posters are more important than a lot of things

So, as someone who has finally written a book they feel confident enough about to self publish—(It’s a novella so I’m waiting until I have the full series out before I try and publish the whole thing with a company at a more marketable length.)—I’ve come to realize an important fact.

Writing the book is the easy part, marketing is a costly and more often than not, futile venture. I have tried everything from paid Amazon ads, to posters, to starring on youtube podcasts and soon radio shows, and I’ve honestly sold more copies just talking to people. (I haven’t sold a whole lot of copies just to make that abundantly clear.)

This is not because of flaws in my writing, at least so far I’ve never received below a five star rating from the strangers I do get to read the book. (Like three gave reviews on Amazon.) It’s from the simple fact that books take time to read, and no matter how nice my cover is, or how cheap I’m selling the book for, I’m a new writer without many reviews, so taking a risk on me as an author and possibly wasting your time to read my book isn’t in everyone’s best interest. So, it’s a real fight to get every reader to purchase the book, and I’m then stuck just sort of praying that they enjoy it enough to share it with their friends and give public reviews.

This all said, and as tough as marketing is, it’s still worth it to be an author, because the few people who do read and respond to my writing do seem to enjoy it. They always give detailed accounts of what they liked, and in some instances I’ve even made people become avid readers again after long periods of time where they weren’t entertained by the medium anymore. So, as tough as marketing has been, I’m still very thankful for the experience.

Thank you twfaison for sharing your story. I took the liberty of bolding what I think is a takeaway from it.

As always, don’t hesitate to ask a question or submit a writer problem (however long or short they may be).

anonymous asked:

Hey. I just got home from taking the GRE. I made a 148 on quant and 155 verbal. I do NOT want to take it again. I wanted to apply to respected biomedical/cell programs like Emory or Chapel Hill but now it feels useless. Even though I have 3.5 years research experience, several poster presentations, an ok GPA (3.7), etc. I still feel hopeless.

It’s worth remembering that very few programs base admissions decisions solely on GRE scores. They’re just a part of the overall picture. 

It sounds like you have a lot of research experience, which is usually the number 1 thing programs want, and from that, you can also probably get pretty decent letters of rec. Those two things are more important to most admissions committees than GRE scores.

You also have a good GPA, so don’t discount that.

I also understand not wanting to take the GRE again, because it sucks and costs money, but if you do consider taking it again, it will likely be easier and less stressful because you know what to expect, so there’s that.

I don’t think you have cause to feel completely hopeless. And even if you don’t get into a top school or have to take a year or two off in between to build your resume, that’s okay. Lots of people do that, and frankly, it can be helpful in terms of burnout to take time off between undergrad and grad school, so that can be something to consider as well. 

homies never have i felt stronger about even and sana’s brotp rising in S4 than i have now the evidence just keeps on stacking and hopes just keep on rising. 

at this point it is more than confirmed now that even’s “phase” of learning the quraan by heart wasn’t just a phase to him, it meant a lot more than that. so much, that he has sketches of women in hijaabs and burqas and allah in arabic on his wardrobe, along with all other sketches that he holds important in his life, along with “alt er love”, displayed, just like his nas poster. why? because he’s passionate about all these things, which goes to show, that he equally /still is/ so passionate about islam, otherwise, those sketches wouldn’t be there hanging on his wardrobe still. they would have been removed, taken down, and boxed away. he wouldn’t have left them out to be exposed to anyone that came to his room like that. islam held a very important value in his life at one point: he has so much respect for it, that he still allows it to be so explicit. on his wardrobe, a thing he uses on a daily basis.

we already know he’s learnt the qur’aan, we already know he knows enough about the stigma and stereotype surrounding islam. we know that he is knowledgeable about islamophobia. we know that he’s super fond of sana. we’re already hoping that S4 is either sana’s or even’s for the leading.

and now i’m so ready to see islam, in the form of sana being an actual muslim that even KNOWS now, being given the right light and be discussed between 2 educated people who KNOW about islam, and will portray it in the right manner. and in turn, have mental illness be talked about, and how even seeked out islam during a period of time in his life, yet how his passion for it is still so strong. so strong, that he wants to share it with sana, and sana doesn’t dismiss it as a phase, but in fact, becomes even more endeared by even. so endeared, that she can open up to even about her struggles. and them 2 form this absolutely beautiful relationship of trust and friendship, where they CAN be vulnerable to one another.


