poster 2013

fic for victuuri week day one!

Title: i have a confession to make
Rating: Teen.

Wordcount: 1.6k

 “Yuuri,” Victor asks, his voice suspiciously cheerful. “What’s this?”

Victor is holding a poster. Not just a poster, though. The poster. The 2013 Victor Nikiforov doing a swimsuit spread for Vogue poster that he hunted for for endless months.
Although he knows it’s pointless, Yuuri racks his brain for any, any possible way to explain himself that doesn’t include the sentence: “I was obsessed with you and I maybe jerked off to you when I was 15 once or ten times.”

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DIRECTED Joss Whedon WRITTEN William Shakespeare (play), Joss Whedon (screenplay) MUSIC Joss Whedon CINEMATOGRAPHY Jay Hunter STARRING Amy Acker, Alexis Denisof, Nathan Fillion, Clark Gregg, Fran Kranz, Sean Maher, Jillian Morgese

Slow to start off, a really enjoyable, sweet, and well adapted Shakespearean springtime romp that makes it easy to get past the American accented Shakespearian struggles. And with this cast…it’s a treat!

originally posted on my old film blog - Jan 10, 2014