Vintage movie poster for French crime drama with Jean-Louis Trintignant.

title: The Passengers | Les passagers | France, 1977
director: Serge Leroy
with: Jean-Louis Trintignant, Mireille Darc, Bernard Fresson

poster design: W.A. Schlosser, Czechoslovakia, 1981

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Hello y'all! I would like to let everyone know that I have a few things up for sale! I have a few things that have to be paid off and waiting for a callback from job hunts is a pain. Sooooo here is a list of all things up for sale:


  1. B.A.P - One Shot mini album
  2. Block B - Welcome to the Block B mini album
  3. Flo Rida - R.O.O.T.S. album
  4. Shinee - Shinee World The 1st Album


  1. VIXX - Voodoo Poster
  2. B.A.P - One Shot Daehyun Photocard
  3. Signed Tokio Hotel Booklet from the Scream album along with 20 pictures from first American Tour (please click link for more info) 


  1. Mitch Albom - For One More Day (hardback)
  2. Tim Parks - Rapids (hardback)
  3. Carl Capotorto - Twisted Head: An Italian-American Memoir (hardback)
  4. Thomas C. Foster - How to Read Novels like a Professor
  5. Thomas C. Foster - How to Read Literature like a Professor
  6. Alaa Al Aswany - Chicago (hardback)
  7. Ralph Ellison - Invisible Man
  8. Victoria Ashton - Confessions of a Teen Nanny : Rich Girls (hardback)
  9. Peter Leonard - Quiver (hardback)
  10. Rebecca Cantrell - A Night of Long Knives (hardback)
  11. Pete Dexter - Spooner (Hardback)
  12. Melissa J. Morgan - Summer Confidential : Sunset
  13. Michael Bobelian - Children of Armenia : A Forgotten Genocide and the Century-Long Struggle for Justice (hardback)
  14. Michael Murray - The Raven Deception (hardback)
  15. Jane Austen&Ben H. Winters - Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters
  16. Al & Joanna Lacy - Dreams of Gold : The Golden Stairs

If you would like to know how much something cost or general information about the item, please send a message/ask with what kind it is and the number.

For example, if someone is interested in the Daehyun photocard, they would have to send in “Hello! I would like to know so so about Other #2” or something in that variation. 

Even if you’re not interested in the things listed above, please signal boost this post! Any and all help is highly appreciated! 

Only accept method of payment is Paypal, otherwise please send a message/ask. 

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Abstract movie poster design for Argentinian drama.

title: The Doctors | Los médicos | Lékaři | Argentina, 1978
director: Fernando Ayala
with: Claudio García Satur, Marta González, Carlos Estrada

poster designer: Josef Duchoň, Czechoslovakia, 1980

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В поисках цветовой гаммы и стиля разукрашивания для #СчастливогоКонцаСвета (#HappyDoomsday) мы создали постер “Привнося свет”.Практически весь процесс был записан на видео, так что очень скоро вы сможете
увидеть, как мы работаем. В общем постер вам в руки, отличного
настроения на целую неделю и до скорого.


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Moto Sepia :

Have you spotted the new #MTAArts poster commission by illustrator Gina Triplett in subway stations?

In “The Growing City”, Triplett uses her unique language of folk art to connect the mechanical transit system with the natural beauty of New York City’s more than 600 community gardens.

The posters are available for purchase at The New York Transit Museum store. Revenue from posters sales support the museum’s educational and exhibition programs. 

Erotissimo movie poster with fabulous design by Unknown artist.

title: Erotissimo | France, 1969
director: Gerard Pires
with: Annie Girardot, Jean Yanne, Francis Blanche

poster designer: Unknown Poster Artist, Czechoslovakia, 1970

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here’s George imagine for @do-it-for-luna 💓

Imagine sitting outside in a garden with your friend George. He softly strummed his guitar, singing every so often when words would pop into his mind. You had him had been friends for so long, but you had always wondered if there was more to the two of you than just “friends.” You gazed at him, watching his every move, smiling to yourself as you thought about how good life was with him in it. He was absolutely stunning, and not just looks wise. He was such a stunning person, the way he lived life and love. You couldn’t stop staring at him, you felt as though you had been hypnotized. Whether it was the guitar of just him, you didn’t know, but you could stay like this forever.

He looked up at met your eyes with a smile, “Are you enjoying the view?” He teased.

You couldn’t help but blush, “Yeah, I actually am,” you responded as you crawled closer to him, deciding to take the chance and take it now.

He kept his eyes on you as he set his guitar down. You crawled up to him, your eyes flickering to his lips. His hand reached up to brush against your cheek. You pressed your lips onto his and to your great relief, he responded immediately. You gently pushed him back into the grass, smiling into the kiss at the feel of his arms wrapped around you. He flipped you over so he could be on top of you, his hand gently resting on your waist. He kissed you with so much passion it made your head spin.

“(Y/n),” he said, breaking the kiss to look at you.

“What?” You said, out of breath.

“I’m in love with you.”

You felt your heart race in response to his confession. Everything was finally falling into place, and perfectly.

“I love you too,” you whispered in the happiest voice you’d ever heard, it didn’t even sound like your own.

“Oh thank God,” he said before his lips crashed into yours again.


Witch’s Tower in Autumn - Idstein, Germany by Chris Goldberg