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Beneath My Skin - Lex Luthor x reader oneshot

Fandom: DC comics, Batman
Warning: some swear words, creepy lex and joker
Pairing: Lex x reader
Summary: The joker breaks Lex out of Arkham and Lex confesses his love for you.


A/N: This was so fun writing!! I got carried away so badly ;3 sorry if it‘s too long.

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Meet Lex my Yordle OC from Zhaun ❤

I might change some details in his design and story but as far as I can say he is finished! This sweet crazy child was lost in Zhaun and I have the feeling that Yordle are highly influenced by their surroundings~ So yeah, look what Zhaun did to him ❤ He grow up fighting for food, shelter and even wisdom!  Zhaun is full of chemists and scientists and Lex was eager to learn about their secrets! Most of the stuff he knows is stolen from people like Singed or Mundo. And like them he began to experiment with his own body. Being a Yordle in Zhaun was rough. He was always smaller then everyone else and it was his biggest desire to change that. So he startet to create a serum that should help him get back to the time when Yordle were big and strong like Gnar~ He managed to get the serum, but the transformation is highly unstable and not quite what he was looking for, but people seem to give him the respect he craves now and that is all he wanted~ 

I will draw a full sheet later with his alternate Form and such /v\