the back of the net. The stadium errupted with cheers as Cristiano runs to the stands; to everyone’s surprise.

Isa’s eye widened as Cristiano came to her. His brown eyes met her hazel ones. He pulled her by the arms and tilted her head and kissed her on the lips. She kissed him back. Everyone cheered for the couple. Cristiano pulled away. That goal was for you Isa…Forgive me..”  She nodded as tears were rolling down her cheeks. Thiago glared at the couple. Cristiano turned to him. “After the match finishes, take her to the dressing rooms.” He turned to look at her. “I’ll be waiting for you” He kissed her cheeks and returned the pitch. He blew her a kiss and winked at her, making her blush deeply.

“Oh Thiago you were right!” She hugged him. Thiago rolled his eyes.



After the game finished, Thiago and Isa left to the dressing room to see Cristiano. As Isa hummed, Thiago glared at her from behind. He didn’t believe that Isa would forgive Cristiano soon. He even thought that she was going to slap him for kissing her. His hand runs through his blonde locks. He had to admit it…he truly loves Isa. When he heard Isa telling him about the possible break up with Cristiano, he was happy. He was even going to confess his love for her after the game. He stopped his tracks and watched her walk. His eyes never left her butt. He licked his lips and an idea popped in his mind.

If he couldn’t have Isa for himself, then he’s going to give Isa something to remember. He looked around. The corridor was empty. Music from the dressing room was heard. He smirked. No one would take notice.


“Ugh” he groaned and fell on his knees. Isa looked back and run to him. “Thiago!  Are you alright!? What’s wrong!?” She knelt down. He stayed quiet.

“Answer me—“ He cut her off by crashing his lips on hers. Her eyes widened in horror. She pulled away and slapped him. “What the hell is wrong with you!?”

“I want you Isa…” He slammed her against the wall, she flinched. “I want you now” he seductively whispered and kissed her again. She tried to kick his crotch but he grabbed her legs and smirked into the kiss. Isa stopped moving and started to cry. Thiago unzipped her pants. She cried harder.

“I’m sorry…” She thought.

“I’m so sorry Cris…” She closed her eyes.

Cristiano grabbed Thiago and slammed him against the wall. Isa sank down to the floor.

“THIAGO! O QUE DIABOS ESTÀ ERRADO COM VOCÊ!?” Cristiano yelled. His dark eyes glared with venom at Thiago’s and punched him squared on the face.

“Don’t—you—ever—touch—Isa—ever—again!” He gave him one last punch and let Thiago collapsed to the floor. Security came rushing to separate them.  Cristiano explained to them what happened and they grabbed Thiago and took him the stadium’s infirmary.

Cristiano panted and quickly turned to Isa; who was still crying. He knelt down and hugged her tightly. “Shhh You’re OK Isa. Você está comigo…Nada vai acontecer” He kissed her temple. She hugged him back.

 “I-I was so scared Cris..! I thought he was going to—to—“ Isa cried harder.

“Isa look at me.” Cristiano said.

 She opened her eyes and met his. “Nothing will ever happen to you when you’re with me OK!?” He cleaned the tears away. He looked down. “This is my entire fault. I’m sorry for not believing in you. I’m sorry for leaving you alone. I’m sorry for everything Isa..” He caressed her cheeks and kissed her softly. She kissed him back, wrapping her arms around his neck. Cristiano grinned into the kiss and pulled away. He kissed her nose, making her smile widely. “I forgive you Cris”  Isa kissed him again.

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Portugal, meu Portugal,
De mãos dadas pela seleção
Portugal, meu Portugal, 
Todos juntos com a mesma paixão

Portugal alé, campeão alé, 
Traz contigo mais uma vitória
Portugal, meu Portugal, 
Viveremos momentos de glória.


Seleção concretiza sonho de uma criança doente

Miguel Miranda tem apenas 13 anos e esta terça-feira concretizou um grande sonho: conhecer os jogadores da Seleção Nacional.

O jovem adepto da equipa portuguesa está doente e foi através da Fundação Make a Wish que se deslocou até Óbidos. Esta fundação, que realiza os desejos de crianças e jovens entre os 3 e os 18 anos com doenças graves, permitiu a Miguel Miranda conhecer o seu grande ídolo, Cristiano Ronaldo e ser fotografado com os internacionais portugueses.


Seleção agradece apoio dos portugueses para o Mundial do Brasil! (x)