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Bookmarks: DIY

A simple tutorial on how to make your very own bookmarks.


  • Photoshop
  • Laser Printer Paper (preferably 28lb, but 24lb is also fine)
  • Pretty Poster Board or Scrapbooking Paper
  • Glue Stick
  • Scissors & Paper Trimmer
  • Laminator (if you don’t have one, you can buy one at WalMart for $20. They’re SUPER useful to have, especially if you make artsy stuff a lot.)
  • Bookmark Tassels (Optional)
  • 1/8 Inch Hole Punch (Optional)

Step One

First, determine the size of bookmarks you want to make. (Mine are typically 2″ x 6.5″.) When you’ve decided on a size that you like, create a new canvas in Photoshop with those dimensions, and make sure it is set to AT LEAST 300 DPI.

Step Two

Draw your bookmark design! Make sure all of your important stuff doesn’t get too close to your edges because you want to leave a tiiiiiny bit of room for error just in case you mess up when you cut them out.

Step Three

After your bookmark design(s) is done, create another new Photoshop canvas that is 8.5″ x 11″ and set to the same DPI as your bookmarks.

Drag and drop as many of your book mark designs as you can onto your new 8.5 x 11 canvas. Don’t put them very close together, though, as you want to leave enough room to comfortably cut them out later.

Step Four

Assuming you don’t have a laser printer, we’re gonna take a little trip to Staples/Office Depot/Office Max!

Save that canvas with all your bookmarks on it as a JPEG and put it on a flash drive. Grab a small stack of your own paper and put it in a folder (make sure you have a way to show the printer what type of paper it is. You may just wanna bring the whole pack with you, because I know some stores want to make sure you’re giving them laser printer paper to print on, as other paper types will mess up their machines)

Note: I’m not sure about Office Depot/Office Max, but I KNOW Staples will only charge around $0.50 per page to print your image out if you bring your own paper! ♥

Take the flash drive and your paper with you to your nearest office supply store.

Ask the printer there to print out however many copies you want. If you’re very particular about the size of the bookmarks, make sure to tell them to not have it set to “Fit to Size” and instead let it print at 100%.

Step Five

Once your bookmark copies are printed, it’s time to cut them out!

The best way to do this is to use a paper trimmer. You can get a cheap one from WalMart or Michaels for about $5. They’re SUPER useful to have and make cutting straight edges a million times easier.

The reason you want to cut them out before you glue them your poster board/decorative paper is because you want to be able to fit as many bookmarks as you can onto the posters so that you don’t waste any.

Step Six

Time to glue them to your poster(s)/scrap book paper!

I try to buy really unique posterboard that catches the eye and matches the colour schemes of my bookmarks. I usually end up getting metallic colours or holographic poster/paper because that’s what I personally like. I would advise staying away from anything that has textures, though, since you’re going to laminate these later.

Make sure you’re gluing your bookmarks to the BACK of the poster board.

Also, make sure you coat all edges and corners, as you don’t want anything to curl up. A good tip I find is lining any of your bookmark edges up to the edges of the poster board. That way it’s just one or two less edge(s) you have to cut off.

Step Seven

Time to cut out the bookmarks again!

Get as close to the bookmark’s edge as you can so you don’t leave any white poster board backing hanging off the edge. If you have to, it’s totally fine to cut off a millimeter of your bookmark design just to make sure you have a clean trim.

Step Eight

Laminate! Since I already have some Mettaton bookmarks laminated, I’ll use them for this example.

Make sure that when you slip your bookmarks into the lamination sheet, they have a decent amount of space between them. If they get too close, the lamination might not seal all of the way around each bookmark.

Step Nine

Once you get all of your bookmarks laminated, we once again have to cut them out.

It’s very important to leave about a third of a centimeter of lamination on the edge of your bookmarks. If you cut right along the edge of the bookmark, the lamination will eventually peal off, and we don’t want that. We want to keep it nice and sealed.

Be sure to trim the corners a little bit, since they can be kinda sharp and poke you pretty bad.

Step Ten

This part is completely optional, but I love to take an 1/8 inch hole punch and punch a little hole in the top of the bookmark and add a little tassel decoration.

You can find these tassels online from China on Ebay or Aliexpress for pretty cheap. The prices are all about the same no matter who you buy from, so I can’t really give a specific vendor who has the best prices. (Note: pretty obvious, but if you buy them within the US, you’re gonna pay a lot more.)

Bonus Info:

If none of my instructions have made any sense, this video does a wonderful job of explaining the process of bookmark making for artist alleys and whatnot.

the shot you wanted (zimbits, 6k)

This fic started out as a drabble in response to @iwantakokokringle’s request for a “zimbits zoo meetcute”. 6000 words later and here we are…

“He’s late,” Bitty grumbled as he bounced up and down on his toes, trying to spot the photographer in the swarm of students around them. His search was a little hindered in that he wasn’t sure who he was looking for exactly. He had only corresponded with the Daily’s photographer Brian over email and Brian’s student ID picture left a lot to be desired in identification purposes.

