poster me pls


To all of you who have not heard the beauty that is “You” ♡

until further notice, i’m Not going to be posting any more audio of th heros bein hit by anas biotic rifle.

im more thn likely going to delete the existing posts of that content as well.

i cant take it. nothing about posting those audios is rewarding or enjoyable to me. im too afraid to post any more, i cant bring myself to do it. i dont want to be associated with those audios. i dont want anything to do with them.

im sorry that its ended up like this but its more or less th only way i can get out of ths w/ minimal scars.

im still gunna be posting other audios like voicelines, falling audio, etc, but it will be at my discretion.

again, im sorry, and i hope you guys understand.


My senior project was on addiction. How it develops and how it effects those who suffer from it. I hope these images convey the message I was trying to bring across: I’m not saying to live your lives without ever touching drugs, but be aware of the dangers and the risks of using these substances so you can always be safe and in control.