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Available now from Dr. Joe Wilson, author of ‘The Bees In Your Backyard. A Field Guide to the Bees of North America’ (2015) Princeton University Press. Think about and learn about native bees everyday with this poster on your wall, in your classroom, etc. The book is highly recommended.

It’s a few pages later and he’s drawing Tony from memory when a waitress walks by to refill his coffee and peeks over his shoulder. - All Roads

They have a vintage poster of Captain America on the wall, very like the one that Tony had had as a child. - Unweaving by Night

steve and tony, at different points in time at the same cafe - still thinking about each other. ;) holy moly this took forever for me to get started but THIS WAS INSPIRED BY A COUPLE OF MY FAVORITE POST-CW FICS written by the absolutely incredibly lastdream on ao3!! All Roads & Unweaving by Night (links embedded above) are Steve’s and Tony’s perspectives respectively post-CW and they are both so painfully beautiful (+ sad!!!) fics that I highly recommend you read!

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do you have any favorite build cc?

ok so i don’t really have that much build mode cc so i just picked a few of my favorite things from buy mode

1. Neon peace sign

2.  S2 Ikea Chair

3. Old Mill Ivy

4. Bubble lamp

5. Trunk coffee table

6. City living posters

7. Wall microwaves

8. Potted-piary Plant

9. Felt letter board

10. Faceted floor lamp

Save the Last Dance AU

Where Yuri Plisetsky is this ballerina who has dreams of dancing lead at the Bolshoi Ballet, the same way his mother did for so many years, and he’s weeks away from a very important audition with Lilia Baranovskaya, the director.

However, Yuri meets and befriends Cute Neighbor, Katsuki Yuuri, who’s living with his fiancé, Bolshoi Ballet star, Viktor Nikiforov. (Yuri has no fucking clue, he just thinks of Yuuri’s fiancé as a Total Loser, who’s Never Home, and How Dare He Leave Yuuri Alone? and Yuuri politely never brings up how Yuri has a poster of Viktor on his wall.)

Yuuri, trained in several genres of dance and very much involved with very experimental dance troupes/companies, drags Yuri to a nightclub where people are breakdancing and dancing hip hop. And Yuri starts dancing, but gets super frustrated, but keeps coming back because he thinks he can incorporate this into his audition.

Also because of the obscenely attractive DJ, Otabek Altin.

Yes it’s a love triangle. Or aspires to be one. Because Yuri thinks no one will ever be good enough for Yuuri.

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Why do you hate bts so much? Have you even listened to their music?

dude… i have their posters on my wall… i have a jimin keychain… i’m flying to LA next month alone from ohio just to see them in concert…….

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For the break my privacy, black and purple pls😛 i love invading people's privacy, its fun

black: 1 fact about the person i like

we’ve been dating for 3.5 years??? does that count as a fact about him

purple: 10 facts about my room

1. three of my walls are painted red and one has black and white wallpaper

2. I used to have an entire collage wall of band posters but i took it down last year and i still think it looks weird without it

3. my room is the coziest place in the world

4. I have a bookshelf that hasn’t been touched in w a y too long and idek what’s up there anymore lol

5. I keep like every box I’ve ever gotten (my closet is filled with shoe boxes and i have like 4 phone boxes, my ipad box, my laptop box, and some phone case boxes under my bed) it’s getting ridiculous

6. one time my boyfriend like tossed a sharpie across the room but the lid wasn’t on right so there’s just this massive sharpie ass mark on my wall that cannot come off lmao

7. I rearranged all the furniture in my room yesterday (and cleaned it top to bottom nice) so now my bed is in the centre of the room and I’m v happy about it

8. when i rearranged my room yesterday i somehow broke my string lights and I’m rly rly sad

9. my sheets have deer on them and i lov my deer bois

10. the posters i did keep after my poster purge are a Star Wars movie poster, starry night, a lady and the tramp movie poster, a card signed by hedley from when i graduated high school, a painting of the Eiffel Tower i got in paris, a photo of me and misha Collins (those were the days man) and a drawing of Alex gaskarth my friend sent me!!!!


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5 things you’ll find in my bag
1. My wallet
2. My iPod
3. My Majora’s Mask new 3DS
4. Candy
5. Headphones

5 things you’ll find in my bedroom
1. My collection of Yoshis
2. My laptop
3. Plagg the cat
4.  My art 
5. Prints and Posters all over my wall

5 things I’m into at the moment
1. Final Fantasy (XV specifically but I’m always into all of it)
2. Miraculous Ladybug
3.  Disgaea
4.  The Walking Dead
5.  Voltron

5 things in my to-do list
1. Take my next teaching exam
2. Make more prints for an upcoming convention where I will be selling my art
3. Finish my laundry
4.  Finish all of my games I haven’t finished yet (Guided Fate Paradox, World of Final Fantasy, Pokemon Sun, Zero Time Dilemma, Final Fantasy XIII-2, Child of Light, and Fire Emblem Conquest)
5. Report all those stolen art videos that have my art in them.

5 things people don’t know about me
1. I’m the younger identical twin by twenty minutes.
2. My favorite manga is Black Cat.
3. My favorite food is chips and hot salsa.  
4.  My name is Shana.
5. My favorite character of all time is Squall Leonhart from FFVIII. It won’t change. 

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