PostEurop Organisational Announcement

PostEurop Translator

We are pleased to announce that Noëlla Thibaut, PostEurop’s Translator has given birth to two lovely baby boys on 14 January 2012 and is currently on maternity leave.

During her maternity leave, Noëlla will be replaced by Samir El Ktibi (E:, who has begun his interim duties as of Friday, 13 January 2012.

Samir is Belgian and 31 years old.  He has considerable experience as translator/interpreter since 2005 and is fluent in French, English, Russian, Spanish and Dutch with a good knowledge in Greek, Croatian, Slovakian and some basic knowledge in Italian.   

Please join us in congratulating Noëlla on her joyous occasion and welcome Samir to the team.


Botond Szebeny

PostEurop Secretary General

PostEurop preparing for Post Expo

Thousands of delegates from all over the world are expected to visit POST-EXPO 2011 in Stuttgart on 27, 28 and 29 September.

We are excited as PostEurop delegates will be speaking/participating at this the upcoming PostExpo in Stuttgart on various topics. 

At the World Postal Business Forum on Wednesday 28 September,  Botond Szebeny, PostEurop Secretary General will speak on Public policies and the private sector role (14:00-17:00).  He will be sharing his views on “The role of European public postal operators in difficult times.”

At the Operations Conference the same day, PostEurop’s Market Manager Sebastien Houze joins Jean-Philippe Ducasse and other speakers on an upcoming hot topic - Clipping the wings of postal revenue losses (15:15-17:30).  He will ask the inevitable question “Is your Money Safe?” and share some recent eye-opening findings.  Stay-tuned.

Also on, Thursday 28 September 2011, PostEurop’s Project Manager, Antonino Scribellito will be moderating an interesting panel discussion seeking Green transport solutions (10:00-12:00).

See you at PostExpo 2011!

"Is Your Money Safe?"

Sebastien Houze, PostEurop Market Manager joins Jean-Philippe Ducasse in an interesting and relevant discussion for all Postal Operators, “clipping the wings of postal revenue losses”.

Based on a survey which PostEurop conducted on its members, Sebastien was able to share the audience at this operations conference, that €1 billion is the estimated amount of additional profit that public postal operators in Europe would make by eliminating all leakages of postage revenue.

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Green Transport Solutions

Antonino Scribellito, PostEurop Project Manager moderated the “Green transport solutions” as part of Technology Workgroups at PostExpo 2011 in Stuttgart.  Green transport experts gathered to talk about challenges and opportunities in achieving greener solutions.  What is evident is that technology is moving towards the right direction.

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Final Report on Postal Sector Evolution, and its social aspects

The European Social Dialogue Committee (SDC) for the Postal sector published its final report, based on its first large scale study across 27 member states.  Formed in 1999, following the European Commission’s decision to ‘adapt and promote social dialogue at the community level’, the Committee is made up of representatives from European postal operators (via PostEurop), postal employees (via UNI Post & Logistics) and the European Commission.  The objective of the SDC is to advise the European Commission on initiatives in European policy which could have a social impact on the postal sector and to encourage and promote social dialogue within the postal sector.   This final report reveals main findings of the study and conclusions for next steps.

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86th PostEurop Board Meeting

PostEurop Management Board members gathered in Madrid on 15 March at Correos HQ for the 86th PostEurop Board Meeting.  Botond will send out a summary of the main points discussed to all PostEurop official member contacts soon.

The Board also had the opportunity to meet the new CEO for Correos, Mr. Javier Cuesta Nuin.

Service of General Interest WG at the HQ

Today, PostEurop HQ welcomed participants from the Service of General Interest working group for a half day consultative meeting. Present also at the meeting was Joost Vantomme, Chair of the European Affairs Commitee (EAC).

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"Postal Operators Greening the Green"

The Envelope industry is very much linked to the core business of our Postal Industry.  This year, Botond Szebeny was invited to speak at the FEPE Congress in Edinburgh on how “Postal Operators are Greening the Green” and bringing green values to the postal service.

Present at the international event on 24 September 2011 were other stakeholders of the Paper Chain including paper manufacturers and UPU delegates.