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Here is a sneak peek of the Final Fantasy XV Fan Project poster for the FFXV team! Want to see more? Well the full poster will be revealed when the Square Enix team gets their hands on it themselves! So lookout for another update near the end of next week. Also, the poster is now larger: 24″ x 36″.

For those of you who missed the deadline for the poster, but would like to share something with the FFXV team, I will accept entries for the online page until 11:59pm CST Thursday, February 16th. (Short time period I know, but once the team gets it, I’m closing online entries.) There is a QR code at the bottom of the poster that will send the team to all the entries from the poster, plus any extras y’all send in to me @verryfinny or! 

Also, if you already participated in the poster through art/photo and would like to leave your message/feedback for the online page to go along with your poster entry, please feel free to do so now!

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I’ve crated a very detailed and high quality poster for the never to be released video game by the one and only Philip Lester called

                                        THE MARK OF OXIN

I aged the characters up (definitelly not by accident) and altered their uniforms because I was drawing it from the cliparts for the videos and I couldn’t see much…

And yeah, I know that both them and the background look shit…

As for the characters, I never draw anything anime, but their initial design is, so I tried to stick to it…
And as for the background - I just sorta gave up trying to copy the desing from the game…sorry phans

Click this link xxx to watch the actual video :-3

Oh yeah, and the thing on the O is the Mark of Oxin…

I've found it too... my dream... 

Haruka: thecosplayrat

Joseph Kallinger (b. December 11th 1935, Philadelphia, PA - d. March 26th 1996, State Correctional Institution - Cresson, PA), born Joseph Lee Brenner III, was an American serial killer and arsonist who went on a crime spree with his son, Michael, spanning Philadelphia, Baltimore and New Jersey.

After his father left his mother, Kallinger was put into foster care at the end of 1937. On October 15th 1938, he was adopted by Austrian immigrants Stephen and Anna Kallinger. His adoptive parents put him through such severe abuse that at age six he developed a hernia inflicted by his adoptive father. The punishments he endured included kneeling on rocks, being starved, getting locked in closets, being froced to commit self-injury, eating excrement and being burned with irons. At the age of nine he was sexually assaulted by neighbourhood boys.

He had a passion for theatre and through that he met 15 year old Hilda Bergman, whom he married, despite his parents’ disapproval. Kallinger went on to have two children with her, but after enduring domestic violence at his hands she left him. After his divorce, he was hospitalised for severe headaches and appetite loss, in part due to stress surrounding it. He remarried on April 20th 1958 and had 5 kids with his second wife, whom he abused frequently and often subjected his kids to the same abuse he endured from his adoptive parents.

In 1972, Kallinger was arrested and imprisoned after his children reported him to the police. He was diagnosed as a paranoid schizophrenic and scored an 82 on an IQ test while in jail. The children later dropped their allegations and he was released. Two years later, one of his sons, Joseph Jr, was found dead in the rubble of an old building. Two weeks later, Kallinger took out an insurance policy on his sons, but the company suspected foul play so they refused to pay.

Starting in July 1974, Kallinger, along with his 15 year old son Michael, went on a crime spree. Over a span of six weeks they robbed, assaulted and sexually abused four families and murdered three people. Their last crime was on January 8th, 1975. They took residents of a home hostage and killed Maria Fasching. A hostage managed to run outside and cry for help. Neighbors called the police but Kallinger and his son fled the scene immediately and disposed of evidence along the way.

Police investigated and soon found out about Kallinger’s history of domestic abuse, Joseph Jr.’s unsolved death and a series of arsons targeted at buildings he owned. Him and his son were arrested on charges of kidnapping and rape, but then later changed to three counts of murder. Kallinger plead insanity, though he was found sane and then sentenced to life in prison on October 14th 1976. Michael Kallinger was judged to be under his father’s control and sentenced to a reformatory. After being released at 21 he moved out of state and changed his name.

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Joseph Kallinger died at age 60 of heart failure on March 26th, 1996. He spent the last 11 years of his life on suicide watch.

DL (Plushie Skit)- Badass!?

@amyohtheotaku thank you for your request~ sorry I am late again!!!!

It does take some time to take photos, make dialogs and use the filter to improve photos’ qualities…

The Poster Photo is provided by Amy chan~

The idea is really cute and it’s totally like what the diahoes would argue about LOL

Before we start, let me show you the Poster First~

They look damn hot here….They killed me with those eyes already~

OK the Skit Starts:

Being bullied for so long in all my skits, Subaru chan finally cannot take this anymore. You see his eye? That means anger, or “do not take advantage on me just because I am the youngest!”