Shitty K-pop things that should stay in 2015

Since 2015 is winding down, I thought I’d share some things that I think fans should let rest in this year.

1. Making fun of idols’ English/calling their English “Engrish”

Really, it’s old, rude, and just plain ugly. They try so hard to speak English to interact with intl. fans more and it’s not their first language so stop making fun of them. You wouldn’t want them laughing at your “Kowean” when you try super hard to learn it now would you? Exactly. And “Engrish” is so racist and ugly just unfollow me if that word is in your lexicon at all.

2. Over-sexualizing idols (ESPECIALLY THE MINORS!!!)

/side eyes certain blogs/ This one should be pretty self explanatory but some people can’t get this through their thick skulls. Sexualizing idols and especially minors is not okay. “But they’re legal in /insert some western country/ so it’s okay and it’s not like they’d see it anyway haha” FUCK YOU DISGUSTING CREEP. If they aren’t legal in Korean age, they aren’t.fucking.l e g a l. Idols aren’t your little “kimchi fucktoy” no no no no N O. They’re humans and they have feelings. (P.S. Pedonoona/oppa is fucking disgusting and not funny or cute at all stop using it to describe yourself you nasty bitches.)

3. Saying inappropriate things to idols online

If you weren’t aware, BTS recently stopped reading comments on Bangtan Bombs and replying to twitter comments. Why? Because they’ve been getting things like “fuck me” “xx and xx fuck each other a lot” and other things. They don’t wanna see that. It’s disgusting and creepy. Keep it on your blog if anything. And also, tumblr humor doesn’t translate well. As you’ve seen with BamBam and everything that happened, comments like “i hate you” and “stop” or “delete” may be just jokes here, but can be taken negatively by people that don’t use tumblr. Again, keep it on your blog.

4. Fetishizing Koreans/Korean culture and language

/side eyes certain blogs with more intensity/ Again, very self explanatory but some people just have thick ass heads for that tiny ass brain but I digress. HUMANS ARE NOT I REPEAT NOT FETISHES. Idols weren’t put on this earth to carry out your creepy racist kinks and fetishes. Same goes for culture and language. Languages shouldn’t be accessorized. They’re not jewelry. “Oppa omg saranghaeyo jjang annyeong gomawo~~” Stop. And stop using Hangul to get in touch with your “Korean side” because unless you’re mixed with Korean you don’t have one. It’s not an aesthetic, it’s a language. Learn at least the basics or you have no place to use it.

5. Using AAVE if you aren’t black

I would side eye but I can see where a lot of people may do it unintentionally. Terms like “bae” and “slay” are AAVE, not just slang. @jonginsmama explains this very well. The media capitalize on our vernacular and make it more mainstream and people think it’s alright, but it’s damaging. This isn’t just a K-pop thing, but a worldwide thing. (And please for the love of GOD stop using the term FUCKBOY! It’s not a cute term and has a really negative connotation which I’m sure you wouldn’t want to call an idol. I don’t care if you’re joking. If you aren’t black and don’t know what it means, don’t say it or use it in any way. /SIDE EYES THE FUCK OUT OF CERTAIN BLOGS/)

6. Being racist to non-white/non-Asian K-poppers

“/insert race outside of white/asian/white or asian passing or light skinned people/ don’t belong in K-pop” “Kpop wasn’t made for people like you” Literally you can shut the fuck up. Music is global. We should be able to enjoy this without bring color into it. It’s disgusting some things I’ve seen on here and should have been left in 1960.

7. “Your Fave Is Problematic”

My fave is problematic, your fave is problematic, his and her fave is problematic, their fave is problematic, EVERYONE IS PROBLEMATIC OKAY? Including you. Don’t act like you’re some pure higher up devoid of wrongdoing. It’s fine to point out problematic behavior and to correct and teach people on why it is, but don’t be like “oH MAi GAwD oPPar/OONiE REEEEEALYY dINT SAY ThAt?!? UNSTANNING I HATE THEM THEYRE DESGUSTING AND SHOULD ROTT IN HELLLLL AND ANYONE THAT DOESNT AGREE SHOULD TEWWW” (this also goes for the “oppar/oonie didn’t mean it” people too, way too many of those. And don’t disregard other people’s feelings on subjects or say they’re over reacting, everyone’s feelings are valid.)

