taylorswift 1989 Cosmetic line ‘Nail polish’ - concept design

This time in my concept design, I imagined if Taylor had a cosmetic line. So I created the nail polish. Taylor’s 1989 microphone inspired me for the shape of the bottle. For the colors of the shades I picked  the most used colors on Taylor’s tour, accompanied by glitter that we can find on many of the Taylor’s outfits.

This is not a real product, it is my idea (concept) and I am in no way affiliated with Taylor Swift.


Worker Bee

This week Worker Bee a cool printing Store from Toronto, Canada made us called attention to their site. We love their prints and their mission which lies in between making a positive dent in the universe through purpose driven companies (rather than profit driven) and strong humanist governance. It is their responsibility to help build an environmentally sustainable future where all people have the freedom and opportunity to create their own lives. At first it sounds sure a little romantic, but their effort is great and that’s why we like to support them.