I decided to enter the creative brief posted by Little White Lies - and create a travel poster for Tomorrowland, Brad Bird’s forthcoming sci-fi epic.

I was inspired but the official movie poster and classic american travel posters. I used a combination of hand drawn and digital techniques for the final image. Using my trusty pentel brush pen for the patterns of barley and then illustrator for the cityscape & type before putting it all together in photoshop. The textures are also from my own library - hand printed mono prints scanned in and then tweaked with various adjustment layers.


The Illustration and Design of Marie Bergeron

French born, Montreal-based graphic designer & illustrator Marie Bergeron’s portfolio is drenched in pop culture. After studying cinema, publicity and communication for 5 years, Bergeron decided to pursue a graphic design as a way of exploring her passion for visual art. Using entirely digital means, Bergeron works to translate her love of cinema into gorgeous, stylised film posters, each with a minimal yet rich palette of whites, reds of blues. Her works have been appeared in books and galleries throughout the world and have graced the digital and print material of companies like FOX Entertainment, Riot Games, Marvel and Paramount Pictures.

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