Cause baby now we got bad blood….

HEY! My mom and I (also known as Crash and Burn) will be attending the Detroit Show on Saturday!!! My mom and I went to the fearless tour and the speak now tour together and I’m so stoked she’s able to come with me to the 1989 tour!! We will be in section 124, row 19, seats 16 & 17!! We love you and can’t wait to spend this Saturday with you, taylorswift!!!

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In 2007, cinema artist, John Alvin (1949-2008), was commissioned to imagine what a movie one-sheet might look like for Chuck Jones’s “What’s Opera, Doc?” 

Alvin, known for creating such iconic movie posters such as “Blazing Saddles”, “Blade Runner”, and “The Lion King”, obliged, and the results, as you can see, are rather spectacular.


Ryan Gosling fans, you need these on your wall! 

Lets all thank Michael Douglas (no not the actor) for this stunning collection.

Check out his work here!