poster hippie

I feel like this is long overdue. I’ve wanted stuff like this in my game for so long so here it is! The Stoner Collection for your sims. This collection comes with 3 shirts and 2 hats for male and female sims, and 6 posters…and ALL of the CC in this collection is base game compatible! Thanks for reading and checking out my CC, if you have a request or just want to say hello, send me an ask! I would love to hear feedback/general friendliness.

**In the dropbox folder, there are separate package files and one MERGED file, which includes ALL of the cc. If you only want a specific item, find the separate and download directly from the folder.

Download under the cut!!

DOWNLOAD MERGED Shirt Pack HERE (Sim File Share, I do not use Ad.Fly!)


Thumbnail Credits/Extra Info:

  • Tattoo on 1st Row Model: Crybabies
  • **ALL credit for the poster designs go to the owners of the art. All of these were found on google if you want to know the actual URLs send me an ask :)
  • This CC is BASE GAME COMPATIBLE, no mesh is needed!

DO NOT claim as your own, repost without my permission, ect.

If you use any of the CC from this collection in a post please tag me @thesnootprincecc ! I would love to see my work put to good use so I encourage it :)