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cadoized  asked:

do you have any ideas as to what the ironing board is linked too? (since the rest have been old cinema stunts) it reminds me of blair witch but i doubt that has anything to do with it

Unfortunately, I am not entirely sure. I distantly remember something within the silent movie era involving an iron and ironing board, but a google search doesn’t provide much to go on. The only thing that might have had anything to do with the previous pages is the fact Buster Keaton was often referred to as “The little iron man” but I’m not sure if that’s relevant.

A quick discussion with therealraewest, however, yielded alternate sources, the first being one of Mod’s prints where resides a matching iron and board:

This poster is a closely paired parody of J.C. Leyendecker’s “Primping in the Mirror.” I’m unsure of the history behind that particular piece of illustration, but here, the ironing board bears those which seem of great importance to RGB’s character, or his history in fact (The cane, the hat, the gloves.) Not to mention of course, each flower in the pot symbolizing a collective meaning of “Death of children.” I believe this suggests the items on that board are key to understanding RGB as a whole, where he comes from, what he’s doing now, and where he will go. Where the iron sits on the timeline is a mystery.

And the second being page 220 of the comic, wherein RGB is in fact being ironed out: 

I think perhaps the latter suggests that an iron in particular is something that can alter the wares he wears, and in turn, he himself. (As it’s essentially smoothing out the sharp outline of his character.) Rae suggested the ominous nature of the iron meant it would play a part in Her ultimate punishment for him. One can only assume the iron has some nefarious nature when it’s so juxtaposed with a voice in white lettering, and a taunting figure with a feminine hand.

Me on the other hand, I have a different theory entirely. I believe the iron is a reminder. An unholy sentiment representing a very difficult time in RGB’s life when he still made that grievous mistake of underestimating children. One child in particular…

Anyway. That’s all.

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