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BOOKS READ IN 2017: percy jackson & the olympians by rick riordan

It’s hard to enjoy practical jokes when your whole life feels like one.


(U said let us meet soon~~)
Yes dear…let us meet
let us give rise to storms,
set the world ablaze.
years and years have i waited,
for a friend such as you.
let us meet outside,
in the wilderness
where lone wolves howl plaintively
and the wind sighs mournfully
in remembrance of days gone by;
When like-minded hearts ran together joyfully ,
casting aside shackles of mortality.
Let us meet again, yet again,
only to part again, yet again.
Such is the world we live in. 


We’re going to meet soon, you say
Down by the river where wind swept waters flay
They don’t tell you about girls being brash
But we know it’s got everything to do with how we flash
Up and down and all around
In for a penny and in for a pound
You’re my soul sister in these trying times
And I’m lost without you busting the rhymes
But like you said in your words so true
We gonna fly up high in the sky like the birds in blue
And when ‘like-minded hearts run together’
Joyful ain’t the only thing we’ll be feeling forever
For if we meet soon then rest your troll
We’ll never part in spirit, heart, and soul.


🚁🍉🌿🛀🚚🕰👒🐢 Life Like Lulu, poster zine about life in the dream lane. Debuting at TCAF this weekend in Toronto, May 14-15. Find me on the second floor of the library at table 282!

I’ll also be talking on a panel set up by First Second called ‘Improving Yourself’, at the Hilton Theater on the third floor of the library from 1-2pm Saturday!

As well as doing a live drawing event on Saturday in the Apple Salon on the library’s second floor from 12pm-12:30!

Woof! Can’t wait for this weekend!!