Next to him, Trina shrugged as she leaned over the card table they had set up to be their ticket booth for the weekend. The poster board that they had decorated to proclaim loudly “SAMWELL DANCE PRESENTS THE PETTING ZOO! ADMISSION 3 TICKETS” flapped in the wind as she taped it a little more securely to the table.

Just then, he spotted a tall dark-haired guy with a camera slung around his neck through the crowd. The guy was taller than Bitty would have guessed based on his student ID picture and a lot better looking, but the heavy-duty camera and the slightly lost look on his face as he scanned the crowd seemed like pretty good indicators. This was Brian at last. Bitty waited another minute as Brian looked around the crowd and with a roll of his eyes, he plunged into the crowd to retrieve the photographer. He had things to do this afternoon that did not include waiting around for the Daily’s errant photographer after all.

“For God’s sake,” Bitty said to himself as he dodged a gaggle of girls to land himself in front of the photographer. He still hadn’t managed to catch Brian’s attention until he reached out and grabbed his arm. Brian looked down at him, clearly startled, and frowned. Bitty immediately took his hand back and cleared his throat. “You’re looking for the petting zoo, right?” he asked.

Read on AO3 or below the cut!

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Wizard War

“I’ll be fine mom. It’s not that dangerous.” You laugh, slinging your backpack over your shoulders. She gives you a tight hug before smiling a sad smile then stepping away.
“Send me an owl okay? Every day.”
“Mom.” You laugh and shake your head at her. She smiles back again then you throw a handful of floo powder into the fireplace. “Diagon Alley.” You say clearly then step into the green flames. When you step out of the flames you’re surprised by the silence. You are in the right place right? You glance around and see wanted posters, boarded up shops and there’s a chill in the air. You’d been here before, once before your dad died he’d brought you to Ollivander’s to get your wand. Claimed there was no better place in all the wizarding world. It had been a busy and bustling place, full of life, but not now. Now it was, grey, dark and cold.
A loud squawking alarm is going off. Possibly because of you, since it had been silent until you stepped out of the fireplace. Sure enough three men in all black appear out of nowhere. They’re wearing masks that look like half skulls. You’re suddenly filled with dread, there’s nowhere you can go. You’re too far from the states and you don’t know anywhere in England.
“You’re out past curfew.” One of the men says.
“I’m sorry. I didn’t know there was one.”
You tell him honestly.
“American.” He sneers, he stalks toward you and you destroy the fireplace you’d just walked through. “How dare you!” He growls and you pull your wand from where it’s been tucked into your sleeve.
“Stupify!” One of the hooded men cries and you easily block the spell.
“Crucio!” The man who’s been doing the talking takes his turn.
“Seriously?” You cry, “An unforgivable curse? I haven’t even done anything!” It is helpful that they seem to have to speak to cast a spell. You stun the man that tried to stun you then turn your attention back to the first man. You use a body bind curse then accio their wands to you. The third man hasn’t done anything. But you can feel his eyes on you, even if you can’t see them.
“Do something Draco!” The one on the ground snaps. You get ready for his attack but are confused when he disapparates. He appears behind you a second later and you don’t know what to do when he grips your arm before disapparating again. This time with you in tow.


“I have always felt in extremes, it’s like there’s this electricity in my bloodstream. I just want to scream.” - a jason todd moodboard (s) for @hsinlvegas bc her presents are going to be hella late so i’m giving her this. ily!

A Lego Ninjago Movie Idea: Jay asks Nya to the High School Dance

As Jay stared across the cafeteria, he realized that he has never been this afraid in his life before. Sure, his secret team of ninja warriors just defeated the evil Garmadon and the giant threat that almost destroyed their city, which was terrifying, but holding the thin piece of poster board in his shaking hands somehow felt paralyzing. He glanced at the words written on the paper (not fancy but in blue) and tried swallowing down his anxiety.

He jumped when someone slammed his hand on his shoulder. “Hey, you okay?” Cole asked, looking at his friend.

“Yeah, yeah, I’m totally fine, like super chill like a refrigerator, like my I’m-about-to-kill-it mode has been activated and I’m about to….kill it…” Jay said incredibly fast, his voice shaking with fear.

“Yeah, you’re terrified.” Cole remarked with a side grin. “Just go up, hold it up, and ask. It’s that simple.”

“That simple?” Jay whispered harshly. “That SIMPLE? Nya is the most popular girl in the school and look at me! I’m a nobody!”

“To the school you’re a nobody. But to her, you’re definitely not a nobody.”

Jay looked over at Cole. “You really think so?”

Cole shrugged. “Yeah! She actually knows your name.”

