posterized parks


All four of my Travel West posters will be for sale as 11x17 prints at EAST this weekend and next! I only have a limited supply, so if you’re interested, some grab one before they’re gone :)

Time to be turning around…if only you could! So…you’re looking for a laughing place, eh? We’ll show you a laughing place…

My first time riding all of Disneyland’s mountain roller coasters happened in the same childhood trip. High on the adrenaline of conquering the three smaller mountains, I was convinced I could take on Splash: that is, right up until the moment when crawling up that crankety lift, the vultures start jeering, and you behold the fall into the briar patch…yep, it almost turned me off anything with drops for life.

To that first frightening memory, I fondly dedicate this poster.

Posterized Parks Series // Critter Country