My buddy Kyle Starks’s new book, KILL THEM ALL, is on Kickstarter, and there are three days left to go.  One of the stretch goals was a Chris Schweizer print thrown in with the book, and now that the KS has passed that I’m scrambling to get it done, because, like the grade-a champ that he is, Kyle’s book is ready to roll out as soon as the campaign closes.  It’s a great read, an action comic that’s very funny.  Or a funny comic that’s very actiony.  Either way, it is for adults, so you kids be sneaky when you order it, okay?

Here are the roughs for the print.  Working on finals today.

The poster wall has made a comeback! I took everything down a couple months ago, the decision sparked by a comment that my room looked like a teenager’s rather than an adult’s. To that, I say fuck you! I love all of this beautiful art! Most of this is stuff I got at this year’s Perth Supanova, some are from 2014’s.

I don’t have links to everyone’s art but the ones I do have are:
@lightningstrikes-art (the Sam, Cap, and Bucky in the second-bottom row)
@brucelovesyou (the ‘Winter Soldier’, Cap with the shield, Star Trek, and Supernatural ones)
@ladygt (the Titan)
@missmirelda (Noragami)
EDIT: @catgoboom (Dragon Age)

The big Cap poster is a special edition that I got with the release of Winter Soldier, and my FMA poster was signed by Vic! Such a beautiful human being 😊

Now I just need a landscape poster to fill that blank space at the top; all the ones I have left are portrait 😩


Cats + Puns = Etti-Cat, an awesome series of New York City subway posters created in the 1960s that used an adorable tuxedo cat spokes-cat to promote respectful behavior. Etti-Cat encouraged subway riders to refrain from defacing the trains, warned them against littering, and encouraged them to offer their seats to the elderly.

The Etti-Cat posters are currently on display as part of an exhibit entitled Transit Etiquette Or: How I Learned To Stop Spitting And Step Aside In 25 Languages at the New York Transit Museum Gallery Annex through October 20.

[via Hyperallergic]