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Person of Interest posters - My favorite episodes which are not including in top 10 rated episodes on IMDb

BLU-RAY 1080P | BTS Live on Stage: EPILOGUE

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Concert Making
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Concert Practice
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MD Shooting Film
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Poster and Bridge Shoot
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Daydream Concert Poster Shooting - VIXX

There’s good news and there’s bad news, kid.

The good news is The Case of the Gilded Lily Kickstarter is going WAY better than we could have even imagined. We weren’t sure if you all would go for these new characters, this new time period, this new dark and gritty world. You guys have welcomed this new project with extreme enthusiasm and we are flabbergasted and delighted! We definitely didn’t expect to make this much of our goal this soon. Which is where the bad news comes in…

We don’t have our next two reveals ready! Our next two actors weren’t available on our first day of poster shooting last month, so we decided we’d just shoot them this Saturday, the 10th. And again, we just didn’t really dream we’d hit $20K sooner than five days into the campaign. So we feel really bad letting you down and not having a reveal when we do cross those milestones, but we WILL release the next poster AS SOON AS WE CAN MAKE IT Saturday. We hope you’ll understand and forgive us!

This Kickstarter is far and away exceeding our expectations, and we are excited for the next few weeks of it! We still have a lot of fun coming with our livestreams, and fanart and fanfic contests we’re planning on, and other fun stuff. We’ll be revealing some sweet sweet stretch goals soon, because the more money we raise, the bigger and better The Gilded Lily will be. We’re so honored that you guys like our content enough to help us make it. 

Thanks for understanding and sticking with us. We couldn’t solve this case without you!


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The Counterfeit boys lurking round the backstreets of Wapping a couple of months back, there’s a poster from this shoot in the current Kerrang and I know there’s a few fans lurking on the feed so go treat yo'self! @counterfeitrock @bowerjamie #counterfeitrock #counterfeit #wapping #musicphotography #kerrang #jamiecampbellbower


Lay - 170419 ‘Operation Love’ poster shoot - [ENG SUB]

Credit: Layshands. (‘求婚大作战’)