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thepromiseofanend  asked:

Question of the day : Who did you fangirl over when you were a teenager? Can be multiple people if there was more than one.

Oh my dear! I was a horse-girl, so I didn’t pave my room walls with guys but with horse posters. Music vise I hated boybands and from the music I was hearing I wouldn’t have been able to put a face to the band. Maybe Jon Bon Jovi could qualify, but I felt he was too old 😂. I had some favorite television shows I would try not to miss and probably was crushing a bit on the characters. One was of course Johnny Depp in 21 Jump Street, I also have to admit I was quite fond of Jared’s nose and his kissing skills in MSCL but I didn’t root for him (I know!!! Stupid teenage-me! Mea culpa!), then their was Jonathan Brandis from Sea Quest, tragic figure! And last but not least MacGyver! 😂😂😂 Damn that guy had bad skills!

Hmmm, in conclusion I would say I had a thing for cute noses, especially little button noses!

Nawww, and this striking baby face just having the cutest of them all to this day! Thank you for the question and letting me recall the guys of my youth (I’m such a walking cliché, aren’t I 🙄)! What about you @thepromiseofanend, @avaj99, @boughtmyfate, @loveforhimispain

Albums I got today at Akibaoo and Akiba Hobby

They were both nice shops, good selection and banging music playing over the speakers. Akibaoo doujin section was down a narrow twisting staircase that went on and on, the walls plastered with signed doujin music promo posters, some which were several years old. I felt like I was descending into some sealed away secret dungeon. The Akiba Hobby store was on the 6th floor of one of those anonymous looking buildings, I only found my way there because they had a sign out on the street. You pass adult shops, one card game shop, two used figurines shop, and finally make it to what feels like the most humble shop among them all. The last staircase up had large sheets of paper all over the walls where I assume happy customers had scribbled and drawn their favorite characters and greetings and stuff.

So I when it comes to the irl experience I prefer Akibaoo and Akiba Hobby to bigger places like Melonbooks and Toranoana, I guess. Those places are always so crowded, too.

As for the music, the circles I know that are in there are Jericho’s Law (bottom left), Mameya (top right), Genkai Paradox (bottom right)… There’s also an album feat some halozy folks like Sumijun, Misato and Mio plus Otomekan’s muzik servant etc under the circle name “Stersion & Misty” (middle middle) which made me pretty interested.

Top middle appears to be a Hifuu piano album? There’s one track by Marasy on it at least. Top left appears to be a mixed electronic album with hardcore, trance core, mashcore etc but also EDM. It also has a track by adaptor from glossy ocean who’s one of my favorites. Middle right is described as “new age, piano and orchestra” which sounded really interesting.

I also bought an MP3 player so that I could finally start listening to albums but I accidentally bought the kind that needs an SD card so I can’t start working on that tonight either!!! God. Oh and I got Hifuu key chains.