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I was re-reading today and I wonder:
- Do the children learn languages such as English which would help them translate the code?
- Is the children’s main language English?

About the women’s gauntlet match.

First of all, I want to say that this match delivered big time, especially the last portion with Sasha and Nia going all out. Btw, does anyone know how long the match was? I read that it was about half an hour long. It was a great main event. Honestly, I didn’t like that Emma and Dana were in the match for like 1 minute each. Emma, especially, deserves better than this. It’s not realistic that she lost to a samoan drop. I really thought either Emma or Nia were going to win. I also didn’t expect Bayley to lose so easily, but it serves the purpose of her story and right now being away from the title picture and fighting her way back up the ranks is the best story they can tell with Bayley. Mickie tried her best and although I wanted to see more out of her, she lasted longer against Nia than Emma, Dana or Bayley did, I think.

Now, I just want to say that I absolutely loved Sasha vs Nia. Amazing storytelling by both women. Classic David vs Goliath story. I am so proud of Nia’s performance last night. She was on a roll and she needed a performance like this to establish herself. Her offence, her selling, her pacing, her heel work, everything was great. I am so happy for Nia. The ending was amazing and sold the story perfectly. Nia had already spent the majority of the match competing, couldn’t put away Sasha, who kept fighting back and in the end Sasha took advantage of Nia’s exhaustion and trapped her in the modified Bank Statement. Tapping out doesn’t make Nia look that inferior, it’s better than getting pinned again, although Nia passing out would be much better. You can’t really fight back if someone is choking you out and you can’t breathe. I hope this is the turning point for Nia. I don’t want to see her try to persuade Alexa to give her a title match or something. She should be an unleashed monster from now on.

Regarding Sasha winning. I would’ve preffered to see either Emma or Nia win and then have Sasha face Alexa at Summerslam, but we still don’t know if Sasha will win the title at GBOF. My prediction is that Sasha will lose due to interference or cheating and will finally beat Alexa at Summerslam. It’s obvious that WWE have finally realized the kind of star they have in Sasha, that’s why they promoted her TCA nomination and her appearance at the BET Awards. Right now Sasha is the perfect person to match Alexa’s promo skills and charisma. They are the most charismatic and popular women on Raw atm. Also, there’s a reason why WWE chose Sasha to face Alexa, she’s the ideal opponent for her and can carry Alexa to a very good match. That feud has money written all over it. Imo, Sasha deserves and has earned a proper run with the title. Yes she is already a 3x champion, but it feels like she hasn’t been champion at all. It’s quality>quantity when it comes to title reigns and Sasha’s title reigns were unfortunately not memorable at all.

P.S: Nia or Sasha didn’t bury the women’s division at all in that match. That’s how Nia is supposed to be booked and in order to go into her feud with Alexa as a big babyface, Sasha had to score a big win.

Emma in LoS
  • Emma: fights demon while hanging off of ferris wheel
  • Emma: burns down a STONE church w Jules
  • Emma: kills 1 of the 7 riders of manan
  • Emma: BREAKS the mortal sword, a creation of RAZIEL
  • Emma: is the best shadowhunter of her generation
  • Emma: leaves everyone shook
  • Emma: "guys, really, I'm not the next Jace Herondale stop saying that"
  • Emma according to others: The best Shadowhunter of her generation, wow, queen, such an icon, so talented, so mature
  • Emma really: *wants to take selfies with piskies she has to interrogate* *fantasizes about throwing Manuel out of a window* *tricks Perfect Diego into stepping on an ants' nest* *makes up ridiculous insults for Kieran*
  • Others: *nodding obliviously* so mature