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thefantastickatinator  asked:

Top 5 Logan moments

This is a ridiculously hard question, and varies greatly, depending upon what mood I’m in.  

I love the guy.  He’s my favorite character of all time, so I want to name scenes where he’s doing positive, productive things and showing character growth.  

At the same time, I’m probably most entertained by him when he’s being an utter shithead.  That’s why I’m cheating, and splitting this question into two separate top fives.  

Top Five angel-on-my-shoulder Logan moments:

  1. Party scene in A Trip to the Dentist - it would have been so easy for Logan to just keep his mouth shut, and to allow people to believe what they wanted to believe.  Instead, he made the harder choice, publicly announcing what Veronica meant to him and throwing a gauntlet out for anybody who had a problem with their relationship.
  2. Boot scene in The Girl Next Door - again, Logan could have kept his mouth shut about the flagpole incident.  Weevil wasn’t exactly waiting around for him to come forward.  Here he proved that not only would he do the right thing without there being anything in it for himself, but he could look cool doing it.  Even in the world’s ugliest boots.
  3. Not Pictured  - He saw Beaver had a gun, and literally drew fire for Veronica.  He talked her out of killing Beaver, not because Beaver didn’t deserve it, but because he knew SHE’D never forgive herself.  Then he made her a perfectly round stack of pancakes.
  4. Epic Scene - Even after all the death, loss, and rejection, he still puts his heart out there (with the help of some liquid courage) because he’s afraid he’ll lose Veronica forever if he doesn’t.  
  5. Logan gives his professor an apple in Postgame Mortem - Okay, it’s a thirty-second scene, but it’s what it signifies that chokes me up.  Logan started Hearst for Veronica.  He went to his classes because Veronica wanted him to.  Here, he’s lost her forever (or for the next nine years), and here is where he decides to start living for himself and building a future for himself, regardless of who he’s dating at the moment.  I’ve never been so proud.

Top Five Devil-on-my-shoulder Logan moments

  1. Plan B -  That’s Honorary Deputy County Commissioner Echolls to you - Logan’s on fire in this episode, snarky, sarcastic, and not impressed with your shit. 
  2. Logan goes after Piz -  I have no shame.  Logan slamming open those cafeteria doors is so freaking hot.  
  3. Cop car meets baseball bat - Logan Fucking Echolls, ladies and gentlemen.
  4. Rescues Veronica at the River Stix - At least he tried the non-gun version first.  
  5. Aint No Magic Mountain High Enough - Come into my web, said the spider to the fly.  For the record, I do NOT approve of Logan’s pursuit of Hannah, yet I’m still mesmerized by his manipulation skills.
  6. Gory Sorokin, crash test dummy.  Couldn’t leave it off the list.  Couldn’t sacrifice any of the above, either.

Thank you so much for the ask, anon.  Posting this now, before I’m tempted to add 20 honorable mentions.  Like when he slips his test into the middle of the stack, or when he…