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↳ I know how you look into a mirror, and you h a t e what you see.


Words: 2481
Sam&Dean x Sister!Reader
Warnings: Language, attempted sexual assault situation, some violence

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The bunker door slammed and Sam looked up over his shoulder towards the entrance. “Hey Y/N! How was your date? You’re back earlier than we expected,” he called out. There was no response. “Dean, come on! You have to play something!”

”I’m thinking! I’m thinking!” Dean said, squinting down at the cards clutched in his hands. “Keep your pants on, Sam… Geez.”

You leaned against the closed bunker door taking in very conscious, deep breaths. You shoved your shaking hands into your pockets, thinking that concealing your trembling would be best, and wondering how to explain… You started down the staircase. Your footsteps echoed loudly in the concrete bunker.

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Sherlock taught me that anyone can find a good friend

Doctor Who taught me everyone is important in their own way

Supernatural taught me family doesn’t end in blood

Harry Potter taught me that everyone is unique

But thank God SCHOOL taught me how to find the length of a hypotenuse in a triangle.  Needed that.