8. Disregarding colorism within the K-pop industry

Colorism isn’t a joke. It’s not funny, it’s not cute, it’s not “just how they joke around.” It’s hurtful and said with some degree of malicious intent if the person has mentioned they dislike it. Even if they haven’t, they have no reason to make “jokes” like that. You don’t know how much some people wanna bleach their skin to fit into a mold and to be “beautiful”. You don’t know how many people go to extreme measures to lighten their skin. It’s disgusting and no one should be excused for it.

9. Bringing groups/idols up while bringing others down

Everyone in K-pop works their asses off to bring you a good performance/good music. Some may not but there still is no excuse. You’re entitled to an opinion, but don’t force it onto people as if it were fact. If whomever you like is as good as you claim, you wouldn’t have to pull anyone else down in the process of praising them.

10. “You’re not a real fan”

EVERYONE WHO SUPPORTS A GROUP IN ANY WAY, SHAPE, OR FORM IS A REAL FAN. You don’t have to know every birthday, every little fact about them, their exact height and weight, or anything to be considered a real fan. Just supporting them is good enough. You don’t need every edition of a CD or posters covering your walls from top to bottom to be a fan. Lots of fans (like me) can’t really afford albums or posters/merch, but we still support. Does that make us any less of a fan? Of course not. It’s more important to be a good fan (by respecting idols and other fans) than being a “real fan”.

I’ve done a lot of these things that I’ve listed, but I’m teaching myself out of it. There are many more things that should be dropped but then we’d be here forever. Part of the responsibility is within us fans to make K-pop better for everyone. It will be a slow process, but the outcome would be amazing. I hope 2016 will be a better year for K-pop. Happy New Year and best wishes!

wild bloodline speculations

okay so i am now SOBER (mostly - the room still spins a little) and around 50% brain efficiency, i think, which will have to do. 

so yesterday this arrived on my dash. very interesting.

I like that this book can be found “wherever books are sold”.

The unmodified version pretty much confirms much of what we know about Leia’s political future. I dunno what a “First Senator” is, but if six years before TFA she can campaign for a position above senator, it means she still has some influence ; she’s not yet as isolated as she will be in TFA. The excerpt makes me think it’s the moment things really start going south for Leia and her reputation - and others:

An entire generation has prospered during an era of peace. The New Republic, governed by the Galactic Senate on Hosnian Prime, has held power for more than two decades. Yet conflict has begun to take shape within the Senate. As political gridlock threatens to cripple the fledgling democracy, the quarrels of the New Republic will soon radiate throughout the galaxy…


Also, explosions. 

The “liar” and “traitor” tags on the poster could be about a lot things - but in this context and with the Vader mask (!!!!), i think it’s likely to be about the public reveal of Leia’s family ties - like most of the internet it seems hahahaha. Vader’s legacy is definitely gonna be the important point :

“I find myself remembering the Episode I posters, where you see the boy Anakin with Vader’s shadow stretching out behind him,” [Claudia Gray] says. “In this book, we find out just how far Vader’s shadow falls."  [x]

I don’t think the Resistance would exist as such, as this point. I just checked and Poe apparently joined the Resistance "thirty years” after the war (BtA) - so not very long before TFA. At all. I think the Resistance was created between Bloodline and TFA. 

Family is a major theme overall in the Star Wars films and it plays a key role in one of the book’s most significant events, “one that has pretty far-reaching repercussions for several characters,” Gray says. “However, this novel isn’t fundamentally about Leia as a wife, sister or mom; this is about the role she’s created for herself since the fall of the Empire, and the one she takes up by the time of (The Force Awakens).” [x]

I guess one of the burning questions is, at this point, has Ben Solo joined the FO? Honestly, i’m not sure. If most of his family history had been kept secret from him and revealed during a public scandal, that could have been the impetus needed. 

And i wonder if we’re approaching the Kylo-defection with a big fat wrong assumption. Because he’s linked to three different organizations/people: the First Order, Snoke and the Knights of Ren - what if he joined those at different points? What if there’s not one date to pinpoint but two or three.

i had a point i lost it