Jay groaned at that. “Oh I’m so screeeeewweedd!” He whined. “But I’ve gotta do it. I’m not backing out. Ninja never quit.” He glanced at Cole. “Wish me luck,” he whispered.

“Don’t die!” Cole whispered back.

With one last angry glare at Cole, Jay began to slowly walk towards the popular girl table.

Every step felt like he was walking through syrup. He could feel his body uncomfortably sweating everywhere. As he passed tables, more and more eyes fell on the geek and Jay, who wasn’t used to this much attention out of the mask, awkwardly grinned and tried fixing his mess of dark brown hair.

The table was so close. He could see her, Nya, the most beautiful and amazing and talented person in the world. She was laughing with her friends, the popular girls, but Jay knew how much she was annoyed by them because of what she’s disclosed to him during training. He was walking closer and closer and she was completely oblivious.

Suddenly, a curve ball hit Jay in the gut.

Dave, the most popular and the biggest jerk in the school parked himself next to Nya. “Hey beautiful,” he sneered in his disgusting voice as he leaned over Nya. “You wanna go to the school dance with me?”

Jay froze. This was a nightmare. He could feel eyes burning into his back from the people sitting at the tables he had walked by. His paper poster suddenly felt incredibly heavy in his hands and his eyes began to brim with tears.

Nya’s smile faded when she looked at Dave. “Oh, hi Dave.” She said uncomfortably. “I would…um..” she turned to her friends who were nodding dreamily but then saw Jay for the first time as he stood a few feet away.

She stopped and stared at the awkward boy staring straight back at her as he held the slightly wrinkled poster board. For a moment they just looked at each other, a look of confusion slowly leaking onto her face. Suddenly, her eyes widened when she realized what Jay was trying to do. A small smile bent on the edge of her mouth and she turned back to Dave with more confidence. “You know, I’m actually waiting for someone else to ask.”

Dave frowned and stepped back. “What? Who?!”

Nya turned back to Jay and smiled, then slightly nodded to encourage him. The area around him fell deadly silent.

Jay swallowed then cleared his throat. “Nya..” he said loudly to battle the shakiness in his voice. He turned the poster around.

“Will you go to the school dance with me?”

Nya grinned as she read the words on the page. Jay looked down and read the words again himself. You have cool moves, can I show you mine at the dance?

The girls at the table all said “Awwww!” in unison. Jay smiled awkwardly and he felt his cheeks turn crimson.

Dave laughed. “The geek? You can’t be serious.” He sneered, but watched as Nya stood and walked towards the unpopular boy.

“Jay…” she began, looking seriously at him. Jay forgot how to breathe.

She grinned. “Of course I’ll go to the dance with you!” She answered. Jay sighed and smiled unlike he’d ever smiled before. He handed her the poster, but she took it and dropped it behind her before pulling him into a hug.

The cafeteria exploded in cheers. “I’m so proud of you, Jay,” Nya whispered in his ear.

“They are all cheering for you!” He whispered back.

“No,” Nya replied as she pulled away, still smiling. “They are cheering for you.”

Jay turned to the cheering crowd of high schoolers that have never noticed him before. Within the crowd he saw Lloyd clapping and smiling, Kai cheering, Zane with his huge grin, and Cole nodding his head with a smile. Jay nodded towards them and they all nodded back.

Nya leaned in and kissed him on the cheek. Jay felt his body tense up as he turned back to her. “I’ll see you at the dance, then.” She said, winking.

“Uh, yeah. Totally. I will see you then! Can’t wait-” Jay began to stutter.

Nya lightly punched his arm. “Don’t make it awkward now,” she spoke through her smile.

Jay nodded, and Nya turned back to her table with one last wave. She bent down and picked up the poster then returned to her seat. The cafeteria went back to normal and the focus went off of Jay. Dave frowned, defeated, and stomped off in the opposite direction.

Jay was forgotten again, but he didn’t care. As he walked back to Cole, who was almost bouncing with excitement, Jay felt like he was the luckiest guy in the world.



Meeting Jonathan Byers while he’s hanging up posters for Will and offering to help him.
••• Requested by @wennbergbabe •••

“Isn’t he your brother?”

Jonathan turned around from where he had just pinned another missing poster to the notice board outside the pharmacy. Dragging his eyes up, he met your gaze.

“Y-yeah. His name’s Will.”

You offered him a small smile. “I know. I’ve read the posters.”

Silence fell between you two. Biting your lip and shuffling your feet on the cement, you tried sparking a conversation.

“I’m (Y/N). I sit to the left of you in - ”

“Math.” Said Jonathan. “I know. You never hand in your homework.”

You rolled your eyes. “Ugh. Homework, I almost forgot.” You say, gesturing to your bag. “I’ve got after school tutoring in an hour.“

Looking back at the pile of missing child posters in Jonathan’s hands, you suddenly came up with an idea.

"How about I help you put those up. I’ve got a stapler in my bag somewhere.”