poster: annie


So I was reading up on Freljord lore and randomly imagined that the bears of League would meet up and play poker every weekend. Like old men, drinking and pissing around talking about their latest conquests.
There was only Sejuani/Bristle and Volibear at first, then Tibbers got invited why not; only that he had to bring Annie along. I think she’s mature enough to not disturb the bro-man-activities, but still too young to know what to do with her time. Sejuani the barbarian doesn’t really care for her(at first), but she defrosts, soon enough.

Cheesy.. but I had to purge it out of my system :d I should really start learning how to draw proper bears, haha!

portrait practice! Sejuani gets the lovely Scandinavian traits and a cropped hairstyle. Scar on left cheek discovered on in-game model. And Annie lays off the mascara/eye shadow.

I thought my sejannie guardian/adoptive-parent-relationship idea was just a whim but ohno I’ve sold myself to this pair.. so it’s not the last you’ll see of them together :‘V